Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gangster Bank RBS Needs More Shekels to Stay Afloat

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Will these savage Gucci wearing gangsters ever be satisfied or will the entire world have to implode, due to bankster theft before they are brought to justice?

What could go wrong with a perverted multi-national that spent £350m on a headquarters in Edinburgh and $500m headquarters in the US in 2006? And £200m on celebrity endorsements?

Gosh, just because the financial sodomite that ran RBS during that period had no formal bank training shouldn't send up any flags, should it?

What to do when you've stolen so much depositor money that the whole damn mess either goes down in flames, which the Wall Street and City of London crowd won't allow to happen, since it would affect their ability to keep their fiat, debt-based money scheme going, so you get your corrupt bitches in Parliament and the US Congress to fund trillions in hidden bailouts, the full repercussions still waiting to drop on us GOYIM like doomsday.

What to do? Just throw a lavish, secret £150k junket at a five-star hotel, the day after you get reimbursed for stealing and 'losing' all that money!

For a list of other 'Too Big to Fail' EVER banks, click here to see who's lining up at the pig trough AGAIN, to steal whatever wealth is left.

If you want to read a BIG LIE from a gangster enabler, click here to read about British Chancellor George Osborne swearing on a stack of Torahs that the British will never bail out a 'Too Big to Fail' bank again.

Maybe this is what the Rothschild Mafia plans to do to Scotland if the vote for independence this Fall; crash RBS and wreck the fledgling Scottish economy for being 'uppity' and cutting ties to England?

ALL 'Too Big to Fail' banks are insolvent, corrupt just like the pansy-waist legislators that pretend to perform oversight.

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