Monday, January 17, 2011

BBC 'LOSES' Original 9/11 Footage?

“I know what America is,” he said. “America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in the way.”

Israeli CRIME MINISTER & 9/11 FALSE FLAG Architect Benny Netanyahu

A newly revealed tape shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once openly discussed his intent to attack the Palestinian government, undermine the Oslo peace accords, and manipulate the United States to ensure its approval.

When I tried to add a comment to this video about 9/11 being a FALSE FLAG, this is what popped up:

You have been blocked by the owner of this video.

BBC 'loses' original tapes of 9/11 coverage, then blames everyone who suspects foul play of being paranoid.

The comment on this page are well worth reading, as many are not accepting the BBC's lame-ass excuse it 'lost' their original 9/11 footage.

This comment is typical:
If there was no conspiracy on your part, then tell us who told BBC News that WTC7 fell down before it actually happened. The video you're looking for will show the building before collapse with your reporter telling the public it had already collapsed.
How does one 'lose' footage of that 'day that changed everything,' unless some of the footage showed truths that the PTB want suppressed?

The BBC Conspiracy Files programme on the third tower was shown on the 6th July. On the surface it seemed to be a pretty fair, balanced programme but all the alternative stuff appeared at the beginning and most people would have forgotten about it by the end of the programme. The 'swiss cheese' comments about the holes in the steel was shown at the beginning to demonstrate something dodgy only to be dismissed at the end as nothing important.

Steven Jones's work wasn't given enough time and they showed a brief clip of his lecture in Boston). The positive thing about this is that the BBC have done us a huge favour by finally admitting there was a third building collapse.

Ron Wieck, Mark Roberts, and retired FDNY Battalion Chief Arthur Scheuerman during a taping of the NYC TV show Hardfire


Hardfire is a libertarian cable-TV political discussion program, produced in Brooklyn, NY, by Gary Popkin

Gary POPKIN has his own 'ZIOPEDIA' page.


DID THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION covertly blow-up the World Trade Center, ignite the Pentagon, and shoot down United Flight 93 to pave the way for a new American empire? The answer is "YES"

Take the BBC's Conspiracy test

Do you trust everything you are told or do you think there is usually truth in conspiracies?

Psychologist Dr Patrick Leman, of the Royal Holloway University of London, has devised a test to see how conspiratorial you are.

Once you have answered all 15 questions press submit and we will calculate your score. You will then be able to read Dr Leman's analysis.


  1. Strip search Pauline Neville-Jones, every body parts possible. The way they do it at the israhelli airports.

    She (International Governor of BBC on 9-11) Must know wherever the footage is!

    From paulie the zionista potty mouth parrot's mouth:

    "It does not necessarily follow that by cutting a society's freedoms, you will get more security. I believe Israel has shown the world this, by hanging on to its principles of freedom and democracy while facing terrorism."

    Baroness Neville-Jones is so 'pro Israel' in the face of the dreadful savage attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza strip that she is very probably a Jewess. I cannot think of any other explanation for her insane remarks.

    Freeborn said...
    Her ancestry must be Cabalist Jewish/British Israel although don't expect to discover this via Wikipedia!

    Whistler said...
    Name: NEVILLE- heritage is that of a Sephardic Jew. The Sephardim originated in Spain. In 1492, the Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain ...
    from: Google search engine.

    So I guess that she is half Jewish at least (Jones being Welsh).

    You have scroll wayy down to see it:)

  2. Maybe the BBC should change its name to the RBC... the ROTHSCHILDS Broadcasting Corporation?


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