Sunday, March 30, 2014

No More Bush League

This country, and the world, has had enough of the psychotic Bush family.

Now we learn that another Bush sociopath, Jeb, is planning a run at the presidency in 2016.

Do we need more of this family's blood-letting, thefts and general mayhem?

First, there was George 'Poppy' Bush, who was involved in the murder of JFK, then as president gave us the war against Panama. We were told, no lied to, that it was to save American soldiers in Panama, when actually it was to get hold of or destroy pics of George Jr. and his sordid cocaine fueled and sex escapades in an island off Panama.
For that, we killed thousands and thousands of Panamanian civilians, all to uphold the 'honor' of the Bush family, who refused to up the amount paid to Panamanian dictator Noriega who wanted more dinero to protect cocaine that was being shipped out of South America, thru Panama.

Then to secure his reelection, 'Poppy' ginned up a war against Iraq, to benefit the Jew bankers benefiting from all this murder. He lied America into 'Operation Desert Slaughter' Part I in 1991 but wasn't able to trick the nation into voting for this sorry ass fuck another time.

Then we got 'Jr.' who who put his father's mass murder record to shame by using the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 to initiate 'Operation Desert Slaughter' Part II in 2003, when we went to war against a nation that was NO threat to the USA and had no part in 9/11, another Jew banker war started to trick Americans into thinking they were like Israel, with all the assorted pathogens.

Since then, we have been murdering brown people by the millions, definitely putting a smile on those 'Too Big to Fail' banks, but running this country into an economic cataclysm that we will never recover from, unless we tell the Jew bankers to 'Fuck Off,' we'll start printing out own debt free currency, thank you very much.

We don't need another blood-drenched Bush in the WH, on his knees before Israel, begging to please, as long as a few Shekels are tossed in his direction.


  1. You would think that these Bushes had all the shekels they could stand. Something tells me there is much more to it than that. Power. Control. Sense of entitlement.

    However, for some reason, I seriously doubt that the American public would vote another one it. The thing is, tho, when TPTB control the voting machines, does it really matter how the voters vote?

    We are pretty much assured a reTHUGlican POTUS next time around. And it would not surprise me if the fake, Rand Paul gets it and does exactly what the Bushes would have done anyway.

    Nothing changes.

    They all serve the Jews.

  2. Will we get to see Jeb vs Hillary? I can hardly imagine a worse scenario.

  3. Money and power are just the means to an end....satanism.

    The blood must flow.


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