Friday, October 7, 2011

"Dear Israel, I Need BIG Help to Steal, uh, I Mean 'Win' the WH in 2012"

From the desk of Texas Governor Rick Perry:

My Dear, Dear Israeli friends:

As you can see by the latest polls, my stock is dropping faster than Bill Clinton's pants when he's around a pretty girl.

I thought me and my Texas 'posse' had this upcoming 2012 presidential election in the bag, but due to some dumb-ass comments, mostly coming from my attempt to steal, oops, I mean 'win' the WH in 2012 are disappearing faster than most American's bank accounts.

Now I know you 'Chosen Ones' are well known for pulling off splendid false flags, like the one on 9/11 that accomplished its goal of enraging the American public and demanding revenge on those Arab countries you set up as patsies.
10 years on and we're still bombing the hell out of those non-Jews you don't like (BTW, do you like ANY non-Jews?) even though it's destroying our nation's world standing and totally wrecking our economy, but hey, nothing's too good for you kikes, oops, sorry, I really meant to say "G-d's Chosen Ones."

So stealing the WH for me should be a cinch.

I know my brain isn't exactly presidential material, but hell, you helped that moron GW Bush get into office and he makes me look like a Ph.D.

So I am asking your help and influence over the Zionist owned American MSM to start playing me up as the next Ronald Reagan so I can call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home after January 2012.

In return, I offer you my solemn promise to do ANYTHING you ask, even if it's nuking those pesky Arab shits...what's that?.. Oh, I mean those pesky Persian shit stirrers in Tehran.

Want me to turn a blind eye so your buds at the Zionist owned and Jewish run Federal Reserve and those 'Too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks get thru stealing what little wealth Americans have?

I've already got some experience in that type of preying on the gullible, so that should be a plus.

No problem, I'll just keep them pissing in their pants with non-stop 'al CIA Duh' lies that will distract them from the real terrorists here at home.

Forget about Romney, he's one of those damned Mormons and they're greedier when it comes to wealth than you money-grubbers.... Damn, sorry, sometimes my Big mouth works faster than my ant size brain.

Palin's toast, since that book came out claiming she slept with a Schwartzer and we don't need that kind of sleazy air-head in the WH and the other bimbo, Bachmann, can't keep her lies straight and that's definitely a requirement for POTUS.

Ron Paul is getting a LOT of traction and people love the man, but we both know your Zionist owned MSM will make him disappear like he never existed.

So again, my dear Hebe buds, I am offering to turn traitor to my country of birth, if you will help me be President.


The 'Guv"

P.S. Some of my political advisers begged me to let someone else write this letter and then me sign it, but I told them "I'm 'Da Man," and I say what I damn well please.

Also, I extend a hearty invite to you good people to come and hunt at my favorite camp, lovingly called "Niggerhead," where we blast away at ALL sorts of game,:), if you know what I mean!!!

Thanks for your time and I'll offer up a prayer to mine and your favorite Lord, Jesus Christ!

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