Friday, October 1, 2010

AmeriKKKa or "My country Does Piss on Me.."


The real mastermind of the Bush Administration was radio host Rush Limbaugh who claims he was rejected for service in Vietnam because of an anal cyst.

When the American “Taliban,” we can’t call them anything else, Christian Evangelists, read “Christian Zionists,” not really Christians at all, but a distorted, a perverted form of Christianity more science fiction, heavy on apocalypse, heavy on “end times” and very light on real scripture, a “Christ free” version of Christianity, was pushed onto our military, mass killings, drunken orgies, drug use, torture and inhumanity had to be expected.
What is the worst possible situation imaginable? How could we have found so many wartime cowards to lead a nation during a period of threat? What was the threat? Was it real or one concocted by the endless nest of military and intelligence geniuses, best call them what they are, phonies and vermin, the golfing partners of the military industrial complex.

Hadn’t we better admit that we have allowed ourselves to be led into, not only wars, but a total sacrifice of American freedoms and values, entirely for the glorification of cowards, phonies and sociopaths? Does this seem a bit harsh?
Amerikkka or My country Tis

My country tis to me
Sweet land of tyranny,
From Thee I flee,
Land where our fathers died
Commiting biocide and genocide
On every mountainside
From thee I flee
It’s written on the walls
(Not in black ghettos but)
Berkeley High and CIA Headquarters
The truth shall make you free
But if this is true why do they murder and lie to me?
I suggest they change they’re tune
Stop howling at the moon
And sending death threats to me
I suggest and it’s not in jest
That their so-called truths at best
Shall only make you want to flee

Thank gawd that Rushbo was able to find a knowledgeable proctologist and have that anal cyst--his head--removed from his rectum so he could use his mouth to blast foul, putrid smelling Bullshit over the radio.

Can you imagine what kind of shape the USSA might be in if not for the brave 'Chickenhawks' like Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, 'Mikey' Savage, Michelle Malkin, etc. serving on the front lines, defending our country against that damned liberal media?

"The list of Bush supporter's in government, in the campaign and in the ideas industry who also had no military service at all, not just no combat, is also relevant: Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, I. Lewis Libby, William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, and Tom DeLay. Oh yeah, and Dick Cheney."

CBS News' Dick Meyer asks in the April 30, 2004, "The Gall Of The Chickenhawks"
Many of these fearless fighters for Truth, Justice and Peace knew they would be needed for more important matters later in life, so they dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, so they could chase after the wives/girlfriends of those serving, drink booze, do drugs and have a helluva good time.

That choice must of been gut-wrenching.


  1. "That choice must of been gut-wrenching"

    Or in the case of Rush Limbaugh
    anal- unretentive?

  2. Never works, Greg.

    I got friends, Vets, they even read Gordon Duff but the minute you say "America Sucks" or get even close to it they shut down.

    I try different ways to get at it.

    Like, there's a new book out about how well European Socialism takes care of their people versus how America throws people away. But the Rush Brainwash job has done such a good job nobody is going to read it. Ever.

    This area is industrial-ex. Tons of people had pension funds they worked for decades to get just disappear down Goldman Sachs gullet. Even so you can't tell them the system is screwed up. They even blame themselves first.

    A mind is a terrible thing to turn against its owner.

  3. Greg,

    Guess what? Working in the "muslim controlled" M(uzzie)NN for a long time, poor Ricardo just found out the truth:

    CNN fires host Rick Sanchez over controversial remarks

    CNN host Rick Sanchez came under fire Friday after making controversial remarks the previous day on a satellite radio show.
    Sanchez called out Comedy Central host Jon Stewart as a "bigot" for mocking him, and complained that Jews -- like Stewart -- don't face discrimination. He also suggested that CNN, and perhaps the media industry more broadly, is run by Jews and elitists who look down on Hispanics like himself.


    Opps .... media is controlled by the satans? How's that possible??!!

    He better not go fly kites in Miami.

  4. Hey GB,... “This Just In: rush limbaugh IS an anal cyst!” On the hand, are you sure HE wasn't removed from an anal cyst? Ever heard of bacteriophage? They are obligate intracellular parasites that multiply inside bacteria by making use of some or all of the host biosynthetic machinery...cloned from a colon? In limbaugh’s case his arse being his primary cognitive organ, that anal cyst may have been the most highly developed intelligent organism in his body; suffice it to say, “best part of you gone rush!”



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