Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Tonight, on the Holocaust™ Channel"

"Good evening Goys and Girls. This is Rabbi Smelly Boturd welcoming you to a dream for us, maybe not so for you Gentile types, but to our dream of complete domination! The Holocaust™ Channel is on for 6 hours every evening, bringing you, our dear cattle, the best in Yid entertainment.

But first, an appeal for help to our holocaust fund. There's 120,000 elderly holocaust survivors, barely scraping by, day to day, looking for a little help that only you, our lovely occupied nation, can give. Call 1-800-666-1984 NOW to give to this worth cause.

And now, here's tonight's entertainment!

"Two Broke Shiksas" at --7:00 P.M.---Join Max and Carol as they stumble and bumble around the Rabbis' brothel. Jokes aren't the only thing coming hard and fast! Both 'ladies' were spirited away from their homes to Tel Aviv and 'asked' to work as prostitutes, setting the comedy up for non-stop laughs as they 'meat' a variety of Hasidic Jew customers.
Tonight's episode shows Max finally finding out who her father is, but a little too late, if you know what I mean! Caroline tries to cheer up Max, but only makes the situation worse for her, but funny for you!

"This is Rabbi Boturd again, asking for donations to our holocaust fund for our 150,000 survivors who don't know where their next meal is coming from. YOU can help now by dialing 1-800-666-1984 and give till it hurts!"

"Snark Tank"---8:00 P.M.--Watch each episode as our Board of Rabbis determine which lucky Israeli gets the big cash award for their ingenious inventions. Tonight we'll show Ariel Colonstein from Hebron and his unique way of dropping concrete blocks onto the heads of terrorist Paleos, pitted against 'Bibi' and his uncanny way of dropping skyscrapers into their foundation!

"Rabbi Boturd again. Folks, we need those phones to ring! The 180,000 holocaust survivors need help NOW, and you can do G-d's work by donating a few dollars each week to help them recover from the horrible traumas inflicted over 70 years ago. Do this and even your Jesus, who's currently sitting in a pit of burning excrement, will bless you fools!"

"NCIS--Tel Aviv"---9:00 P.M.--Watch as Israeli NCIS Special Agents go above and beyond the call of duty, even giving their lives to protect that country they love, America. Join Shlomo, Benjamin and Ehud as they root out Palestinian terrorists that are hell-bent on destroying the USA.
You'll be on the edge of your seat as they bravely and gladly sacrifice their lives, chasing down 'Paleo' terrorists behind 9/11.

"Ladies and Gentleman, our phone lines are still open, but busy! If you donate $500 dollars right now, we'll include a copy of his Excellency Netenyahu's book, "9/11---I did it My Way!" tonight, on the Holocaust Channel!"

All joking aside, "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century," the Holocaust™ is used by Israel and her Jew and neocon and Evangelical backers as a shield and a club to protect Israel from reality and to let Israel murder its way to an 'Eretz Israel,' which stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates, from southern Turkey to the Red Sea.

Palestinian 'left for 3 hours' under Israeli jeep

RAMALLAH--A Palestinian man who was killed by Israeli forces on Sunday in Kufr Malik village near Ramallah was left under an Israeli military jeep for three hours before he died, an eyewitness said.

Nabil Abd al-Karim recounted the details of the incident saying that Abdullah Iyad Ghuneimat, 22, was heading to his work in a poultry farm when Israeli forces shot him in the back and chased him down as he tried to return home.

The jeep then hit Ghuneimat pushing him into a wall that collapsed on him and caused the jeep to overturn on him as well, Abd al-Karim said.

Soldiers vacated the jeep and left Ghuneimat under it with his back crushed and his leg completely severed, he added.

He was left under the jeep for three hours screaming in pain while gas and oil from the jeep dripped over him and the vehicle crushed his body, the witness added.

After three hours of Israeli forces preventing any assistance or medics to come to his aid, residents of the village attacked Israeli soldiers with their bare hands and managed to lift the jeep from over him, but it was too late as Ghunaimat had already died.
Surprise, surprise, the New York Times has a different account, whitewashing the Zionist Occupation Force's criminal acts.

American tax dollars at work, Aren't you proud? Rabid dogs have more morals than the typical ZOF Storm Trooper.


  1. LOLcaust and Hitler(founding father of israhell)
    OH MINE!!!
    Prominently featured on Netflix, whenever I try to find something decent to watch. That's all I see. Arg.....

    On a side note, Ramadan (month long fasting event for the Muslim) started just a day ago, Ummm..... is there a Ramadan tree or something at the Whitehouse lawn? :)

  2. "is there a Ramadan tree or something at the Whitehouse lawn?"

    They have an annual Iftar (breaking fast)at the WH for 'house Arabs'. Only the shameless appear.

  3. At one time, the WH used to have the Nativity Scene on the lawn, until the Jew lawyers at the ACLU filed lawsuits to get it removed on the grounds it was a religious display.
    Probably is, but to replace it with a huge Menorah each Christmas and then to hear the ACLU say that is not a religious display is just plan BS.

  4. I don't understand why there is no Christian outrage about that. One would think that even the "Christian" Zionists would be a tad uncomfortable. Talk about an elephant in the room! This is a flashing neon elephant.


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