Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jews Caught LYING AGAIN About Murdering a Palestinian

Israel, it seems, is exempt from any laws governing the murder of Palestinians or those who try and help the perpetually bullied, beaten, terrorized and murdered Palestinians.

Even the ICC says Israel committed war crimes when it boarded and murdered peace activists bringing relief supplies to Gaza, but ICC refuses to investigate further since not enough GOYIM were butchered by the Israeli fanatics.
Israeli police are investigating the fatal shooting of an Arab-Israeli man in northern Israel, as video emerged raising questions over the events.

Police said the man, 22, tried to attack officers with a knife in Kfar Kana and, "with their lives in danger", fired at the suspect.

Video shows the man hitting a police vehicle. An officer then gets out and shoots the man as he walks away.

The incident comes amid weeks of unrest, mainly in Jerusalem.

Four people have died in two separate attacks on pedestrians in the city in the past two weeks. Two attackers were also killed.
The Jew in Israel gets its kick by murdering Palestinians, stealing their land, raping Palestinian kids, tossing them in jail for more rape sessions, then 'disappearing' the kids, after they have been carved up and their internal organs stolen.

And with the Yid ass-kissing wing of the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' party, the Republicans now in power in Congress, look for more Israeli sponsored mayhem in the ME, courtesy of a corrupt bunch of sold-out US traitors in service to Israel.

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  1. Video of the murder:


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