Monday, October 1, 2012

Your Social Security Money is Funding a Country Club for the IDF

From the always excellent Mantiq al-Tayr blog, serious info on why you don't deserve the Social Security money you've paid in all these years.

The racists, murderers, rapists, child molesters and murderers of the Zioinist Occupation Force--or the IDF, want a country club... so who do you think will pay for that extravangza?
1. I don’t know what it is that Bibi Neten Yahoo is smoking, but I hope he’ll tell all of us so we can get some too. The poster above is pilfered shamelessly from the Graphic Visigoth run by Friend of Mantiq (FOM), Skulz.

2. A Shit Head’s list. This list is at once hilarious and revealing. I was glad to see that Phil Weiss made the shit list as did Max Blumenthal and Phyllis Bennis. In fact the list is quite long. I think to get on it you have to least sometimes balk just a little tiny bit at Israel’s many crimes, you can even still call yourself a Zionist and be on the list.

Oh, if you click on the on-line store link at the bottom of the page you’ll be able to buy a “Palestinian Peace Dildo” for your girlfriend.

3. The Friends of the IDF and their asshole buddy Haim Saban are at it again. He just helped raise 7 million US dollars for a special project for the IDF. According to this article:

” At a Western Region summer party hosted by real estate entrepreneur Daniel Mani and his wife, Tsipi, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) came one step closer to realizing a longtime dream of constructing “a city of training bases” in the Negev.”

The article goes on to say that the city will not just have cool training bases but also things like movie theaters and a country club. Yes, a fucking country club for the IDF.

Oh, the Friends of the IDF is, as I have reported before, a US tax-deductible charity.
When you're living on the street, rumaging thru dumpsters and trash cans for a bite to eat, at least you can thank their G-d that your hard earned cash is supporting a country club for neo-Nazis in Apartheid Israel.

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  1. Kenny.

    Good article. A few years ago I wrote a paper that almost made it to a blog, but didn't. It was my personal prediction and somewhat of a dare to speak the truth. I said that mainstream feel good Christian churches, would some day wake up to the deception of the Israelis. The notion that Christianity is a sister religion to Judaism, is a myth, but most Christians have been so Zionised they can not see the truth.
    But then comes reality in the form of lost jobs, loss of income,lost homes, lost families, loss of health,loss of personal possessions, loss of shelter. etc.

    Christians are largely responsible for this economic catastrophe because of their support for endless wars in the name of Christianity. They are also complicit in the murder of innocent people when they reasoned in their hearts an Amen, when they knew it was wrong.

    When Christians feel their wallets and benefitgs are getting thinner by the endless wars and support for Israel, maybe there is a chance they will say no. As did the good people of Germany years ago.

    How sad that the man who was trying to help his own people from starving became the most vilified person in modern history. Of course I am referring to Hitler.



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