Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Type 'Illuminati' backwards into a web browser followed by .com

When you type 'Illuminati' backwards into a web browser followed by ".com" you are taken to the NSA website.

Just copy and paste this link into your browser and see where you wind up: http://itanimulli.com

Is this beyond weird or is it just the PTB laughing in our faces?

For those who don't know about the NSA, or the National Security Agency, you should, since they have been empowered to spy on ALL of your electronic communications.

They steal your liberty in order to protect your freedom?

William Cooper - National Security Agency #1 (Full Length)

William Cooper is the patriot who predicted the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 several months before that treasonous act occurred and for that, he was murdered shortly after by government assassins.

Why? Did Mr. Cooper know more about what the PTB had planned in their herding the sheeple into the NWO slaughterhouse?

William Cooper predicted 9/11

Most of you who have been following the 'official' government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper's contributions to the truth movement.

The Man Who Predicted 9/11

On June 28, 2001 during his ‘Hour of the Time’ radio show (podcast), he made the startling prediction that would become the events of September 11, 2001. Although, he did not know exactly when the major terror attack would occur, to obfuscate the reality of the true perpetrators, he predicted that Osama Bin Laden would be named as the primary scapegoat, but reiterated that Bin Laden was not the actual person responsible for the attack on America.

William Cooper deeply loved his family and worshiped his infant daughter. He honorably served his country for over two decades as an officer during his long military career. He conducted his life in an orderly manner and was a responsible member of society, yet, he was murdered by ‘men in black’, government spooks on November 5, 2001 simply, for telling the truth and for warning the people of this nation.



  1. On the NSA thing, it appears its a joke by a third party:


  2. Could be a prank by that Arthur Goldwag fellow, but I don't think the NSA are into pranks, or would allow some such nonsense to stay on the web, unless they approved of the end result, which besides spying on Americans 24/7, like to fuck with our heads.

  3. 'highheels' I don't censor comments,so both positive and negative are welcome.

    But when soneone tries to insert spam, it gets the old heave-ho overboad.

  4. Wow, that is crazy how the link takes you right to the NSA! How did you discover that?!

    Bill Cooper had some very prescient things to say, now didn't he? Isn't he the same guy who said they would stage an alien landing or alien invasion in an effort to advance their New World Order agenda?

  5. I am really surprised that you guys didn't know about that. It's been like that for years. I thought all you guys had been around for a while. And you never heard of this before? That's strange.

  6. Illuminati backwards leads to the NSA site but it is just a hoax someone registered that domain and redirect it!

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