Saturday, May 30, 2015

Did Crypto-Jew Saudi Arabia Nuke Yemen?

Yemen mushroom cloud, courtesy of Israeli supplied tactical nukes to Saudi Arabia

Yem_5.29.15 photo Yemen_5.29.15_zpsjzhy1gtu.png

Anyone with half a brain--which leaves out many Americans--know that Israel, having already nuked Syria in 2013, wouldn't hesitate to give their 'brothers in arms' Saudi Arabia, some tactical nukes to use against Yemen.
Nuclear strikes on Syria: The genie is already out of the bottle

The fight against Assad’s brutal regime has taken an unexpected turn late Thursday afternoon when a large weapons cache belonging to the so-called national protection force in Homs city, an arm of Assad’s Shabeeha, was destroyed. The explosion was reminiscent of the attack on Qasyoon mountain, a stronghold for the Syrian army and a location said to house missiles targeting Israel.

It was first reported that the missile fuelling station had blown up which seemed like a reasonable proposition especially since an ammunition depot was targeted.

But the two explosions in Homs and Qasyoon share the same property: They are both above ground air bursts according to
Greg Thielmann, an expert on arms control policy whom I spoke with on Saturday at great length. I was first alerted to the connection by slow twitter chatter right after the bombing in Homs.

Needless to say I was shocked at what he told me next: “The fact of the matter is, what we are seeing in both these cases is a tactical nuclear strike, probably by cruise missiles launched from aircraft's near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean.”

But sure, Greg, wouldn’t this mean a nuclear holocaust? Not so he says. “Tactical nuclear weapons lower the threshold on use of a nuclear bomb as their modern incarnation can be tuned in yield in order to target military sites using stand off weapons without escalating by destroy surrounding civilian infrastructure.”

He went on: “Keep in mind a nuclear bomb sounds like a huge device, but it can have a yield as small as the equivalent conventional payload carried by a formation of 5 F-15s. Sites in Syria are inaccessible to these jets due to the Russian support available in the field of air defense. So these strikes are an option for the west to implement its policy.”

The likely assailant in both cases is Israel he claims: “Israel is the only nation that can deploy these sorts of weapons with impunity without fear of a counter-attack. Syria has shown no appetite to get into a shooting fight even over the deployment of such weapons”.
So for the psychotic Saud regime to get some nukes from Israel and drop them on the feisty Yemeni resistance to Jew tyranny is more than plausible, it appears to have happened.

Compare the mushroom clouds and blasts from the nuke used on Syria;

To the one used against Yemen:

Subject: Nuclear strike hits Yemen. Video

Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. Tactical strikes have hit the city. Shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb.
Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs. Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone. Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest. Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any "external threat" the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face. Pravda.Ru
But wait, you say, Alex Jones hasn't touched this subject, so it can't be true!

Anyone who doesn't know Jones is a Jew disinfo outlet designed to lead the sheeple astray better not handle sharp objects.

And that also goes for 'Mr. Know-it-all,' whose ego is so huge, he'd never admit he might be wrong on this.

The Camera Never Lies

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, the Zionist MSM is barfing nonstop about the latest Muslim bashing contest being held in Phoenix, AZ to distract the sheeple from Zionist evil.

Add in that two F-16's got downed in Yemen lately and that Saudi Arabia has no F-16's, but Israel does, and that Israel, besides being bat-shit crazy, is also very vindictive and the facts seem to point to a nuke being used against Yemen.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head in Australia!

5.29.15 photo H1_zpszs5tgdnr.jpg

Where is G-d when his 'Chosen Ones' really need him?

This is 1938 all over again! This is the 'Night of the Broken Glass' all over again!

This is the Holocaust™ all over again!

A nice Jewish guy at Sydney airport is hassled by airport officials for smuggling illegal weapons into the country. Doesn't the obviously anti-Semitic agent know that Jews must always travel with weapons, in case some Palestinian attacks the poor dear?

A nice Jewish couple from New York are ill-treated at Sydney airport for smuggling in prohibited food items in their baggage. Look at the face of an Israeli supremacist in this video.

Filthy Goyim have no respect for the Master Race, one day they will PAY!

A nice Israeli Jew is ticked off at Sydney airport by insensitive baggage handlers just because he has a severe attitude problem, just because he jumped the line and tried to take his rightful place ahead of the ignorant Gentiles!

Trying to sneak in diseased leaves? Maybe he was wanting to emulate his forefathers who spread the Black Plaque around Europe?

If you want to send some money to these poor dears, call 1-800-666-1984 for further instructions.

Thanks to the beautiful mind of 'Dark Moon.'

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hollywood: Telling the BIG LIE of the Holocaust™

This Hollywood propaganda piece is called “Nazi Concentration Camps 1945," and as you'll see, many of the BIG LIES about the Holocaust™ are in this piece of flam-flamerry.

This piece of propaganda, "NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS 1945," was created out of thin air--like the fiat money the same gang creates--by Hollywood director George Stevens.

Some of Stevens other fairy tales were; "A Place in the Sun," "Shane," and the crowd fav, "The Diary of Anne Frank," whose real author, Meyer Levin, was paid $50,000 to write.

More Zio-mob lies designed to prop up the BIG LIE of the Holocaust™

At the 32:54 minute mark, they show a lampshade, made from 'human' skin.

And another BIG LIE, about the Nazi shrunken heads, at the 33:22 mark:

At the 36:20 mark, we get gassed by another BIG LIE of the Holocaust™, the gas chambers at Mathausen, which didn't exist in Austria, but never let the truth stand in the way of telling a whopper!

They also tell even more lies about the 'human' skin, which they claim is used to paint obscene pictures. Sounds like the Bin Lade lie about his porno library!

At the 45 minute mark, they 'show and tell' another whopper, about the so-called gas chambers at Dachau. Except the vents for dispersing the 'gas' are in the ceiling and since cyanide is lighter than air, the gas, even if it had been used to kill people, wouldn't be able to travel downwards where someone was standing, as it's chemical properties would force it to float to the ceiling.
And as the Holocaust™ con artists now admit, their were NO gas chambers in Germany, but hey, look at the money they were able to con!

Shower head at Dachau, in the ceiling that we've been told endless times was used to disperse Zyklon B gas, except Zyklon B--which is a pesticide used to kill fleas--is mostly cyanide, a gas that is lighter than air, which means it would float to the ceiling, and not drop down to 'gas' people.
dachau photo dachau_zpshsqztxuv.png

At the 35 second mark, there's a doozy of a whopper being told!

Even Jews know the Holocaust™ is a fraud.

Go to this link to see 42 applications of active and applied 'Trademarks' with the word holocaust!

Ole Dammegard - Making Critical Thinking Illegal: Questioning the Holocaust

Holocaust™ historian admits so-called evidence about the gassing of six million Jews is "weak and flimsy."

If the Holocaust™ scammers hadn't gotten greedy and added the obvious LIES about shrunken heads; human skin lamp shades and a huge electrical mat used to electrocute slave labor camp inmates, they might of gotten their Holocaust™ fraud to pass, but greed took over and it will be their undoing.

Break out the hankies! Another weepy Holocaust™ fraud movie is hitting the toilet bowl of the public outhouse and reporters are going ga-ga over this latest con.

Monday, May 25, 2015

36 Jews Wanted for Conspiracy & MOVING COMPANY FRAUD

"We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem."
Statement of MOSSAD agent Sivan Kurzberg to the arresting officers who nabbed them for celebrating, dancing and 'hi-fiving' each other while filming the WTC attacks.

These Jew gangsters--below--are wanted by the Department of Transportation, Inspector General's Office. They were part of an operation in Hollywood, Florida before fleeing the indictments to Israel, issued from 2003 to 2013.

Which means they are up to something again, another Israeli masterminded attack on the USA, again to be blamed on Muslims so Israel can continue with its ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the Wall Street Jew bankers can continue to loot this nation of wealth.

Many were born in Israel, then most likely sent here as MOSSAD agents to pull off some murderous stunt, like assisting the real Israeli Jew 9/11 hijackers, which did happen in the months leading up to that day.

They lived in and around Hollywood, Florida, a hotspot for the REAL 9/11 perps, where they like to visit tittie bars, drink copious amounts of booze and snort cocaine, just what a devout Muslim does, right?

The 9/11 Israeli 'art students,' who were most likely a MOSSAD cell setting up the phony narrative of Muslim hijackers, also liked South Florida and many of them had served in Israeli IDF explosive ordinance units, electronic signals intercept and military intelligence.

Mossad Bullshit!!! Atta has all the hallmarks of an intelligence agent. He is a fake scripted cutout and did not fly a plane on 9/11. Which mosque did he attend in Jewish Hollywood Florida. Why did he choose the Jewish car rental agency? Why are the dancing Israeli box-cutter movers linked to the hijackers apartments, mail boxes in New Jersey, internet accounts, and car rental locations in the FBI Investigation? Why did urban moving systems go everywhere evidence of hijackers is found, the day before it was found? Why did 2 dancing Israelis drive to Shanksville in an Urban Moving System van September 10 and get arrested in PA on Sept 12th? Why were they in Boston on Sept 11 and 12? Where were they arrested in Boston? Why are their phones and phone number lists linked to Hollywood Florida? Urban Moving Systems is directly linked to the hijacker trail before 9/11.

Shades of Dominik Suter and Urban Moving Systems who was running an operation out of his New Jersey as part of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. Urban Moving Systems also had an apartment in Hollywood, Florida.

When the FBI wanted to bring Suter in for questioning, they found out he'd made 'aliyah' to Israel.

What are these dangerous criminals up to this time?

[Tamir] Cohen fled to his native Israel and was last known to be residing in Hollywood, Florida. Tamir Cohen is the brother of Oshri Cohen also wanted by the USDOT-OIG for extortion by moving company.

OIG Wanted Fugitives

Defendants charged with transportation related crimes sometimes flee the court's jurisdiction and/or the United States rather than face prosecution or serve a sentence. When these circumstances occur, they become fugitives from justice. The following are fugitives sought by the OIG’s Office of Investigations.

Do not attempt to apprehend any of these individuals.
Mug shots of some of these darlings. What beautiful people!

 photo DOT_zpscaokma8w.png

Where’s the proof that the 19 named Arabs were the hijackers? No CCTV video footage placing them at the airports where the hijacked planes took off from, including those of other passengers on these planes, has ever been released.

Cheney admits he LIED about 9/11

Is wanted fugitive Dominik Suter back in the USA?

What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

9-11/ Israel Did It

Thanks to andie531 for this tip!

Video and pics of an Israeli-owned moving van stopped by police on King Street, NYC on the evening 9/11. It's easy to see the "Urban Moving Systems" logo.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Where Should the Birds Fly" is a Heart-Breaking Story of the Israeli Jew's Savage Attacks Against Palestinians

More horror stories of the evil, insane, malignant blood-sucking Israeli Jews ongoing and planned genocidal extermination of the indigenous Palestinians. The story of Mona, who lost nearly all her family due to the world's most immoral army, the IDF, blowing apart a house Mona and her family had been ordered into by the Jew Storm-Troopers.

Where Should the Birds Fly - A Documentary Film By Fida Qishta

Where Should The Birds Fly is the compelling and moving story of two remarkable young women, the future of Palestine, who personify the struggle to maintain humanity, humor and hope, to find some degree of normality in the brutal abnormality that has been imposed on them. Mona is an 11 year old girl of remarkable wisdom. Her family died under Israeli rockets. Fida Qishta, the filmmaker, is a 27 year old journalist. With her crew she has documented the lives of the people of Gaza. This is a Palestinian film, the first made by Palestinians.

A young girl sits among the rubble of her family home. She talks of the many people she knows who have been killed. When asked if she lost many family members she says: "Not many. Just my mother, my father and my brother." Mona is 10 years old.

Omar stands before the rubble of the house he began building on the day his first son was born. Over the next twelve years he painstakingly added brick upon brick, wiring, plumbing, a new room, another floor. A fine house for his growing family, filled with precious mementos, well-kept furniture, wall hangings, children's toys, all the necessary silver and flatware for daily meals and special dinners. Twelve years to the day of his son's birth the bulldozers plowed into his home, destroying his family's shelter, possessions and security. As the camera attempts to record the effect of this devastation, to read his emotions, he raises his hands gently: "What are we supposed to do now?"

Fida Qishta, a young Palestinian filmmaker and journalist from Rafah in Gaza has documented the horrific Israeli invasion and bombardment of Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. Working with her crew of young Gazans, they have kept the cameras rolling for months, recording the struggle of the people of Gaza to retrieve some sense of normalcy from the absolute abnormality of life in the world's largest prison camp, sealed off on all sides by Israeli and Egyptian walls, barbed wire and military.
The Israeli Jews bulldoze Palestinian fields and gardens, trying to starve them into oblivion. The Israeli Jew Navy shoots up the Palestinian fishing boats so they can't use fish to feed their families.

Palestinian Woman and her Children Attacked by Settlers

Raging settlers attack a mother and her children…another day in Occupied Palestine. Meanwhile, an Israeli politician who has referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes” has been appointed to serve as the country’s new “justice minister.”

‘Nailed to a Cross’? World Bank Warns of Impact of Israel’s Siege on Gaza

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Holocaust™ Reparations: Israel and Israelis Steal Human Organs as Payback for the Holocaust™

"If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non-Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first. If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA ... If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has infinite value."

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh
Another Palestinian Has Served the Jew Overlord in 'Stolenland.'

5.20.15 photo orgat_zpsnostmgyv.jpg

Tony Bennet will have to change the words to his song, "I Left my Heart, in San Francisco Tel Aviv"
Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine

In August Sweden's largest daily newspaper published an article containing grisly evidence suggesting that Israel had been taking Palestinian internal organs. The article, by veteran photojournalist Donald Bostrom, called for an international investigation to discover the facts.

Israel immediately accused Bostrom and the newspaper of 'anti-Semitism,' and charged that suggesting Israelis could be involved in the illicit removal of body parts constituted a modern 'blood libel,'(medieval stories of Jews killing people for their blood).

Numerous Israeli partisans repeated these accusations, including Commentary's Jonathan Tobin, who asserted that the story was "merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of European funded and promoted anti-Israel hate."

The fact is, however, that Israeli organ harvesting, sometimes with Israeli governmental funding and the participation of high Israeli officials, prominent Israeli physicians, and Israeli ministries has been documented for many years. Among the victims have been Palestinians.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes is Chancellor's Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley, the founder of Organ Watch, and the author of scholarly books and articles on organ trafficking. She is the pundit mainstream media call upon when they need expert commentary on the topic.

(NOTE: It appears someone got to Scheper-Hughes's site,
"Organ Watch," since it has been out of service since 2009)

While Scheper-Hughes emphasizes that traffickers and procurers come from numerous nations and ethnicities, including Americans and Arabs, she is unflinchingly honest in speaking about the Israeli connection:

Israel is at the top, she states. It has tentacles reaching out worldwide.
In a lecture last year sponsored by New York's PBS 13 Forum, Scheper-Hughes explained that Israeli organ traffickers, "had and still have a pyramid system at work that's awesome...they have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere; they've got recruiters, they've got translators, they've got travel agents who set up the visas."

Lest this sound simply like a successful international concern, it's important to understand the nature of such a business.

As Scheper-Hughes describes it, organ trafficking consists of "Paying the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies."

Organ traffickers prey on the world's poorest, most desperate citizens, "slum dwellers, inhabitants of dying villages, people without means or hope. Traffickers promise them what seem like astronomical sums of money (from $1,000 to $10,000)" which they frequently don't even deliver in return for vital internal organs.

For traffickers, human body parts are commodities, to be cut out of the bodies of the poor and sold to the rich. The organ 'donors' receive no follow-up care and end up worse off on many levels physically, financially, psychologically, socially than even their original tragic situation. Sometimes they are coerced into such 'donations.'
In her Forum 13 lecture Scheper-Hughes discussed the two motivations of Israeli traffickers. One was greed, she said. The other was somewhat chilling: "Revenge, restitution reparation for the Holocaust."

She described speaking with Israeli brokers who told her it's 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We're going to get every single kidney and liver and heart that we can. The world owes it to us."

Scheper-Hughes says that she even heard doctors saying that.

For many years Israelis in need of an internal organ have gone on what experts call 'transplant tourism,' traveling to other nations to obtain internal organs. Sometimes body parts are obtained from those freshly dead; more often from the desperately needy. While affluent people from numerous countries and ethnicities engage in this practice, Israel is unique in several significant ways.

First, Israelis engage in this at an extraordinarily high rate. According to a 2001 BBC report, Israelis buy more kidneys per capita than any other population.

Second, Israelis have the lowest donor rate in the world one-fifth that of Europe, according to BBC. This is in part because there has been a widespread impression that Jewish religious law prohibits transplants as a 'desecration of the body.' The Israeli news service Ynet reports, the percentage of organs donated among Jews is the lowest of all the ethnic groups.
Third, the Israeli government has enabled the practice. For many years the Israeli health system subsidized its citizens transplant holidays, reimbursing Israelis $80,000 for medical operations abroad. Much of the remaining costs could often be obtained from government-subsidized Israeli insurance plans.

In addition, Israel's Ministry of Defense was directly involved.
If Israel's Ministry of Defense is involved, then Americans are directly subsidizing this ghoulish practice.

"Abe, Sarge here says we need to harvest 3 hearts, six kidneys, two livers and a six corneas today, so start blasting at those Palestinian kids outside, just don't hit them in the organs! Hey, look, three kids playing soccer...BlAM, BLAM, BLAM...Call the transplant team, three donations to pick up NOW!"

At the 1:20 mark, watch the Khazar butcher wiggle out of moral questions about illegal transplants.

Is Israel At The Heart Of A Global Illegal Organ Trade?

Unfortunately, the doc can not be viewed in its entirety in the JEWSA.

Trafficking the Traffickers: Undercover Ethnography in the Organs Trafficking Underworld

CNN: Israel a Leader in Organ Trafficking

Israel harvested organs without permission, officials say

"I need revenge for the 637 members of my immediate family who were put to death by those nasty Nazis during the Holocaust™ and if you don't come up with some loot money and I mean FAST, my transplant team will pay you a visit at 3 am!"

Israeli organ traffickers shift operations to China

An Israeli organ trafficking ring which was smashed in South Africa last year has shifted its operations to China, according to a report in the New York Times. A 52-year-old Tel Aviv man, Ilan Peri, is alleged to have organised at least 100 kidney transplants for Israelis. The Times profiled the case of an American woman from Brooklyn and a Brazilian man from the impoverished city of Recife in Durban. She paid brokers US$60,000 (a special discount because of family ties) and he received $6,000 from them. The operation was performed at St Augustine's Hospital in Durban. This is owned by a private health care chain, Netcare, which boasts that it aims "to uphold South Africa's reputation as 'the transplant capital of the world'".

Organ donation rates in Israel are amongst the lowest in the developed world, partly because of a belief that Jewish religious law forbids it.
Was a Ukrainian Murdered That A Jew Might Live?
Autopsies and Palestine

I remembered another visit when the military had opened fire on a demonstration. A teen-aged boy was shot in the face and soldiers charged in to get him. Suddenly hundreds of people poured into the street, oblivious to the teargas and live ammunition.

Old women ran straight at the soldiers, screaming and crying. Children flooded around to protect them from flailing clubs and gun butts. The wounded boy was dragged away by friends. Before the military could seal the gates to the city, he was out.

The best efforts of a local hospital failed to save him, however. As we entered, frenzied youths were plunging through the corridors to a secret exit with their lifeless burden. Parents of other patients rushed to hold doors and wipe the fresh blood from the tiled floor. As hospital personnel rapidly swabbed down the surgery and changed their smocks, a young woman rushed outside to drive away the car which had brought the boy. By the time the army had maneuvered around the barricades and plunged through the doors of the emergency room, all was quiet.

Why did the soldiers want the body so badly and why were the Palestinians ready to risk death to keep it? The stories of the families I had come to see today embodied those issues. Nearly a month after their sons had died, they had only just buried them.
US House Committee votes [an additional] $474 million more in May 2015 to Israel in AIPAC sponsored legislation

How to blind Americans to the Palestinian genocide being perpetuated by Israel

€œSuccessful communications is about pointing out a few core principles of shared values€” such as democracy and freedom€” and repeating them over and over again€¦. You need to start with empathy for both sides, remind your audience that Israel wants peace and then repeat the messages of democracy, freedom, and peace over and over again¦. we need to repeat the message, on average, ten times to be effective.

Propaganda for lovers of Israel to repeat endlessly.
The Jew has been repeating lies and bullshit about their Holocaust™ fraud so loudly and for so long, even the con artists are believing their own con.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The 2015 "High Five" War Monger Brainwashing Tour of the USA

With catch phrases like "When America Goes to War, Families Go to War" this tour de force is bound to bring forth many a misty eye as they travel across our worn-out, outdated and pot-holed highways and dilapidated bridges, made that way due to spending our money on fighting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' the only two entities who are benefiting from this military madness.

So bring the family along, including that little one, who they'll need for cannon fodder when he or she grows up. Maybe they'll drive by a veterans cemetery where some of the 7,000 vets who commit suicide each year are resting!
Wounded Warriors Family Support’s High Five Tour is the quintessential road trip where we thank Americans from all across our great country for their appreciation and support of our nation’s military families for the sacrifices that they make when America goes to war.

This summer, Wounded Warriors Family Support will hit the road for the 6th annual High Five Tour 2015. During the four month tour, a 2015 Ford Explorer and 2015 Ford F-150 will travel more than 26,000 miles as we crisscross the United States, traveling to more than 100 cities and making stops in 48 states. Americans of all walks of life are invited and encouraged to show their support for our military families by visiting an event on the tour and signing the tour vehicles with a message of support to our country’s veterans and their families.

Through the High Five Tour 2015, our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to provide as grants to qualified combat wounded for the purchase of Ford vehicles. We need your help to meet our goal.

9.9.13 photo AMERICA-FIGHT-FOR-ISRAEL_zps761b18b5.jpg

Their list of partners on this sickening propaganda includes many unions, but I guess that's the price the members pay for those good-paying jobs building vehicles for the Empire.

This year will mark the SIXTH time the child killers will criss-cross the Unholy States of America, dripping with blood from their latest butchery.

There's even a gallery of pics showing many Americans doing their part to worship death, and many of them are shown, appropriately either bent over or on their knees.

But hope springs eternal, as one of their Jewtube videos only has nine hits!

One US vet tells off the NYPD and wins, "If you want to fight, go to Iraq."

You can tell by the looks on the cops faces they want to bust this guy up, but there's too many video cameras recording to get away with their typical thug maneuvers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

9/11: "War of Lies" Documentary

The neoCON's and Zionists and their Jew Overlord who did 9/11 are getting a bit antsy. All of their scheming and lying to push the blame onto the Muslim world is coming undone, since each day, more and more are waking up to the FACT that 9/11 was masterminded by Israel, with help from American traitors in the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA, and that's not good...for them.

So it's on to one of their alternative plans to stick Saudi Arabia with the blame. Ever wonder why the 14 'hijackers' on 9/11 who were from Saudi Arabia, why that Dark Age kingdom of terror never got any blame? That's because Saudi Arabia was going to be used to backstop the original lie when the truth started becoming universal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Saudi Arabia, their rulers should get the same 'haircut' they dish out regularly to poor souls caught up in their nightmare.

The Crypto-Jew Saud family and their 7,000 or so princes might find things to be getting a wee bit hot. The days of one of their 'princesses' running up a SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR Paris hotel bill might be coming to an end.

War of Lies doc:

In 1999, Rafed Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi fled his native Iraq and ended up in Cologne, Germany. In his asylum application, he stated that he was a chemical engineer working for the military industrial complex in Iraq. This naturally attracted attention. A member of the German secret service, the BND, told him that “they” wanted to bring down Saddam Hussein, Al-Janabi claims. Music to the ears of this Iraqi, who wanted nothing more than to see the end of the ruthless dictator. Al-Janabi suggested that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and made sketches of the complex where he worked. He received the code name Curveball, which turned out to be strangely fitting. His relationship with the BND went sour, however, and after October 2000 there was no more contact between them. Then, after 9/11, the old file was dug up and sent to the American and British secret services. In 2003, President Bush gave the order to invade Iraq on the basis of this dubious information.
Director Matthias Bittner intercuts segments of a long interview with Al-Janabi with news clips about his lies and reenacted scenes from his wanderings since leaving his country. Was Al-Janabi really able to walk all over the world's intelligence services and how did this lie become a convenient truth?
WAR OF LIES - TRAILER from Maffo on Vimeo.

Gosh, there's no Wikipedia or Jewtube entry, gosh, wonder why?

German web page for "War of Lies," English translation coming soon.

More info at "Truth and Shadows" blog.
Before the screening of War of Lies, the film’s German director, Matthias Bittner, was called to the stage and introduced. He said very little, mainly cryptically that “in Germany this film will never be broadcast in a festival – even a student festival – or in a cinema.”

Someone in the audience asked: “Why?”

Bittner didn’t answer. Instead, he shrugged his shoulders and quickly left the stage, pointedly looking at the audience, as if to say: “You decide – after you see the film.”

Monday, May 18, 2015

How Khazarian Ashkenazi "Jews" Invented Modern Terrorism before 911

The Jew terrorist that was part of the gang of psychos who bombed the King David hotel is smiling and damn near laughing when telling his tale of terror. That gives you insight into the depraved, twisted mind of modern-day Jew terrorists, who gleefully murder us Gentiles to protect their little terrorist state, Israel.

In 1946, Jewish terrorists dressed as Arabs blew up the King David hotel in Palestine, killing 91 and injuring 45. This false-flag style, in which stage-managed attacks are blamed on an innocent third party for political ends, was to be a cornerstone of Israeli state terrorism and frequently employed over the following decades including the 21st century. It did not always succeed - particularly in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties - in which case Jews ended up having to admit responsibility.

In 1946 the Zionist cabal were still waiting for the British to deliver their promise on Palestine (as per the Balfour Declaration). And after several failures, they believed that their latest "six million" hoax might have better success in the context of a World War that had just killed at least 50 million. Killing British forces whilst pitting them against the Palestinians was aimed at speeding up the departure of the Brits and bringing about a transfer of power in favour of the Zionist cabal.

In 1948, the Zionist mafia got their sovereign state: Israel. This was just two years after the King David attack, and just as the hoax of "The Holocaust" began to take hold in the minds of the true believers - aided by the Zionist media and the fact that Stalin and Beria would not permit independent observers to check the alleged crime scenes in Poland. However, subsequent events demonstrated that Zionism is much more than establishing a national homeland for the Jewish people. It is a programme for world domination and dictatorship, as documented in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion and its earlier (ghost-written) revisions such as The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu (1864), and The Prince (c. 1516).

In May 1949, former US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal was found dead at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in suspicious circumstances. This was less than two months after he had been fired by President Truman. Forrestal had been the administration's leading opponent of the formation and US recognition of Israel. Seven weeks after being committed for "treatment", apparently against his will, his body was found on a ledge beneath a window of his 16th-floor room. The official account held that it was "suicide". It was said he had been copying a morbid poem by Sophocles shortly before plunging from the window, but the handwriting on the transcription did not match that of Forrestal. A belt or cord from his dressing gown was tied tightly around his neck, but there was no evidence that the other end had ever been secured to a radiator, say, for a hanging attempt. In any case, a would-be suicide could have simply jumped rather than attempt a hanging. It appears that Forrestal was strangled and thrown out of the window. As he still represented a threat to Israel's interests, Israeli forces would be a prime suspect.

In November 1963, Israel's Mossad operatives assassinated US President John F Kennedy. The motive was that Kennedy opposed Israel's (i.e. the Zionist mafia's) plans to develop nuclear weapons at its (their) Dimona facility in the Negev Desert. Naturally, an official version of events was concocted, denying any Israeli involvement, and claiming that Oswald, the patsy, was a "lone assassin".

The official fiction was not supported by eyewitnesses, who reported that shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll rather than Oswald's location in the Texas School Book Depository. They also reported seeing a cloud of smoke in the Knoll area. Eighteen of these material witnesses died within the next three years.

More Zionist and their Jew Overlords crimes in detail at this link.

At the 1:50 mark, she explains why the USA is bogged down in the ME, fighting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' the only entities that are benefiting from this carnage.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Kind of 'Peace' That Israel Wants!

The only 'peace' Israel wants is:

A piece of Lebanon; a piece of Syria; a piece of Iran; a piece of Iraq; a piece of Turkey; a piece of Egypt; a piece of Saudi Arabia; a piece of Jordan and whatever pieces are left of Palestine after the psychos of Israel get thru with their genocide and destruction of Gaza and the razing of the West Bank.

7.18.13 photo eretzisraelmaplg_zpsaa9c20c7.jpg

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What the Sick and Twisted JEW Has In Store for Palestine

Jenin, before the savage Khazar lunatics calling themselves Jews went on one of their rampages.

Jen_2002_before photo Jininbefore_zpsgdnqiq3l.jpg

Now that the lies of Israel being serious about negotiating a peace deal with the indigenous Palestinians has been outed in ways even the MSM can't deny, more of what the psychotic, blood-sucking, mass-murdering Khazar Tribe did to the Palestinian refugee camp/city of Jenin in 2002, is what 'Bibi the Butcher' and his lunatic cabinet will visit upon the unarmed and forgotten by the world Palestinians.

When the unhinged Jew isn't shooting Palestinian women and children, or crushing peace activists to death, they're burying families alive in a grave made of a building pushed over by American supplied Caterpillar bulldozers while massacring 500 Palestinians in Jenin.

Here's a small sample of the WAR CRIMES committed in Jenin in 2002 by the Jew lunatics invading the refugee camp:
Witnesses stated unarmed people were shot and denied medical treatment, as a result died.

Human Rights Watch have regarded many killings to be unlawful such as the death of a 57 year old wheelchair bound man who was shot and run over by a tank despite having attached a white flag on his wheelchair.

Medical staff were shot at (one nurse killed) while trying to reach the wounded even after clearly being in uniform displaying the red crescent symbol. There have also been reports of Israeli soldiers using Palestinians as human shields, one father described how a soldier rested his rifle on his 14 year old son's shoulder as he shot.

Israel denied the entry of rescue teams and journalists into Jenin even after they withdrew.

Jenin, after the Jew invaded and took out its sexual frustrations on the unarmed Palestinians

Jen_2002_after photo jininafter_zps7cvcdhnv.jpg

When Western reporters were finally allowed into Jenin, they reported that the stench of decomposing bodies from destroyed buildings hung heavily in the air.

But the European Union did 'consider' imposing some kind of economic sanctions against the Jew maniacs, but that thought quickly passed.

"Oops, sorry about that UN, but that's what you get for sticking your nose into our genocide!"
Jin_2002_UN photo jininun_zpsdr3hzrcy.jpg

Click on the green markers in this map to learn more about these camps. Use the + button to zoom in and click on overlapping markers.

UPDATE: The above map doesn't work properly, so click HERE to see and read what's on the map at NPR.

Jenin refugee camp photos courtesy of Jim Stone.

"Falastin, Not Israel"

Israel We Accuse

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Miraculous Israeli Tales of Lucky Escapes in Terror Attacks! ✡ ✈ ▌▌

All Terrorist Roads Lead to Israel

Incredible Israeli Tales of Lucky Escapes in Westgate Attack

In the wake of terrorist attacks that invariably seem to benefit Israel, an increasingly expected feature is the incredible tales of lucky escapes — some less credible than others — subsequently told either by Israelis or Tel Aviv’s foreign agents. Soon after the attacks on September 11, 2001, the former chairman of the United Jewish Appeal in New York explained how his wife’s insistence that he not miss a dermatologist’s appointment that morning saved him from almost certain death in the Twin Towers. The owner of the World Trade Center had spent every morning subsequent to July 26 holding breakfast meetings in the Windows on the World restaurant and getting to know his new tenants right up to the morning of September 10.

Like the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., stories have also emerged of Israelis who miraculously escaped serious harm or death during last month’s terrorist attack on the Israeli-owned Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. As Albert Attias, the head of the Jewish community in the Kenyan capital and an Israeli military veteran, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

No Jews were among the victims of the attack, according to Attias, which occurred as many community members attended the bar mitzvah celebration of an Israeli diplomat’s son.

The Jewish Press also reports that Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Yaki Lopez and the embassy’s security officer arrived at the command center of the local security forces soon after the first reports about the attack:

“We knew the shopping center is owned by Israelis and renowned as a place where many Israelis hang out,” Lopez told Maariv. “Four of the restaurants there are also owned by Israelis and many Israelis are employed in the place..."
Miracle of miracles!

The Kenyan mall was usually flooded with Jews, but on the day of the attack, they weren't there. Guess their G-d is the top dog in heaven to always be around when these 'unexplained' terror attacks hit.

Gosh, I can't believe it! This pic somehow disappeared from my photo-hosting site, had to reload the damn thing. Must be some technical glitch, huh?

5.12.15 photo Jewsdidwtc_zpspnha6gof.gif

Like the thousands and thousands of Jews that worked at the WTC on 9/11, they too escaped harm, thanks to getting a message beforehand warning them to get the hell out. Odigo and Israeli instant messaging service, is located in Herzliya, Israel, the same location as MOSSAD HDQ.
On September 12, 2001, the Internet edition of The Jerusalem Post reported, "The Israeli foreign ministry has collected the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack." Yet only one Israeli was killed at the WTC and two were reportedly killed on the "hijacked" aircraft. Although a total of three Israeli lives were reportedly lost on 9/11, speechwriters for President George W. Bush grossly inflated the number of Israeli dead to 130 in the president's address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001.

Wait, there's more!

On September 10, 2001, the Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs warned its Jewish American employees to stay clear of American buildings.

Unfortunately, they didn't pass that insider knowledge onto their GOYIM friends in the WTC, who either got incinerated or crushed to death on 9/11.

And another Israeli outfit, ZIM American Israeli Shipping Company, got the hell out of Dodge and the WTC a week prior to 9/11. Maybe G-d whispered in their ears, it's time to vamoose?
[FBI Special Agent] Mike Dick, aggressively investigated this Israeli ring before and after 911. But like O’Neill, he soon found himself removed from his duties on the orders of the then-head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division Michael Chertoff. Dick was very suspicious when Israeli movers quickly moved Zim American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of office space on the 17th Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center . The partially Israeli state-owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one week prior to 911. According to a non official cover (NOC) CIA source who worked with Dick, Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th Floor office space after Zim moved out.

After 911, Dick as well as the CIA NOC were harassed by their superiors on orders “from above.” Those orders came from Chertoff. Dick was first relieved of his primary counter-espionage duties.

Maybe that message was from G-d?

It's obvious G-d favors the Jews, since he/she/it is always giving them warnings ahead of mysterious terror attacks so they won't get their curly hair singed.

Miracles of miracles!

MOSSAD, the Israeli assassination, kidnapping and false flag outfit, knows how to blend into a scene:
"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Part of a study done by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) paper for devising ways to enforce a major Israeli-Palestinian peace accord that was released on September 10,2001.

Washington Times
What other pies are the bloody fingers of Mossad in?
* The Mossad recruits Arab agents to carry out missions.

* Israeli agents are skilled at impersonating Arabs.

* Mossad had an elaborate plan to vilify Iraq and involve the US in a war against it.

* MOSSAD knew in advance of the 1983 Arab surprise attack on US Marines based in Lebanon. Instead of warning their American "allies", Mossad deliberately allowed more than 200 US Marines to be killed in the surprise bombing attack.

* Wealthy Zionists in America are often called upon to help carry out Mossad missions.
With the above in mind, let's see what neoCON whack job John Bolton, the FOX N*** darling, has to say about future terror attacks:
Bolton: Terrorists May Attack Before Obama Leaves Office

Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says terrorists may attack the United States while President Barack Obama is still in office.

He warned of weapons of mass destruction which are in the hands of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists, a “nuclear holocaust” for Israel and possible attacks before Obama leaves office
Straight from his Master, Israeli war criminal at-large Benny Netanyahu.

UPDATE: Almost forgot about the attack back in April 2014 on the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom by an alleged Jew-hating, anti-Semite. Miller went there to shoot Jews, but the first report that came out had an eyewitness saying that Miller was asking people their religion before shooting.
So this 'Jew-hating, anti-Semite' goes to a place where Jews are thicker than Spring dandelions to shoot 'Chosenites,' and winds up killing Christians?

That was the initial report, which soon got dropped down the memory hole and changed to the meme that Miller was gunning for Jews.


BTW, April 14 was the beginning of the Jew 'holy' day of Passsover.

Monday, May 11, 2015

"7 million" People Were Holycausted at Treblinka!

5.11.15 photo holoo_zpshx1i6khb.jpg

Seven million gassed at Treblinka? Better open your wallets and close your mind, as this latest Holocaust™ scam will bring tears to your eyes or your just a vile, Jew-hating anti-Semite!
See under the headline "Made To Watch Victims' Burial" in following scan of the Derby Evening Telegraph from Monday, May 14, 1945 for the following passage:

"Seven million people were killed by the Germans in the Polish horror camp of Treblinka in three years, said Moscow radio to-day."

5.10.15 photo hhol_zpsvvyweb7t.jpg

OMG, when will this sadness madness ever stop?

It will stop when the Jew is finally exposed as the parasitic, blood-sucking malignant organism it truly is.

In Europe, the book was a smash, translated into eighteen languages and made into a hit film. In the United States, however, it had sold poorly, so poorly that Defonseca and her ghostwriter successfully sued their publisher for $33 million for inadequate promotion, one of the largest judgments in publishing history. Two years ago, publisher Jane Daniel fought back, twenty-first century style: she launched a blog, called Bestseller, questioning Defonseca's story, hoping to nullify the court's decision by proving the author was a fraud.

It was there online, one day in December 2007, that Sharon Sergeant (MET-83), now an adjunct faculty member in BU genealogical research program, stumbled upon the controversy. And she thought she might be able to help.

Since then, Sergeant has become widely known as a hoax buster, putting to work the forensic skills she's honed over twenty years to help debunk three fraudulent Holocaust memoirs. The tools of her profession include photographic timelines and databases, vital records, census reports, property deeds, maps, newspaper interviews, obituaries, phone directories and living relatives. Skype, online records, and blogs have also broadened her reach, and DNA testing is an option if she needs it.

Sergeant mined the various translations of the book and used the discrepancies among names and dates to piece together Defonseca's true identity, which was in fact Monique De Wael. She also noticed a number of Catholic references in the text, and through contacts in Belgium, including Evelyne Haendel, a genealogist who herself had been an orphan hidden during the war, she came up with a baptismal certificate proving De Wael was not Jewish. School records showed De Wael was enrolled in grammar school, along with the sister of Defonseca's future husband, at the time she was supposedly running across the countryside, hiding from Nazis and living with wolves.

Detractors have called Sergeant a witch-hunter, a Holocaust denier, and even a Nazi.
Want to see what a REAL holocaust looks like?

Then look at the 67 year old psychotic Jew genocide of the native Palestinians.

What the world's most 'moral army' loves to do, shoot Muslim babies in the head.
Isr_4.23.15 photo Israel5_zpsof5swyry.png

8.14 photo Israel_killing_children31_zpscbaa2ab3.jpg

Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Ha-ha-ha, the Funniest Cartoons About the World's Biggest Con, the Holocaust™" Says Pam Gellar!

"These cartoons are so damn funny, I laughed so hard, I burst one of the silicone packets in my surgically-enhanced breasts! Abe, I need another operation to get my smoking-hot 60 yo bod back!"

Pam Gellar

"Not only are these works of art, they are sexually arousing, as I usually lay one of the back of my latest 'boy-toy' conquest while snorting some primo Peruvian flake, thoughtfully provided by the local Israeli Embassy!"

Geert Wilders

This is your kid's brain being indoctrinated to create the next generation of Holocaust™ slaves
05.09.2015 photo hollocar_zpsqdvjg0ve.jpg

05.09.15 photo hollowcarto_zpstmngjrzg.jpg

05.9.15 photo hollowmis_zps0lsv7onr.jpg

And in the end, this is what the con job AKA the Holocaust™ is really about; getting nations around the world filled with guilt so World Jewry can get hundreds of billions of dollars FREE. And get hundreds of billions worth of the latest advanced weaponry.

 photo hollowmon_zpslxnuawxo.jpg

And get that 100% reliable fuck-proof veto at the UN from their GOY slaves in the USA so the Khazar gangsters can keep on with their brazen land thefts in Palestine and their 67+ years of genocide of the native Palestinians.

Art Work Source

1.19.15 photo holo_zpscbad6c0c.png

Like the cancer it is, the Holocaust™ is mutating and growing tumors everywhere. Like using the Holocaust™ as a shield against those nasty anti-Semites who had the audacity to ask if the Jews were behind the 2008 economic crash, that looted trillions from the Gentile world while Israel grew stronger. (There's links to this story at the noxious ADL, but I refuse to post that POS address.)

And using the Holocaust™ to smack down any questions about Jew and Israeli involvement in the 9/11 False Flag, which has so many 'Chosenites' involved, it looks like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Israeli State threatening immediate demolition of entire Palestinian village

Just like the Israel-USA created and funded IS/ISIS/al Nusra mobs are destroying ancient history in Syria and Iraq, the real anti-Semites, the Khazarian Jews, are destroying history in Palestine.

Now Pammie and Geert, this is another example of free speech, so don't get bent out of shape and send in some MOSSAD mercs to shot up my place, like the False Flag you staged in the Lone Star of David state of Texas.

Over 100 synagogues and temples in Texas, no wonder that state is known as 'Little Israel.'

Inspiration for this blog came from the wicked mind of Noor!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Americans, Safely Inside Their Bubble of Stupidity, Sports, Arrogance, Sex and Ignorance

5.8.15 photo 112_zpshyi7ffft.gif

Yes, we Americans are exceptional! Just ask the survivors of Afghanistan... or Iraq... or Libya..or Syria...or Yemen...or Pakistan...or Palestine...or Lebanon...hey, wait a minute, those nations are the ones Israel wanted destroyed as laid out in Oden Yinon's 1982 plan for butchering the Muslim world called, A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.

But I'm getting side-tracked. This blog is supposed to be about American 'exceptionalism,' which must be true, since all of our recent blood-soaked, homicidal maniacs we get as Presidents say it's so, so stand erect, salute the flag and get teary-eyed or you're some kind of Commie Jihadist trying to destroy our land built on the backs of slaves and the murder of millions of indigenous people.

Yes, we're exceptional, since our bubble of stupidity, sports, arrogance, sex and ignorance helps perpetuate the fantasy that we be #1, thanks to 'Muh Freedoms!'

We keep up-to-date on the latest Kim K antic. We know all about the naughty things Miley Cyrus does! We can stand forth and regurgitate endless reams of sports factoids on our favorite athlete or team.
When our government starts blasting to hell and gone another country thousands and thousands of miles way, to 'secure out freedom,' we cheer lustily as the bombs, shells and missiles start tearing apart humans and proudly fly the flag, damn near becoming sexually aroused as we watch the slaughter on our 65" HDTV.
Yet we're so fucking ignorant of the world, 99% of the time we don't know where the country is or why we're really butchering people, but hey, freedom isn't free and those pesky savages are going to heel or else!
While our country falls apart, due to lack of maintenance to the highways, bridges, dams, schools and nuclear power plants, many of which are past their safe operating age, we don't give a fuck, 'cause freedom isn't free, just ask any 'rughead' before we slam a Predator drone missile into their wedding party.

We worship the 'druggie' Rush Limbaugh and put FOX N*** right there next to our Holy Bible. Yes, we're a 'gawd-fearin' nation and if anyone disagrees, we'll send in the police or the 82nd Airborne to give them a lesson in American Christianity!
Our G-d, Jesus, is the only G-d and buddy, don't you even think about practicing religious freedom in the USA, unless you're a Christian or belong to the ones in charge of the USA, Jews.

Come the weekend, we turn loose and engage in an orgy of BBQ's, Lite Beer and checking out the neighbor's hot-looking 15 yo niece behind our Foster Grants, while sleeping with the wife who we haven't touched in a sexual way for months.

But we freedom loving Americans have a variety of hobbies including: BBQ; Dog Fighting; Eating; Competitive Eating; Frivolous Lawsuits; Gaming; Shopping; TV; worship of athletes; raping the environment; sticking our well-armed noses into other nation's business; running our mouths and showing off our stupidity in all its glory and if the other fuckers don't like that, we'll kill the SOB's 'cause freedom isn't free!

WARNING: Don't watch this video if your allergic to the truth!

Comment left at this video says it all:
This is not accurate at all. My breakfast is served with 24 strips of bacon with a mug of bacon grease, chocolate is left to second breakfast, while I charge my scooter and load my shotgun while wiping away the Cheetos dust into my semen encrusted American flash t-shirt prior to a trip to Walmart where I shoplift and demand to see a manager for their harsh treatment of me, and their descrimination against my 700+ pound glory.
Let "Encyclopedia Dramtica" tell us the truth, if we're smart enough to listen:
America, (also known as Americans, when singular A-merry-cunt) are the fattest breed of animals on Earth. Americans frequently visit and are made from 80% fat, 20% propaganda, and 100% FAIL while their women are epicly ugly and their men have tiny penises (among those who actually have them). Americans are those who call The United States of America (pronounced "Murka") home. A veritable melting pot of races, creeds and colours, this sub-human offshoot of humanity has been rendered practically brain-dead by being force-fed vast quantities of "stuff" and relentlessly beaten about the head with the Stupid Stick.

The world's opinion of Americans is that they are morbidly obese, ignorant, arrogant bullies who, being liberal, hillbillies with a severe case of the stupid, for the most part, act like they are God's gift to the planet Earth. Meanwhile, the rest of the world hates America with unfathomable intensity, which Americans have convinced themselves is 'jealousy.'

It is often asked of Americans and non-Americans alike, "Why do you hate America?" and, although there are over nine thousand answers to this question, the main reason is that the only thing that stands between the Arab nations of the Middle East pushing Israel into the ocean (exactly like those genocidal, anti-semitic, land-theiving white people from europe pretending to be middle-eastern deserve) is the U.S. government and the American Public's undying support for the Jews.

Even the hordes of fundie Xtians that pretty much run America love the Jews and support the state of Israel, believing that Israel's existence is key to setting the stage for The Rapture according to Biblical prophecy. However, all Americans can identify with a nation built on faggotry, stolen land and the subjugation of its savage Injun natives.

Most importantly, it is a well-known fact that the IQ range of the general, ordinary American is 70 or lower.
Things Americans hate

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Extensive Damage Done By BIRD to Passenger Jet

Thank Odin it was only a bird. Can you imagine what might of happened if the plane had flown into a reinforced concrete and steel skyscraper?

TurkishAirlinesflight_TK2004 photo TurkishAirlinesflight_TK2004_zpsyilgnz2w.png
Turkish Airlines plane suffers huge bird damage to nose, wings during landing

A Turkish Airlines flight TK2004 from Istanbul to Nevsehir has suffered huge damage from a bird strike during landing at the destination.

Most of the damage to the Boeing 737-800 was done in the nose cone and the wings.
Damn bird must of been made from titanium or kryptonite to cause that much damage, since the WTC Twins on 9/11 got the holy hell knocked out of them by a passenger jet. Here's what happens when a jet flies into a building, so how in the hell could a bird cause so much damage? Wink, nod and a shrug!

9.4.14 photo wTc_zps54f0de0c.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Garland FALSE FLAG Was a Distraction Away From Report Outing IDF as a Bunch of Savage Lunatics

Who says Pam Gellar doesn't earn her keep? Together with the psychotic Geert Wilders, they make a good 'Bimbo and Clod' combo, putting on shows to distract Gentiles away from the following report that shows AGAIN that the IDF is NOT the 'world's most moral army,' but a sick and twisted collection of psycho-killers and blood-soaked butchers. Gellar staged her show on the SAME day the report outing the IDF as a bunch of depraved blood-lusting killers hit the press.

Add in the tweet 'found' by MOSSAD asset Rita Katz that purports to show ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Services--being behind the Garland False Flag, and it's a slam-dunk case against 'Benny the Butcher' and the homicidal maniacs of Israel.
May 04, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "The Intercept" - The Israeli group Breaking the Silence issued a report this morning containing testimony from Israeli soldiers about the savagery and criminality committed by the Israeli military during the attack on Gaza last summer. The Independent has a good article describing the report’s findings: “The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance” and “was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population.” At best.

The U.N. has said that 7 out of 10 people killed by the Israelis were civilians, “including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women”; video of Israelis killing four Gazan boys as they played on a beach sickened anyone decent.


The Intercept has chosen some selected, representative excerpts from the report, with the rank of the testifying soldier indicated (each one was granted anonymity by the report’s organizers). This is the savage occupying force known as the Israeli Defense Forces:

“Whoever you see there, you kill”

Staff Sargent, Armored Corps:

[A]fter 48 hours during which no one shoots at you and they’re like ghosts, unseen, their presence unfelt – except once in a while the sound of one shot fired over the course of an entire day – you come to realize the situation is under control. And that’s when my difficulty there started, because the formal rules of engagement – I don’t know if for all soldiers – were, “Anything still there is as good as dead. Anything you see moving in the neighborhoods you’re in is not supposed to be there. The [Palestinian] civilians know they are not supposed to be there. Therefore whoever you see there, you kill. . . .

The commander [gave that order]. “Anything you see in the neighborhoods you’re in, anything within a reasonable distance, say between zero and 200 meters – is dead on the spot. No authorization needed.” We asked him: “I see someone walking in the street, do I shoot him?” He said yes.

Did the commander discuss what happens if you run into civilians or uninvolved people?

There are none. The working assumption states – and I want to stress that this is a quote of sorts: that anyone located in an IDF area, in areas the IDF took over – is not [considered] a civilian. That is the working assumption. We entered Gaza with that in mind, and with an insane amount of firepower.

8.08.14 photo Gzaz91_zps5e3001b9.gif

“The citizens of Gaza, I really don’t give a fuck about them”

Staff Sargent, Infantry:

It was during our first Sabbath. Earlier that day one of the companies was hit by a few anti-tank missiles. The unit went to raid the area from which they were fired, so the guys who stayed behind automatically cared less about civilians. I remember telling myself that right now, the citizens of Gaza, I really don’t give a fuck about them. They don’t deserve anything – and if they deserve something it’s either to be badly wounded or killed. . . .

So this old man came over, and the guy manning the post – I don’t know what was going through his head – he saw this civilian, and he fired at him, and he didn’t get a good hit. The civilian was laying there, writhing in pain. We all remembered that story going around, so none of the paramedics wanted to go treat him. It was clear to everyone that one of two things was going to happen: Either we let him die slowly, or we put him out of his misery. Eventually, we put him out of his misery, and a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and dropped a mound of rubble on him and that was the end of it. In order to avoid having to deal with the question of whether he was booby-trapped or not – because that really didn’t interest anyone at that moment – the D9 came over, dropped a pile of rubble on his body and that was it. Everyone knew that under that pile there was the guy’s corpse. . . . .

“By the time we got out of there, everything was like a sandbox”

Staff Sargent, Mechanized Infantry:

By the time we got out of there, it was all like a sandbox. Every house we left – and we went through three or four houses – a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and flattened it. . . .

First of all, it’s impressive seeing a D9 take down a big two-story house. We were in the area of a fairly rich, rural neighborhood – very impressive houses. We were in one spot where there was a house with a children’s residence unit next door – just like in a well-off Moshav (a type of rural town) in Israel. The D9 would simply go in, take down part of the wall and then continue, take down another part of the wall, and leave only the columns intact. At a certain point it would push a pile of sand to create a mound of rubble and bring down other parts, until the house was eventually left stripped, and from that point it would simply hit the house [with its blade] until it collapsed. The D9 was an important working tool. It was working nearly non-stop.
Source: ICH

There's not enough words in the English language to describe the sick, twisted and depraved Israeli Occupation Army that descends into Gaza on a regular basis to butcher the indigenous Palestinians and to give a Viagra like testosterone punch to psycho-killers like Benjamin Netanyahu.

There were cities in Germany that got destroyed by Allied carpet bombing that didn't look as bad as Gaza after Israel's murderous 2014 assault

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