Saturday, July 31, 2010

"The USA is #1.... in all the wrong categories"

Yes, the USA leads the world in many categories, like:
When you look at the world’s developed nations, this country now ranks worst in many troubling ways: number of people without health insurance, number of people in jail, rates of divorce, bankruptcy and suicide, amount of trash produced per capita, consumption of pornography, polarization of wealth, number of homeless children, percent of the population in poverty, contribution to climate change, on and on.
We also lead the world in military spending and war mongering and pay dearly for this ranking.

Our country is falling apart with the infrastructure in some places resembling 3rd world nations. Schools needing to be remodeled or new ones built won't happen, because we're too busy killing Arabs and Muslims for Wall Street and Israel. And that takes money, lots and lots of money.

Families are falling apart because of the strain of Mom and Dad both working at least one job or more. Who's going to raise the children? Some underpaid high school dropout working for minimum wage in some factory like child warehouse?

And there's more:
Quite apart from the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in addition to the troubled economy, this nation is losing its quality of life and shared sense of purpose. One result is a level of need that has become staggering: 40 million people in poverty, 47 million people without health insurance, 3.5 million people homeless each year, more than one million bankruptcies a year. Another result is a sense of disconnection that people feel — distress, anxiety, and prolonged belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction.
Not to worry, though. NASCAR's in full swing; football will soon arrive and there's a sale on Bud Light at WalMart. Might as well pick up your Prozac prescription while visiting Wally World.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The United States of God

Guess this Thumper of Bibles, Rep. Randy Forbes (R) VA, forgot his Constitutional oath and this precious part:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Hey Randy, you can practice your religion at home, in your church, your friend's homes, relatives, etc. Even on city streets and public parks.

But keep your goddamned twisted version of reality out of our government. And remember what Alvin Lee and 10 Years After said in their excellent song, "Religion."

"Never really understood religion, except it seems a good excuse to kill"

Here's a small sampling of what 'Reverend Randy" wants to do:

1. H.CON.RES.34 : Calling upon the Capitol Preservation Commission and the Office of the Architect of the Capitol to place the Lincoln-Obama Bible on permanent display upon the Lincoln table at the Capitol Visitor Center for the benefit of all its visitors to fully understand and appreciate America's history and Godly heritage.

5. H.RES.397 : Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation's founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as "America's Spiritual Heritage Week" for the appreciation of and education on America's history of religious faith.


America's history or religious faith? A lot of our ancestors fled the religious nuts in England to get away from people like you, so leave your version of history out of our minds.

Here's some history for you, Randy:
Benjamin Franklin has been venereated as one of the wise men of the Revolutionary Period. Along with that veneration has grown a myth that he called for three days of prayer during the recess for July 4, 1787 and the addition of a chaplain to lead prayers for the daily meetings of the Consitutional Convention. It is further said that after this period of prayer meetings, the Constitutional Convention resumed with the addition of the chaplain and sped peacefully to concluding the writing of The Constitution.

The documentation of the Convention states only that Dr. Franklin proposed daily prayer led by a clergyman and that the Convention adjourned without passing the motion. Records of the remainder of the convention indicate that acrimonious debate continued right through to the end.
Rep. Randy Forbes: Revisionist Historian

While doing research on 'Reverend Randy,' found this interesting tidbit that so far this year, AIPAC is paying more to the Repubs than the Dems to travel to Apartheid Israel. Wonder why? Hmmmm?

You don't think that they want to control the Congress, do you?

Nahh, that's so anti-Semitic to ask that question, isn't it?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 11th Commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Question the Holocaust™ "

Maybe we can still only have 10 Commandments, all we need to do is drop that pesky one that says, "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

If the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" have been declared both a fake and forgery and VERBOTEN by World Jewry, then why are they working so well?
Haim Saban to CBS: Cancel Oliver Stone's Showtime Series

A furious Haim Saban [worth around 3.3 billion and lives in a 23,000 square foot home in an exclusive Beverly Hills, CA neighborhood] has mounted a campaign to get Showtime to cancel its planned airing of Oliver Stone’s 10-part series, "A Secret History of America," in the wake of anti-Jewish remarks by the outspoken director.

Stone's apology “is transparently fake,” Saban said in an interview with TheWrap. “He has been consistent in his anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks. I respect his First Amendment rights. I hope he respects mine.”

The billionaire and outspoken media mogul told TheWrap he had contacted CBS chief Leslie Moonves to urge him to pull the series.

He said that WME chairman Ari Emanuel had also called CBS privately to urge the series be pulled.

Stone has previously said the 10-part "Secret History" series would put Hitler and Stalin "in context," and offer an alternative crash course to the "grossly inadequate history" taught by American schools and proffered by mass media.
The New Yorker reported last month that at a conference last fall, Saban described his pro-Israeli formula, outlining “three ways to be influential in American politics…make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” ...Source

Sounds like Haim knows his "Protocols," especially the one about controlling the mass media.

Can't have some truths getting out about history, might actually wake people up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lies Surrounding Flight 93

Flight 93, the one that supposedly 'crashed' in Pennsylvania. The one that the MSM and TPTB immediately built up into some heroic stand against the hijackers, even coming up with a catchy phrase uttered by some of the passengers, "Let's Roll" before allegedly trying to take back control of 93 and in the process, wound up crashing the plane.

Sounds like a made for TV movie, except...

Rumsfeld slips up and admits flight 93 shot down


Ultra-rare news footage from the crash site of United Flight 93 which has never been seen again since 9/11.

Will these miracles surrounding 9/11 never cease?

Thousands of tons of reinforced concrete in the WTC, poured to withstand enormous pressure and loads, turned into a flour like substance.

The alleged jet that hit the Pentagon was able to crash thru NINE layers of reinforced concrete and was lucky enough to hit at the exact spot that Army accountants were pouring over documents, trying to find that 'missing' 2.3 trillion that Secretary of War Rumsfeld had announced the day before as being AWOL?

And Flight 93, the ground 'liquefied' and swallowed the wreckage
Then there is American Airlines flight 965, a Boeing 757, the same type of aircraft as UAL 93. This Boeing 757 slammed into the mountains of South America after its pilots became disoriented and tried to recover from a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) alert. To see the wreckage left by this B-757, that encountered a supposedly similar accident as UAL 93, please see at:

Let's look at the wreckage of Pan Am 103, a B-747 that blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland. See at: and

There was a United States Air Force B-737 that slammed into the terrain and killed President Clinton's staff member Ron Brown. See at:

There was an Aeroflot Airbus that lost control at cruise altitude when the Captain was demonstrating flight techniques to family members and also slammed into the ground at a high rate of speed and descent, much like UAL 93. See At:

There was a Delta L1011 that encountered unrecoverable wind shear and microburst activity on its arrival into DFW. See at:

American flight 1420 crashed in Little Rock. See at:

In Sioux City, Iowa, a United DC-10 crashed after losing hydraulic systems. Its wreckage is displayed at:

A USAir DC-9 crashed in Charlotte, NC. Please see at:

In NY, Avianca 52 crashed after fuel starvation. See at:

In Cincinnati, TWA 128 crashed. See at:

In NY, a United flight collided in mid air with a TWA flight. The wreckage can be viewed at:

In Missouri, a Continental flight crashed after a bomb went off in the tail section. See at:

More recently, American 587 crashed in NY after encountering wake turbulence from a preceding 747. See at: and

And near Athens, Greece, a Helios B-737 crashed into high terrain after its pilots passed out due to cabin pressure failure. This accident was similar to alleged UAL 93 in that they both struck the ground at a high rate of speed.
See at: and

As we can see from these photos, it can be positively concluded that these well constructed Boeing and other airliners do not vaporize, melt, oxidize, liquefy, or disintegrate to the molecular level. These types of accidents always leave a large debris field.

Flight 93's crater. See any plane parts?


Maybe Shanksville, PA is the new Lourdes?

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record shows that the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses.

Just because the Bush-Cheney Junta and the Zionist MSM told us thousands of lies about Iraq, doesn't mean they'd lie about 9/11, right?


P.S. sorry for not making the links to the photos 'hot,' but I couldn't do it, even though I tried several times???

Sunday, July 25, 2010

President Obama Gives WH speech on Iran Invasion

Washington--Today, President Obama, surrounded by his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senators Charles Schumer and Joe Lieberman addressed a fearful nation on the invasion of Iran.

Here is part of that speech:
My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iran, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Iran's ability to develop a nuclear arsenal. These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. More than 13 countries are giving crucial support from the use of naval and air bases to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units. Every nation in this coalition has chosen to bear the duty and share the honor of serving in our common defense.

The President added that multiple victories were being achieved in Iran against the forces of evil and that democracy would eventually triumph.
He further stated that in order to overcome those "evil-doers", that a national service act was being instituted, but was careful to say that this was NOT a draft....."

Obama also said that we must never forget who attacked America on 9/11 and not let those terrorists rule our lives and that since those terrorists use the Internet, that the Internet would be shut down for a short period, but only until the Pentagon could install some protective anti-terrorist software to prevent more attacks against the USA.

Obama reassured a nation drowning in debt that the Federal Reserve and select Wall Street banks had promised to loan at a decent rate all the money needed to overcome terror.
Your TV induced stupor is interrupted by your daughter's oxygen alarm sounding. Your beautiful, sweet daughter, who was so full of life, now lays like a broken doll on her bed, attached to a number of tubes. One helps her to breathe, another to help her ingest liquid food.
See, she's been like that ever since her convoy got hit by that mine in some godawful city in Iraq, don't even remember which one, hell, they all sound the same. And what in the hell am I going to do now with my daughter with the bank foreclosing on my house this month?

From the living room, you can hear the voice of Wolf Blitzer, saying that the economy was in great shape, despite the recent bank failures.
Wolfie stated that the Federal Reserve was injecting another 500 billion into the market to help stabilize the banking industry, but that action was recommended by the president's council on economic activity, which is made up of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, whose members are the heads of major Wall Street banks who will receive the money.
You don't know squat about no Board of Governors, but you do know that there isn't enough food in the cabinets to make it to the end of the week.
And just what in the hell are you going to do about that? Done cashed in all the valuables at the local hock shop. Damned Arabs, the president said if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be having these troubles.

Damned Arabs. If only I hadn't hocked my deer rifle, I'd go out and pop a few myself, just to make up for my dead son. Killed, over in Israel, fighting those damned evil, Arabs. Killed, fighting for democracy or at least that's what those two officers who came to the house to let me know Bobby was dead told me. Killed while he slept inside some Israeli Army base, that's what they said. Killed by those Goddamn Arabs, that's what the telegram from the Israeli embassy said. Goddamn Arabs.
Well, at least he died fighting for something we all believed in, freedom. But damn, if that don't leave a hollow and bitter taste in your mouth.

Not good to think about this, but damn if it ain't hard not to, what with me being laid off from my job after 22 years. Damn company shipped the factory overseas somewhere, but FOX News said that was a good deal, that shipping those jobs over there would make everyone better off.
Don't know about that. If I don't find some money by the end of the month, gonna lose the house to the damned bank.

"Today, Department of Homeland Security announced that due to recent riots at food pantry's and homeless shelters, that Canadian National Guard troops would be stationed in major US cities on a 'temporary' basis until calm was restored."

935 Lies (and Counting): Study Documents Bush Admin's False Statements Preceding Iraq War

A new study from the Center for Public Integrity has revealed President Bush and top administration officials made a total of 935 false public statements about Iraq's alleged national security threat in the two years following the 9/11 attacks. President Bush made the most false statements—260. Colin Powell, his then-secretary of state, made 254 false statements. We speak with the founder of the Center for Public Integrity, Charles Lewis.

Just because the Bush-Cheney Junta told a 1,000 lies or more about invading and occupying Iraq doesn't mean they lied about 9/11, right?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Let's Give it a Big Kick and See What Happens"

I was raised on a stock and grain farm in Central Missouri in the 1960's and I can tell you first hand that the weather extremes that are taking place now didn't happen back then.

The biggest rainfall I can remember that had the locals talking for weeks was a 3" rain we got in over a day.

Now days, 3 inches of rain is almost normal, but it drops down in a matter of hours.
4-6" of rain also hit us, and occasionally, even more, causing massive damages and deaths.
Currently, we are frying and dying around here, due to very little rain over the past three weeks while a mere 35 miles away, they're 3+ inches of rain over normal.

I realize the world's weather has changed drastically over the billions of years, but those changes happend gradually over thousands and thousands of years, not in a mere 40 years.
HAARP Boils The Upper Atmosphere

HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater". (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between about 40- to 600 miles above Earth's surface.)

Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antennas send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead.

Press releases and other information from the military on HAARP continually downplay what it could do. Publicity documents insist that the HAARP project is no different than other ionospheric heaters operating safely throughout the world in places such as Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Tromso, Norway and the former Soviet Union. However, a 1990 government document indicates that the radio-frequency (RF) power zap will drive the ionosphere to unnatural activities.

The military says the HAARP system could:

* give the military a tool to replace the electromagnetic pulse effect of atmospheric thermonuclear devices (still considered a viable option by the military through at least 1986).
* replace the huge Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) submarine communication system operating in Michigan and Wisconsin with a new and more compact technology.
* Be used to replace the over-the-horizon radar system that was once planned for the current location of HAARP, with a more flexible and accurate system.
* provide a way to wipe out communications over an extremely large area, while keeping the military's own communications systems working.
* provide a wide area earth-penetrating tomography which, if combined with the computing abilities of EMASS and Cray computers, would make it possible to verify many parts of nuclear nonproliferation and peace agreements.
* be a tool for geophysical probing to find oil, gas and mineral deposits over a large area.
* be used to detect incoming low-level planes and cruise missiles, making other technologies obsolete.

The above abilities seem like a good idea to all who believe in sound national defense, and to those concerned about cost-cutting. However, the possible uses which the HAARP records do not explain, and which can only be found in Air Force, Army, Navy and other federal agency records, are alarming. Moreover, effects from the reckless use of these power levels in our natural shield - the ionosphere - could be cataclysmic according to some scientists.

Two Alaskans put it bluntly. A founder of the NO HAARP movement, Clare Zickuhr, says "The military is going to give the ionosphere a big kick and see what happens."

The military failed to tell the public that they do not know what exactly will happen, but a Penn State science article brags about that uncertainty. Macho science? The HAARP project uses the largest energy levels yet played with by what Begich and Manning call "the big boys with their new toys". It is an experiment on the sky, and experiments are done to find out something not already known. Independent scientists told Begich and Manning that a HAARP-type "skybuster" with its unforeseen effects could be an act of global vandalism.
Is it true that the Pentagon is using the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska to alter the weather and to test it as a possible weapon against those we don't like? Some of OUR money being spent on these experiments are so shrouded in secrecy that even the Congress is kept out of the loop as to what's going on.
The military has had about twenty years to work on weather warfare methods, which it euphemistically calls weather modification. For example, rainmaking technology was taken for a few test rides in Vietnam. The U.S. Department of Defense sampled lightning and hurricane manipulation studies in Project Skyfire and Project Stormfury. And they looked at some complicated technologies that would give big effects. Angels Don't Play This HAARP cites an expert who says the military studied both lasers and chemicals which they figured could damage the ozone layer over an enemy. Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago. The money for that came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA, now under the acronym ARPA.)

In 1994 the Air Force revealed its Spacecast 2020 master plan which includes weather control. Scientists have experimented with weather control since the 1940's, but Spacecast 2020 noted that "using environmental modification techniques to destroy, damage or injure another state are prohibited". Having said that, the Air Force claimed that advances in technology "compels a reexamination of this sensitive and potentially risky topic."

Whether or not this is true is for you to decide, but I know that the last couple of years, weather, at least in the greater MidWest of the USA, has been alternating back and forth between extremes. One part of a state will be experiencing drought, while another will get massive rainfalls, like the 20+" that deluded Nashville, TN earlier this year. The 10+" in less than three hours that flooded out that Arkansas campground with tragic results and others, like the 10 or so of rain St. Louis, Mo got a few days ago in a matter of hours.

Rainfall amounts of 5 inches to over 20 inches in a matter of hours or a day or two don't naturally happen in the USA MidWest.
If you've watched the radar loop during one of these soakers, you'll see the thunderstorm acting like it's stuck, repeatedly firing over and over one area of land.

This type of rainfall is unheard of unless you're living in the Amazon.

Is the Pentagon playing with its big toy in Alaska, training it on parts of the USA, to see what will happen?

Controlling the world's weather isn't the only part of the Gakona facility.

The following statement was made more than twenty-five years ago, in a book by CFR and Bilderberg member Zbigniew Brzezinski which he wrote while a professor at Columbia University:
"Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist Gordon J. F.MacDonald -- specialist in problems of warfare -- says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth...In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period'...No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages , to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades."

As early as 1970, Brzezinski predicted a "more controlled and directed society" would gradually appear, linked to technology. This society would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how. Angels Don't Play This HAARP further quotes Brzezinski:

"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits", Brzezinski predicted.
A dictator's wet dream come true, massive manipulation of their slaves minds thru invisible rays.

If you scoff at this, then please tell me the last truthful statement made to the USA by its government?
Climatologist Joe Chanik has simulated hurricane control based on selective heating and cooling (or prevention of evaporation). Futurist John Smart has discussed the potential for weather control via space-based solar power networks. One proposal involves the gentle heating via microwave of portions of large hurricanes. Such chaotic systems may be susceptible to "side steering" with a few degrees of increased temperature/pressure at critical points. A sufficient network might keep the largest and most potentially damaging hurricanes from landfall, at the request of host nations. Blizzards, monsoons, and other extreme weather are also potential candidates for space-based amelioration. If large-scale weather control were to become feasible, potential implications may include:

* Unintended side effects, especially given the chaotic nature of weather development
* Damage to existing ecosystems
* Health risks to humans
* Equipment malfunction or accidents
* Non-democratic control or use as a weapon
* ELF hot spots causing slightly accelerated ionospheric depletion by solar wind

For the 2008 Olympics, China had 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain. Each system would shoot various chemicals into any threatening clouds to shrink rain drops before they reach the stadium.
August is a rainy time of year for Beijing, which is not the best news for Olympic organizers. More than seven inches of rain fall on average during the month, making it the second rainiest month of the year behind July, which gets more than 8 inches of rain on average.
How did this experiment work?
Chinese meteorologists claim that the weather manipulation rockets were highly effective ahead of the opening ceremony on Friday, keeping the skies clear and audience dry inside the main Olympic National Stadium (a.k.a. "The Birds Nest").

"We fired a total of 1,104 rain dispersal rockets from 21 sites in the city between 4 p.m. and 11:39 p.m. on Friday, which successfully intercepted a stretch of rain belt from moving towards the stadium" – Guo Hu, Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau (BMB).

Friday, July 23, 2010

American History Through the Ages

"The only good Injun is a dead one'

"The only good darkie is a dead one"

"The only good Chink is a dead one"

"The only good Confederate Rebel is a dead one"

"The only good Filipino is a dead one"

"The only good Hun is a dead one"

"The only good Coon is a dead one"

"The only good Kraut is a dead one"

"The only good Nigger is a dead one"

"The only good Gook is a dead one"

"The only good hippie is a dead one"

"The only good Central American peasant is a dead one"

"The only good Iraqi dune coon is a dead one"

"The only good Afghan raghead is a dead one"

And the only good American is one that keeps his or her mind closed; their eyes averted and their mouths shut"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Billionaire "Chosen One" Pedophile Goes Free

Is this what it means to be a 'Chosen One?' To be able to rape young girls and walk away free, without any punishment, except a one-year 'house arrest' that wasn't confining? Was it the money or his powerful political connections that set this perv free?

Or maybe his G-d intervened?
Hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein becomes a free man today, five years after he was first accused of sexually abusing underage girls. After months of reporting, The Daily Beast’s Conchita Sarnoff reveals exclusive details of the investigation and the legal wrangling that saved him from a long prison term. She reports:

• Palm Beach’s police chief objected to Epstein’s “special treatment” and gave The Daily Beast an exclusive look at his nine-hour deposition about the investigation.

• Earlier versions of the U.S attorney’s charges, including a sealed 53-page indictment, could have landed Epstein in prison for 20 years.

• Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift.

• The victims also alleged trips out of state and abroad on Epstein’s private jets, which would be evidence of sex trafficking—a much more serious federal crime than the state charges Epstein was convicted of.

• Epstein’s attorneys investigated members of the Palm Beach Police Department, while others ordered private investigators to follow and intimidate the victims’ families; one even posed as a police officer.

• Then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told The Daily Beast that he “would have instructed the Justice Department to pursue justice without making a political mess.”

But the question remains: Did Epstein’s wealth and social connections—former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets—allow him to receive only a slap on the wrist for crimes that carry a mandatory 20-year sentence? Was he able, with his limitless assets and heavy-hitting lawyers—Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberger among them—to escape equal justice?

The Palm Beach Police Department identified 17 local girls who had contact with Epstein before the age of consent; the youngest was 14, and many were younger than 16. And that was just at one of Epstein’s many homes around the world—he also owns property in New York, Santa Fe, Paris, London, and the Caribbean. Subsequent investigation by the FBI, reaching as far back as 2001, indentified roughly 40 victims, not counting Nadia Marcinkova, whom Epstein referred to as his “Yugoslavian sex slave” because he had imported her from the Balkans at age 14.
Just don't ask too many questions, or you'll be accused of being a vile and nasty 'anti-Semite.'

Such a good deal it is to be a 'Chosen One!' You can loot pension funds, knock down buildings and let your MSM blame it on Muslims, thereby tricking the USA into fighting wars for Zionism, or you can sodomize underage girls and not face jail time.

Yes, that's the lifestyle....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kosher guidelines for raising GOY cattle

Approved by the "Rebbe"

Yes, our Messiah, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the "Rebbe," knows a thing or two about GOY cattle, having spent the 1920's in Russia and the 1930's in Germany.

A smart man, our Rebbe is.

It's not smart getting cattle all worked up before their throats are slit, since the extra adrenalin caused by seeing realities of what America has become is bad for harvesting "Kosher" meat.

Yes, we provide for our cattle, we have even given them a cute nickname, "GOY," so that they will come to us to have their noses rubbed and ears scratched, right before we slip the straight razor under their throat.

What are some of the luxuries we, the Chosen Ones, provide for our cattle?

Illegal drugs, to keep their minds gummed up to the point they can't think rationally.

Like our favorite drug we export from those Israeli drug labs hidden behind that concrete wall barrier we've erected around the West Bank, as shown in this Haaretz article:

The most commonly heard estimate is that Israeli criminals control no less than 75 percent of the Ecstasy market in the U.S.

We give them wall-to-wall, non-stop TV News, that always give our cattle more reasons to chew their collective cud's contentedly, with such mind numbing garbage as the latest dirt on some sordid Hollywood riffraff that are engaging in sexual escapades that would make Caligula blush.

Of course, since we own Hollywood and control the MSM, we can claim that the garbage that is being fed into you GOY is a form of "news," when actually it's more toxic and mind-befuddling than some of the illegal drugs we import into America, like the heroin refined from the MOSSAD protected poppy fields in Afghanistan--a country which we tricked the "GOY" into invading with the Jewish false-flag attacks of 9/11

... those people are such simpletons!! Such a deal was 9/11!

Naturally, a certain amount of fear is induced into our GOY cattle, to keep them distracted and nervous about what will happen to them if they don't follow our rules, dictates and laws that we have managed to insert into every aspect of American life, thanks to our control of numerous state legislators and our absolute control of both the US Senate and House.

Want to know the kicker?

Those fools give us "Chosen Ones," the cash money each year that we turn around and use to buy and corrupt the legislatures of the state and federal government.

And any legislator or politician that tries to act "uppity" and put America first instead of our beloved state of Israel, will experience first hand what JFK did in Dallas in 1963.

So keep chewing your cuds, there GOY.

Keep your mind blank of any rational or insightful thinking of what is really taking place right in front of your clouded eyes.

And pay no attention to that cold feel of razor sharp steel that you are experiencing on your throat.

(100% THANKS TO djonesowens1 for original upload, etc :: Title "This is the real Netanyahu"

Bibi:...The Arabs are currently focusing on a war of terror and they think it will break us. The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one blow, but blows that are so painful that the price will be too heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing...

Woman: Wait a moment, but then the world will say "how come you're conquering again?"

Netanyahu: the world won't say a thing. The world will say we're defending.

Woman: Aren't you afraid of the world, Bibi?

Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.

Child: They say they're for us, but, it's like...

Netanyahu: They won't get in our way. They won't get in our way.

Child: On the other hand, if we do some something, then they...

Netanyahu: So let's say they say something. So they said it! They said it! 80% of the Americans support us. It's absurd. We have that kind of support and we say "what will we do with the..." Look. That administration [Clinton] was extremely pro-Palestinian. I wasn't afraid to maneuver there. I was not afraid to clash with Clinton. I was not afraid to clash with the United Nations. I was paying the price anyway, I preferred to receive the value. Value for the price.

In the following segment, Bibi boasts about how he emptied the Oslo Accords of meaning by an interpretation that made a mockery of them:

Woman: The Oslo Accords are a disaster.

Netanyahu: Yes. You know that and I knew that...The people [nation] has to know...

What were the Oslo Accords? The Oslo Accords, which the Knesset signed, I was asked, before the elections: "Will you act according to them?" and I answered: "yes, subject to mutuality and limiting the retreats." "But how do you intend to limit the retreats?" "I'll give such interpretation to the Accords that will make it possible for me to stop this galloping to the '67 [armistice] lines. How did we do it?

Narrator: The Oslo Accords stated at the time that Israel would gradually hand over territories to the Palestinians in three different pulses, unless the territories in question had settlements or military sites. This is where Netanyahu found a loophole.

Netanyahu: No one said what defined military sites. Defined military sites, I said, were security zones. As far as I'm concerned, the Jordan Valley is a defined military site.

Woman: Right [laughs]...The Beit She'an Valley.

Netanyahu: How can you tell. How can you tell? But then the question came up of just who would define what Defined Military Sites were. I received a letter -- to me and to Arafat, at the same time -- which said that Israel, and only Israel, would be the one to define what those are, the location of those military sites and their size. Now, they did not want to give me that letter, so I did not give the Hebron Agreement. I stopped the government meeting, I said: "I'm not signing." Only when the letter came, in the course of the meeting, to me and to Arafat, only then did I sign the Hebron Agreement. Or rather, ratify it, it had already been signed. Why does this matter? Because at that moment I actually stopped the Oslo Accord.

Woman: And despite that, one of our own people, excuse me, who knew it was a swindle, and that we were going to commit suicide with the Oslo Accord, gives them -- for example -- Hebron...

Netanyahu: Indeed, Hebron hurts. It hurts. It's the thing that hurts. One of the famous rabbis, whom I very much respect, a rabbi of Eretz Yisrael, he said to me: "What would your father say?" I went to my father. Do you know a little about my father's position?

...He's not exactly a lily-white dove, as they say. So my father heard the question and said: "Tell the rabbi that your grandfather, Rabbi Natan Milikowski, was a smart Jew. Tell him it would be better to give two percent than to give a hundred percent. And that's the choice here. You gave two percent and in that way you stopped the withdrawal. Instead of a hundred percent." The trick is not to be there and be broken. The trick is to be there and pay a minimal price."

At a point in the middle of the video Netanayhu asks the camera man to stop taping, but he continues...
Netanyahu says what he really thinks for the first time:
He brags about how easy is to manipulate the USA and he proudly explains how he sabotaged the Oslo process

Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to More of the Same BS, Courtesy of the Usual Suspects

Third Way is the leading moderate think-tank of the progressive movement. Our aims: an economic agenda that is focused on growth and middle class success; a culture of shared values; a national security approach that is both tough and smart; and a clean energy revolution. We create high-impact products for use by elected officials, candidates and the Administration.

Our team is comprised of a former White House deputy and agency chief of staff, senior congressional aides, policy experts, nonprofit leaders and campaign veterans. We are governed by a prominent private sector Board of Trustees. We also have a dozen elected officials who serve as honorary co-chairs. Three of our former chairs now serve in the senior ranks of the Obama administration: Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Under-Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher.
More nonsense from some of the same gang of marauders that have been sodomizing our nation and robbing our pockets for years. The staff looks like it was recruited from a Jewish paramilitary school, which is called a 'yeshiva.'

The 'honorary' co-chairs include Jihad Jane "Let me waddle in and free those Israeli spies" Harman and the senator from the great state of WALMARKANSAS, Blanche Lincoln, a tried and true friend to the Fortune 500.

That buffoon that let his people watch porn, do drugs and not bother the Big Oil companies wasting the world's environment, Ken Salazar, is an Emeritus... Is that painful and is it contagious?

The Trustees look like they were recruited from Goldman Sachs, so I'm sure they will only have the problems of We the People in mind and not more multi-trillion dollar bailouts for their Wall Street bankster buddies.

They warn us about the al CIA Duh boogieman, which is non-existent, but serves to keep us fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' Pssst, hey guys, people know that 'Binjamin' Laden has been dead since 2001 and that 'al CIA duh' is a product of Israel and the Pentagon, so get a grip and come into the light.

From blabbering about 'Binjamin' Laden is only a short LSD trip to warning people that the USA is going to get nuked. This I believe, but it won't be some phony baloney 'Muzzie,' but either Israel's MOSSAD or our own CIA.

And for the final surprise of this 'Turd Way' generation of new thinkers, we get told how much we need to be taxed for carbon usage and how that money going out of our pockets to Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon would be peachy keen!

These modern day pirates, rapists and sodomizers of humanity are relentless, so we should be too... in exposing their nefarious dealings.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alex Jones Finally fesses that Israel was behind the 9/11 false-flag

Alex Jones on Israel citizens: "weak minded idiots" "mentally ill" "FBI agents" MUST HEAR! 7/6/2010

Question: How generates hot gas; Alex Jones or Al Gore?

'Bibi' and 'Barry' kiss for the killing

Obama endorses Netanyahu as “man of peace”
( a 'piece' of Jordan; a 'piece' of Syria; a 'piece' of Lebanon; a'piece' of Iraq and whatever pieces are left in Gaza Death Camp.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a man who “wants peace” and is “willing to take
risks for peace.”

(Israel showing it's "light unto the world")


He did so following a White House meeting five weeks after the May 31 raid on the Mavi Marmara Gaza aid convoy, in which Israeli forces murdered eight Turkish activists and a dual Turkish-US national. The White House meeting was also on the eve of another round of Israeli settlement expansion on the West Bank.

(Some 'peace' loving Israeli's with messages of love)


On the day of the meeting, a report by the human rights group B’Tselem said that Jewish settlements with 300,000 people now control more than 42 percent of all land in the West Bank, including 21 percent of all privately owned Palestinian land.

(More 'peace' initiatives from Israel)


Obama went to extraordinary lengths in his efforts to rehabilitate Netanyahu and Israel in the face of popular anger internationally over its blockade of the Gaza Strip and the suffering this inflicts on the Palestinians. He said nothing about the continued construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and did not urge an extension to the partial freeze.

In an extraordinary Freudian slip, Obama also told reporters, “We strongly believe that, given its size, its history, the region that it’s in, and /the threats that are leveled against us—against it/, that Israel has unique security requirements. It’s got to be able to respond to threats or any combination of threats in the region. And that’s why we remain unwavering in our commitment to Israel’s security.” [Emphasis added] (... matter how many American kids fighting and dying for thte greater glory of Zionism.)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Binjamin' Laden Say You Should Know These Answers

This blog, Sheila Stuff was originally written back in March of 2008, and has been updated to answer some of these questions on 9/11.

When Donkeys Fly...

Of course there had to be Arabs on those planes -- how else could the murderers ithe White House justify the genocidal assault and occupation of Iraq? And, if the immediate blaring of Bin Laden as being the mastermind wasn't enough, photos of the 19 perps were blazoned on every media outlet within hours of the attack. Still not convinced? Well, lookie here -- three passports and a bandana floating unsinged from the blazing inferno -- landing at the feet of the FBI...

Orwell said "The people will believe what the media tells them they believe." Not what the media tells them TO believe, but tells them they believe.

Well, I have a tendency to believe my own lying eyes. And anyone who has ever seen one -- just one -- controlled demolition knew by 9:30 am on 9-11 what happened.

Of course I have questions, but how hot steel has to get to sever myriads of beams cleanly into the exact lengths to fit onto waiting trucks and be rushed out of the country isn't one of them.

I want to know about...

1. Neil Bush's security company, which was responsible for security not only for the World Trade Center, but for the two airports from which the planes were hijacked.

2. The put stock option flurry on 9-10-01.
First, those stock options were blamed on 'Binjamin' Laden, who they claimed wanted to make a 'killing' on the 9/11 attacks. Now we know that the SEC destroyed the documents. Is 'Binjamin' Laden the head of the SEC?

SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options

Specifically, David Callahan – executive editor of SmartCEO – submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the SEC regarding the pre-9/11 put options.

The SEC responded:

This letter is in response to your request seeking access to and copies of the documentary evidence referred to in footnote 130 of Chapter 5 of the September 11 (9/11) Commission Report.

We have been advised that the potentially responsive records have been destroyed.
The security "stand down" the week before 9-11 so computer technology could be "upgraded."
Workmen came and went, undeterred, throughout that period -- bomb sniffing dogs removed. Busy...busy...busy... An Israeli shipping company that was headquartered in the WTC North Tower, Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co.moved on and left behind 10 workers to 'finalize' the move. They all miraculously escape on 9/11 before the attacks.
The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape.

5. The lies and omissions of the criminal 9-11 Commission. Please read Chapter Two of David Ray Griffin's "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" for the sheer ghoulish audacity of this investigation. Condi's bud, Philip Zelikow, was executive director of the Commission, the primary author of the doctrine of preemptive warfare. Griffin says Zelikow "drove and organized the staff's work...called the shots...skewed the investigation and ran it his own way." When the report was complete, it was submitted to Zelikow and the White House who "edited" it before publication...

What's Condi Rice's good buddy now say about the invasion of Iraq?

"Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel," Zelikow told a crowd at the University of Virginia on Sep. 10, 2002, speaking on a panel of foreign policy experts assessing the impact of 9/11 and the future of the war on the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

"And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don't care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell," said Zelikow.
All roads lead back to 9-11. Everything this monstrous gang has done for the past five[nearly nineyears now] years is a direct result of 9-11. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are wounded, disabled, dead because of 9-11. Thousands of Afganistanis and millions of Iraqis have been slaughtered or displaced because of 9-11...

And I am to fret over how hot steel gets before it causes three buildings to collapse in "controlled demolition" fashion for the first -- and last -- time in history? That will happen -- when donkeys fly.

From the fearlessSheila Stuff

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Was Buried in the 9/11 Rubble

July 4th, the day we're taught to celebrate as "Independence Day." Except our freedoms, liberty, safety and security were all buried on 9/11, along with any reason to celebrate 'independence.'

All roads lead to and from 9/11. That false-flag worked well for the Neocon and Zionist vampires that staged that inside job.
With the WTC rubble in the background, Americans were taught to fear and hate the Muslim world, and go on a planned decades long Crusade against Islam.

Will Americans ever finally see thru the lies and obfuscations put forth by our government to keep the truth surrounded by fog and smoke or will we keep cringing in fear, always falling for the artificially created 'boogiemen' like North Korea, the Taliban and Iran?

Besides fear, the only enemies we really have are the Federal Reserve, an out of control Wall Street, our corrupt Congress and a sneaky, backstabbing ME state that is always is professing to be our 'friend' while it lies to us, spies on us, kills our people, sucks money out of our pockets, tricks us into fighting her wars and was behind the 9/11 false-flag.

Until we wake up and realize that 'self-evident' truths about 9/11 are staring us in our face, we will keep going down the road to tyranny, slavery and extinction and on July 4th, no amount of beer we swill, or NASCAR races we stare at will set us free.

That deadly enemy of all we prize and hold dear is Apartheid Israel and her rabid supporters.

Zero: An Investigation Into 9-11
ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This brand new feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

The importance of this film can not be overstated. If its thesis is correct, the justification for going to war in Iraq is built on a series of outrageous lies.

Remeber these lies?
Secretary of WAR Rumsfeld Lies About Pre-War Predictions: “You Can Take That To The Bank”

Yesterday on PBS’ Newshour, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said no administration official made any predictions about the length or cost of the war in Iraq:

"I was very careful. I never predicted any number of deaths or the cost or the length because I’ve looked at a lot of wars, and anyone who tries to do that is going to find themselves wrong, flat wrong…I don’t know anybody who had any reasonable expectations about the number or the length of the war or the cost of the war. I just don’t — no one I know went out and said these are how those three metrics ought to be considered. And you can take it to the bank."

The truth is, Rumsfeld and other top administration officials made predictions on all three metrics. You can take that to the bank –


Rumsfeld, 2/7/03: “It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months.”

Cheney, 3/16/03: “I think it will go relatively quickly, . . . (in) weeks rather than months."


Daniels, 12/30/02: “The administration’s top budget [Mitch Daniels] official estimated today that the cost of a war with Iraq could be in the range of $50 billion to $60 billion… Mr. Daniels declined to explain how budget officials had reached the $50 billion to $60 billion range for war costs…” [New York Times, 12/31/02]

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mass Murderer Clinton to Present Mass Murderer Blair with Mass Murderer of the Year Award

The lying mass murderer, Zionist ass kisser Bill Clinton will present an award honoring genocide to the lying mass murderer, Zionist ass kisser Blair this September 13th. Close enough to the 9/11 date so we'll hear plenty of catch phrases about liberty, democracy, freedom, noble struggles, etc.
Anything to take people's mind off the fact that Tony Blair is covered in blood.

Sounds like a real love fest.

After the ceremony, they can get aroused watching snuff films of Arabs and Muslims getting slaughtered and then make love to each other.

Monica Lewinsky will be on hand to offer her supple lips to any having erectile dysfunction and the lying, mass murderer Hillary will dress up in her dominatrix outfit to apply some tough S & M love to her boys.

Go easy on that whip, Hillary!

Since the USA is way beyond broke, let me guess where this blood money will come from? The blood soaked Zionist war mongers will have to borrow 'Phony Tony's' award money from the blood soaked Zionist war mongers of the Federal Reserve.

If you're feeling sick and need to vomit, here's a link to the PDF file that shows why the mass murderer, lying SOB Blair is being awarded blood money. Funny though, not one mention of IRAQ.

Blair will be in good company, joining another recipient, the mass murderer and land thief Shimon Peres and the lying, mass murderer Colin Powell.

Here's the kicker: We the People paid to have this monument to murder, lies and theft built and funded, thanks to a corrupt and sleazy Congress.

Mass Murderer to get Medal

Tony Blair is to be awarded a $100,000 (£66,600) Liberty medal by the National Constitutional Center based in Washington for his role in "bringing liberty to people around the world".

Bill Clinton is to present the annual award on 13 September at a ceremony in Philadelphia.
David EISNER, CEO and President of the National Constitutional Center welcomes all war mongers.

Bringing 'liberty' to people around the world?

Yes, we 'liberated' nearly 1.5 million Iraqi's from living, freeing them up to be turned into feast for flesh eating worms. We also liberated millions more from their homes, freeing them up to live on the streets.
We liberated millions of Iraqi children from their parents with our smart bombs

Gee, thanks Tony, you're such a he-man!
Tony Blair – bloody liar

Tony Blair has washed his hands of the disaster which is Iraq. Speaking last Sunday, Blair refused to apologise for the war, announcing instead, “Of course I am devastated by the numbers of people who have died in Iraq, but it’s not British and American troops that are killing them”.
Maybe they're happy that the bastards Clinton and Blair serve, the richest of the rich, now own 85% of the world's wealth.

H/T to Facts not Fairies Blog

Friday, July 2, 2010

Endless Amounts of Money for War, Wall Street and Israel, but Piss Off to Americans

Trillions of our money for Wall Street Gangsters. Trillions more for illegal and immoral wars. And an unlimited supply of weapons and money to Apartheid Israel.

But for ordinary Americans who are suffering thru this economic depression?

A big FUCK YOU from the sleazy, corrupt war mongering Zionist ass kissers in Congress.
US Congress withholds billions from Medicaid, jobless benefits

The failure of Congress to pass a bill containing Medicaid relief to the states and jobless benefit extensions to millions of long-term unemployed workers ensures that the social crisis will intensify in the coming weeks and months.

The decision will result in a new wave of foreclosures, evictions, homelessness, and hunger, while states will be compelled to further slash social spending.

The $33 billion bill would have extended federal long-term unemployment benefits and provided states with $24 billion in emergency funding for Medicaid, the joint federal-state medical insurance program for the poor. Most commentators believe that final passage of the bill, which has been delayed for a month, is unlikely.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and fellow Democrats blamed the bill’s all but inevitable demise on opposition from minority Republicans. However, Democratic support for the measure has been tepid at best. The New York Times acknowledged, “The Obama administration has not fought aggressively for the legislation.” One only has to compare the administration’s campaign for “health care reform, ” designed to cut costs for business, with its promotion of the extension of unemployment benefits. In any event, since the Democrats accept the framework of austerity policies, they are in no position to argue convincingly.

A consensus has emerged in the ruling class, signaled by Obama’s three-year freeze on discretionary social spending, that costs not related to the military and the ongoing bailout of the finance industry must be curtailed. In contrast, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has guaranteed passage of another $33 billion bill by summer.
America is getting treated like those sea turtles that BP is burning alive so they'll be no evidence of their massive fuckup.
BP, Coast Guard Sued for Burning Endangered Sea Turtles

Two environmental groups have announced plans to file suit to prevent BP from burning alive endangered sea turtles in the cleanup of the Gulf Coast. In a widely circulated video, Gulf Coast boat captain Mike Ellis says BP has prevented rescuers from saving turtles trapped in the middle of controlled burns.

Catherine Craig: "So when they’re burning the oil, they’re burning whatever gets caught in—"

Mike Ellis: "Well yes, they drag a boom between two shrimp boats and whatever gets caught between the two boats they circle it up and catch it on fire. Once the turtles are in there, they can’t get out. I mean they come up, they look like they’re chocolate-covered."

The Center for Biological Diversity and Turtle Island Restoration Network say they’ll file suit against BP as well as the US Coast Guard under the Endangered Species Act.

VELCOME to Senator Lieberman's GESTAPOLAND

In another era, during the time of another government manufactured boogieman, the USSR, another Senator Joe saw sneaky Commies behind every bush, just waiting to jump out, nuke us.
That Joe put the country thru hell.

Now the Senator representing Israel, Joe Lieberman, sees knife wielding Muzzies behind every web page, just waiting to leap out and jump start your mind.

Joe Boy's new Internet censoring organism will be called the "Government Enforcing State Thought And Political Obedience" Committee.

The acronym would be GESTAPO.
Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet?

It would be hard to think of anyone who has done more to undermine American freedoms than Joseph Lieberman.

If the United States looks increasingly like a police state, Senator Lieberman has to take much of the credit for it.

On October 11, 2001, exactly one month after 9/11, Lieberman introduced S. 1534, a bill to establish a Department of Homeland Security. Since then, he has been the main mover behind such draconian legislation as the Protect America Act of 2007, the Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010, and the proposed Terrorist Expatriation Act, which would revoke the citizenship of Americans suspected of terrorism. And now the senator from Connecticut wants to kill the Internet.

According to the bill he recently proposed in the Senate, the entire global Internet is to be claimed as a “national asset” of the United States. If Congress passes the bill, the US President would be given the power to “kill” the Internet in the event of a “national cyber-emergency.” Supporters of the legislation say this is necessary to prevent a “cyber 9/11” – yet another myth from the fearmongers who brought us tales of “Iraqi WMD” and “Iranian nukes.”

Immediately after the report was published, Lieberman asked Google, the parent company of You Tube, to “immediately remove content produced by Islamist terrorist organisations.” That might sound like a reasonable request. However, as far as Lieberman is concerned, Hamas, Hezbollah and even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are terrorist organisations.
So Joe, some of your buddies, those Jewish extremist sites advocating terrorism, death and land theft will be OK to leave up on the 'Net, Joe?
And those other buds of yours, those at-large war criminals who have web sites lying the USA into fighting another war for Israel, those terrorists will be allowed free reign?

Oh, that's right, you're in charge of what we get to see, read, think and write, ain't that right, Joe?

Say Joe, wadda doing with that plug in your hands?

This comment left at another blog says it all:

"Lieberman would have made Adolf Schickelgruber proud.

How ironic that of all members of the senate, it’s a Jewish one whose outlook is closest to a Nazi’s."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

9/11: A Tale of 2 Buildings and Why Didn't the Most Damaged One Collapse?

From using that MOSSAD/CIA false-flag tragedy of 9/11 to now, we have let loose an unimaginable collection of horrors against the Muslim world. The war against Afghanistan keeps evolving, deliberately so, further dragging America into a bankrupt hole, morally and financially from which we will never emerge.
And that's the good part, as the Afghans are being subjected to a non-stop litany of abuse, murder and torture as we slowly rip their nation apart.

While we vent our frustrations and madness against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, Somalia and Yemen, that Apartheid Nightmare AKA Israel continues on with it's planned ethnic cleansing campaign of murder and theft against the indigenous Palestinians, with the Zionist owned MSM playing up genocide like it was part of the 'War of Terror.'

Why did WTC 6 look like it had been destroyed by an interior explosion?


Can someone please explain how WTC 6, which NO airliner impacted, wound up being totally destroyed? Yet, it did not collapse and fall down into its own footprint, strange, no?
The 8-story WTC 6 lay between the North Tower and WTC 7. WTC 6 was evidently damaged before either tower fell and had an unexplained crater that went to the lowest basement level. The basement of the building appears to have experienced an explosion at the exact moment the South Tower collapsed. In this photo the rubble of the North Tower is on the left and the remains of WTC 7 are on the lower right.

The destruction of WTC 6 is one of the many unexplained questions of 9-11. This 8-story building suffered a huge crater in its center which went all the way down to sub-basement levels. What caused the huge crater in the middle of WTC 6?
I guess NIST was too busy concocting lies about how WTC 7 fell to take time and look into the mysterious destruction of WTC 6.

More photos and evidence available here:


Surely this isn't just another power and money grab by the world's leading authority in lies, theft, con games, murder and larceny?

Thus, the Big Lie begins
(8:50 a.m.) September 11, 2001: CIA Director Tenet Told of Attack, Immediately Suspects Bin Laden

CIA Director George Tenet is told of the first WTC crash while he is eating breakfast with his mentor, former Senator David Boren (D), at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. They are interrupted when CIA bodyguards converge on the table to hand Tenet a cell phone. Tenet is told that the WTC has been attacked by an airplane. Boren later says, “I was struck by the fact that [the messenger] used the word ‘attacked.’” Tenet then hands the cell phone back to an aide and says to Boren, “You know, this has bin Laden’s fingerprints all over it.” “‘He was very collected,’ Boren recalls. ‘He said he would be at the CIA in 15 minutes, what people he needed in the room and what he needed to talk about.’” [USA TODAY, 9/24/2001; ABC NEWS, 9/14/2002]
Before 9/11, the CIA demonstrated ignorance and lack of concern about 'Binjamin' Laden. Within 10 minutes of the first jet hitting the WTC, CIA Director George "It's a Slam Dunk, Mr. President" Tenant says 'Binjamin' Laden is behind 9/11.

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