Monday, December 5, 2011

"Look! Up in the sky!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "It's Superman!, it's a Drone UAV looking for some marijuana in your back yard

US: Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate

From a January 2011 article:
The suspect's house, just west of this city, sat on a hilltop at the end of a steep, exposed driveway. Agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety believed the man inside had a large stash of drugs and a cache of weapons, including high-caliber rifles.

As dawn broke, a SWAT team waiting to execute a search warrant wanted a last-minute aerial sweep of the property, in part to check for unseen dangers. But there was a problem: The department's aircraft section feared that if it put up a helicopter, the suspect might try to shoot it down. So the Texas agents did what no state or local law enforcement agency had done before in a high-risk operation: They launched a drone. A bird-size device called a Wasp floated hundreds of feet into the sky and instantly beamed live video to agents on the ground. The SWAT team stormed the house and arrested the suspect.

As of Dec. 1, according to the FAA, there were more than 270 active authorizations for the use of dozens of kinds of drones. Approximately 35 percent of these permissions are held by the Defense Department, 11 percent by NASA and 5 percent by the Department of Homeland Security, including permission to fly Predators on the northern and southern borders.
"The man inside had a large stash of drugs and a cache of weapons, including high-caliber rifles," which is the excuse the jack-booted thugs that have a badge and a license to kill always use when they want to break the law.

Remember when our government butchered those innocent Branch Davidian souls in Waco, Texas?

One of the excuses they used that there was probably a meth lab inside the building and they had machine guns. That's the excuses they used to bring in Army tanks and soldiers to kill off Americans.
"We need additional technology to supplement manned aircraft surveillance and current ground assets to ensure more effective monitoring of United States territory," Michael Kostelnik, assistant commissioner at Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection Bureau, told the House Transportation subcommittee
In a scene that could have been inspired by the movie "Minority Report," one North Carolina county is using a UAV equipped with low-light and infrared cameras to keep watch on its citizens. The aircraft has been dispatched to monitor gatherings of motorcycle riders at the Gaston County fairgrounds from just a few hundred feet in the air--close enough to identify faces--and many more uses, such as the aerial detection of marijuana fields, are planned.
This is a story from 2006 where the tyrants that are running and ruining this nation were planning to use drones to search out marijuana patches.

There was another story I read a few years back that stated they were using drones to monitor National Forests for pot, but couldn't find that story.

If they were 'planning' back in 2006 to illegally spy on US citizens who might be growing a few pot plants in National Forests, do you think it's now being used for unlawful warrentless searches over nearby farms and homes?

I'm sure they turn off the drone's camera when they reach the edge of the National Forest, don't you? LOL.

I do and the usual BS lie about the drones being used for national security is always trotted out when the Feds need to break the law in order to enforce the law.

Two of the biggest illegal drug importing mobs, the Bushes and Clinton's, don't want any competition to interfere with their very lucrative racket, so they'll use lies and propaganda about how the use of drones spying on Americans is really for your own good, since it will protect us from those nasty 'al CIA Duh' boogiemen.

I live in the Missouri Ozarks, which has many National Forests and a tremendous amount of beautiful wildlife, including black bears, cougars and even wolves. So anytime I go out hiking on my farm, I'm always packing a revolver.

I don't plan on, nor do I want to shoot any of those carnivores, but on the other hand, I don't plan on being a snack, so carrying a weapon is a good idea if you don't want to be turned into cougar turds.

But if I was out hiking around and saw one of those drones, I might get suspicious and think it was some 'al CIA Duh' types spying and planning another attack, like the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.
Being a good citizen, I would probably use my revolver to take down the 'al CIA Duh' spy drone to help keep America safe.... Isn't that what 'National Security' is all about?

But you need to be a good shot, since some of the newest drones are the size of a dragonfly.

What do the jack-booted Goon Squads running these drones have to say?
On 17 August 2011 William Brownfield, the assistant secretary for the US bureau of international narcotics and law enforcement affairs, showed up in Ciudad Juarez to defend America's drug war. At a press conference, he stated: "We cannot lose, because if we lose we will say to the generations that come after us: 'You are condemned to live in a disgusting and repulsive world.' And that's a conversation I do not want to have with my children or grandchildren in years to come."
'You are condemned to live in a disgusting and repulsive world?'

Hell, I thought we had passed that point a long time ago, thanks to the assholes in DC using the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 to install a police state.

The only disgusting and repulsive thing is that these assholes are pushing our emotional buttons, helping to brainwash even more Americans into thinking the failed 'War on Drugs' is good and necessary to keep our freedom alive by taking away our liberties.
Fuck 'em all, didn't their fellow gangsters in the Fed and those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street casinos already make enough money by stealing trillions from our bank accounts?

In order to improve this liberty smashing technology, is Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Big Boy of black budget research always looking for ways to kill more people in a 'kinder and gentler way,' are they dissecting humming birds to find out how they can hover?


U.S. Drug Agents Launder Profits of Mexican Cartels

Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials.

The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.

They said agents had deposited the drug proceeds in accounts designated by traffickers, or in shell accounts set up by agents.

The officials said that while the D.E.A. conducted such operations in other countries, it began doing so in Mexico only in the past few years.
Can someone explain to this moron, for I must be an idiot for I do not understand how laundering money from illegal drug sales and shipping thousands of assault rifles across the Mexican border is supposed to help the 'War on Drugs?'
And if they're admitting to laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars, then that really means the figure is probably in the tens of millions, if not more.

And I bet they're aided in these crimes by some of those 'Too Big to Jail' Wall Street gangsters that stole trillions from Americans and completely wrecked the economy.

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