Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"If a Stranger Entered Your House and Started Shooting an AK47, Would You Laugh? Charlie Hebdo Did"

If Charlie Hebdo's office had been firebombed already and had received a number of threats of violence, including death, so much so that at times, French riot police protected the building, and at the time of the attack, an armed guard or French policeman was there--but the part about the cop being on the scene came out when the story first broke. That part, like others in this False Flag, have been changed to tighten up the narrative for consumption.

So, would you really laugh off the gunfire sound as 'firecrackers?'

I've got an AK-47 and they fire the 7.6 x 39 mm round that is LOUD. So loud, that I usually wear an ear muff while shooting to protect my hearing from the noise and that's outside in the open. Firing one inside must make one helluva noise; it damn sure wouldn't sound like firecrackers.

This does not sound right:
The armed men sprayed the lobby with gunfire immediately upon entering the building. The first victim of the attack was maintenance worker Frédéric Boisseau, who was slain as he sat at the reception desk. The gunmen then forced Rey at gunpoint to lead them to a second-floor office, where 15 staff members were having an editorial meeting. It was Charlie Hebdo '​s first news conference of the year. Journalist Laurent Léger stated that the meeting was interrupted by what they initially thought was the sound of a prank firecrackers, but was actually the prior gunfire which had occurred in the lobby. "We still thought it was a joke. The atmosphere was still joyous," he recalled.
Source: Wikipedia

Just more proof that the Hebdo attack was a staged False Flag, to further demonize Muslims so the West will continue the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' until both sides are exhausted, and then Israel will swoop in and have their ZOG--ZIONIST OCCUPIED GLOBE.

And to distract the world from Israel's massive number of WAR CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST GAZA. Haven't heard about those lately, have we?

1.14.15 photo KingB_zps0770b683.jpg
Charlie Hebdo, Hyper-hypocrisy, and the Holohoax

Sweden — despite endless diplomatic and media invocations and reminders of the Holocaust — became the first European Union member in Western Europe to officially recognise the state of Palestine. This audacious groundbreaking move by the Swedes proved to be an example for others — and despite strident warnings from war criminal Netanyahu that recognition of Palestine would be a “grave mistake” — parliaments in Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and the European Union jumped on the pace gathering bandwagon which Israel with its usual holocaustic vitriol roundly condemned. Israeli officials were then forced to recognise that this sudden attack of European conscience was a massive haemorrhage in the Zionist Israeli instilled fear of being labelled anti-Semitic. The situation called for the mustering of all hands for urgent action that would teach those perverse Europeans a lesson and stem the mounting shift of unfavourable public opinion against Israel. It was therefore time for an “Islamic” terror attack to bring the West back into line as a Zionist stooge that tolerated without question Israel’s barbaric crimes against the Palestinian people. Charlie Hebdo Cartoons — publisher of controversial cartoons about the prophet Mohammed — proved to be a natural and ideal target for such a lesson.

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