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"Would You Believe Six Million? No? How about 2.5 million? No? 1.1 million? No? How About 2 million killed?

One of the beautiful things about the TRUTH is that it is the truth and needs no embellishment, forgeries or a pack of well-trained propaganda experts to protect the TRUTH, since it is powerful enough to stand on its own.

Which is just the opposite of a LIE, especially the 'Big Lie,' which needs an army of cunning, deceitful psyops experts to keep the Big Lie alive and believable, which is a full-time job, since lies tend to get out of control and stray from the planned con job, because a lie is hard to protect, since it is not the TRUTH, which needs no protection.

Like the LIES surrounding one of the biggest con jobs in history, those protecting the Zionist Holocaust™ which have been told repeatedly, like the LIE that demands we believe six million Jews were murdered by those Nasty Nazis during WWII.

A lie so heinous that it needs protecting by enacting into state law language like this one from Missouri, but the same law is on the books in all 50 states, and some of those states make the teaching of this Big Lie mandatory teaching to elementary and high school students.
161.700. 1. This section shall be known as the "Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission Act".

5. The term "holocaust" shall be defined as the period from 1933 through 1945 when six million Jews and millions of others were murdered in Nazi concentration camps as part of a structured, state-sanctioned program of genocide.
Pollute a fertile mind while in grade school and you'll have a robot like Holocaust™ slave in your service for the rest of their lives.

You can also plant guilt into their hungry minds, like this, which is also part of Missouri State law:
LESSON ONE: Background Knowledge and Making Connections

Students create found poems on the Holocaust and briefly present them to their classmates.


Using the materials provided, create a 10 word/phrase Found Poem on the Holocaust. When students finish their poem, they will present it to the class, explaining what the words/phrases mean in both a historical and literary context. Students use appropriate presentation skills according to the criteria in the scoring guide. As the audience listens to the presentation, its members should add information to their KWL charts (the L column) and compose questions to ask the presenter at the end of the presentation.
This month, DISH satellite is offering "The Military Channel" for free. I've watched a few of these psyop masterpieces. If an alien had come to Earth during this past month and wanted to get an understanding of the human race and tuned into "The Military Channel," that being would probably think the only major conflict during the 20th Century was WWII.
And that besides the troops on both sides getting killed, the only other ones were the poor misunderstood Jews, who Hitler had blah, blah, blah.

I guess it's just a coincidence that a 'Chosen One', David M. Zaslav, is President and CEO of Discovery Communications, the corporation that owns "The Military Channel" that should be renamed "The Holocaust™ Channel" since they seem to be obsessed with running endless stories about the 'Tribe Members' favorite subject.

One of the programs I watched was about the Red Army 'liberating' Poland and finding the Auschwitz slave labor camp, (Auschwitz produced synthetic rubber, medical and armament supplies) which they called a death camp for Jews.

But they didn't say anything about the brothel available to the workers, nor the 16 orchestras, nor the excellent health care facilities, which started coming undone towards the end of WWII, since Germany didn't have enough food and meds for their troops, their people, nor the slave labor camp inmates, which naturally led to diseases like Typhus spreading like an out of control fire, killing many.
Yes, the Typhus victims were burned, since that was the only way to stop the disease from spreading. The Germans discovered that if you just buried the deceased, the ground water became contaminated causing infections among the German staff and spreading the Typhus even further.

Nor was anything said about the camp's theaters or art classes, nor the extensive library, swimming pool and sports facilities.


Plus, unlike the Soviet Gulags holding prisoners, Auschwitz was repeatedly visited by Red Cross inspection teams.

If Hitler was going to kill all Auschwitz Jewish inmates, then why bother with providing them with such fine amenities?

"Fuzzy Math"

What got my attention was that the narrator said that 2 million Jews were killed at Auschwitz???

How many decades has the world been told that four million Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Except that number was changed to 2.5 million in the 1990's, after the USSR fell and historians were allowed access to date collected during the course of WWII.


And the number dropped even further a few years ago, when the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz published an article stating that a little over one million died at Auschwitz, and that number included political dissidents, gypsies, criminals and others.

If my math is correct, when one subtracts three million from six million, you come up with the figure of three million, a number that the dedicated protectors of the lies surrounding "The Holocaust™" ignore, since it shows their version of what happened to Jews during WWII to be a fabrication. And if they can't use "The Holocaust™" like a shield and a club, Israel probably would have never been stolen from the indigenous Palestinians and the world's #1 terror state, the master of the FALSE FLAG, would not have come into existence, nor would it cry "Never Again" when someone starts looking up the REAL facts behind the Zionist curtain of lies.

Nor would the world be constantly threatened with another ME war, started by Israel against Iran, that could turn into an other World War, only this time, nuclear weapons would probably be used, turning most of the planet into a radioactive ball of dust...... a REAL holocaust of burnt human beings sacrificed at the altar of Zionism.

"Steven Spielberg, how about making a movie about these FACTS?"
Zionists Offer a Military Alliance With Hitler

In early January 1941 a small but important Zionist organization submitted a formal proposal to German diplomats in Beirut for a military-political alliance with wartime Germany. The offer was made by the radical underground "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel," better known as the Lehi or Stern Gang. Its leader, Avraham Stern, had recently broken with the radical nationalist "National Military Organization" (Irgun Zvai Leumi) over the group's attitude toward Britain, which had effectively banned further Jewish settlement of Palestine. Stern regarded Britain as the main enemy of Zionism.
Or make a movie about this historical fact?

Inconvenient History: Over 150,000 German Jews served in Hitler's armed forces during WWII, some even becoming admirals and generals.

H/T to 'Musique' for providing proof of another Zionist LIE, the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11:
Fake 9/11 hero admits lie; fellow firefighters furious

A South Carolina man who told his fellow firefighters he was one of the first responders on 9/11 has admitted it was a lie.
Jordan Lifander, a former Cedarhurst, Long Island volunteer firefighter, said this week that he was sorry for telling firefighters in the Palmetto State that he was a captain of FDNY's Ladder 133, which lost 12 men on Sept. 11.

"You know, once you tell one lie, you gotta keep up that lie..
"You know, once you tell one lie, you gotta keep up that lie.."

For once, someone tells a truth about one of the biggest con jobs in history, other than the Holocaust™.

P.S. My previous blog, "Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to Too Many Campaign Donations, WTF?" came under attack AGAIN, as some cunning masters of deceits types managed to slip in TEN drafts of that blog, which I had wrote about in another blog, "Beware of this Blogger BUG!", drafts that slow down or deny me access to my blog.

Thanks for the inspiration that I get when my blog gets attacked by those who spend an immense amount of time attacking those blogs exposing the TRUTH.

Here's a promise, as long as you keep attacking my blog, I'll keep posting the TRUTHS about the Zionist machinations that is driving the world to extinction.

Israeli Minister We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust


  1. I too have watched a few of the 'free' military channel shows this month. Some interesting WWII footage but I've found myself saying out loud more than a few times 'that's a lie.' It's sad that history gets so distorted to fit an agenda.

  2. Hi Greg,

    According to the latest report, 6M isn't the magical number anymore, it is 'bout to ...double!

    Well .... thanks to the mammons opps mormons, they been posthumously baptizing the holocaust victims, including anne crank - the poster child of hasbara.

    Claim surfaces of Anne Frank baptism by Mormons
    A new claim has surfaced that the Mormon church has posthumously baptized a Holocaust victim, this time Anne Frank.
    The news infuriated Jewish leaders, who said the church had agreed previously to bar the process of baptizing Holocaust victims but has failed to follow through by educating its members.
    "I am a Holocaust survivor. It is so offensive in the sense that Holocaust victims were killed solely because they were Jews. And here comes the Mormon church taking away their Jewishness," said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "It's like killing them twice."

    OH yes, now that jubbaman has jumped in, say goodbye to your weath and golden temples ... 'cause here comes holocaust reparation!

    A chosen chicken is in charge of the shillitary channel? Not surprised.

    What's good on discovery and affiliated stations lately? Nothing! All I see ghost/bigfoot chasing, UFOs, redneckism and little girls trying to lure the pervs on toddlers and tiaras.


    Hitler's "CONCENTRATION CAMPS" were better than some modern Holiday Camps like Kibbutzim:

  4. 147 REFERENCES TO “6,000,000 JEWS” FROM 1900 THROUGH 1945

    Zion Crime Factory

    I had seen a great number of these clips, but never amassed into one pile. It is an awesome pile of documents ... this is pretty amazing stuff.

  5. Good stuff Greg! Deanna Spingola's program on RBN is a great source of real WWII history. Check her out! Easily one of the best radio programs out there today.

    The more and more I think about it, the more and more it makes sense: the official narrative of WWI and WWII is literally the exact opposite in virtually every aspect. Same thing with the War on Terror. The instigators of these wars (international Jewry) project their own crimes and actions onto their enemies (Nazis/Muslims) using their bought and paid for media and education system. It's really an Orwellian world the more aware you become to REAL history. I'm sick and tired of Jewish lies dominating the political discourse in this country, and much of the world for that matter.

  6. It's one of the oldest and craftiest tricks around, blame your enemies for what you have been doing and since Zionists own around 96% of the MSM, it's easier to keep propagating their lies.

  7. P.S. Forget to add that 'Twit' Romney had his dead father-in-law baptized into the Mormon religion, even though he was a dedicated scientist who said organized religion was hogwash.


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