Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wall Street's Muslim Menace

This is what the 'usual suspects' in the Zionist Jew owned MSM want to do to the Muslim world. Ali Abbas, then 12 years of age and formerly of the village of Zafaraniya, near Baghdad about 10 days after the shocking and ‘awing’ started in Iraq in 2003.

Iraqi photo Atwork_zps1dceae4a.jpg

Comment below I left at a rabid, Muslim hating outfit called "Gates of Vienna" that isn't shy about hating Muslims and Islam.
Americans have an even worse problem, since it involves our economy.

All those Muzzies in charge of those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks that have looted trillions of dollars of our wealth need to be arrested and prosecuted for their frauds.

Ditto for the counterfeiting operation known as the Federal Reserve that is literally giving away OUR money to those same Muslim bankers.

The Muslims at the Fed watched and did nothing while their fellow Islamists at those banks defrauded America out of trillions, wrecking the economy which still hasn't recovered.
They too need to be arrested for thefts and frauds.

Until those Muzzies running our financial system and using their power and influence to enrich themselves while Americans work for minimum wage are arrested, tired and convicted and put in jail, we will not be safe from the Muslim Wall Street menace!
At the other end of this spectrum, we have the sane observations of Sheila Musaji, whose blog, "A Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry" is an in-depth look at all the hate being generated by the usual suspects.

Like Nina Rosenwald, heir to the Sears Roebuck fortunes who seems to have her crafty fingers in a number of Islam-hating sites.

More info on the propaganda activities of Rosenwald and her precarious state of mind can be found at "Right Web."
According to Blumenthal, "Rosenwald has a penchant for launching into anti-Arab anti-Palestinian tirades at public forums, leaping up like 'a jack in the box' to denounce the evildoers." Her writings can exhibit a similar tone. For instance, in an article posted on the Gatestone website, Rosenwald criticized the Obama administration for not objecting to a Palestinian request to include language calling for the "international protection of the Palestinian people throughout the occupied Palestinian territory" in a UN document on racism. Rosenwald said this was tantamount to "singling out Israel in an anti-racism manifesto."
“Je suis Ali Abbas”: The Forgotten Victims of State Terrorism

More Proof that the Charlie Hebdo Attack was a False Flag

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