Saturday, February 18, 2012

FALSE FLAG Scare of the Week, Courtesy of the MOSSAD's USA branch, the FBI

FBI arrests would-be Capitol bomber outside D.C.

A 29-year-old Moroccan man who authorities say wanted to be the first suicide bomber on U.S. soil was arrested Friday after strapping on what he thought was an explosive vest and heading for the U.S. Capitol, CBS News' John Miller reports.

A source told CBS News' John Nolen that the suspect was identified as Amine El Khalifi, a Moroccan citizen who has lived in the United States for more than 12 years. He was taken down by FBI agents and U.S. Capitol Police officers in Alexandria, Va., outside Washington.

In a statement released by the Justice Department, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Lisa Monaco said: "Today's case underscores the continuing threat we face from homegrown violent extremists. Thanks to a coordinated law enforcement effort, El Khalifi's alleged plot was thwarted before anyone was harmed."

Last December, the suspect allegedly told an undercover law enforcement officer that he planned to detonate a bomb at an Alexandria building that contained offices for the U.S. military, Nolen reported. His plans changed until he settled on the Capitol. Other targets the suspect allegedly considered were a synagogue and a Washington restaurant frequented by members of the military.
Here's the tips that expose this bogus plot: An undercover officer was involved, meaning that more than likely, this person was set up by some well-trained FBI sneak who cuddled and cajoled this person into saying something and acting like he was going to blow up something with what he thought was an explosive vest.

Where did he get the vest from and why wasn't it a real one? Was it given to him by the FBI or CIA or their comrades in the MOSSAD?

Another tip: If he couldn't bomb a military target, he was going to set it off in a SYNAGOGUE.

Those whose minds haven't been so polluted by the Zionist MSM will know who's the REAL False Flag Masters, which makes them the primary suspect in this case.

Tip #3: He also considered a restaurant...Hmm, where have I heard that story before?

Back late last year, when someone set up a drunken, pot smoking used car dealer in a bogus plot to bomb the Saudi Arabian embassy or restaurant in DC, and told him that Iran was behind the plot.

Common sense would tell you that if a mob is planning on 'hitting someone,' you don't tell that person who's behind the plot.

Have the Feds gotten so smug about their absolute control over our lives and the Zionists control of the MSM that they'll think Americans will keep swallowing the same line of BS?

One more word of caution: With the 2012 Presidential elections this Fall approaching, expect to see a steady stream of these FALSE FLAGS, all designed to keep Americans so scared, they won't be able to think or act rationally and that's what the PTB want to keep absolute control over our lives.

FBI admits it helped alleged suicide bomber, whose dangerous past included a marijuana charge and traffic violations.

If getting caught possessing marijuana and breaking traffic laws puts one onto a 'watch list' as a potential terrorist suspect, then I'd guess about 250 million Americans are suspect.



  1. Have the Feds gotten so smug about their absolute control over our lives and the Zionists control of the MSM that they'll think Americans will keep swallowing the same line of BS?

    Mr Goon the simple answer is YES!

  2. Ditto that Unknown!!
    I swear this fear mongering by the MSM emboldens the cretin/troglodyte element. I see more flags on neighbors cars. A carefully choreographed "beating of the war drums".
    It would be comical if it were not so frightening.

  3. Holy shit Greg, I have a marijuana charge and a traffic violation on my record... I suppose I'm a terrorist, too?

    It's funny - they would never set up a patsy that knows the truth and has the balls to actually speak their mind. They always have some brainwashed, pathetic fuck to take the blame. No surprises here... but will the average person actually care or take the time to understand the significance? Doubtful, this country is so fucking stupid man, sorry to say. Hopefully, our military guys will pick up on the bullshit and turn on the psychopaths, that looks like our only hope at this point.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments, many Americans have become dumded down to where the average IQ is in the two digit range.

    But... They're not at complete fault. The Zionist MSM has done a masterful job of brainwashing 'We the People,' turning us into frightened sheeple who get scared at the slightest noise and become paranoid of everything, even their neighbors.

    And Mr. Friend said it the best when we wrote:

    Hopefully, our military guys will pick up on the bullshit and turn on the psychopaths, that looks like our only hope at this point

    I agree. Many of of our troops, brainwashed into avenging the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 went over overseas and did multiple tours, where they saw their buddies get killed, maimed or go crazy from finally understanding and seeing that they had been duped into fighting wars for money and Israel, not to 'spread democracy.'

    If the SHTF here at home, I believe that many of those current and former troops will side with the people trying to take back our country from slimy NeoCon and Zionist scum running and ruining this nation.


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