Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where to Hide Your Trillions

What's that, you don't have several hundred millon or a few billion to stash in Rothschild approved overseas tax havens, so you don't have to pay your share of taxes?

What are you, some kind of bourgeois proletariat?

If so, don't read anymore, unless you want to make money the old fashioned way, by stealing.

You could run for Congress and use insider info to make tons of money off the stock market, but don't try that as a mere civilian, you might get arrested, but it's legal if you're part of the DC Wrecking Crew.

Or you could go to work for one of those Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" bankster outfits and steal trillions from America, like the bankers and their henchmen and women did back in the 1980's during the Savings and Loan failures or loot the economy clean during the mortgage backed security crisis, which just happened in a post 9/11 world, when many were to scared of bogus 'aL CIA Duh' boogieman to bother with watching Wall Street and their corrupt ways.

Nothing like a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB to get people's minds off track.

Not to worry. The next president, Mitt "I want your sons and daughters to die for Israel" Romney will get matters straightened out.... Or maybe Ehud Barak Obama will give Wall Street a much needed kick in the ass..... after he does Israel's bidding and wipes Iran off the map.
Exhaustive Study Finds Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts

A new report reveals how wealthy individuals and their families have between $21 and $32 trillion of hidden financial assets around the world in what are known as offshore accounts or tax havens. The actual sums could be higher because the study only deals with financial wealth deposited in bank and investment accounts, and not other assets such as property and yachts. The inquiry was commissioned by the Tax Justice Network and is being touted as the most comprehensive report ever on the "offshore economy." It also finds that private banks are deeply involved in running offshore havens, with UBS, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs handling the most assets.


Friday, July 27, 2012

"Look at That Star of David Shaped Mushroom Cloud"

2012 ZION London False-Flag?

A radioactive Star of David shaped mushroom cloud that is hanging over the Earth like some terrible specter, waiting to strike whenever that State of Hate, Apartheid Israel, decides it wants to destroy all life on this planet.

What did us GOYIM ever do to deserve such a menace to humanity? Wasn't it enough that Zionist owned, Jewish run "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks looted close to 12 TRILLION Dollars out of the American economy, crashing it and sending the USA into another Great Depression?

Or maybe we enjoy being slaves to one if not the, most deranged state on Earth, bowing and scraping to such lunatics as 'Betty Nuttyahoo' and his equally mad Defense Minister, Ehud Barak.

They even threaten the Olympic Games with tragedy if the attendees do not show a moment of silence for what was another False Flag 40 years ago.

But Israel couldn't go on another of its hissy fits without the support of a large number of Americans, most of the USA's Evangelicals and definitely the complete support of a craven, sold out US Congress, who follow Israel around like a well-trained, house broken puppy.

Some say the world changed after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11. I agree to an extent. That's the day 'We the People' completely lost our freedoms and became total slaves to that dreaded disease known as Zionism.
Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics Of Mistake

“I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone.”

Israel is not an ally of the United States

First of all, Israel is not an ally of the United States even if the statement is repeated ad nauseam. Second, Bibi is the government leader of a foreign nation that has its own agenda which is contrary to US interests, something noted nowhere in the article. His heavy political influence in the US is asserted through the traitors in Congress and the media, and also via Pastor John Hagee, who would like to see the second coming of Christ, at which point all the Jews who do not convert will be killed.

Carl Cameron Investigates Part 1 - Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?

Part I:
BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.

Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Rita Katz Has a Brand New Bag...hdadi


Nice pic, Rita. Looks like you might of actually made this one up, instead of stealing an image from a video game.....This was another of Rita's tricks that she sprung on a gullible American public several years back, using an image from a video game of a nuked DC, but she was caught cribbing from the game and called out. Trouble, is, I can't find that info on the web. Must of disappeared.
"Their [Jews'] only purpose here in the U.S. is to purchase as many politicians as possible and to warp the way the American Christians feel and think not just about the Christian religion but mainly about the Palestinian people and to rob as much money as possible from American taxpayers for the illegitimate excuse of protecting and preserving the chosen people of God."
Comment attributed to Ghassan Elashi, Holy Land's former board chairman. Zionist Jew Rita Katz was paid to testify that the Holy Land Foundation was supplying money and weapons to HAMAS and Hezbollah.

Katz is the same MOSSAD asset that was pushing all those fake Bin Laden tapes over the years, tapes that were most likely made in Langley, VA--home of the CIA--or near Tel Aviv, Israel, where the CIA's Zionist counterpart, Israel's MOSSAAD has its headquarters.

To keep a war going on for decades, which is what the Zionists and NeoCONs running this nation in to the ground want, you have to have a non-stop supply of Arab boogiemen, and since the May 2011 faked death of Bin Laden, another sinister Muslim menace needed to pop up to keep scaring Americans with threats of violence and bloodshed, just to keep us pissing in our pants.

Katz has been on the FBI's payroll and her father was caught in Iraq, spying for Israel and executed. Her family was allowed to emigrate to Israel, where Katz received her college education and served in the Israel Occupation Forces before she moved to America and started a business where she's a self-proclaimed terror expert, trolling the Internet for her leads.

Now it seems she is pushing another Muslim boogieman, one they call Omar al-Baghdadi, except he doesn't exist, except in the very rotten and corrupt minds of those sorry bastards, like 'Betty Nuttyahoo' and his favorite bitch, the Vice-President of American Affairs for Israel, Mr. Hope and Change himself, BARACK Obama.
The Fiction Of Abu Omaral-baghdadi

After briefly looking over the latest "Osama" audiotape, released just in time for the new year, all I can say is that Rita Katz (of the S.I.T.E. Institute in Washington D.C., (where these tapes all seem to originate) needs to be sent back to Tel Aviv ASAP, for remedial Spook 101 and psyops training.

I mean, just for starters, on the tape "Osama" (who is dead) tells everyone that they must follow the orders of his chosen representative, "Emir Abu Omar al-Baghdadi (which roughly translates as our leader, Omar the guy from Baghdad, or even more roughly, Omar the Baghdad dude.)

Now, there is just one teensy problem with . He doesn't exist. He is an imaginary character, just like Bugs Bunny or Wile Coyote.

Al-Qaeda never really wanted Iraqi leadership, so who better to play the part of an Iraqi leader than an actor by trade? And with the Iraqi stage and film industry being what it was under Saddam Hussein, few Iraqi actors were widely recognized, permitting the charade to commence. Multi-National Forces - Iraq (MNF-I) also revealed that some among the former insurgent groups now aligned with the Iraq Awakening movement (Sahawah al-Iraq) and Coalition forces did in fact eventually recognize al-Naima from his films, which served to drive a wedge further between them at the time."
And from the Long War Journal, we read this:
"To further this myth [of the Islamic State of Iraq], al Masri created a fictional political head of ISI known as Omar al-Baghdadi,' said Brig. Gen Bergner. Al-Baghdadi is actually played by an actor named Abu Abdullah al Naima, and al Masri 'maintains exclusive control over al Naima as he acts the part of the fictitious al-Baghdadi character.'

Al Masri then swore allegiance to al Baghdadi 'which was essentially swearing allegiance to himself, since he knew that Baghdadi was fictitious and totally his own creation,' said Brig. Gen Bergner."

And on the tape "Osama" rails against the unfairness and unjustness of the Gulf oil states being forced to maintain the dollar peg in their oil dealings – thereby making it more, and not less likely that the oil dollar peg will be maintained, at least for a while. Now who benefits from that?
And more:
The Baghdad Cathedral Massacre: Zionist Fingerprints All Over

Prior to the Stalinist, destructive, genocidal US-UK-Israeli occupation of Iraq, Sunni and Shia, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds lived together in a harmonious atmosphere of brotherhood and unity that paralleled that of occupied Palestine before the Zionist occupation in 1948.

Dividing Iraq via partition and driving it into a hell of ethnic cleansing was a Zionist plot that was originally designed in 1982 by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon . The policies for destabilizing Iraq were reestablished in the ‘Clean Break’ papers written for mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu by Zionist spy Richard Perle and several Zionist war criminals including Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser and Robert Loewenberg . Agents of the international terrorist group known as Mossad have been operating in Iraq as early as the 1950s, when the Zionist entity engaged in a false flag campaign of terror against the Iraqi-Jewish community.

Rita Katz is an ultra-Zionist who clearly works as an asset for the Israeli-invented ‘war on terror’ which has claimed millions of lives in occupied Arab and Muslim lands already. Her lies have affected Iraq directly, as she has attempted to sow division through spreading lies about the long-dead CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and the Shia population of the occupied nation . She is a noxious propagandist whose words, writings and actions are completely immersed in unequivocal falsity for the benefit of the usurping Tel Aviv regime, and whose SITE organization is an utter fraud and obvious front for Mossad. Only the oblivious, the deaf, dumb and blind would be unable to see through her lies.
Source: Mask of Zion

Al-Qaeda in Iraq threaten attacks on the U.S.

Just in time to keep America bogged down in Iraq, protecting Israel's flank for decades to come.

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E.: How two people can find out more than the CIA and FBI Combined


Friday, July 20, 2012

Zionist Media Gives America Orders "Attack Syria!"


The non-stop beating of the war drums in the Zionist media had been relentless the last few months. When you control over 96% of what Americans are allowed to read, see, digest, fathom and try to understand, then it's a cinch that when that monopoly decides to herd their favorite herd of GOYIM cattle in one direction, it's to the slaughterhouse we'll go, heads bowed down, happily chewing our cuds, while the butcher starts letting blood.

Their favorite refrain these days is getting Americans psyched up about invading a country that is NO threat to the USA, Syria, but one that Israel wants destroyed so it can cement its hold over the water rich Golan Heights and steal even more Syrian land on the pretext that it's for 'security' reasons.

From the MSM, to so-called 'alternative' news sites, like PBS and Democracy Now, it's the same old chatter we've been hearing for nearly 10 years. Yesterday, they even managed to bring in our favorite topic, about how the Syrian Army was killing babies by shooting them in the head. That's a guaranteed stomach turner that's bound to get some Americans foaming at the mouth to invade Syria, using some of the same lies used to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

That's recycling the some of the same lies used to get America to invade Iraq back in 1991, saying that the Iraqi Army was killing babies in the hospital.
Nayirah Testimony refers to the controversial testimony given before the non-governmental Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, by a female who provided only her first name, Nayirah. In her emotional testimony, Nayirah stated that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die. Though reporters did not then have access to Kuwait, her testimony was regarded as credible at the time and was widely publicized. It was cited numerous times by United States senators and the president in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War.

Her story was initially corroborated by Amnesty International and testimony from evacuees. Following the liberation of Kuwait, reporters were given access to the country and found the story of stolen incubators unsubstantiated. However, they did find that a number of people, including babies, died when nurses and doctors fled the country.

In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah's last name was al-Ṣabaḥ and that she was the daughter of Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Following this, al-Sabah's testimony has largely come to be regarded as wartime propaganda.
Source: Wikipedia

Take a look around and see what's going on....It's a non-stop parade in the MSM of violence, gore, gratuitous sex and nudity, whether its on TV, the Internet or the movies. Is this part of some bigger scheme to inure us to all these horrors so we'll demand even more blood and guts in the real world to satisfy our dulled senses?

Will America ever wake up from it's narcotized slumber and demand our country be returned to 'We the People' or will we keep doddering off into the distance until we evaporate from within, an implosion resulting from all that hate, greed and envy we seem to have in overabundance?

Who's really benefiting from all this death and destruction? Certainly not the Muslim countries that have been invaded, smashed and occupied by America and it's fellow Zionist flunkies.

No, the only ones benefiting from all this carnage are those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks, who finance this blood fest and that 'SLC' on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean who wants to start pumping Iraqi oil thru Syria to its Haifa port, then hold the world hostage for decades to come by manipulating oil prices, just like their Zionist henchmen are manipulating commodity prices of gold and food stuffs and oil these days.

From a 2003 article:
In other words, regime change in both Iraq and Syria is the prerequisite for the project. As Israeli [National Infrastructure Minister] Paritzky did not mention a redirecting option, it is safe to suggest that the Israelis are also optimistic about a regime change in Syria in the near future.
A MUST read, Israel and the Zionist thugs protecting that Apartheid State of Hate's 1996 blueprints for securing Israel's future for the next 1,000 years.

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Be Like Big Brother and SPY on People!"


Yes, you to can spy on your family, especially that no good spouse and those spoiled brat kids someone raised, using the same spy-ware the government uses to snoop on employees who have a bad habit of telling the truth.

You too can be like the FDA, another government behemoth that does a sloppy job of monitoring the meds coming onto the market, like anti-arthritic meds that killed tens of thousands, but does a helluva job of spying on its employees:
Spying on Scientists: How the FDA Monitored Whistleblowers Who Raised Concerns over Radiation

The Food and Drug Administration has been found to have launched a massive surveillance campaign targeting its own scientists for writing letters to journalists, members of Congress and President Obama. The scientists were expressing their concern over the FDA’s approval of medical imaging devices for colonoscopies and mammograms that could endanger patients with high levels of radiation. The covert spying operation led the agency to monitor the scientists’ computers at work and at home, copying emails and thumb drives and even monitoring individual messages line by line as they were being composed in real time. The agency also created an enemies list....

The New York Times has revealed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted an extensive spying campaign against its own scientists. The spying began after the scientists warned the FDA had faultily approved medical imaging devices for colonoscopies and mammograms that endangered patients with high levels of radiation. The covert spying operation led the agency to monitor the scientists’ computers at work and at home, copying emails, thumb drives, and even monitoring individual messages, line by line, as they were being typed in real time. Messages monitored included emails to journalists, to members of Congress and even to President Obama himself. The agency also created an enemies list.

The FDA has denied any wrongdoing.
"What they did was they put spyware into the computers. We’re not sure how far it moved. We know it went into thumb drives. It went into their own property. And this spyware enabled them to do keystroke analysis, so they could get all the private passcodes of the scientists. So they could get into their—so they had the ability to get into their medical records, their financial records, their confidential Google-to-Google communications—all that capability, they had.

They also had cameras, which would take a photo of any image on your screen, pretty much maybe every 30 seconds or minute. So if you had an image on your screen that you were not saving, you were merely looking at, they took a photo of it. And so, you could get a photo of a dog or anything else."
The New York Times identifies the spyware as sold by SpectorSoft of Vero Beach, Florida, costs as little as $99.95 for individual use, $2,875 to place the program on 25 computers, marketed mainly to employers to monitor their workers and to parents to keep tabs on their children’s computer activities. SpectorSoft’s website says, "Monitor everything they do. Catch them red-handed by receiving instant alerts when keywords or phrases are typed or are contained in an email, chat, instant message or web site."
$99.95 to spy on your hubby or wife?


What a wonderful world of enlightenment we live in!

After all, you wouldn't want all that money 'Big Brother' is spending to build that massive data base collection center in Utah to go to waste, would you?
The Utah Data Center will be built on a 240-acre site near Camp Williams, Utah. Once completed in September 2013, it will be twice as large as the US Capitol. The center will provide 100,000 square feet of computer space, out of a total one million square feet.

The highly-classified project will be responsible for intercepting, storing and analyzing intelligence data as it zips through both domestic and international networks. The data may come in all forms: private e-mails, cell phone calls, Google searches – even parking lot tickets or shop purchases.

“This is more than just a data center,” an official source close to the project told the online magazine Wired.com. The source says the center will actually focus on deciphering the accumulated data, essentially code-breaking.

This means not only exposing Facebook activities or Wikipedia requests, but compromising “the invisible” Internet, or the “deepnet.” Legal and business deals, financial transactions, password-protected files and inter-governmental communications will all become vulnerable.

Once communication data is stored, a process known as data-mining will begin. Everything a person does – from traveling to buying groceries – is to be displayed on a graph, allowing the NSA to paint a detailed picture of any given individual’s life.

William Binney, NSA’s former senior mathematician-gone-whistleblower, holds his thumb and forefinger close together and tells the on-line magazine:

“We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”
Gotta fill that puppy up so they can build another.

Between the UAV's flying overhead, the government snooping done online and their satellites ability to peer down inside your home, I feel SOOOOO much safer now that my Big Brother is ALWAYS looking out for me!

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Mr. Friend has Mucho Grande Cahones!!"

How many of talk about doing something about the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and then only wind up writing some blog?

Mr. John Friend not only talks the talk, he walks the walk as he bravely attempts to expose that sordid day, nearly 11 years ago.
The official government conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11 have been thoroughly debunked by engineers, architects, scientists, pilots, veterans, professors, journalists and other professionals. If the official conspiracy theory is false, who was really behind the events of 9/11? This presentation will analyze who was actually arrested on 9/11, key individuals in the Bush administration and their connections, and other factors which suggest that 9/11 was a "false flag" black operation blamed on Osama bin Laden and "Muslim extremists" in order to launch the fraudulent and destructive "Global War on Terror". After hearing this presentation, led by 9/11 Truth activist John Friend, you will have a better understanding of who was really behind 9/11, and the agenda it has served. Join us for a discussion following the presentation!

Date: August 12, 2012

Time: Doors open at 6:00pm, presentation begins at 6:30pm

Where: Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont Street San Diego, CA 92103

Hosted by San Diegans for 9/11 Truth


Friday, July 13, 2012

YAY, We're #1!"

The USA is #1 in church attendance and also, #1 for child abuse and neglect, and we're close to the top in the number of violent crimes committed each year.

What does that say about our national psyche?

Do so many attend church to help rid themselves of the negative feelings surrounding our hijacked government's murderous mission to wipe Islam off the face of the Earth?

On the other hand, this pollster believes that about half the people that say they attend church each week lie about attending.

How is it that a county that professes to be so religious can also hold the world's record for child abuse and be close to the top in the number of violent crimes committed, year in and year out?

If you narrow this down to the 26 richest countries on Earth, then the USA also leads in suicides..... Just listening to 'Twitt' Romney or 'Barry Sotero' blab about getting into the WH is enough to make anyone jump.

Maybe all this killing and destruction we've been engaged in since 9/11 is catching up with us?


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Who's the REAL Threat to World Peace?"

7.7.12, NSC-68

The USA, along with it's colonial master, Israel.
United States Secretly Deployed Nuclear Bombs In 27 Countries and Territories During Cold War

Newly declassified history reveals that the United States stationed nukes in "non-nuclear" Japan, Greenland and Iceland. Other countries unknowingly hosted U.S. nukes.

The United States stored nuclear weapons in 27 countries and territories around the globe during the Cold War.

During the Cold War, 18 sovereign nations and nine former or current American territories or possessions hosted U.S. nuclear weapons. Today, the United States is the only nuclear power that deploys nuclear weapons overseas. U.S. bombs remain stationed in Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The authors also found that during the peak years in the early 1970s, the United States had more than 7,000 nuclear weapons in NATO countries in Europe, and more than 2,000 on land in the Pacific. A variety of naval vessels, including aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and attack submarines, routinely carried another 3,000 nuclear weapons.

"There isn’t a nuclear analyst alive who didn’t believe that the first U.S. nuclear weapons deployed overseas were sent to Britain," he says. "Now we know they actually went to Morocco first."
William M. Arkin, a co-author of the article

Why is the USA so paranoid?

Or is this part of the grand scheme to be the world's cop, bringing peace to the four corners of the globe when what we actually do is let Wall Street, Israel and the Federal Reserve use the Pentagon and our kids for cannon fodder, invading other smaller nations to steal their natural resources and nations that had no WMD's nor had any part in 9/11. How could they, since 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB done by a motley collection of murderous, scheming traitors and saboteurs from the WH, along with some insiders at the Pentagon, FBI and CIA. All with help from Israel.

That allowed the USA to use the Global War against Terror as an excuse to invade and occupy numerous nations. All with rich natural resources or that Israel wanted taken out, like Iraq.... and now, Syria.

How crazy has our defense spending become? In 1949, there was a 12.5 BILLION LIMIT on that type of spending. That certain people inside then President Truman's administration wanted to increase to 50 billion a year using their 'Cold War' document NSC-68, kind of like a 'Project for the New American Century' tactic that also wanted the USA to increase military spending, even after the USSR folded.

Back then, there was talk of a 'peace' dividend' that had Americans believing that we'd stop spending so much money on weapons and use some of that to rebuild our long neglected infrastructure.

Truman initially resisted, but gave in two months later when China invaded S. Korea.

Coincidence or the PTB pulling those unseen strings behind the scenes?

Read more about NSC-68 here

Read more WH lies in the past concerning nukes and made-up enemies at this excellent link at the University of Colorado.


Monday, July 9, 2012

GW Bush to read "The Pet Goat" during London's Olympics!

A 9/11 Reminder from a 2004 BuzzFlash Editorial: "Minutes of Silence That Should Live in Infamy: As Americans Leapt to Their Deaths from the Twin Towers, George W. Bush Sat Cluelessly in a Florida Classroom, Endangering the Lives of the Children Around Him, Until His Handlers Could Figure Out What to Do With Him." (Includes Booker Elementary School "Pet Goat" Video.)

LONDON - Residents of a London apartment tower went to court Monday in a bid to stop their rooftop being used as a missile base during the Olympic Games, saying the unprecedented deployment could make the building a terrorist target.
Not if they have the world's #1 at large war criminal, GW Bush come over and read "The Pet Goat" sporadically throughout the day during the Olympics.

Just remember he needs a seven minute break every half hour.
The British military plans to deploy surface-to-air missiles at six sites around London as part of a vast security operation for the July 27-Aug. 12 games.

But residents of the 17-story Fred Wigg Tower in Leytonstone, east London, say they were not consulted about the decision. The judge's decision is expected to be announced Tuesday morning.

Their lawyer, Marc Willers, told the High Court that the residents had "a fully justified fear that installation or deployment of the missile system on the roof of the Fred Wigg Tower gives rise to the additional risk that the tower itself may become the focus of a terrorist attack."

They claim the missiles breach their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects an individual's "right to private life and peaceful enjoyment of their home."
Your rights don't supersede the State, Komrade, why, just look how happy Americans are since the fascists running this nation decided we no longer needed a Bill of Rights.
Missiles also will be stationed at another apartment building, at a reservoir and farmland in east London and along hillsides in south London.

Defense Secretary Philip Hammond has said the missiles — capable of shooting down a hijacked aircraft menacing the Olympic Park — are a prudent part of security precautions intended to provide "both reassurance and a powerful deterrent."

Hammond says objections to the security plans, which also include 7,500 soldiers, RAF fighter jets on standby at nearby air bases and a helicopter carrier on the River Thames, are confined to "a small number of activists."
Gosh, after nearly 10 years of the Global War of Terror against mostly the Muslim world, with new atrocities being committed daily by America and the Brits and NATO and mercs, you'd think we'd be safer.


Gotta keep on killing until we feel safe then!
Intelligence officials say there has been an expected increase in chatter among extremist groups ahead of the Olympics, but there are no specific or credible threats to the games. Britain's terror threat level remains at substantial, the middle point on a five-point scale, meaning an attack is a strong possibility.

In a series of arrests over the last week, 14 people have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism activity. Police insist none of the cases are linked to plots against the Summer Games.
That's right, keep the proletariat guessing and waiting and keep blasting fear and the possibility of death into their ears, until they give up and sit in front of the 'Telly,' oblivious to the world.
Home Secretary Theresa May on Monday insisted that London would enjoy a "safe and secure" Olympics, amid questions from opposition legislators Monday about concerns that a private security firm responsible for about 100 venues still needs to train and accredit about 9,000 guards. .
See if you can hire some thugs, perverts and groppers from the TSA, they're already trained to be imbeciles.

Source: CBS News

If buildings and people start blowing up during this Summer's Olympics, you can bet this nation was behind it, along help from their largest colony....The USA.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who Will get Hammered Tomorrow?

Will the FBI use this as an excuse to shut down anti-Zionist, anti-war, pro-Palestinian, 9/11 truth seeking sites?
Virus could black out nearly 250,000 PCs on Monday

About a quarter-million computer users around the world are at risk of losing Internet access on Monday because of malicious software at the heart of a hacking scam that U.S. authorities shut down last November.

Some blogs and news reports hyped the risk of an outage, warning of a potential "blackout" and describing the Alureon malware as the "Internet Doomsday" virus.

Yet experts said only a tiny fraction of computer users were at risk, and Internet providers would be on call to quickly restore service. They said they considered the threat to be small compared with more-prevalent viruses such as Zeus and SpyEye, which infect millions of PCs and are used to commit financial fraud.

As of this week, about 245,000 computers worldwide were still infected by Alureon and its brethren, according to security firm Deteque. That included 45,355 computers in the United States.
The FBI head, Robert Mueller, is one of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 gang.
Mueller was nominated for the position of FBI Director on July 5, 2001.

The vote on the Senate floor on August 2, 2001 passed unanimously, 98-0. He then served as Acting Deputy Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice for several months, before officially becoming the FBI Director on September 4, 2001, just one week before the September 11 attacks against the United States. On May 12, 2011 it was reported that President Obama had asked Director Mueller to continue at the helm of the FBI for another 2 years beyond his current term, set to expire on September 4, 2011. The Senate approved this request on July 27, 2011.
By continuing to have Mueller hang around as FBI Director, both Obama and the Senate are violating Federal law.

I've checked my computer twice and got a clean bill of health, but that doesn't mean I'll be online tomorrow.
How can you detect if your computer has been violated and infected with DNS Changer?

An industry wide team has developed easy “are you infected” web sites. They are a quick way to determine if you are infected with DNS Changer. Each site is designed for any normal computer user to browse to a link, follow the instructions, and see if they might be infected. Each site has instructions in their local languages on the next steps to clean up possible infections.

For example, the http://www.dns-ok.us/ will state if you are or are not infected.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Gasp, Don't Use the "P" Word Around Me!"

"P" as in PEACE.

During the 1972 presidential election, voters had choice between the war mongering, mass-murdering, lying thief 'Dick' Nixon and Democrat challenger Senator George McGovern.

McGovern had been to war during WWII (He flew 35 combat missions as a B-24 bomber pilot in Europe, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross) and knew first hand the barbarity involved and wanted nothing to do with the continuing slaughter against the Vietnamese people.

During WWII, the US Army's Air Force suffered the highest casualty rate in the European Theater of War.

Nixon served in the Navy during WII, but saw no combat.

Nixon was blood thirsty SOB, willing to keep killing people forever.

Guess who won?

One could draw a good comparison between the 1972 elections and the 2000 one, and both times the war monger won.

The at large war criminal, the lying, thieving mass-murdering GW Bush saw no combat during the Vietnam War. He was hiding in the NG and too busy drinking, snorting cocaine and partying to serve his country. Why take a chance on getting killed when you can stay home and live in comfort?
In January 1968, with the Vietnam war in full swing, Bush was due to graduate from Yale. Knowing he'd soon be eligible for the draft, he took an air force officers' test hoping to secure a billet with the Texas Air National Guard, which would allow him to do his military service at home. Bush didn't do particularly well on the test — on the pilot aptitude section, he scored in the 25th percentile, the lowest possible passing grade. But Bush's father, George H.W., was then a U.S. congressman from Houston, and strings were pulled. The younger Bush vaulted to the head of a long waiting list — a year and a half long, by some estimates — and in May of '68 he was inducted into the guard.

In August [of 1972] Bush missed his annual flight physical and was grounded. (Some have speculated that he was worried about failing a drug test — the Pentagon had instituted random screening in April.)

In September he was ordered to report to a different unit of the Alabama guard, the 187th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Montgomery. Bush says he did so, but his nominal superiors say they never saw the guy, there's no documentation he ever showed up, and not one of the six or seven hundred soldiers then in the unit has stepped forward to corroborate Bush's story.

When presidential candidate George McGovern took on incumbent Richard Nixon in 1972, no one really expected him to win – and he didn’t. But in his bold, grassroots, seat-of-the-pants campaign, which energized young and progressive Americans to a degree never before seen, we find the genesis of today's powerful and sophisticated progressive movement.

Using a wealth of amazing archival materials, interviews with provocative figures including historian Howard Zinn, and extensive interviews with McGovern himself, this “tremendously thought-provoking tribute to the one man who could have dramatically and permanently altered America’s political landscape for the better [is] essential viewing.”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another (anti-Zionist, anti-war, pro-Palestinian) Blog not found: Calling Mr. Friend?

Has 'Zio-blogger' done in another Truth Seeker?

Clicking on http://mrfriendsblog.blogspot.com will get you this message:
Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at mrfriendsblog.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'
Guess we're lucky we're living in the United States of Israel because if we were in Gaza or the West Bank, the Zionist Occupation Forces would remove one with a bullet to the head and not merely canceling a blog.

P.S. False Alarm. Mr. Friend has changed his URL. You can now find him here:


Oh well, better safe than sorry.


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