Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Chosen Ones' Help Provide Cover for Tribe Pedophiles

Syracuse police knew of sex-abuse allegations against coach

Whether its the sordid business of raping, then refusing to investigate or stealing organs from Palestinian children, there's one bunch of things infesting this planet that always seems to be at the forefront; 'G-d's Chosen Ones.

Chosen for what? Their sick and twisted ways of using and abusing us GOYIM?

Syracuse police knew of sex-abuse allegations against a Syracuse University basketball coach back in 2002 but were unable to arrest him because the statute of limitations had run out, the city's police chief said Tuesday.

Then why in the hell didn't they investigate and arrest the pedophile back in 2002?

Guess it's a sick twist on that Allstate insurance commercial, only you're NOT in good hands, their hands are committing foul acts against kids, but as long as you're a 'Tribe' member, you have insurance that will help you stay out of trouble, whether it's raping young boys or pullling off mass murder, like the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

Then police Chief Dennis DuVal, who himself was a Syracuse basketball player in the 1970s, was aware of accusations against assistant coach Bernie Fine, current Syracuse police Chief Frank Fowler said in a statement.

Bernie Fine, who has been fired, denies the allegations.

Detective Doug Fox in 2002 told the accuser -- who has been identified as Bobby Davis, a former ball boy for the university's basketball team -- that since the allegations were from 12 years earlier the statute of limitations had passed, Fowler said. Fox advised his supervisor but didn't file a formal report.

On the Syracuse PD's web page, they brag about "TRADITION SERVICE INNOVATION EXCELLENCE."

What a load of manure.

They've now have a 'house negro' in charge of the SPD, Frank Folwer. I'm sure Frankie will be relentless in his pursuit of these sickos.

If boys aren't being sodomized in New York, then the Tribe pedophiles can skip over to Pennsylvania and get their rocks off.

There, Penn State will let some sicko football coach rape young boys and let it go on for 40 years... A deam 'cum' true for Tribe kid rapers.

Disturbing...Sandusky Hesitates Answering "ARE YOU SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO YOUNG BOYS?"

Jerry Sandusky denied all sex allegation in an interview with New York Times, says he’s not a ‘monster’

Denying the obvious when it comes to pedophilia is one of the signs of a pedophile.

Others are:
Some of the known characteristics of pedophiles is to deny the allegations repeatedly; volunteer to work with kids in some kind of program; Frequently photographs or collects photographs of his victims, either dressed, nude, or in sexually explicit acts.

Collects child erotica and child-adult pornography and rationalizes his sordid activity.
All of which SANDUSKY has been doing in the media, except for the collection of child porn, but when you consider the fact that SANDUSKY's home is next to an elementary school, I'm willing to bet this sick bastard has taken numerous photos of the kids playing at the school, so he can fantasize about his sickening behavior when he doesn't have some helpless kid available to sexually gratify this monster.
The superintendent of the State College Area School District sent an email to about about six news organizations Friday afternoon, saying district officials are aware that Jerry Sandusky’s home is on property bordering a kindergarten-to- third-grade elementary school.
Whether it's shooting Palestinians kids in the head or raping American boys, the 'Chosen Ones' have no peers
"He's incapable of staying out of the public eye. It's the re-victimization of the victim every time (Sandusky) goes out and tries to explain (his alleged actions) as a good thing," said Hamilton.--Hamilton, a Benjamin Cardozo School of Law professor and an advocate for victims who have suffered sexual abuse.

"For the survivors, it's cruel. But it shows you the typical mindset of a compulsive pedophile from their side of it. They don't get how much harm they've actually done to children. They only way that they're ever stopped is by the law." While Sandusky denies many of the crimes he is charged with, he also makes several admissions in the interview with the Times, reaffirming statements in a previous interview with Bob Costas in which he admitted showering with kids. Sandusky goes on to acknowledge sleeping alone in hotel rooms with children and blowing on kids' bellies. He also admits giving gifts and cash to the kids, statements which can be used against him in a trial, according to New York defense lawyer Tom Harvey, who is following the case for the Daily News.
Source: NY Daily News

And another Tribe member will help the pedophile continue on with his sickening ways.

If you can't find enough kids to satisfy your insane delight, just form a non-profit organization, appoint Jack Raykovitz as CEO, say its for kids and you'll have another batch of victims to defile. Up to 100,00 innocents.

Still not satisfied? Or do some of your fellow Tribe members want some of that 'hot action?'

No problem, take your act on the road to Texas.

Need extra help getting out of this mess? Get some higher-ups appoint some Zionist lackey, like former FBI head Louis Freeh to head the alleged investigation.

Freeh was one of the 9/11 architects that helped set the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB in motion back in the summer of 2001.

He appears to be a completely clueless when it comes to actually investigating and enforcing the law, but did a splendid job of spying on Americans prior to 9/11.

Spying on the USA to make sure the REAL perps behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, MOSSAD agents trained to act like Arabs and even trained to have their voice sound Arabic and not like the Khazars living in 'Stolenland.'

Is that your idea of helping keep America safe, 'Louie?'

IMO, child rape should be considered a form of murder for legal purposes, since the adult rapist, in a way, 'murdered' that poor child's innocence and did a act so vile, that the child will probably have mental issues the rest of his life.

So there should be NO statute of limitations on child rape, whether it's some 'Chosen One' or a Catholic priest.

But finding them guilty and executing would be the easy way out for the bastards.

Stick them in prison for at least 20 years and let them find out in person how it feels like to be raped by men who are bigger and stronger than you.

That would be the appropriate punishment; 20 years of constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering who and where you'll be grabbed, held down and have your rectum torn
Child Molester Statistics

"The serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children"-Dr. Mace Knapp, Nevada State Prison Psychologist.

"There are 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and an estimated 80 to 100,000 of them are missing. They're supposed to be registered, but we don't know where they are and we don't know where they're living.
What a 'splendid' job law enforcement is doing keeping track of these monsters. Around 100,000 are missing and the law has no idea of where they're living?

Probably too busy chasing down those dangerous pot smokers and tossing them in prison.

Alan Dershowitz, professor of law at the University of Israel's Harvard campus, rides to the rescue of child rapists
Redefining pedophilia with pedophiles’ help

"Minor-attracted persons" say we need to rethink how the mental illness is defined --and some experts agree
Get college credits and tips on how to enjoy your pedophilia sickness

I don't know about you, but if I investigate these sick fucks any further, I'll probably ruin my keyboard by vomitting on it.



  1. A million stories...

  2. Castration ..yes!

    bernie & jerry - (sounds like a dirty ice cream chain) should be locked up in the same prison after castration. They don't tolerate pedo's very much in the prison.

  3. Hey GB,...Yep, specially colour-coded prison overalls so that no-one has any problem identifying them and leave them in General Population. Of course interacting with other freaks would be strictly forbidden, monitored and interdicted.

    Fuck them and israhell; the stolen land of child-molesters.

    Free Palestine!



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