Saturday, January 3, 2015

Zionists Say NO to WWII Reparations for Murdered Germans

In 1945, two and a half million ethnic Germans were driven from their homes in Czechoslovakia. [Hundreds of] Thousands died. Now, as the Czech Republic heads for EU membership, Charles Wheeler reports on how the Czechs made the Sudeten German minority pay for Nazi occupation, and why this is now a hot political issue.

This is a story about Germans as victims of World War II.
It has been suppressed for half a century, ever since Czechoslovakia expelled its three million strong German minority - the Sudeten Germans - at the end of the war.

To the Germans, their expulsion was a war crime, an early case of violent, ethnic cleansing.

To the Czechs, after six years of Nazi occupation, the expulsions were simply retribution.

What cannot be disputed is the brutality of the expulsions, especially during the chaotic transition from war to approximate peace.

Newsreel film shows Germans being beaten up in the streets of Prague, forced to wear the swastika, painted on their overcoats.

There are pictures too of dead and dying Germans in fields.

Peter Klepsch, then aged 17, claims to have been a witness to mass murder.

He describes how mere boys were shot and killed in front of their fathers after trying to flee from a prison camp.

"People were shot in parties of 30 or 40," says Mr Klepsch.

"They were shot for nothing, just because they were the cream of German society.

The expulsions were decreed by Eduard Benes, Czechoslovakia's president-in-exile, during his wartime years in Britain.

One particularly controversial decree granted immunity from prosecution to Czechs who committed crimes against the Germans.
Another Zionist war crime committed against innocent Germans, solely because they were Germans and were made to be the bad guys for all of World War II's horrors.

But you'll never see this in history books, since this type of truth has been declared VERBOTEN by the Zionists and their Jew overlords that keep perpetuating the holoHOAX myth.

The Jews will never let their crimes against Germany become part of the narrative that they have steadily crafted since the early 1900's about six million Jews being burnt or 'holocausted' in a sacrifice.
A narrative they've used to steal Palestine and perpetuate endless terrors and horrors against the indigenous Palestinians and to steal hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth and hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons from emasculated nations like the USA and poor Germany.

Or the 24 other nations that have been conned into giving an endless supply of money to the world's biggest pack of parasites, the Jew.

MORE INFO at the REAL 'What Really Happened' Web site!

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  1. Most of Hitlers High Officers were Jews. There was a 150,000 man Jew Brigade in Hitlers Army. Hitler was 1/2 Jew and his mother was a full blooded Jew. The Rothchilds wanted millions of Jews murdered because they had lost control of them. If only we knew the whole truth. I do know the bankers wanted all of those countries destroyed so they could loan them money to rebuild and to steal all of the property they could.


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