Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"What's the Crisis of the Day?"

There's just gotta be some kind of nail-biting scenario that is just over the horizon, threatening to wipe out humanity as we know it, or the MSM wouldn't be able to survive.

Not long ago, it was the 'Syrian Crisis' that demanded all of our attention and started to look like the beginning of WWIII, except the banksters won't let a WWIII take place, at least not one where nukes are used, since those bad boys tend to wipe out whole cities and who knows what might happen when some hair-trigger psycho like Israeli PM Benjamin Nuttyahoo starts tossing nukes.

10.22.13 photo BBTV_zps923db221.png

As soon as that had been defused, at least for now, the government shut down crisis was blaring from Big Brother's Telescreens, warning of dire implications if those corrupt clowns in DC let the banker gravy train stop running money from your pocketbook to the Rothschilds criminal empire, so it was a given that wasn't going to happen.

So what will the Masters of the Universe come up with now, to keep their penned in cattle bawling out in fear? There's always the reliable little girl lost or kidnapped or murdered. Even though it's probably 1,000 miles away from where you live and has no impact on your life whatsoever, it makes for good theater, run constantly across your Boobtube so you'll feel helpless in the face of unmitigated evil.

Or maybe we'll get another MK-ULTRA shooter blasting away at unarmed civilians?

If you don't get your daily brainwashing from TalmudVision or the old media, like the NYT, there's always the Internet, filled with apocalyptic horror stories, like last year's end of the world scenario on December 21st that never happened.

The 'fright du jour' now is some rogue planet, called Nibiru that is going to smash into the Earth, or maybe its a comet named 'Ison.'

Or maybe it will be a 'cyber 9/11,' pulled off by the same SOB's that were behind 9/11, but which the MSM will blame on radical Iranian fundies that inserted a virus into the banking system, removing one digit from each checking and savings account, but somehow, not interfering with the computers that keep records of the money you owe.

OK, that's a legit concern, but one you can get around before it happens.

Take your pick, but with a caveat: Keep in mind that the wealthy elite, the ones that are murdering people with abandon and ransacking the planet, need you to be in a constant state of fear, one that turns your brain catatonic.
That way, you're much more manageable and will gladly follow their orders, not question anything and begging to have the Bill of Rights completely destroyed.

Don't fall for it, stand your ground and give those bastards the salute they deserve, the one from your middle-finger.


  1. The fear peddler (and everyday moron) mublin dick wants you to fear Hercolubus.

    Its because another prognosticator told him in a dream decades ago. Or something.


    Run and go hide.

  2. Personally, I think fear is not an option anymore. What will be, will be. My crisis of the day started back at 3/11 in Japan and hasn't ended yet. Au contraire, it's getting worse.

    Looking at all the fear mongering, both in the MSM and ALT, there obviously is some truth to it that needs to be addressed.

    Charlie going through the wringer might be a start. Hilarious.

  3. MN, I've always enjoyed Charlie Chaplin's work, it's some of the best comedy around, and considering most of it is in 'silent' mode, makes it all the better.


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