Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to More of the Same BS, Courtesy of the Usual Suspects

Third Way is the leading moderate think-tank of the progressive movement. Our aims: an economic agenda that is focused on growth and middle class success; a culture of shared values; a national security approach that is both tough and smart; and a clean energy revolution. We create high-impact products for use by elected officials, candidates and the Administration.

Our team is comprised of a former White House deputy and agency chief of staff, senior congressional aides, policy experts, nonprofit leaders and campaign veterans. We are governed by a prominent private sector Board of Trustees. We also have a dozen elected officials who serve as honorary co-chairs. Three of our former chairs now serve in the senior ranks of the Obama administration: Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Under-Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher.
More nonsense from some of the same gang of marauders that have been sodomizing our nation and robbing our pockets for years. The staff looks like it was recruited from a Jewish paramilitary school, which is called a 'yeshiva.'

The 'honorary' co-chairs include Jihad Jane "Let me waddle in and free those Israeli spies" Harman and the senator from the great state of WALMARKANSAS, Blanche Lincoln, a tried and true friend to the Fortune 500.

That buffoon that let his people watch porn, do drugs and not bother the Big Oil companies wasting the world's environment, Ken Salazar, is an Emeritus... Is that painful and is it contagious?

The Trustees look like they were recruited from Goldman Sachs, so I'm sure they will only have the problems of We the People in mind and not more multi-trillion dollar bailouts for their Wall Street bankster buddies.

They warn us about the al CIA Duh boogieman, which is non-existent, but serves to keep us fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' Pssst, hey guys, people know that 'Binjamin' Laden has been dead since 2001 and that 'al CIA duh' is a product of Israel and the Pentagon, so get a grip and come into the light.

From blabbering about 'Binjamin' Laden is only a short LSD trip to warning people that the USA is going to get nuked. This I believe, but it won't be some phony baloney 'Muzzie,' but either Israel's MOSSAD or our own CIA.

And for the final surprise of this 'Turd Way' generation of new thinkers, we get told how much we need to be taxed for carbon usage and how that money going out of our pockets to Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon would be peachy keen!

These modern day pirates, rapists and sodomizers of humanity are relentless, so we should be too... in exposing their nefarious dealings.

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