Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mass Murderer Clinton to Present Mass Murderer Blair with Mass Murderer of the Year Award

The lying mass murderer, Zionist ass kisser Bill Clinton will present an award honoring genocide to the lying mass murderer, Zionist ass kisser Blair this September 13th. Close enough to the 9/11 date so we'll hear plenty of catch phrases about liberty, democracy, freedom, noble struggles, etc.
Anything to take people's mind off the fact that Tony Blair is covered in blood.

Sounds like a real love fest.

After the ceremony, they can get aroused watching snuff films of Arabs and Muslims getting slaughtered and then make love to each other.

Monica Lewinsky will be on hand to offer her supple lips to any having erectile dysfunction and the lying, mass murderer Hillary will dress up in her dominatrix outfit to apply some tough S & M love to her boys.

Go easy on that whip, Hillary!

Since the USA is way beyond broke, let me guess where this blood money will come from? The blood soaked Zionist war mongers will have to borrow 'Phony Tony's' award money from the blood soaked Zionist war mongers of the Federal Reserve.

If you're feeling sick and need to vomit, here's a link to the PDF file that shows why the mass murderer, lying SOB Blair is being awarded blood money. Funny though, not one mention of IRAQ.

Blair will be in good company, joining another recipient, the mass murderer and land thief Shimon Peres and the lying, mass murderer Colin Powell.

Here's the kicker: We the People paid to have this monument to murder, lies and theft built and funded, thanks to a corrupt and sleazy Congress.

Mass Murderer to get Medal

Tony Blair is to be awarded a $100,000 (£66,600) Liberty medal by the National Constitutional Center based in Washington for his role in "bringing liberty to people around the world".

Bill Clinton is to present the annual award on 13 September at a ceremony in Philadelphia.
David EISNER, CEO and President of the National Constitutional Center welcomes all war mongers.

Bringing 'liberty' to people around the world?

Yes, we 'liberated' nearly 1.5 million Iraqi's from living, freeing them up to be turned into feast for flesh eating worms. We also liberated millions more from their homes, freeing them up to live on the streets.
We liberated millions of Iraqi children from their parents with our smart bombs

Gee, thanks Tony, you're such a he-man!
Tony Blair – bloody liar

Tony Blair has washed his hands of the disaster which is Iraq. Speaking last Sunday, Blair refused to apologise for the war, announcing instead, “Of course I am devastated by the numbers of people who have died in Iraq, but it’s not British and American troops that are killing them”.
Maybe they're happy that the bastards Clinton and Blair serve, the richest of the rich, now own 85% of the world's wealth.

H/T to Facts not Fairies Blog


  1. It's one more example of the crime syndicate spitting in our face. It's not enough to rape us, they want to mock us while doing so.

    How long before Bush gets his peace medal? Obama already has his.

    I think even Orwell would be surprised by how far this has gone.

  2. Who knew that Emmanuel Goldstein would be a Muslim?


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