Sunday, June 30, 2013

1960's "College Bowl" versus "2 Broke Girls"

1966 - GE College Bowl - Part 1 of 3

In living color - An entire 1/2 hour episode (original commercials included) of this NBC quiz show from March 1966, but cut into three 10 minute installments because of You Tube time limits.

(General Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of weapons in the world, sponsored this program and seemed to be intent on urging American couples to get busy procreating to breed the next generation of cannon fodder.)

Not that TV was some kind of intellectual paradise in the 1960's but at least back then, parents didn't have to screen what was going to be on the 'Boob Tube' to make sure their little ones wouldn't be exposed to potty mouth humor, sexual innuendos, skimpy costumes and jokes revolving around bodily functions, especially farting, which a certain 'Tribe' finds hilarious, for some reason.

2 BROKE GIRLS - MINT GREEN VAGINA - two broke girls

What better way to relax after a hard day of getting into heated discussions with others about those really pertinent memes floating around, like should gays be allowed to marry? Or that Florida trial that ZNN and FAUX find endlessly fascinating.

Just sit down in front of your HD 42" wide 3D TV and let your brain cells turn to mush watching "2 Broke Girls" or that other laugh riot, "The Big Bang Theory."

That way, you won't waste precious time wondering when the USA will reach the tipping point that the Fed is striving for that will completely and totally destroy the USD. But not to worry, the same bunch of bankster gangsters that brought us the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and that looted trillions out of our pockets at the same time they were helping international drug gangs launder trillions will be there, with another currency to replace the totally fucked dollar bill.

And it's off to the races we go!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

12 YO Girl Dissects the Corrupt Bankster Gangsters

"If you want to be the slaves of banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the banks create money…" Josiah Stamp, Governor of the Bank of England 1920

12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT

That little lady has more brains, guts and integrity than all of the sold-out, corrupt, ass-kidding DC politicans.

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth


How much money is there?

Actual notes and coins account for about 3% of the money in the western world. The rest is debt.

Only 3% of the funny money floating around is in actual, physical form, the rest exists only on the central banks computers. Which they use to enslave the world, subjugate nations and manufacture boogiemen to scare the hell out of people, so they'll never wise up that the banksters are behind most of the world's miseries.

Like the next FALSE FLAG, coming soon, to reinforce the evil 'Moozie' narrative so we'll keep shitting in our pants, to afraid to ask questions or dare to think like this righteous 12 yo girl.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Jewish Hasbara = Zionist Propaganda

The International Santisation of Israel

According to various European press reports, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's foreign minister, has ordered its embassies in 10 European countries, including the UK, each to recruit 1,000 members of the public to act as advocates for its policies in a new public relations offensive aimed at improving Israel's standing in Europe.

These individuals – likely to be drawn from Jewish or Christian activists, academics, journalists and students – will be briefed regularly by Israeli officials and encouraged to speak up for Israel at public meetings or write letters or articles for the press.
One source described them as "friends who are willing not just to receive (Jewish) messages but to actively promote these messages".

This extensive organisation is part of the source of the power of the Jewish lobby, and you would have to be blind to not see it, and a fool to deny its existence. The Jews aren't the only ones with lobbying power of course, but the Palestinians unfortunately have none. It's an extensive propaganda campaign to 'cleanse' Israel's image abroad.

The objection to this is that it is used to cover up brutality and atrocities on the part of the government of Israel or of various groups of Jews during various periods of history. There is no evidence that all Jews everywhere are in favor of this, but I'm not aware that many of them file complaints either.

There is also Hasbara, the extensive worldwide volunteer brigade that trolls the internet for related topics as well as being active in other forums, with the same intent.

And of course there is the extensive rewriting of Wikipedia mentioned below, as well as the countless individuals claimed to use Google Alerts to notify them of any mention of Jews or Israel anywhere on the Internet, and who then proceed to 'sanitise' the topics.

In the case of China and Chinese history, there seems to be far too much of this being done. It appears that opportunities are taken to attack China even without provocation, perhaps to set the stage for the specific "blame the victim" denunciations that will emerge later in relation to opium, the Yuanmingyuan and other issues.

The Hasbara Call to Action

Lest you think this Hasbara organisation is a figment of someone's imagination or a "conspiracy theory", or just more "anti-Semitism", read the text in the photo-capture below. Hasbara is real, it's worldwide, and it's pervasive.
 photo asbarawikipedia_zpsc03f5841.jpg

And it isn't only on Wikipedia where we can observe this activity. On many online forums, such as those on most news websites which permit reader comments on various news articles, we see enlightening examples of this behavior.

One of the worst is The Economist, where even simple statements of fact about Israel or the Jews will almost always produce a flood of attacks on the poster.

It is not uncommon for a post mentioning that, for example, Jewish interests control virtually the entire Hollywood movie scene, to result in the poster being disparaged as 'anti-Semitic', a Nazi, a holocaust-denier, or even a 'self-hating Jew'.
One of the benefits this massive brain-washing campaign buys for Israel.
A brief History of Israel and the Jews: Stuff You Won't Find in the History Books

Muzzling Truth, Cleansing Israel and Rewriting History

There is no shortage of reported stories of even very senior people losing their jobs immediately upon making public comments critical of the Jews or of Israel - regardless of how true those comments are.

As a British journalist in the US put it, "As to my professed fear of ticking off Jews being some kind of affectation or pose, I can only assure you that this is not so. Almost the first thing you hear from old hands when you go into opinion journalism in the U.S. is - to put it in the precise form I first heard it - "Don’t f*ck with the Jews."

Joe Sobran expressed it with his usual hyperbole: "You must only ever write of us as a passive, powerless, historically oppressed minority, struggling to maintain our ancient identity in a world where all the odds are against us, poor helpless us, poor persecuted and beleaguered us! Otherwise we will smash you to pieces."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Zionist False Flag Op Exposed

It involves the Yid propaganda movie called 'World War Z.'

Seems like someone tried to ship a large number of assault rifles, sniper rifles and handguns into Budapest, Hungary that were supposed to be movie props, but were the real thing.
The filmmakers initially intended to film a climactic battle scene set in Russia, and the crew moved to Budapest to film it there for 17 days. Filming in Budapest commenced on the evening of October 10, 2011. That morning, the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Centre raided the warehouse where guns had been delivered for use as filming props. The 85 assault rifles, sniper rifles, and handguns had been flown into Budapest overnight on a private aircraft, but the film's producers had failed to clear the delivery with Hungarian authorities, and while the import documentation indicated that the weapons had been disabled, all were found to be fully functional. On February 10, 2012, the charges were dropped after investigators were unable to identify exactly which "organization or person" had "ownership rights"; therefore they could not "establish which party was criminally liable".
Now who would want to smuggle into Hungary a large stash of deadly weaponry? The same bunch of sadists that are known for setting off False Flags around the world, like the one on 9/11.
And which group of land thieves always seem to get a pass when it comes to committing crimes?

BTW, Budapest has the world's 2nd largest synagogue. And is a financial hub of Europe, which attracts zombies of another kind.

Budapest is also called 'Judapest.'

If you know who owns Hollywood, then you'll know who was smuggling in these weapons.

But here's the funny part: while the bureau couldn't figure out who the owner was so they could press charges, officials there did contradictorily acknowledge to returning the firearms to "their owner."

'WWZ' is a thinly veiled attempt at hasbara, with Israel being portrayed in a kind, benevolent light that welcomes people of all nations, creeds, color, religions, etc, as long as they're not bitten by the Zombie bug.
Before the viewer can process whether the film is about to go down some post-9/11 Jewish conspiracy path, Gerry is landing in the Holy Land fortress-state to the site of slowly fluttering Israeli flag close-ups, triumphant marshal music, and confident IDF soldiers speaking in Hebrew, rushing around, smiling in soft filtered light close-ups. It's the first glimpse of order, military control, and calm since the disaster has started, and its so overtly pro-military that its reminiscent of the armed forces segments in Transformers, looking almost like a commercial shot by the media wing of the armed services.

He [Brad Pitt playing Gerry Lane] questions the Mossad chief on how he knew the threat was coming, and gets a lesson in revisionist Zionist history, starting with the legitimate failure to take the threat in 30s Germany seriously, and then the same failure from similar or greater threat in 1973, when “we were almost washed into the sea,” and at the 1978 Olypmics, both of which “we did not see coming.” It's the classic, and academically disproven myth that Israel was always on the defense in its wars, and also the conflation of Palestinians and Arabs with Nazis, as ever-present existential threats to peace-loving Jews.

At a clearing in front of the large barrier wall, near a refugee processing military checkpoint, is a spectacle of pure multicultural fantasy, in which Hassidic and secular Jews, and Palestinians sing and dance in praise of the savior state. I think I caught a Palestinian woman singing a patriotic song in Hebrew, after she grabs the mike in the celebratory frenzy. It’s a very brazen rewrite of the violence and exclusion of Israel’s hundreds of check-points, which are turned completely on their head in the film. Talking over the din of this utopian spectacle, Jurgen explains that they are letting in every human being, in a kind of equalized Right of Return for all, because every living human is one less undead to deal with later.
The "Times of Israel" is beside itself, heaping praise on this hasbara brainwashing.

Want to watch a short clip of how these inglorious bastards deal with Palestinians...uhh, I mean Zombies?

"World War Z" Zombies Climbing up Wall

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Financing the Rothschilds Heritage in StolenLand

Yad Hanadiv acts in Israel on behalf of a number of Rothschild family philanthropic trusts. Since its foundation in 1958 it has supported a number of major projects, including the building of the Israeli Knesset and Supreme Court, the establishment of Israel's Open University and the Institute for Advances Studies at The Hebrew University.

Yad Hanadiv is still guided by members of the Rothschild family. And most likely, the richest family on the Earth. They are Ashkenazi Jews from Khazaria, present day Georgia.

This is what one author, researching a book on the Rothschilds, said: "It was relatively easy to spot the lies, but it proved impossible to find out the truth."

And more:

Ramat Hanadiv is a living memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild, operating for the benefit of the Israeli public as a whole and for generations to come. Ramat Hanadiv plays a leading role in the management of natural and cultural resources based on sustainable interactions between man, nature and the environment, and encourages understanding and appreciation of this ideal.

This is one way the Rothschild funded group sustains interactions between man and nature in Occupied Palestine.

And still more:

The Rothschild Foundation (Europe) aims to support and strengthen Jewish life in Europe, and funds initiatives across a range of areas.

And again, more:

Rothschild ventures have become the stuff of legend: the funding of Wellington's armies, the Gold Rush, the Suez Canal, the arrival of the railways and the quest for oil.

Including putting together the financing that helped pull off the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, an attack against the USA that was used as an excuse to 'Shock and Awe' ME, Africa and SW Asian nations that did not have a Rothschild type central bank controlling those nations.

You could also check out the Rothschild timeline financial page, but it doesn't say much and doesn't go beyond 9/11???

Two centuries of banking and financial management experience lie behind the Rothschild businesses.

The London-based N M Rothschild Group has banking and financial services in over 40 countries. Rothschild & Cie Banque, Paris, has a distinguished record in investment banking. Geneva-based Edmond de Rothschild Group provides financial services worldwide.

Rothschild provides Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Private Banking & Trust services to governments, corporations and individuals worldwide.

Rothschild Private Banking and Trust is a global business, independantly owned and managed by the Rothschild family, and so is Group Rothschild.

And it helps to have that offshore Guernsey Island money laundering facility, doesn't it?

Rothschild is one of the top financial advisory firms in the United States, with offices in New York, Washington and Houston. In addition to our rapidly expanding presence in M&A and financing advisory, we have become one of the premier financial restructuring practices in North America.

The staged take-down of the world's economy in 2008 'destroyed' over 34 TRILLION dollars of wealth. I wonder where all that wealth migrated to?

 photo tumblr_m8aohpyLZj1qd03s5o1_500_zpscd462660.jpg

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Israel Is Taking Over the US Chamber of Commerce

One of the organizations that supports this unholy marriage between Israel and the US Chamber of Commerce is the AICC American Israel Chamber of Commerce-Southeast Region.

What does this apartheid supporting group purport to do?
The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region was established in 1992 as a private, not-for profit (and non-governmental) business organization to boost the Israeli and Southeastern economies by helping their companies develop business relationships with each other and explore new market opportunities. With over 500 members today, AICC is headquartered in Atlanta and serves companies from Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Israel.
This Israeli managed outfit has over 500 members, ensuring the money and stolen intelligence keep flowing to 'Stolenland.' As they put it, "...delivering programs and services of great value to Israeli companies."

What, no value to American companies or the USA?

To see their Board of Directors, click here and be sure to bring the cream cheese!

The notorious Zim American Integrated Shipping company, the one that hot-footed it out of the WTC shortly before the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, also is a member.

Watch out Atlanta, one or more of your skyscrapers might be in for a surprise remodeling job!

Here's another of this group's murky undertakings.

 photo Eaglestargalaheader3_zpsde0149f3.jpg
12th Annual Eagle Star Awards

To celebrate the people and companies who have made the most significant impact on business between the Southeast and Israel, and to recognize their achievements with the AICC Eagle Star Awards.

Attendees: 300 of the most influential members of the area's business and Jewish community
One of the sponsors of this GOY submission fest is VERINT, the Israeli spy firm that is probably tapping your Internet browsing and phone calls.

Israel also has a similar 'partnership' with American companies in the Upper Midwest.

Must be handy in moving weaponry around the Midwest, that will later be used to either set off another FALSE FLAG or set up some Muslim patsies. Or to launder some of that wealth stolen from Americans back to Israel, using 'Bernie' Madoff's favorite bank.

EXPOSED: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate

Rahm's connections to the Rothschild Bank of Lazard.

What's the ultimate payoff for all these Yid schemes?

 photo Israel_killing_children31_zps87647ab2.jpg

Yes, there is an International Chamber of Commerce. The head is 'Vice-Chairman of the investment bank Rothschild Europe.'


Monday, June 24, 2013

9/11: The Day Aluminum Was Stronger Than Forged Steel

You can recreate what the real perps behind 9/11 and their lap dog media reported as happening in your backyard! Take an empty, or if you're feeling macho, a full aluminum can of soda or beer and smash it into your BBQ grill and see what happens!

See for yourself if aluminum is stronger than forged steel.

Word of warning! If you try this, make sure you have some sick days you can use at work, so you can recover from the sprained wrist you'll get from trying to smash an aluminum can thru a steel grill.

 photo amazing_FEMA_physics_zps74e16b25.jpg
 photo life_Jacket_zps634bdaf0.jpg
We Have Some Holes in the Plane Stories

In a violent encounter between an aluminum plane weighing nearly 140 tons and a steel tower weighing 500,000 tons, the plane, of course, would be crushed.

Would wing tips and tail break off against each steel wall or disappear entirely inside each building?

Ordinarily the answer would be that wing tips and tail would shear off on impact and bounce to the ground below. Wing tips have enormous forward momentum at impact but begin to decelerate as the nose and fuselage collides with a steel wall, five floors of steel-truss-steel-reinforced-concrete, and a steel inner core. This would wreak complete havoc on the plane, although the plane in the south tower videos looks like an invincible hot knife going through a soft butter tower. Localized force applied by the wing tips was insufficient to fragment steel columns or spandrel plates and we should have seen video footage of the repelled wreckage bounce to the ground. There are no reports of such wreckage that I can find. A decelerating tail section would slow down and break off too, yet we saw no trace of it.
The WNYW FOX5 Sept11 2001 broadcasts have only recently (2012) been added to the official 9/11 TV archives. However, all of 43 minutes of the crucial early hours have been simply BLANKED OUT by WNYW FOX5

Maybe the SOB's that pulled off 9/11, the WH and elements of the FBI, the CIA, NSA, the Pentagon and Israel, engaged the services of magician David Copperfield on that day?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Israeli Storm Troopers Train Brazil Police

That the world's leading terrorist state, Israel, trains the Brazilian law enforcement types that are now cracking heads and running rough shod over Brazil protesters, is no surprise, since the same Yiddish malignancy has been infecting American cops for years and years.

That cancer is called the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and they probably have more Zionist war mongers and Jew death dealers on board than any other DC 'think tank.'

Not content into turning American police into Bolshevik clones, they also have been infecting the US military since at least 1976 and were very instrumental in pushing the nation into the illegal and immoral Iraq War, with such propaganda as this, courtesy of Paul Wolfowitz, who should be dancing on air instead of fouling the air we breathe. Issued two days after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11:
"A long investigation to prove Osama bin Laden's guilt with prosecutorial certainty is entirely unnecessary. He is guilty in word and deed. His history is the source of his culpability. The same holds true for Saddam Hussein. Our actions in the past certainly were not forceful enough, and now we must seize the opportunity to alter this pattern of passivity."
And you, the American taxpayer, subsidize these maniacs, since JINSA is a 501(c)(3) front. Meaning it's tax exempt and guess who makes up the difference? The fact that it breaks the law regarding the political activities for a 501(c)(3) matters not to those who enforce the law.
In the last few days, we have been learning about the emerging unrest in Brazil. The protests began early this month in response to a rise in bus fares in São Paulo and elsewhere, but have grown rapidly into a general outpouring of discontent after widespread anger at the heavy-handed police crackdown.

In case you are perplexed by Brazil’s police violence, The Lab, a new Israeli film by Yotam Feldaman, provides the answers.
Zionised Brazil unveils the sinister truth behind the Israeli military industry.

Brazil elites can relate to their well-off friends living on the backs of others in 'Stolenland,' since the Brazilian wealthy elite treat their indigenous similar to how Jew racists treat the indigenous Palestinians.
Brazil Burning: The Story of an Illusion Gone Sour

Brazil remained one the most (deadly) unequal nations in the world, peppered with retrograde landowning oligarchies and some of the most rapacious, arrogant and ignorant elites on the planet – inevitable by-products of ghastly Portuguese colonialism.

This goes way, way beyond a cheap bus ride - although the public transport scene in Brazil’s big cities would star in Dante’s ninth circle of hell. A manual worker, a student, a maid usually spend up to four hours a day back-and-forth in appalling conditions. And these are private transport rackets controlled by a small group of businessmen embedded with local politicians, who they obviously own.

Brazilians pay developed world taxes and in return get sub-Saharan Africa quality of service (no offense to Africa). The notion of “value for money” is non-existent. It gets even worse as the economic miracle is over. That magical “growth” was less than 1% in 2012, and only 0.6% in the first quarter of 2013. The immensely bloated state bureaucracy, the immensely appalling public infrastructure, virtually no investment in education as teachers barely get paid $300 a month, non-stop political corruption scandals, not to mention as many homicides a year as narco-purgatory Mexico – none of this is going away by magic.
Would you be surprised to learn that a 'Chosenite' is president of Brazil?

Does 'El Presidente' Rousseff still cling to the Bolshevik Commie teachings of her Red Socialist past?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pics of America, Then and Now

Pic of an American family, circa 1940

6.20.13 photo 1940_Americanfamily_zps2805b0b1.jpg

Pic of a modern American family. Notice the plush living accommodations!

 photo HomelessFamilySanFran_zps1b6a99c3.jpg

Pics of an American cop, around 1940-50

 photo cop_1940_zpsf8017d10.jpg

What cops look like today

 photo swat-police_2013_zps5d528d17.jpg

Pic of an American school in Gary, Indiana, around 1950

 photo GaryIndiana-HoraceMannSchool-1940-SS_zpsd2f90927.jpg

Pic of an American school today

 photo detroit18_sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50_zps1b472e7f.jpg

Pic of an American highway from around 1960

 photo 1960_highway_zps8bcd13de.jpg

Pic of an American road today

 photo minneapolis_bridge_01_zps1b95bc9c.jpg

Granted, I took some liberty's with the descriptions, but it's a lot closer to the truth than the baby-food brainwashing slop you'll see on ZNN or FAUX.

If you want to see bigger and better pics of what America is becoming, click here to see what's in our future.
America 1950 vs. America 2012 - you make the call....

In 1950, a gallon of gasoline cost about 27 cents.

In 2012, a gallon of gasoline costs $3.69.

In 1950, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents.

In 2012, a first-class stamp will cost you 45 cents.

In 1950, more than 80 percent of all men were employed.

In 2012, less than 65 percent of all men are employed.

In 1950, the average duration of unemployment was about 12 weeks.

In 2012, the average duration of unemployment is about 40 weeks.

In 1950, the average family spent about 22% of its income on housing.

In 2012, the average family spends about 43% of its income on housing.

In 1950, gum chewing and talking in class were some of the major disciplinary problems in our schools.

In 2012, many of our public schools have been equipped with metal detectors because violence has become so bad.

In 1950, mothers decided what their children would eat for lunch.

In 2012, lunches are inspected by government control freaks to make sure that they contain the "correct foods" in many areas of the country. For example, one 4-year-old girl recently had her lunch confiscated by a "lunch monitor" because it did not meet USDA guidelines.

In 1950, corporate taxes accounted for about 30 percent of all federal revenue.

In 2012, corporate taxes will account for less than 7 percent of all federal revenue.

In 1950, many Americans regularly left their cars and the front doors of their homes unlocked.

In 2012, many Americans live with steel bars on their windows and gun sales are at record highs.

In 1950, the American people had a great love for the U.S. Constitution.

In 2012, if you are "reverent of individual liberty", you may get labeled as a potential terrorist by the U.S. government.

In 2012, the United States owes more money to the rest of the world than anybody else.

In 1950, the U.S. national debt was about 257 billion dollars.

In 2012, the U.S. national debt is 59 times larger. It is currently sitting at a grand total of $15,435,694,556,033.29. Surely our children and our grandchildren will thank us for that.
Don't our kids and grandkids deserve better than this dysfunctional, broken state of misery, courtesy of our apathy, that they're going to inherit?

Friday, June 21, 2013

TWA Flight 800, Murdered by Our Government

TWA Flight 800 Cover up EXPOSED | FBI Covered Up That MISSILE Shot Down

6/19/13 - TWA Flight 800 Cover-up EXPOSED | FBi Covered Up That MISSILE Shot Down TWA 800 TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile Documentary aims to 'break silence' on crash of TWA Flight 800 - Producer: "One or more ordnance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash" - The documentary, "TWA Flight 800," will premiere July 17.

It makes its debut on the anniversary of the crash. One of the most mysterious, tragic and controversial air crashes in U.S. history — the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island, which killed 230 passengers and crew.

The government's investigation of the TWA 800 crash, considered the largest and most expensive in commercial air disaster history, has been controversial from the start.

In the days following, nearly 100 of more than 700 eyewitnesses interviewed by the FBI described seeing a streak of light move from the Earth leading to an explosion, which seemed to suggest a missile had struck the Boeing 747.
Initially, law enforcement officials also strongly believed a criminal act — either a bomb or a missile — was the likeliest explanation for the catastrophic explosion, which severed the plane's front end, including the cockpit, from the rest of the fuselage.

But now, government officials from the FBI, CIA and, privately, the NTSB, say they are fairly convinced no such thing occurred.
All that investigators will say they know for sure is that the plane's center fuel tank blew up. To date, no single source of ignition for that explosion has been identified, although investigators say they have closed in on several possibilities.

So why have government officials dismissed the missile theory? How could so many eyewitnesses be wrong? Largely because of the absence of any physical evidence supporting the theory and the unreliability of memory, current and former officials say.

But's examination of the main arguments and evidence used by various government agencies to dismiss the missile theory reveals a degree of conjecture, along with disagreements about key eyewitness accounts.

Compelling Eyewitness Accounts

The most compelling case for the missile theory is made by the 755 FBI records of eyewitness interviews, which were recorded on standardized FBI "FD-302" forms typically used by the bureau in court.

Recently posted on the Internet and given little notice by the press, the FBI records seem to tell a dramatic story of a missile striking the plane.

Ninety-six of the eyewitnesses — from boats, from the Long Island shore, and from a nearby jet and helicopter — described seeing a streak of light or what appeared to be a flare moving up from the Earth and eventually leading to an explosion over the Atlantic, according to the FBI reports.

One eyewitness, for instance, described "what he thought was a shooting star traveling west to east, coming form the south shore, over Fire Island," an FBI agent wrote. The "object he observed was more like a bottle-rocket with a dull orange glow to it" and he "further stated that the glow moved faster than an aircraft."

Yet another witness on Long Island's south shore said she observed "what appeared to be a 'contrail' which appeared to be coming from an object which was flying toward the plane which she had been watching," according to another FBI record. That eyewitness said she thought the object originated from somewhere on the ocean.

Some of the eyewitnesses in the days after the crash, lent weight to the missile theory by describing what they saw to TV news.

"It was a bright, reddish orange color. It appeared to be a flare going up," witness Lou Desepoli told a news camera.

Back then, I was getting the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on a daily basis and remember this story. The main part of the story was on the front page, but about 4-5 pages back, in a little column on the side of the paper, which only news junkies would read, there was the eyewitness testimony of a National Guard member on the beach who claims he saw a streak of light fly upwards, then a loud explosion.

That story never appeared again, it was flushed down the 'Memory Hole.'

But knowing what you know now about the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and the lies leading up to the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, do you still believe the government's story?

TWA Flight 800: Six Former Investigators say there was a cover up by the FBI

Approximately 80 FBI agents conducted interviews with potential witnesses daily. No verbatim records of the witness interviews were produced; instead, the agents who conducted the interviews wrote summaries that they then submitted.
Witnesses were not asked to review or correct the summaries.

Within days of the crash the NTSB announced its intent to form its own witness group and to interview witnesses to the crash. However, after the FBI raised concerns about non-governmental parties in the NTSB's investigation having access to this information and possible prosecutorial difficulties resulting from multiple interviews of the same witness, the NTSB deferred and initially neither interviewed nor re-interviewed witnesses to the crash.
To get Americans psyched up about the meme of 19 Muslim hijackers crashing passenger jets into buildings, another tragedy, the 1999 crash of Egypt Air Flight 990 was instrumental in setting up the Big Lie.
We were also exposed to another link in the 9/11 Lie Machine thru Egypt Air Flight 990, the muttering of Islamic phrases right before crashing the jet.

If it wasn't our government that murdered these people, there's another suspect. There were a large number of high ranking Egyptian military personnel on board. What country that is known for its psychotic actions against its neighbors and the world, would be the likely suspect in this tragedy?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selling Out America

TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of

First Congress Member Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “There Is No National Security Purpose In Keeping This Text Secret … This Agreement Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”

Corporations Push to Overrule National Laws

What is everyone so furious about?

An international treaty being negotiated in secret which would not only crack down on Internet privacy much more than SOPA or ACTA, but would actually destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and all other signatories.

It is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Yesterday, Congressman Alan Grayson (who knows how to read legislation … he was a successful lawyer before he was elected to Congress, and has written and co-sponsored numerous bills himself including thebill to audit the Federal Reserve and – most recently – the “Mind Your Own Business Act” to stop NSA spying) announced that he had been allowed to read the text of TPP – and that it is an anti-American power grab by big corporations:

Because of this pressure, the USTR finally let a member of Congress – little ole me, Alan Grayson [anyone who's seen Grayson in action knows that he is formidable] –actually see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a large, secret trade agreement that is being negotiated with many countries in East Asia and South America.

The TPP is nicknamed “NAFTA on steroids.” Now that I’ve read it, I can see why. I can’t tell you what’s in the agreement, because the U.S. Trade Representative calls it classified. But I can tell you two things about it.

1) There is no national security purpose in keeping this text secret.

2) This agreement hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests.

3) What they can’t afford to tell the American public is that [the rest of this sentence is classified].

I will be fighting this agreement with everything I’ve got. And I know you’ll be there every step of the way.

Courage, Congressman Alan Grayson
The Trans Pacific Partnership - A Corporate Fascist Coup

TPP is a Secret Obama Trade Agreement That Will Trump National Sovereignty

What’s wrong with these “trade” agreements?

There are several problems with these “trade” agreements — one, the extreme secrecy, will be discussed in the video below — but I’ll detail just two others here.

First, they’re not trade agreements at all, but “unrestricted capital flow” agreements — “capital is king” agreements. Unrestricted trade is just a by-product, a secondary effect. From an earlier piece:

In its simplest terms, “free trade” means one thing only — the ability of people with capital to move that capital freely, anywhere in the world, seeking the highest profit. It’s been said of Bush II, for example, that “when Bush talks of ‘freedom’, he doesn’t mean human freedom, he means freedom to move money.” …

“Trade” agreement courts trump national sovereignty

The second problem with these “trade” agreements is that they trump national sovereignty. This is very clever and literally true.

There are a number of other reasons to oppose these agreements; for example, they seem more interested in outlawing governmental regulations than in enabling trade.
Remember how NAFTA was sold in the 1990's? By telling lies about how NAFTA would increase trade, which would mean more jobs... Which was a BIG lie, just look around at the broken landscape of this country and ask yourself if NAFTA increased jobs or shipped them overseas.

If this TPP goes thru, it will destroy what's left of our manufacturing base.

TPP equals RIP.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

September 11 Inside Job planned at Harvard?

An eerie coincidence or traitorous act? You be the judge! Did Philip Zelikow and his Harvard pals plan the 9/11 attacks in advance along with the US Government's response to the attacks? If so, why are men like Zelikow walking around free? Should he be arrested immediately and forced to answer questions under oath in a new and independent September 11 investigation? We believe so. Watch this video and learn about the plans they had in store for you from the beginning

(Harvard Report referenced in the video)

Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy

The Terrorism Industrial Complex. Frontline PBS

Harvard has the largest university endowment in the world, money courtesy of their vast network of alumni. They also have the most living billionaires in the country.

If you know who owns the MSM, then you'll know who has Ivy League university's like Harvard at their beck and call.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chief Gangsters Behind the World's Misery--The Federal Reserve

Not only does the Fed steal money from Americans, they are behind much of the world's miseries, like bankrolling the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

Americans pay over 450 BILLION a year to the criminal gangsters at the FED in the form of interest. That's money we pay to borrow our own money.

Which is an insane act of self-destruction, as we can never pay off the debt to the FED that keeps growing each year.

It's time to send the FED packing and use laws like RICO to take back all of the loot the FED has stolen from Americans since 1914. My guess is that would be enough to wipe out all of the governments debt.

Another gangster outfit, the ADL--which actually stands for "Another Damn Lie," protects the Jewish money making machine.
The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is founded by Sigmund Livingston in response to the 1913 trial of Leo Frank. Frank is a Jewish factory manager in Georgia who raped and murdered a young female employee, and then tried to frame a black man for the crime. After being spared the death penalty, angry Georgians would later storm the prison and hang Frank themselves.

The ADL’s true purpose is to protect Rothschild’s criminal network from exposure. Anyone who dares to call attention to the workings of the New World Order, or The Federal Reserve Bank, will be denounced by the ADL as “anti-Semitic.”
William Cooper - The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League #1

Mr. Cooper predicted 9/11 months before that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB hit America and for that, he was rewarded by getting murdered by government agents at his home.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Manifesto for All Humanity?

The Hacker Manifesto by +++The Mentor+++

Written January 8, 1986

You bet your ass we're all alike... we've been spoon-fed baby food at school when we hungered for steak... the bits of meat that you did let slip through were pre-chewed and tasteless. We've been dominated by sadists, or ignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us willing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert.

This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.

What company is #1 in the world, 'protecting' us from hackers? Kroll Associates, the same ass-hats that provided 'security to the WTC right up to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

I feel so much safer!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another Zionist Jew Front Behind 9/11, the Israeli Challenge Fund

Think the NSA revelations are startling? Read about another vast spy network, the Israeli Challenge Fund.

The Israeli Challenge Fund connections to 9/11.
The false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 and the multi-billion dollar financial scams of Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford are, like peas in a pod, three mega-scams that have been carried out by Israeli intelligence and high-level Zionist agents in the United States - against the American people. The people behind these crimes are from the same foreign criminal network described in greater detail in "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11" (Chapter VII of Solving 9/11).

Key individuals of this network are involved in all three mega-crimes, e.g. Joseph Ciechanover. The very same Israeli/Rothschild funding entities, such as Israel Discount Bank, the Challenge Fund, and the Catalyst Fund are involved in all three crimes. The cover-ups of all three crimes have been tightly controlled by Zionist investigators, trustees, and judges in order to protect their fellow Zionist Jews. Understanding the Zionist control of these crimes and cover-ups helps us understand the nature of the crimocracy that controls the United States.
More Jew mischief.

When truth seekers get too close to REAL 9/11 truth, what happens?

They're accused of anti-Semitism in a "raw and ugly form."

There it is again, the reliable anti-Semite card, to be played whenever a 'Chosenite' gets in a bind.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's Not Forget The Ones Constantly Under Siege in Palestine

In Occupied Palestine, where Israeli sponsored terror is a constant fact of life.

We're starting to find out what it's like to live under a tyrannical government, one that spies on us 24/7 and threatens us with more intrusions. That type of state-sponsored terror is part of every day life in Occupied Palestine.

Along with losing your home to American bought bulldozers.

0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians, and over 27,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.

Statistics Source: The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions estimates that over 27,000 houses have been demolished in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza since 1967 (as of July 28, 2012). According to ICAHD:

"Since 1967, about 27,000 Palestinian homes and other structures (livestock pens and fencing for example) crucial for a family’s livelihood, have been demolished in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), including East Jerusalem. It is impossible to know how many homes exactly because the Israeli authorities only report on the demolition of “structures,” which may be homes or may be other structures. When a seven-story apartment building is demolished containing more than 20 housing units, that is considered only one demolition."

In addition to the homes demolished by Israel, thousands of Palestinian homes have been destroyed or significantly damaged by Israeli bombing and shelling. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that during Israel's Operation 'Cast Lead' assault on Gaza from Decemeber 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009,

"3,540 homes were destroyed in the course of the hostilities, 2,870 homes were severely damaged and 52,900 homes sustained minor damage. Some 2,618 homes destroyed or damaged beyond repair during 'Cast Lead' await rebuilding, primarily due to the blockade and restrictions on the entry of construction materials through the Kerem Shalom crossing. "

While Palestinians have not demolished any Israeli homes, there is one known case of a Palestinian destroying an Israeli home in an explosion.
While the Zionist MSM keeps pumping out sewerage into American homes, ramping up the fear factor, those in Occupied Palestine live the fear.

Israeli regime to build more illegal settler units in West Bank

Friday, June 14, 2013

9-11 False Flag-9/11 was an inside job and this documentary proves it!

9/11 False Flag Attack Inside Job

What's all this leading to?

The wealthy elite are getting a bit nervous that all of their predatory schemes and murderous ways, are getting exposed, showing the world who is really behind events like 9/11 and who really caused the financial implosion of the world's economy in 2008.

A distraction is needed to keep the sheeple bawling for more security and less liberty, all in an effort to keep the 1% above the law and living lives of luxury we peasants can only dream of, but never enjoy.

The lying liar 'Mikey' Gordon, of the Jew owned NYT, spills more lies, this time about Syria.

This might refresh your memory about 'Mikey' Gordon:
Michael Gordon - Still Lying About Iraq

Michael Gordon was one of the New York Times journalists who peddled the Iraq WMD disinformation that prepared the U.S. public for the war on Iraq.
Gordon is still writing for the NYT and he he is still in the information distortion business.

In a piece about the laughable U.S. attempts to press Iraq to stop Iranian flights to Syria he is trying to cover up for some other warmongers:

Three senators who have been strong advocates of American support for Iraq — Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut; John McCain, Republican of Arizona; and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina — also sought to reinforce the administration’s case in a closed-door meeting with Mr. Maliki in Baghdad on Tuesday.
Those three senators were in 2002 and 2003 the most belligerent of those stooges that called for bombing and invading Iraq. They are, like Gordon, directly responsible for the million people killed and maimed by the war. To say they are "strong advocates of American support for Iraq" is ridiculous.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Proof of USA and Israel Spying on Americans from 1975

Lying liars telling more lies about spying on Americans

Other lies Clapper has told. Why isn't this back-stabbing traitor in prison and who is he really working for?

Clapper is only one of many traitors who are really working for the fuckers running and ruining this planet, the wealthy elite and various Zionist entities.

6.13.13 photo IS_spying_zps0d02c3a6.png
September 9, 1975: Emergency Planners Accused of Spying at Congressional Hearing

Senator John V. Tunney, chairman of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, claims Mount Weather, a secret government facility located about 50 miles west of Washington, DC (see 1952-1958), has collected and stored data on at least 100,000 US citizens. During a Congressional hearing into reports of domestic surveillance, Tunney alleges, “computers—described as ‘the best in world’—can obtain millions of pieces of information on the personal lives of American citizens.” Mount Weather maintains a state-of-the-art surveillance system as part of the facility’s Civil Crisis Management program (see 1967-1976). General Robert T. Bray, who is called to testify at the hearing, refuses to answer repeated questions regarding the data collection programs. Bray says he is “not at liberty” to disclose “the role and the mission and the capability” at Mount Weather, “or any other precise location.” Mount Weather and nearly 100 other “Federal Relocation Centers” are considered a key aspect of the highly classified Continuity of Government (COG) program (see 1950-1962), which is designed to ensure the survival of the federal government in times of national emergency. Bray admits to committee members that Mount Weather stores data relating to “military installations, government facilities, communications, transportation, energy and power, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail services, manpower, financial, medical and educational institutions, sanitary facilities, population, housing shelter, and stockpiles.” Senator James Abourezk says, “the whole operation has eluded the supervision of either Congress or the courts.” Senator Tunney says Mount Weather is “out of control.” [Progressive, 3/1976
1967-1976: Continuity Planners Utilize ‘Civil Crisis Management’ Program

Mount Weather, a secret underground government installation located about 50 miles west of Washington, DC (see 1950-1962), maintains a “Civil Crisis Management” program aimed at monitoring and managing civil emergencies, such as resource shortages, labor strikes, and political uprisings. The installation is a key component of the highly classified Continuity of Government (COG) program, which is meant to ensure the survival of the federal government in times of national emergency. “We try to monitor situations and get them before they become emergencies,” says Daniel J. Cronin, assistant director of the Federal Preparedness Agency (FPA), which is responsible for managing parts of the facility and program. As part of the program, Mount Weather collects and stores data regarding military and government installations, communications, transportation, energy and power, food supplies, manufacturing, wholesale and retail services, manpower, medical and educational institutions, sanitary facilities, population, and stockpiles of essential resources.
With all the Israeli firms involved in helping the NSA spy on Americans, how do we know that the Talmud Terror Masters aren't keeping the good intel for themselves and passing on bogus intel to the NSA?

Remember all those Israeli's caught spying on the USA after 9/11?
Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 2

Tonight, in the second of four reports on spying by Israelis in the U.S., we learn about an Israeli-based private communications company, for whom a half-dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked. American investigators fear information generated by this firm may have fallen into the wrong hands and had the effect of impeded the Sept. 11 terror inquiry.
911 and the Israeli Spy Ring Fox news 2001 part 2 of 2.

AmDocs, the Israeli tele-comm company that was spying on the USA to help pull off the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, has operations all over the world, enabling the Talmud Terror Masters to pull off False Flags anywhere on the planet and then blame the resulting chaos on Israel's 'existential' enemies, which is pretty much the entire world, all of us GOYIM.
Amdocs maintains development facilities in India, Israel, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States, operates a support center in Brazil, and has operations in North America, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.
AmDocs has been on a buying spree, firming up that chokehold the Talmud Terror Masters have on the entire world.

Where's all that money come from to buy all those companies? From 'Uncle Sucker,' and from those 'Too Big to Jail' Wall Street banks that have stolen trillions from Americans over the years.

Who to trust?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires

Most of the PUBLIC have been DELIBERATELY dumbed down & have no idea who owns the CENTRAL BANKS-the BANKS=the MEDIA-the POLITICIANS-the LAW-the "JUSTICE"-the organs of Central Government & Local Government - Education System Agro-businesses, Pharmaceutical Companies & Military Industrial Complex.

WE CONTROL THE WORLD Puppet Masters - World's Only TRILLIONAIRE Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yes, the Government is Spying on YOU and Always Has Been

To protect the wealthy elite, especially the ones that that financed 9/11 and the criminal bankster gangster outfits like the FED from being exposed as the real terrorists.
Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data

The Guardian has acquired top-secret documents about the NSA datamining tool, called Boundless Informant, that details and even maps by country the voluminous amount of information it collects from computer and telephone networks.

The Boundless Informant documents show the agency collecting almost 3 billion pieces of intelligence from US computer networks over a 30-day period ending in March 2013. One document says it is designed to give NSA officials answers to questions like, "What type of coverage do we have on country X" in "near real-time by asking the SIGINT [signals intelligence] infrastructure."

A snapshot of the Boundless Informant data, contained in a top secret NSA "global heat map" seen by the Guardian, shows that in March 2013 the agency collected 97bn pieces of intelligence from computer networks worldwide.

Iran was the country where the largest amount of intelligence was gathered, with more than 14bn reports in that period, followed by 13.5bn from Pakistan. Jordan, one of America's closest Arab allies, came third with 12.7bn, Egypt fourth with 7.6bn and India fifth with 6.3bn.
97 BILLION pieces of intelligence in one month alone?

The bankster gangsters are getting nervous, afraid that their non-stop looting of wealth, hidden behind phony 'al CIA Duh' terror attacks and the endless war against the Muslim world, is coming undone.
NSA Chief Denies Wired's Domestic Spying Story (Fourteen Times) In Congressional Hearing

Does the NSA routinely intercept American citizens’ emails?


Rep. Johnson: Does the NSA intercept Americans’ cell phone conversations?

Director Alexander: No.

Google searches?


Text messages?

No. orders?


Bank records?

How many times can a liar lie in five minutes?

US Department of Defense’s ‘Strategic Vision’ for spying on Americans

Guess what 'SLC' is behind a lot of this warrant-less, illegal and unlawful spying on Americans?

"Wanna get in on the phone tapping fun?"

Tap A Cell Phone Remotely

How to login to Any One's Facebook. Fast and Easy 100%

The government has been spying on Americans for all of the current and most of the past century. Back then, the cross-dressing homosexual pervert FBI Director Hoover was listening in on many a phone call or reading Americans mail.
From his earliest days as FBI director, Hoover had shown a talent for skirting the law. When Franklin Roosevelt encouraged him to look into domestic fascist and communist movements in the late 1930s, Hoover took this as a secret mandate to launch mass intelligence operations. When Congress outlawed wiretapping that same decade, Hoover interpreted the new statute to mean that he should not disclose wiretap evidence in court—then continued to wiretap as part of his ongoing intelligence operations. For Hoover, the sanctity and secrecy of FBI records was always the top concern; if it seemed that a secret program might be exposed, he often tried to shut it down. In at least one case, he allowed a known Soviet spy to walk free rather than take the risk that he would be forced to produce raw FBI reports in front of a jury of citizens.
To this day, no one really knows where that massive amount of information that Hoover gathered on others 'disappeared' to.

“If I had just wanted to harm the U.S., you could shut down the surveillance system in an afternoon, but that’s not my intention,” he said.

Monday, June 10, 2013

JFK's Murder + USS Liberty Massacre = 9/11

The voice in this video belongs to William Cooper, a true patriot who predicted 9/11 in June of 2001, was murdered by government agents several months after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB by government agents.

When Israel realized that it could murder the US president JFK and not worry about repercussions and then savagely attack an unarmed American ship in international waters without any retaliation, that's when that psychotic state of mass-murdering, land stealing con artists, liars, thieves, murderers and corrupters knew they could pull off the greatest FALSE FLAG of all, the 9/11 attacks against the USA.

New revelations in attack on American spy ship: Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident

We were never told the truth about the murderous Israeli attack against the USS Liberty, and we were never told the truth about what really happened on 9/11.

Israel had help in attacking the Liberty, just like they had help in pulling off the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

The pilot of flight 77 which supposedly hit the Pentagon, was an ex-navy F4 pilot who, just 10 years prior, participated in an exercise in the Pentagon, in which it gets attacked by a commercial airliner. The project is documented by the government. No, we aren't making this stuff up!
Even Fox 'news' talks about how an ex-navy man was the pilot, but they fail to tell you about the real story...

1990--Charles Burlingame participates in a department of Defense exercise labeled project MASCAL, in which a commercial airliner is used as a weapon and crashed into the pentagon. (photos from exercise below, audio mistakenly says year is 2000).

2001--Charles Burlingame is flying the flight 77, the airliner that supposedly crashed into the pentagon

2002--Condaleeza Rice says "No one imagined an airliner being used as a weapon".

But it seems, not only did the United States government contemplate it, they in fact created a mock-up exercise depicting that very event, complete with a model of the Pentagon, a model jetliner, and even model rescue vehicles on scene.

In 1990, before the 9/11 attacks, the government simulated a Boeing 757 attacking the Pentagon. It appears as if they are interested in how the airliner will look in the aftermath. As though they are considering what 'scenes' to stage, for maximum pictorial effect.
11.3.2000_Simulated_Pentagon_Attack photo d1d28fa7.gif

In the experiment, emergency personnel were required to hold radio and other communications devices to increase their operational readiness for quickly transporting massive casualties from the disaster area to medical centers. Toy trucks were used as miniature models to simulate emergency transport vehicles for victims.
It seems that the "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" has developed a case of 'missing in action' when one does certain research on 9/11.

The Pentagon loves playing with its toys.

The next FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB attack on the USA will most likely be a cyber one, so the Internet can be shut down, on a temporary basis, so that the same fucks behind 9/11 can lock down the Internet, effectively negating all the truth coming out about 9/11.
The real reason behind the invocation of 9/11 in the context of "cyber terror" was revealed last year by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig. He told a technology conference that former counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke admits there is a cyber equivalent of the constitution-destroying Patriot Act ready to be rubber stamped into law; all it requires is a "cyber 9/11" to make such legislation politically viable.

In effect, the cyber security establishment—the advisors, agents and experts in the newly-minted multi-billion dollar cyber security industry—are waiting for a spectacular cyber terrorist attack to go ahead with plans for 'identity management' schemes like fingerprinting for internet access which would put an end to the free Internet as we have known it.
97 BILLION pieces of intelligence captured in one month alone by the illegal spy network set up by the USA and monitored by Israel, in their never-ending hunt for 'al CIA Duh.' Feel safer now?

6.10.13 photo boundless-heatmap-large-001_zps61b31263.jpg

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Israeli Ass-Kisser 'Insane' McCain & the USS Liberty

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Traitor McCain Gets Israeli Money to Visit Syria and Talk to Zionist Terrorists.

McCain is a bona fide traitor who should be in prison for the rest of his sorry-ass life, instead, he gets Big Money from his Talmud Terror Masters in Tel Aviv to be their war pimp.

One of the terrorist fronts 'Insane' McCain is in charge of is something called the "International Republican Institute" (IRI).

From Haiti, to Poland, to Egypt to Honduras and Yemen, there's no country these smug, arrogant assholes won't stick their gilded noses into, allegedly to bring democracy to a nation, when all they do is bring death and destruction.

IRI has offices all over the Middle East and Africa.

The IRI gets BIG money from AT&T, so don't look for 'Traitor' McCain to actually do his job and work for 'We the People' from being spied on 24/7.

There's also a 9/11 link at IRI, a sleaze bag called Randy Scheunemann.

McCain, besides committing war crimes in Vietnam, which he admitted to, also is handy at killing fellow Americans, as he did when he set off the fire on the USS Forrestal, killing 134 sailors.

McCain and the USS Forrestal fire, what the traitor McCain doesn't want you to know.

Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates "civil society" to overthrow governments

The International Republican Institute: Promulgating Democracy of Another Variety

In October 2003, an independent commission found that Israel's attack against the USS LIberty was a "deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew"

But did that news make it to the MSM. NO.

Here's the reason why the MSM ignores news that Americans need to know.

USS Liberty, "Dead in the Water"

Saturday, June 8, 2013

9/11: The Software Used to Set the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB Attack on the USA

Way before PRISM, there was PROMIS.

That would be software called "PROMIS."(Prosecutors Management Information Systems)
The INSLAW Octopus

Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action: Just another decade at the Department of Justice

Designed as case-management software for federal prosecutors, PROMIS has the ability to combine disparate databases, and to track people by their involvement with the legal system. Hamilton and others now claim that the DOJ has modified PROMIS to monitor intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.

The two men studied six photographs laid out before them. "Have you ever seen any of these men?" Merrill was asked. Immediately he singled out the second photo. In a separate line up, Hamilton's secretary singled out the same photo.

Both said the man had visited Inslaw in February 1983 for a presentation of PROMIS, Inslaw's bread-and-butter legal software. Hamilton, who knew the purpose of the line-up, identified the visitor as Dr. Ben Orr. At the time of his visit, Orr claimed to be a public prosecutor from Israel.

For the second photo was not of the mysterious Dr. Orr, it was of Rafael Etian, chief of the Israeli defense force's anti-terrorism intelligence unit. The Department of Justice sent him over for a look at the property they were about to "misappropriate," and Etian liked what he saw. Department of Justice documents record that one Dr. Ben Orr left the DOJ on May 6, 1983, with a computer tape containing PROMIS tucked under his arm.

But the real power of PROMIS, according to Hamilton, is that with a staggering 570,000 lines of computer code, PROMIS can integrate innumerable databases without requiring any reprogramming. In essence, PROMIS can turn blind data into information. And anyone in government will tell you that information, when wielded with finesse, begets power. Converted to use by intelligence agencies, as has been alleged in interviews by ex-CIA and Israeli Mossad agents, PROMIS can be a powerful tracking device capable of monitoring intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.
PROMIS Software Linked To Several Murders

People don't get murdered over software, but what the software can do, like help cover up the trail of CIA and MOSSAD ops who helped set up 9/11.

Israel claimed to be using PROMIS to track Palestinians... Or maybe set in motion what would eventually become the tall tale of 19 'Mooslims' hijacking airliners with box cutters?

"Dr. Brian stated during his presentation that all U.S. Intelligence Agencies, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice were then using the PROMIS computer software," Ben Menashe continued. While the credibility of his statements has been questioned, the Israeli government has admitted that Ben Menashe had access to extremely sensitive information during his tenure at the Mossad.
Asked why Israeli intelligence would have been so interested in Inslaw and PROMIS, Ben Menashe said, "PROMIS was a very big thing for us guys, a very, very big thing ... it was probably the most important issue of the '80s because it just changed the whole intelligence outlook. The whole form of intelligence collection changed. This whole thing changed it." PROMIS, Ben Menashe said, was perfect for tracking Palestinians and other political dissidents.
ToorCamp Pt1of6 - Tedd St Rain - Software to Die For - The PROMIS Software

They all involve the same players and the same parapolitical dynamic that "Danny Casolaro" warned the world about before he, too, fell victim to "The Octopus" in 1991. In the backdrop: murders and apparent suicides among the Cabazon tribe members in California; the infamous private security/surveillance bureaucracy Wackenhut; the government modified P.R.O.M.I.S., sold illegally to unsuspecting governments and intelligence agencies worldwide with a secretly installed "back door" to allow spying on those same agencies, and thus enabling the notorious ECHELON satellite surveillance system.

Another Jew spy from Hollywood, helped Israel immensly while hiding behind his company, Milchan Brothers, but who is still a free man.

Promisgate: World's longest spy scandal still glossed over

OBOMBA is telling lies about the government not spying on Americans that much, they've been doing it for decades.
From 1995: Listening in: Though the National Security Agency can't target Americans, it can -- and does -- listen to everyone from senators to lovers

"We listened to all the calls in and out of Washington," says one former NSA linguist, recalling a class at the Warrenton Training Center, a CIA communications school on a Virginia hilltop. "We'd listen to senators, representatives, government agencies, housewives talking to their lovers."

True, NSA's mission is to spy on foreigners. And employees attest to a law-abiding culture in recent years that strongly discourages illegal excursions into domestic eavesdropping.

But in its first two decades, NSA routinely scanned every telegram entering or leaving this country and targeted the communications of anti-Vietnam War and civil rights activists, accumulating files on 75,000 Americans.
The government also uses this Virginia location to spy on Americans, just don't ask any questions why, since it's covered under the 'national security' get out of jail free card.

The Octopus..."Either we kill it or it will kill us."

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