Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa: 2 Dedicated Zionists and Wall Street Lackey's vs. a Libertarian

Iowa might be one of the smaller states in the USA, but it has a very large contingent of Christian Evangelicals. The ones that would sacrifice anything, including your life, to make sure Apartheid Israel can continue on its land theft; ethnic cleansing and genocide of the indigenous Palestinians, while at the same time, praying fervently for WWIII to erupt, so they can climb a Stairway to Heaven, made out of the radioactive corpses of billions of human beings.

Remember, these are some of the same cult members that loved Michelle Bachmann, who makes 'Crazy Sarah' from Alaska appear intelligent and rational. No small feat.

The two dedicated Zionists and Wall Street lackeys are Romney and Santorum. The Libertarian is Ron Paul, who the Zionist MSM has been ripping into, repeating time and again he's anti-Semitic or anti-Israel....

Think what you will about Paul, but anytime the American media, nearly all of which is controlled by Israel thru various fronts, declares someone 'anti-Semitic,' then I know that person's main fault is telling too much truth about that nation of racists, bigots, mass murderers, con artists, thieves, back-stabbers and False Flag experts.

But Iowans are snuggling up to Romney, who would have no problem with attacking Iran, based on lies told to Americans by the same Zionist MSM outlets that pushed the lies about Iraq and have kept the lies surrounding the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 alive.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Santorum (or is his last name spelled 'Sanitarium,' because that's where this bible thumping war monger belongs) is even more restless to attack Iran. From what I've read about this Christian zealot, he thinks Iran should have already been 'Shocked and Awed' back to the Stone Age.

This is the kind of talk that gets those Iowa Christian Evangelicals aroused to the point of having an orgasm, since they forgot that one Commandment in their owner's manual that says "Thou Shalt Not Kill."
Santorum stressed that taxes, the economy and growth are important to him and that he “talks a lot about those things,” on the trail, but quickly pivoted to a values argument. “It’s also about what is at the core of our country, the values of this country,” he said. “It’s about faith and family. You can’t have a strong economy, you can’t have limited government if the family is breaking down and we don’t live good, moral and decent lives.”

Tell me 'Rickie,' how can we live "... live good, moral and decent lives," if we're always bombing the hell out of ME, SW Asia and now African nations, killing millions, wounding tens of millions more and destroying those nations, either because Israel thinks they're 'existential' threats or the Wall Street piggies are drooling over the thought of stealing their oil, Natural Gas and gold?

A comment left at one of the above stories puts Santorum into a sane perspective:
I am a Pennsylvanian and traditional Republican.Rick Santorum is an imbicle.His Neoconservative foreign policy(ex Trotskyites) is gleaned from old WW2 Comic Books that he read in the 7th grade,and Hollywood Propganda and mixed with the phony and dangerous predictions of the TV Preachers, Hagee and Robertson.His economic policy is for moving blue collar jobs abroad in line with Rush Limabaugh's paid off views,and his social policy is to starve the poor,and the elderly and make them sing for there supper by putting taxpayer money through fundementilist churches! He would take away our freedoms for a personel life as he is even against birth control and make sick women and rape victims have babies.He seeks to set up a Christian American Taliban.
Both Romney and Santorum want trillions of dollars in tax cuts for their 1% buddies. If that happens, what the Fed and those 'Too Big to JAIL' Wall Street gangsters outfits didn't steal will be stolen outright, wrecking what's left of our economy and nation.

In a country of over 310 million, Romney, Santorum, Bachmann and Gingrich are the best we can come up with for candidates?

Will the last person leaving please turn out the lights?

Between those devout Iowan Evangelicals and voter fraud, my guess is that Romany or Santorum will 'win' Iowa, followed by Bachmann or Gingrich and Paul will be fourth.

Unless a miracle occurs and when it comes to getting their 'Rapture' on, the Evangelicals have outlawed miracles.

As Presidential Candidates Seek Finance Sector Money, Wall Street Donors Flock Most to Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum Supports Preemptive Strike Against Iran


  1. Why does it appear that I am one of the few people that see something so obvious that it amazes me others can't see it?

    Is it at all remotely possible that we are being fed a group of fools and freaks in order to sway America towards electing Paul?

    He may be a "libertarian" in his rhetoric, but just do the math on his economic plan and see exactly what we will have in store for us, if he gets elected.

    I did the math at my place, in case you missed it, but it is unacceptable and surely a total mind fuck that we believe ANYTHING (including Paul) that comes from the Republican Party (and dammit, this don't mean I am pointing you to the Dem Party). Because he lays out that his planned cuts to military (which, if you remember the lie was to "bring all the troops home", "stop the Empire", "end all the wars") equal a whopping 15%. Yet SCHIP gets a 43% cut... Medicaid gets a 35% cut... Food stamps get a 63% cut.

    He plans to further enrich the richest assholes and take away the safety net of us poor folks. He will continue all of Bush's tax cuts. Eliminate all the rich folks taxes (inheritance, etc). Speculators and bankers will be fed richly, while your poor assed next door neighbor goes dumpster diving to feed his kids.

    But thank goodness we are going to cut a WHOLE 15% from that military budget. WHEW!

    It is being set up for Americans to embrace the "Pausterity" (I coined that term... remember it... it will be evident soon) and we are too stupid to realize that he is the shill being given us.

    So, what do we do? We become complacent little Sheople, just like we are supposed to. And some of us will write some of the most stupid shit imaginable in our insouciant desire to be a PaulTard.


  2. Happy New Year, Greg! But it is time to put the gloom 'n doom burqa back on again.

    Don't you just love it when a ziocon such as lord moloch murdoch picks the Presidential candidate for us? Oh yeah... fuck election! We as sheeple not worthy of such complex process instead let the lord pick for YOU as they been doing that for eons.

    In one of his tweets, Murdoch described Santorum, a socially conservative former senator who has risen sharply in the polls ahead of Tuesday's Iowa caucus, as the "only candidate with genuine big vision" for the country.
    In another tweet, Murdoch said, "Good to see santorum surging in Iowa. Regardless of policies, all debates showed principles, consistency and humility like no other other."
    He called Obama's decision on the detention of terrorism suspects "very courageous - and dead right!"

  3. In that Santorum video, after I got bored two seconds in, I noticed that fat creep in the background slip something in the kids' bouncy house. Probably a camera. What kind of deviant would go to a Santorum function anyway? Fucking losers.

  4. Ron Paul came in 3rd in Iowa. I'll bet he'll end up having to run as a 3rd party candidate.

    buelahman, I found Webster Tarpley's critique of Ron Paul's economic plan extremely interesting and persuasive. I'm not convinced he would be able to enact his plan exactly as described in his platform, but his priorities (cutting corporate taxes, eliminating repatriated profits, reducing already meager social safety nets, ect.) are extremely misguided in my view.

    Bottom line for me: Ron Paul fails the 9/11 litmus test. I can't get behind him. This entire system has to go I'm afraid. They've completely destroyed any semblance of truth and justice.

  5. I didn't say I would vote for Paul, I just asked people to think.

    I'll never vote for a Republican or Democrat at the national or state level again.

    At the local elections, I would, but only if I knew the person and trusted him or her.

    My guess is that both Wall Street and Israel are more than happy with OBOMBA as prez and if it looks like some Repub might win, they'll will be 3rd party candidate, maybe Paul or that egomaniac Trump, to siphon off votes and get OBOMBA back into the WH.

  6. John,

    I have said and always say that 9/11 is the nut-cutting issue. Paul fails there, but now I see he fails in many other ways (especially his plan to further enrich and deregulate more for the rich folks). There isn't a nickle's worth of tax relief for me or any person I know. Period. It all caters to speculators and banksters.


    Buddy, my writing wasn't really geared at you (I know how you feel about US politics and it is pretty much the same as I). My style came off as attacking you, but I am just throwing it at anyone and everyone.

    I had a conversation yesterday with another "convert" that read the info I gave (the math) and he told me about a mutual friend who got in trouble with the law, somehow was able to go work in Afghanistan and make over $500,000 in 18 months (tax free).

    Now multiply him by many thousands and get a feel for where your tax dollar is going.

    I got so fucking mad I was yelling.

    The entire system is a farce and each and every person who falls for the lesser evil bullshit is just another problem for this country.

    This info should be all over the web. But no. What did I see? The Dem Party harlot, Rachel Maddog, giving some kudos to Paul.

    It wasn't long ago that I said you would start seeing the MSM giving him some play that will grow and grow.

    As for him going 3rd Party. I only want integrity, truth, and honor representing me. I could not vote for Paul at this point, simply because he fails the 911 litmus test. Now, I can easily add several other reasons.


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