Friday, June 10, 2011

World Health Organization Issues ZioniNazism Plague Warning

These are the dreaded carriers of the 'ZioniNazism' plague. Don't be fooled by appearances, as some use disguises such as side-curls or wear a 'Wyatt Earp' type of hat. And if you see one, don't be fooled by appearance and try to approach one, as they are vicious killers.


The World Health Organization (WHO) today issued one of its most dire warnings about a very infectious disease that is in danger of killing millions, possibly billions of people if not checked.

Dr Margaret Chan, the Director-General of WHO issued a press release that will be followed up with a media conference later this week about this deadly virus, which scientists have named 'ZioniNazism,' (Genus: "Asshollus Biggus") a particularly virulent strain that was first developed by a deranged scientist named Herzl.

"Like the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, which wiped out nearly half of Europe's population, this new plague is also spread from one rodent to another by fleas that latch on to the victim and start sucking out the host's blood, thereby infecting the hapless, soon to be dead human," said Dr. Chan.

"These disease ridden threats to humanity like to hang around financial centers; politician's offices, TV studios and on stolen property."

Dr. Chan added that the world must come together now and begin a massive and coordinated effort to kill of those rodents carrying the ZioniNazism virus, or else face a crisis that could destroy humanity.

WHO researches aren't completely certain of the location where this deadly plague was developed, but so far, forensic investigation points to a certain Middle East country that has a history of inflicting pain, suffering and murdering anyone they don't like or who is not from their 'Tribe.'

To help identify if this deadly threat to humanity's survival is in your area, WHO has listed some warning signs to be on the lookout for and some are:
Glibness/superficial charm; Manipulative and conning; Grandiose sense of self; Pathological lying; Lack of remorse, shame or guilt; Shallow emotions; Incapacity for love; Callousness/lack of empathy; Poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature; Criminal or entrepreneurial versatility; Authoritarian; Secretive and
WHO stated that the carriers are total parasites and their ultimate goal is total enslavement of their victim(s).

If you or someone you know or one of your family members start to develop any of these warning signs, you are advised to IMMEDIATELY seek medical help to rid your body of the blood-sucking parasite that is seeking to not only kill you, but to empty your bank account in the process.

Dr. Chan warned that this planet killing plague was infecting so many people so quickly, that if a vaccine isn't found soon, law enforcement agencies might be ordered to start shooting these sleazy parasites on sight.



  1. sort of related, well not really..

    here in Canada there is news of a new flu that mutated, it is H1N1 and something else, so be scared Greg, be scared!

    And remember to line up for your experimental vaccine!

    "Canadian doctors are reporting what may be the first case of a new flu virus created after a child became co-infected with two influenza strains — pandemic H1N1 and seasonal H3N2.
    Doctors only discovered the toddler had been infected with an altered flu virus after testing of nasal-throat swabs turned up evidence of what's called "reassortment" — genes from the H1N1 and H3N2 flu viruses had been swapped, creating a virus with a new genetic combination."

    I wonder if he got the vaccine enabling this to happen????

  2. Sounds like they're trying to scare people again with a variant on last year's Swine Flu so everyone will go out and get vaccinated with an unknown substance.


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