Thursday, October 27, 2011

Being 'Liberated' by NWO thugs by Getting Sodomized with a Knife

Gaddafi Sodomized By NATO Supported Rebels shown frame by frame, rated NC-17.

So this is the type of sadistic activity that our Secretary of State, HRM Hillary, finds amusing when talking about 'liberating' Libya?
Libya has been "bombed back to the stoneage" after sanctions were placed on it on "very dubious moral grounds and unsubstantiated rumors about genocide" according to Former MI5 Intelligence Officer, Annie Machon on Russia Today last week who stated, as Don DeBar has told Dupré in a recent interview, most Libyans had free education, free health care, owned their own homes and received as much as $1,000. per month in oil dividends that Gaddafi ensured was shared with them.
"Free education; free health care, owned their own homes and received about $1,000 dollars a month" from Gaddafi from Libya's oil revenues.

Hey, you FREE Americans, all of those who receive the same benefits hold up your hand.

Yes, Hillary, it's a fucking riot to think that you and your fellow thugs in the NAZI AMERICAN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, aka NATO, reportedly killed up to 50,000 Libyans with your blood-soaked hands that are now stealing Libya's gold and handing out sweet oil contracts to your fellow gangsters to steal Libyan oil.

Hillary the PIG Clinton on Gaddafi " We came, we saw, he died"

Hillary Clinton happy, jubilant, laughing, bragging. This is absolutely the most deplorable actions and statements ever made by an American "diplomat" in American history. This shows exactly what she is like and how she does not deserve to hold ANY office.

What the fuck is wrong with you people, are you even human?

How fucking low can these Zionist scum go, is there no depths of of depravity they will not sink to?

If this bitch ever steals the WH, then we can all kiss our asses goodbye.

Hillary Clinton knew of Qaddafi ‘White Flag’ truce: US drone fired at Qaddafi convoy after negotiated truce



  1. Hilary is a real laugh riot.
    Was talking with someone the other day about the fact that the leadership of the western nations is so sick and twisted, so malignant, it is forming a rot all through society.

    A perverse sickness.

  2. HRM Hilary has to be one of, if not the most craziest persons on the planet.

  3. Hey GB,...The humiliating depths of depravity this fucking pig-woman would have been exposed to during her "processing" for Office in the service of satan's own shithogs, must have been breath-taking; surely this piece of shit has seen the videos of Gaddafi's torment and murder? Callous beyond belief. What a fucking waste of space, where are the crazed lone-gunmen when this bitch is in public.


  4. I have spoken to a few people who are not against the overthrow of Gaddafi but who nevertheless are quite taken aback by her behaviour, that's the US Secretary of State , not a character on a made-up TV show.

    Cupidity 3 - Wisdom 0.

    Its not the big things that make people and governments unpopular its the little things, and the PTB have rather forgotton themselves while drooling over death.

    A basic tenet of war[ however needless, stupid, pointless etc] is that one respects the dead.

    Saddam, OBl, Al-Awlaki and now Gaddafi, as well as the little matters of people like Troy Davis and the drone-war victims while at the same time turning their eyes away from confessed Israeli [ as in dancing] participators in 9/11, the smell is increasing.

    In that video , in earshot, is the very pregnant Mrs. Wiener - her husband's exploits with a camera were pored over for days, criticism everywhere yet Hillary cracks jokes over someone tortured and killed - hardleeeeeeeeeeeeee a ripple

    Of course Gaddafi's death is very mainstream Hollywood movie, u know those effortless and dismissive murders they tend to load films with these days


  5. As the wealth divide increases, so,
    apparently does the disparity in the level of humanity displayed. This "power" corrupts absolutely, or is the attractor that leads such despicable and heinous creatures to find their way to such stations. The actions of our "leaders" is so off-the-charts insane that it will be a fucking miracle if we don't wind up completely bringing down the entire house before this is over - simply because I have no idea how to stop such drives for whatever they are driving us towards (well, ok; maybe bringing down the house is the intention It is the only rational explanation I can find in my feeble mind).

    What is the cure for such brazen and overt psychopathy? The only thing I can see is to remove the mechanisms of control, but who is really ready to be fully self-determining? And so many around me are all "America; Fuck Yeah!". It isn't real, is it? Is it truly possible that we are where the signs say we are?

    Mmmm. Getting in touch with that primal part that would love to solve some of these "problems" in much the same manner as was utilized on Colonel Gaddafi. Maybe THAT'S part of the plan, too.


  6. I recently read that Hugo Chavez, The president of Venezuela, does not recognize the new Libyan government.

    In the 80's under the Reagen regime, he bombed Ghadaffi's family and killed an innocent little girl. That's when I realized American ideals and values are twisted and morally debased. Of course, I mean those who buy into these twisted lies and do not look into their own hearts for truth.

    Hillary Clinton has no heart as she is purely evil. She is dangerous because she is considered a role model for women.

    Women today are easily manipulated due to the social engineering by the media, education system, politics, and religion.

    I hear more of Hillary's book sales than I do criticism of her evil rant about a murdered innocent man. But then, she is a man hater.

  7. shillary = Totally sick & vile creature on earth, disgrace to all women. It should be described as an "it".

    Obviously that disturbing scene/vid came from its own personal life, just ask bubba. God knows how many times it has sodomized bubba the pig in their sicko relationship.

    As long as the Y'hids are running our lives, we will continue to squeal Like A Pig.

  8. Greg, your fury is well-placed.

    I can speak for those of us who don't often comment, but seeing my country turn into a funhouse version of the Fall of Rome complete with an army of weird Neros is finally getting too surreal to be sad.

    A century ago the Habsburg Empire in Europe was capering in much the same way. At least when WWI killed off their monarchy they turned into nice and sane countries like Austria, Hungary and so forth.

    America just ain't going to be that lucky. Our bankers won't stop till there is nothing left and the continent is filled with so many strangers we won't be capable of the simplest sort of cooperation.

    Maddening. Just maddening.

  9. All in all I don't even recognize this country anymore.

  10. Regardless of what Gaddafi was or wasn't or what crimes he committed or didn't, he deserved his day in court.

    But the PTB couldn't afford that, since Gaddafi would of told some interesting tales about the 'Unholy Triumvirate' of the USA, Britian and Israel and the PTB can't let truth like that get out.

    Genie, I agree. This country has become so perverse that mass murder and bombing nations back to the Stone Age has become like some kind of sick and twisted video game that many Americans enjoy playing.


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