Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U.S.A. Stands for United Stupid Assholes

Photo of your typical American, blissful in his/her ignorance
And that's what most of this nation has devolved into; a collection of imbecilic morons who are like a tank of pet fish, we believe anything the Zionist MSM drops in our mouths.

A week ago, many of us were foaming at the mouth, not believing what OBOMBA was saying about being born in Hawaii and starting to worship that New Jersey clown, Donald Trump.

Now, most of us are celebrating the murder of someone in Pakistan, believing everything the Zionist MSM and OBOMBA says about the alleged killing of OBL.

OBOMBA lied about closing GITMO. Lied about withdrawing the troops from Iraq and lied about the health care bill that was crafted by industry insiders.

And he lied about not prosecuting people who were smoking prescription marijuana legally according to state laws.

But bring up some aspect of the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' especially one that involves murdering people half-way around the world and we clap, cheer and march in the streets, lustily yelling our approval of another extrajudicial killing.

We know all the stats about our favorite football quarterback. And who won last night's basketball/hockey playoff game and who's leading the Winston Cup.

But we don't know jack-shit about the real world.

Combining stupidity, ignorance and hatred is a lethal cocktail that has turned us into blood-thirsty savages, always cheering when an Arab or a Muslim gets blasted, yet rarely asking why or even knowing their names, we don't care, just bring on the blood.

We've finally become a carbon clone of Apartheid Israel.



  1. don't feel bad Greg, It is the same most of the western world over

  2. Good one Greg.

    Americans are stupider than the rest because in other countries, dumb people at least leave other people alone.

    Americans aren't happy unless they bomb people or at least shove people in jail.

    Long ago a former REAGAN man (Paul Craig Roberts) let slip the fact that most people in US jails are innocent. It's literally the land of the Good Squad: Idiot drug laws and copping pleas have destroyed real justice in this country.

    Before they wake up, hell before they even learn what they have a brain for, the whole country will be a prison. We're almost there.

  3. Hi Greg,
    There are Idiots in Australia too, celebrating and our idiot in cheif prime Minister says it's "appropriate" to celebrate this "killing".
    Gee what a leader heck..and the funny thing is that most Aussies like to think they are not brainwashed..LOL...LOL..
    Cheers A13

  4. It's not so much a case of me feeling bad about this insanity, but sad, since we have the potential and resources for doing so much good in the world, but we chose, or the PTB, have chosen for us the path of death and destruction.

  5. Completely agreed Greg. The level of ignorance in this country is off the charts.

    I've been sharing a lot of information with a lot of people, and have to sadly report most everyone I know buys this absolute bullshit from Obama. One of my old professors wrote on Facebook:

    I am so happy that Bin Laden is dead, I even feel a bit guilty because he is a human being, but boy am I happy.

    We live in a world of mindless cowards, who buy all the bullshit from the murderous psychopaths. Very few lack the ability of critical reasoning and objective thought, and most of the few that do are afraid to speak openly about these subjects.


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