Monday, January 3, 2011

VIDEO Proof of More Zionist LIES, BS and PROPAGANDA, from 1945

Palestine Problem-(Vol. 12, Ep. 1)-Sept. 17, 1945 (PDF link )

Notice how they 'frame' the issue, by calling the Khazar invasion, theft and murder of Palestinians by the Jewish terrorists in the Stern and Irgun gangs the "Palestine Problem?"

And how they neglected to mention the Zionists putting into motion their plan for mass murder, ethnic cleansing, land theft and genocide called "Plan Dalet."
Plan Dalet and The Nakba

Terrorist operations were first introduced in Palestine by the Jewish underground to demoralise the British Army. These operations were carried out by those Jewish elements trained by British Army in North Africa as an adjunct to their WWII effort against the Nazis. By 1939 this Jewish auxiliary force numbered 20,000 strong.

This force, which was given the innocuous name of The Jewish Settlement Force, employed terrorist tactics (the first to be carried out in the Middle East) against British troops inside Palestine supplemented by Zionist terrorist operations carried out by their underground brethren throwing bombs in bus stops, cafes and marketplaces. These bombs were hidden in milk cans, fruit baskets and similar ordinary containers.
These days, similar tactics carried out by Zionist and NeoCON thugs are referred to as 'suicide' bombings and IED's.

This link to an HBO site has many 'March of Time' docs listed for viewing, but not the 1945 one called 'The Palestine Problem.'

"March of Time" produced newsreels for movie theaters from 1935-1961, but the one that caught my eye was recently on TCM, called "The Palestine Problem,' from 1945.

Maybe because that pack of LIES stated the Nazis killed over 6.5 million Jews during WWII? Gotta stick with that Kabbalistic significant occult SIX MILLION number. (My spell checker refused to recognize the word "Kabbalistic " and offered up the word "Cannibalistic" instead. Damn computer is smarter than I thought!)

The doc also says there were only a "couple of thousand European Jews left in Europe after WWII that migrated to Palestine."

More BS, as it's obvious as the doc continues that hundreds of thousands stole into Palestine and began their terrorism; theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Other lies were told about how Palestine was filled with malarial swamps and barren desert, which the Jews brought to life, since the Palestinians were too lazy to work.
And how the Jews opened hospitals and clinics that served both Jews and Arabs.... Served Arabs? By harvesting their organs; injecting typhoid bacteria and other hazardous biological agents into the indigenous Palestinians wells and drinking water and or injecting some disease into their bodies?

Too many lies to list here, except they keep inferring that the Khazar hordes are just wanting to live in peace. Towards the end, they cut to showing some soldiers, somewhere, goose-stepping and claiming these were dastardly Arabs, preparing to war against the kindly, peace-loving Jews.

How Can You Tell When a Zionist is LYING?
The narrative thread and thematic meaning of each episode of The March of Time were communicated through Van Voorhis's voice-over, with the stock footage, music, and sound effects cut to the spoken words. The voice-over directly told the viewers what they were seeing, because most of the time the images were generic representations and not actual footage of the location or event.

The goal for The March of Time was to present an event or situation so effectively that viewers felt like they were experiencing the real thing. To accomplish that goal, de Rochemont combined archival footage, re-enactments, interviews, and dramatic voice-over by the deep-throated Westbrook Van Voorhis.

They stage-directed politicians, labor leaders, religious figures, and others so that famous moments could be re-created for the camera.
Another "Plan Dalet" was carried out by Zionist and NeoCON radicals on 9/11.

What "Plan Dalet" looked like in the 21st Century


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