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List of Zionists Caught Spying on America--Part I

"The white population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the Negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without help of war and pestilence.... Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary."

"Prospects of Industrial Civilization", 1923 by Bertrand Russell, British Turncoat who was a Soviet Spy.

(This list is not exhaustive, but I am exhausted from doing the research. Once you turn on the light of Zionist spies stealing TOP SECRET documents from the USA, it's like shining a flashlight upon a trash dump at night and seeing numerous rats scurry for cover. So much for that 'special relationship' we have with the Middle East's #1 Terror State, Apartheid Israel.)

This part will deal with the ones caught stealing America's most closely guarded secrets regarding the making of atomic and nuclear weapons; WWII weapon producation and design and as is today, the unknown person high in the Office of the President of the USA who quashed an investigation into some of these spies.

BTW, NONE of these links are to the Zionist controlled, disinfo outlet, 'Wikileaks.'

Julius Rosenberg: electrical engineer; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, sentenced to death and executed in June 1953.

Julius had studied to be a Rabbi, but his calling was elsewhere, like spying on America's atomic bomb making attempts and turning over sensitive info about the implosion lens for the atomic and plutonium bombs to his Commie spymaster.

Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg: wife of Julius; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, sentenced to death and executed in fifty three.

David Greenglass: brother of Ethel Greenglass that aided the two above. He was a Los Alamo machinist that passed drawings of atomic implosion lens to Harry Gold. Was born in New York in 1922. He joined the Young Communist League (YCL). Greenglass married Ruth Printz, a fellow member of the YCL, in 1942.

During the Second World War Greenglass joined the United States Army. Promoted to the rank of sergeant, he was transferred to Los Alamos, where attempts were being made to develop the atom bomb.

In his original statement, he said that he handed over atomic information to Julius Rosenberg.

Curiously, "by design or destiny," also said the Exponent, "all the principals in the [Rosenberg] case were Jews. The presiding judge was Irving Kaufman, the prosecutor Irving Saypole was assisted by Roy Cohn, and the defense lawyers were Alexander and Emmanuel Bloch, father and son.

Klaus Fuchs: In 1943 Fuchs was sent to the United States [from Great Britain] where he worked at Los Alamos on developing the atom bomb.

On 5th September 1945, Igor Gouzenko, a KGB intelligence officer based in Canada, defected to the West claiming he had evidence of an Soviet spy ring based in Britain. Gouzenko provided evidence that led to the arrest of 22 local agents and 15 Soviet spies in Canada. Some of this information from Gouzenko resulted in Fuchs being interviewed by MI5.

Fuchs denied any involvement in espionage and the intelligence services did not have enough evidence to have him arrested and charged with spying. However, after repeated interviews with Jim Skardon he eventually confessed on 23rd January 1950 to passing information to the Soviet Union.

Harry Gold: [real name Goldodnitsky] confessed that he had acted as Fuchs's courier. He admitted that he had been involved in espionage since 1934 and had helped Fuchs pass information about the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union.

Morton Sobell: former employee of the Navy’s Bureau of Ordnance; radar engineer and former classmate of the above. In 1951, Morton Sobell was tried and convicted with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on espionage charges.

Through it all, he maintained his innocence.

But on Thursday, Mr. Sobell, 91, dramatically reversed himself, shedding new light on a case that still fans smoldering political passions. In an interview, he admitted for the first time that he had been a Soviet spy.

And he implicated his fellow defendant Julius Rosenberg, in a conspiracy that delivered to the Soviets classified military and industrial information and what the American government described as the secret to the atomic bomb.

J. Robert Oppenheimer: top U.S. nuclear scientist; was in charge of the Manhattan Project; gave the Soviets atomic secrets.

Much of this was information [on spies stealing US atomic secrets] previously unearthed in a wartime military investigation that had been abruptly halted in August 1943 on orders from someone high in the Roosevelt administration. Oppenheimer's brother, Dr. Frank Oppenheimer, and his brother's wife had been Communists.

One or more unusual deaths meshed with the Oppenheimer case, just as sudden deaths studded the [Alger] Hiss case.

To buttress his suggestion that James Forrestal's fall from a 16th floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital in May 1949 could well have been orchestrated by the Communists, working with infiltrators within the Truman administration, Simpson [Cornell Simpson's book was "The Death of James Forrestal" and it lists a number of examples of suspicious deaths that were very convenient for the Reds:

(The First Secretary of Defense who was alleged to have committed suicide by first choking himself to death with a dressing gown sash, then jumping out of a 16th story window at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. His family strongly denies that James had committed suicide.
Mr. Forrestal's Big Offense? He was outspoken in his opposition to the creation of the state of Israel.

One might argue that because Israel had already been recognized by the United States by the time Forrestal died, and because he had been removed from the Truman cabinet and discredited by his breakdown and hospitalization, he was no longer a threat to the supporters of Israel. But he was a man of prominence, wealth, and determination who intended to buy a newspaper and to write a book that threatened to expose a number Roosevelt-Truman administration secrets, especially related to the machinations that brought the United States into World War II and the wartime policies that advanced the interests of the Soviet Union. His voluminous diary was confiscated by the Truman White House and its full contents have never been revealed.)

Leo Szilard: worked with the above spies on the Manhattan Project. Of the atom scientists accused by Soviet Spy Master Pavel Sudoplatov ( Author of the 1994 book: Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness--A Soviet Spymaster) the one really rotten one was Dr. Leo Szilard, the real-life ``Dr. Strangelove'' of the Kubrick film of the same name.

Szilard was, in real life, a puppet of British intelligence's Bertrand Russell. It was Russell's policy, developed in conjunction with Niels Bohr, which brought Szilard to work on the bomb, and it was Russell agent Szilard, then based at the University of Chicago of Russell's accomplice Robert Hutchins, who played the key atom-scientist role in striking the 1958 Pugwash Conference agreement with Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchov. Szilard was very, very dirty all around.

Bruno Pontecorvo: [real name was Bruno Maksimovich Pontekorvo], was born in Italy; emigrated to Oklahoma, USA. He was not called upon to participate in the Manhattan Project in the USA for the construction of the atomic bomb, possibly because of his committed socialist beliefs. But in 1943 he was invited to join the associated Montreal Laboratory in Canada, where he concentrated on reactor design, cosmic rays, neutrinos and the decay of muons.

In 1948, after he obtained British citizenship, he was invited by John Cockcroft to contribute to the British atomic bomb project at AERE, Harwell where he joined the Nuclear Physics Division under Egon Bretscher. . In 1950 he was appointed to the chair of physics at the University of Liverpool which he was due to take up in January, 1951.

However, on August 31, 1950, in the middle of a holiday in Italy, he abruptly left Rome for Stockholm with his wife and three sons without informing friends or relatives. The next day he was helped by Soviet agents to enter the USSR from Finland.
In the USSR Pontecorvo was welcomed with honor and given a number of privileges reserved only to the Soviet Nomenklatura, which is a list of individuals drawn up by the Communist Party from which were selected candidates for vacant senior positions in the state, party, and other important organizations

Morris Cohen: MOSCOW, July 4, 1995— Morris Cohen, an American who spied for the Soviet Union and was instrumental in relaying atomic bomb secrets to the Kremlin in the 1940's, has died, Russian newspapers reported today.

Mr. Cohen, best known in the West as Peter Kroger, died of heart failure in a Moscow hospital on June 23 at age 84, according to news reports.

"Thanks to Cohen, designers of the Soviet atomic bomb got piles of technical documentation straight from the secret laboratory in Los Alamos," the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda said. It noted that he had died without revealing the name of the American scientist who helped pass vital information about the United States atomic bomb project.

Robert Soblen: Air France's Flight 136 from Paris landed at Tel Aviv's Lydda International Airport and discharged a dozen passengers. One of them, a balding man in dark glasses, made straight for the arrival hut, displayed a Canadian passport, No. 4-328384. Name: Beras Goble. Age: 72. Occupation: Engineer. Permanent Residence: Montreal. The police and customs passed him on quickly.

The passport was not his. It had be longed to a brother who had committed suicide five years before. The traveler was, in fact, Dr. Robert Soblen, 61, a psychiatrist, who last July was convicted in a New York federal court for spying for Russia. Appeals to higher courts, including the Supreme Court, had failed, and Soblen, weary, dying of leukemia, had jumped $100,000 bail and fled to Israel.

Throughout World War II and into the '50s, Robert Soblen and Jack Soble turned over to the Soviets secret U.S. information; much of it dealt with the activities of the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime U.S. counterespionage system.

(At the time, reports had been circulated in the MSM that Soblen had attempted suicide while on a plane taking him from Israel back to the USA.)

Jack Soble: Brother of the above Zionist spy, Robert Soblen's contact included and “Agent Frost,' which we now know was Boris Morros was an American Communist Party member, Paramount Studios producer and Soviet agent.

Morros was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and emigrated with his family to America in 1922. He was recruited as a Soviet spy in 1934, and Vasily Zarubin first became his contact in 1936.

Victor Perlo: official economist; In 1940 Perlo moved to an agency that became the Office of Price Administration (OPA). By 1943 he was chief of the Aviation Section of the War Production Board. The Perlo group of spies, which he headed, included a Senate staff director, and supplied the Soviet Union with United States aircraft production figures and shipments to various fronts.

Harold Glasser: was an economist in the United States Department of the Treasury and spokesman on the affairs of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) 'throughout its whole life' and he had a 'predominant voice' in determining which countries should receive aid. Glasser was a member of the Perlo group of Soviet spies during World War II and worked closely with Harry Dexter White. His code name in Soviet intelligence and in the Venona files is “Ruble".
In an 25 April 1945 memo from Pavel Fitin, head of KGB foreign intelligence, to Vsevolod Merkulov, head of the KGB overall organization, Fitin asked fair treatment for an award to be given to a longtime operative, Harold Glasser. Fitin called Merkulov's attention to the fact that Glasser had been working for Soviet intelligence for a long time, since May 1937, usually for the KGB but also at times for the GRU. Fitin explained how while Glasser was working with the GRU, Glasser felt he had been slighted.

Lee Pressman: was an American government official and secret Communist.

Pressman attended Harvard Law School with convicted Soviet Spy Alger Hiss and served as editor of the Harvard Law Review, later joining (together with Hiss) the International Juridical Association (IJA), which "consistently followed the Communist Party line."

Lee Pressman was a fully fledged Soviet spy, a member of the famous Ware Group which had operated inside the U.S. government, before and during WW2.

(The above Lee Pressman link to the New Zeal blog does a nice job of tying in Obama's Supreme Court appointee, Elena Kagan, with some of the Zionist spies roaming around Chicago, Illnois back in the 1950's.)

End of Part 1.

In order to present this in a balanced light, I've searched for 'Arabs Caught Spying on America' and 'Muslims Caught Spying on America,' but am having trouble finding any names. Anyone have any leads?

If you do, please leave some info in the "Comment" sections. Thanks.

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