Friday, February 20, 2015

Hollywood Studio Caught Producing ISIS Videos

Shockwaves are being felt all throughout Tinseltown today as federal authorities moved to arrest several who are accused of aiding and abetting a foreign terrorist organization by producing ISIS recruitment videos. It had long been suspected that the ISIS videos were produced from an outside source due to their above average production value, but no one had imagined an American production company could somehow be involved.

That changed last night, when authorities moved in and raided Final Solution Productions, a production company off the famous intersection of Sunset and Vine. Authorities did not release the names of those arrested but did say six were arrested at the studio and two more at their homes in coordinated raids.
Final Solution Productions is listed as a finishing company on their Web site, and claim to have worked on projects in the live sports commercial world, including for clients such as Pepsi Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and Apple. It is not known at the time of publishing to what extent these companies were themselves involved with Final Solutions, if at all, or what specific role it played in finishing the ads.
What is known is that Final Solution Productions was operating under this front while editing and producing the terrorist videos from their Hollywood studio.

“Around 2300 hours last night, in conjunction with Office of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Angeles Police Department, officers seized the assets at 42568 Vine St., arresting six individuals,” said FBI Special Agent Kendrick D. Williams from the LA division. “Two additional suspected were apprehended at their residence at that same time. All eight are being held as suspects in distributing and creating terrorist propaganda and are awaiting formal charges.”

Agent Williams is in charge of the Los Angeles intelligence office, and said agents were tipped off when they intercepted what appeared to be raw video elements being downloaded on computers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. When asked, Mr. Williams would not elaborate how the government intercepted this material, but sources say it was a result of interrogation that first began from captured prisoners in Iraq. One source told us that authorities learned of video elements being sent via encrypted FTP servers to a producer “somewhere in the United States.” Tech experts tell us that once a server containing this media could be intercepted, it wouldn’t take long for someone with the right resources to be able to track the IP addresses of where it was ultimately being delivered, even if that IP addressed was masked by a torrent system. “Currently the FBI is investigating all other possible connections that Final Solution Productions may have had in the Hollywood production area,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. “We do not believe Final Solution Productions acted alone, and are currently investigating its partners.”

For some time, authorities have been worried of so called “domestic terrorists” working for ISIS, and consider this a possible lead. Final Solution is believed to have worked with other studios and producers in Hollywood, some who, while not terrorists specifically, saw a profitable business and sought to gain from it. “It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood has sold itself out for a price,” said Hollywood insider Hanna Strong. Strong has started the #shameonhollywood tag in part to raise awareness against those in Hollywood willing to sell out America for their own profits. The tag is seen as a public reminder to executives that Americans won’t stand for this behavior, and is currently trending. “Americans need to react to this story so that we don’t let a few money hungry people taint Hollywood,” continued Strong. “It’s up to us as consumers to let the executives know where we stand on terrorism.” Those arrested include the president of Final Solution Productions, his executive producer, editor, and coordinator.
Source: National ReportNotice the company's name, "Final Solutions?"

Here's the web page of the company caught, Final Solutions.

Not much of a web page, I wouldn't hire a company to do video work for the Internet based on their home page.

Here's their latest production, filmed just North of Haifa, Israel on the beach.

Now I know why yesterday, FOX N*** was going ape shit over Obama's non-comment about Islam and how the shit-eaters at FOX wanted this war against the Muslim world to be officially sanctified by Obama; their video production outfit had been busted and they wanted to keep American minds engaged and confused so they wouldn't stumble on this story.

And if you're wondering if the FBI Special Agent Kendrick D. Williams is for real, he is, check out his FBI page.


  1. Ah, yes, the infamous beheading video that incited Egypt to attack Libya in coordination with that CIA man..

    The infamous beheading which saw Egypt and Libya go to the UN and ask that the arms embargo against Libya be removed....

    (the one that was enacted against Gaddafi)

    this so they (NATO/Israel) can justify the division of Libya into two entities

    There are already two central banks present-
    And two central banks says two nations!

    I see why someone left that at my place!!!
    And I thank them for it!!!

    Very interesting stuff Greg, very interesting

  2. btw greg this is the post I was referring to- it's a big two parter but this is where you meet the CIA guy and understand about the plan to balkanize Libya and the presence of the two central banks
    cause ya know greg, banking scum always has to 'rise to the top'
    with the help of it's global war machine NATO- the banksters army

  3. ^

    . . . inHHollyʬood
    " ... in conjunction


    0 ... "Homeland Security
    the Federal Bureau of Investigation and
    the Los Angeles Police Department ... "


    ʬait4it . . . "Sunset and
    \/ine . . . "


  4. greg- someone left a comment at my blog suggesting this was a hoax

    just thought you should know!


    Sorry Greg, it is a hoax.

    I have found when an article is too juicy to suppress, it is often a hoax. I got caught on the one of the supposed psychiatrist of Netanyahu committing suicide a few years ago. No one called me on it!

    I used it a few times until someone found me the original article. Ohh did I blush!

    We all just want to hope so baddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

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