Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Five things did Canaan charge its sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth."

Victims By Eustace Mullins

While doing a recent radio show in Los Angeles. I received an inquiry from none other than the famed terrorist of the Jewish Defense League, Irv Rubin. He sounded like an elderly Jewish tailor sequestered in a Hebrew rest home, as he querulously asked me, "I just want to know where you're coming from, Mr. Mullins." I patiently answered that I was coining from Virginia, whereupon he interrupted, "I mean, all this hate that you're spreading, you're very slick at what you do." I refused to let my head be turned by this effusive praise, whereupon the famous Irv got off the line. A few days later, I picked up a new book by one of his more infamous compatriots, Simon Weisenthal, which was falsely titled, "Justice, Not Vengeance". In fact, the Weisenthal story is about nothing but Vengeance. There is not a single episode of justice recounted in the entire book. Although Weisenthal lists his published works as Non-Fiction, such as "The Murderers Among Us", and "Every Day Remembrance Day," he fails to warn us that much of the material in these books has been challenged as the most outrageous, albeit inventive, fiction as are most of his claimed accomplishments.

The foreword by a "friend of many decades" notes his self-appointed title as the "Eichmann hunter" although Mossad operatives who engineered the abduction of Adolf Eichmann from his home in Argentine indignantly deny that Weisenthal played any role in the kidnapping. Weisenthal's friend, as though to negate the title of the hook, insists in the foreword that "Guilt cannot be forgiven, but only paid for by expiation. Step by step." This has been the motto of the Weisenthal persecutions of elderly veterans of the Second World War around the globe. It is interesting that he never goes after wealthy or powerful "ex-Nazis" but reserves his most vicious attacks for elderly retired workingmen with no assets for legal assistance to fend off his unending prosecutions.

One of Weisenthal's victims was Franz Stangl, who was working as a mechanic at an auto mobile plant in Brazil. Weisenthal claimed that Stangl had murdered 800,000 human beings by burning them in the Treblinka crematoria. On the next page, Weisenthal arbitrarily reduces the figure to 700,000, after an informer offers to tell him where Stangl is for a bribe of $25,000. When the "Eichmann hunter" balked at this deal, the informer said. "I want one cent for every dead person. Seven hundred thousand cents, that's seven thousand dollars, a steal of a price." Weisenthal says he promised to pay, and was given the information that Stangl was working as a mechanic in Sao Paulo.

Because Brazil had never extradited a "war criminal", Weisenthal realized he would have to move fast. He went to Senator Robert Kennedy, a carpetbagger then serving as Senator from New York, and had Kennedy telephone the Brazilian Ambassador to Washington. Kennedy warned the Ambassador that if he didn't accede to Weisenthal's demands, his name would be mud in Washington. The Ambassador caved in, and informed the President of Brazil that Stangl must be extradited. Stangl was sentenced in Dusseldorf on Dec. 21, 1970. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, which turned out to be a mere six months. He mysteriously died in a German prison on 28 June 1971....

One of Weisenthal's victims who still languishes in prison in West Germany is the attorney, Manfred Roeder. Weisenthal was enraged because Roeder had dared to write the preface to the famous revelations contained in the brochure, "The Auschwitz Lie", by Thies Christopherson. Christopherson had spent the entire war at Rajsko, the ancillary camp at Auschwitz, and therefore could be trusted to know what he was writing about. Weisenthal says, "I don't know what induced Christopherson to dispute that there had been gas chambers at Auschwitz", implying that Christopherson had been bribed to make these statements. The fact that Christopherson was merely reporting his own observations at the scene caused Weisenthal to explain it as "mental derangement", a favorite ploy of the Zionist conspirators, which can always be upheld if a friendly Zionist psychiatrist can be found nearby.

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