Friday, July 11, 2014

Israel to Commemorate WW I by Starting WW 3

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Israeli PM Netanyahu today spoke at length with journalists about Israel gearing up to commemorate the start of World War I by starting World War III, but this time the flash point would be the Middle East, not the Balkans.

"We Khazarians have a special place in our hearts for World War I, since that conflict gave us the Balfour Declaration, that little piece of paper that enabled us to start carving our criminal enterprise called Israel out of the existing Palestinian state."

"We Khazarians also have a special place in our hearts for wars in general, as our control of the world's central banks, and Wall Street banks, enable us to profit handsomely from both sides, financing the arms build-up, then the conflict, then those fat, juicy reconstruction contracts afterwards. And our control of the world's media virtually guarantees that they will print what we tell them, like all those lies we passed on to the American press about Iraq, which had the desired effect; Americans blindly supported invading and smashing a nation, Iraq, that was no threat to them, but which we wanted destroyed. Those Americans are such putzes, they'll believe anything as long as we say its true."

"So we look forward to having World War III start in our backyard. Although the fuse is being lit here, the major explosions will be felt in the capitals of Europe and the USA. Since our banks have pretty much looted most of the world's gold and stole much of its wealth, we no longer need to keep our hosts around, since they are used up and are getting icky."

"When the dust finally clears, it will be Israel standing atop the heap, the crowned head of the NWO we are bringing to our GOYIM beasts of burden."

To celebrate the start of WW III, PM Netanyahu lit several rather large bottle rockets that he said were aimed at Tel Aviv.

Reporting from Jerusalem, this is Wolf Blitzoid.

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