Tuesday, July 14, 2015

'Bibi the Butcher' Sics His Zio-Flunkies Upon Americans

It wasn't difficult to see this coming, that the mass-murderers, thieves, racists, false flag experts, bigots, liars, corruptors and all-around assholes of Israel would go ballistic over ANY kind of deal made with Iran over their non-existent nuclear weapons program.

Nuttyahoo's phone was busy this morning, call his favorite Congressional butt-lickers, like 'Insane' McCain and the perpetually brown Speaker of the House, Boner, whose skin is so dark, he looks like he's been swimming in a spetic tank.
What nauseating, ass-kissing, traitorous bastards they are, since they have dropped all pretense of working for the good of Americans, and have gone to work for the good of Israel.

The FOX N*** dickheads are livid this morning, vomiting endless lies out of their sphincter-shaped mouths, that emit the same foul smelling substance as their other sphincter. Could only watch a few minutes at a time before I had the urge to either vomit or throw a heavy object thru the TV screen.
They've been regurgitating familiar lies about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program, secure in the fact that their secret, offshore banking accounts will grow handsomely in the next few days.

Israel's Knesset in the USA, formerly known as our Congress, will have 60 days to wreck this deal, giving Israel plenty of time to spread around bribe money, or NSA obtained audio and video tapes of their sexual peccadilloes, threatening to let their Jew MSM broadcast that romp with that 14 yo boy that some Congressmen prefer over women or that tape showing some Congresswomen cavorting with female sex workers and really putting their back into it!

Israel's biggest fear is that Iran will actually honor the deal and no longer give them the pathetic excuse they need to turn their personal merc Army, the Pentagon, loose upon Iran.

Wonder why FOX never talks about Israel's robust nuclear weapons program, which they have used to acquire 300-400 nuclear devices? Why not ask an Israeli spokesperson why Israel doesn't officially join the NPT and let the world poke around their nuclear weapons facility at Dimona?

We're told we can't trust Iran, but how can we trust the nation, Israel, that masterminded the 9/11 attacks?


  1. And Israel stole their uranium from the US (and so much else). Iran didn't steal anything from the US. Or anyone else. Whom would it make sense to trust more? Whom would it make sense not to trust at all?

  2. It's obvious Israel is worried about this agreement, that can be surmised from the way the American 'news' channels were barking like mad dogs yesterday, even PBS.


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