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USSA Planning a Mumbai type Attack Against Argentina?

US continues on with its illegal dirty wars as per usualArgentina’s foreign ministry has issued a press release stating that it will be making a formal protest over undeclared weapons and drugs brought into the nation at Ezeiza last Thursday. A manifest provided by the US did not list war materiel and drugs which were seized by Argentine authorities.
Among the confiscated materiel were communications interception equipment, encrypted communications equipment, sophisticated GPS devices, high power rifles, a machine gun and narcotics as well as a full trunk of expired pharmaceuticals including stimulants. All boxes had the stamp of the 7th Army Airborne Brigade based in North Carolina.

The unreported contents also included an odd brochure with the phrase “I am a United States soldier. Please report to my embassy I have been arrested by the country.” translated into fifteen languages. US documents described the shipment as intended for an Argentine government approved Federal police training course. Argentina reiterated that it does not wish for the internal security practices of Rio’s favelas or El Salvador’s gangs to be the model for the Argentine nation. The Argentine government will be suspending the police training program. Argentina’s ambassador to the US described the situation as “a shameful embarrassment” before returning the cargo to North Carolina.
Headley Saga: Mumbai attack was a joint IB-CIA-Mossad-RSS project

Shipping a large amount of weapons and pharmaceutical 'speed' to Argentina would be some of the tools needed to mount a FALSE FLAG inside Argentina, most likely for the purpose of overthrowing their democratically elected government and installing some groveling Zionist stooge. Argentina would be a rich steal, as Argentina is one of South America's largest economies, with a high quality of life and GDP per capita.

Is this part of some scheme by the international bankster gangster crowd, to teach those 'uppity' Argentinians that if you default on debt imposed by the Zionist banking crowd, there will be serious consequences?

Can't have us peons thinking that having actual control over your country's economy is a good thing.

When Argentina told the IMF gangsters to 'Piss Off,' we're not going to pay you blood-suckers that pound of flesh you need to exist, the economy initially took a hit, but has since recovered and is now prosperous.

Can't have that type of thinking reaching those living in paper shacks, tents and under bridges, since their homes and life savings were stolen by those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street gangster banks.
That kind of thinking could lead to Americans actually thinking they don't need the Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve charging us around 400 BILLION a year, all for the privilege of borrowing OUR OWN MONEY.

Just think what an extra 400 BILLION a year could do for our wrecked economy.

Or is our Overlord, the 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters,' commanding their bitch, the USSA, to overthrow Argentina's government, so they can do what they usually do for a living, STEAL someone's land, money or their country's natural resources, in this case, the very beautiful Patagonia?

“We are doing and implementing the execution and the punishment against the Palestinians in silence and in a very quite way, we don’t need to declare openly and before the public what we are doing”.

One of Israels top executioners, Efraim Sneh

"VE Take VAT VE Want, Whenever VE Want it, from You GOYIM"

The brave, VERY BRAVE, considering her beauty, Palestinian journalist Kawther Salam, documenting the latest Zionist Occupation Force atrocities in Palestine.

Kawther Salam
What are Israeli Army Reconnaissance Teams doing in Patagonia? by Kawther Salam

I saw the IDFs myself: first on the ship from Puerto Montt to Chaiten, and then everywhere until Candelario Mansilla, 1.200 Km. to the south. They always travel in groups of 5-7 persons, always one or two women among them, every group has an officer, and they reduce contact with locals and others to the necessary minimum. A Chilean with some knowledge in these matters told us that they travel in configurations which would correspond to missions of "reconnaissance and insertion" in military terminology. This person confirmed to us that the exploration of the Patagonia under guise of tourism has been going on since 1976, intensifying after about 1982.
The Daily Life of Palestinian Journalist Kawther Salam, who was eventually forced to flee for her life from Occupied Palestine, due to death threats.

Death threats from the world's #1 Terrorist Haven, that insane state of Hate, Apartheid Israel, that continue to this day.
On Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 11:37:48 AM, I received very special message by E-mail, sent by “Molly Molly” from Israel. “Molly Molly” wrote from the IP Address This Address belongs to a client of one of the big telecommunications companies in Israel, Bezeqint.The message had the title “Shalom from Hebron”. This is the “civilized”, “modern” way of sending death threats and of terrorizing Palestinian civilian used by the IDF and their intelligence units. It is their signature: always when they intended to kill somebody, to destroy a house, to raze agricultural lands, they called the intended victim before, sent them a short message which meant “we know where you are, we are coming for you”. This is how I understand the Email sent by “Molly Molly”.

Whatever this death threat meant, it contained some personal information which this person looked up from the whois-entry for my domain,, and whatever organization the sender belongs to, be it the Shabak (Israeli Interior Intelligence), or the military headquarter of Brigade Commander Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, or his spokesperson, or the American-Jewish terrorists around Kach and the Jewish Underground and Gush Emunim - people like Baruch Marzel, Moshe Levinger, Noam Federman, Yitzhak Pass … who occupy the heart of my homeland, the old city of Hebron, and who openly profess their friendship to a convicted traitor to a country which has given them much, too much of their goodness …

Whatever the criminal Israeli sender wanted to tell me with his message, he will not scare me or stop my words. This kind of threat will never stop me from exposing the daily crimes, destruction, murders, terror, IDF “activities” in Palestinian towns and cities.
If there was a Pulitzer Prize for 'BALLSINESS,' this brave lady would be the winner.



  1. Hey Greg:

    Heard this one yesterday, very curious??

    Among the confiscated materiel were communications interception equipment, encrypted communications equipment, sophisticated GPS devices, high power rifles, a machine gun and narcotics as well as a full trunk of expired pharmaceuticals including stimulants. All boxes had the stamp of the 7th Army Airborne Brigade based in North Carolina.

    The unreported contents also included an odd brochure with the phrase “I am a United States soldier. Please report to my embassy I have been arrested by the country.”

    A false flag terror attack?
    Foment a "civil" war?

  2. Or maybe, as in Pakistan, mercs posing as "diplomats" assassinating certain individuals.

    The options are endless when the outcome is trouble.

  3. These thieves cannot let anyone be. Notice you have to dig out data on Iceland since they told the IMF to flock off. Consider that Argentine would also give them more border to Bolivia, another nation that has told them to get lost.

    Meddle meddle meddle.

    For some reason, and this is a pretty accurate vision, I see Tel Aviv, and Washington, (to a lesser degree since it takes rather than gives orders from Tel Aviv) to be portals to hades from which thousands of little ~ and big ~ demons and imps from hell scurry looking for the best places to create damage ~ mortal damage that claims the souls as well as the sustenance of their victims.

    We know that they hate Chavez, yet, good or bad faults, he has truly improved life for his people. I did a piece comparing him to Obama a few weeks ago... guess who came out ahead in terms of being there for the people.

    BTW did you know Chavez donates millions of gallons of oil to charity in the United States earmarked for the elderly and poor to keep warm in the winter? He is the only one of the oil representatives to respond to pleas from the organization. Not a peep of this hits mainstream press. Nada.

    The hatred American and Tel aviv demons have for any form of independence is strong. They are terrified that such illness might be contagious. So you can bet they have their eye on Argentina. The Jews have a long history in Argentina and a grudge against the country because so many of them were forced to leave for their crimes many decades ago. They were the Zvi Migdal and when busted, most moved up to NYC. These folks carry grudges for a very very long time.

    Heck, cannot have people free and happy and not paying interest on imaginary money can you?

    (And yes, Kawther is amazing. She tells it like it is and backs it up with photos. She does not bow down.)

  4. Noor:

    I find it so odd and yet maybe not that both the Jews and the Nazis are connected to Argentina.

    Just one of those things that makes you say what the heck.

  5. That is good information and not the first time I have seen that. What the hell are they doing there? Buying up most of the good land most likely.

    This keeps disappearing when I put it on Duff's site.

  6. A false flag terror attack?
    Foment a "civil" war?

    All the above?

    Sounds like BAU, just another day in the 'Empire.'

    Just think how much more peaceful the world would be if we'd stop sticking our noses... and GUNS.. in other nations business and took care of our endless number of problems here at home.


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