Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1 + 1 = JEW

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Just turned off PBS, where a couple of 'G-d's Chosen Ones' were explaining to us GOYIM about Israel's right to defend itself from those savage Palestinians, but that Israel's response would be nuanced, which is supposed to make us dumb ass Americans cheer for the psychotic Yids who've been wreaking havoc on the native Palestinian for decades and decades, with our money and our weapons.

Before that, some Kosher Klowns on FOX went into their usual schtick about how the USA must defend poor widdle Israel, since it is the regions only democracy and our bestest friend and ally....Try telling that to the survivors of the USS Liberty, USS Cole and the ones who managed to escape that WTC hell on 9/11.

On CNN, another coven of Jews were cackling about Israel doing the right thing and protecting America in the process, so we should all get down on our knees and offer up hosannas to that nation of parasites. This nauseating bullshit even trickles down to the local news, although they seem to be more excited about the local high school scores in some 'protocol' mandated sporting contest.

This overwhelming cheer-leading for Israel, the world's Number 1 terrorist state, is too be expected anytime 'Stolenland' decides to go on another rampage against the world's largest open air concentration camp, Gaza, but it never ceases to be sickening and makes me want to hurl something heavy at the TV.

Other than sickos like the totally bat-shit crazy PM Netanyahu and that aging war criminal Peres getting their rocks off watching these brutalities happen as they take place, Israel also covets that vast offshore Natural Gas field adjacent to Gaza.
Which is the main reason Israel got this latest shit stir started by first kidnapping those Yid teens, then killing them, then launching some bottle rockets from Gaza back into Israel, which rarely hit anything, always seeming to land in an open space or the desert.

So the Jew will do what the Jew has been doing for eons; steal the work, products and resources of others, failing that, they'll poison your drinking water out of pure spite.

Who will rid the planet of this noxious plague that has been bedeviling humanity for century's?

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