Sunday, July 19, 2015

Got a Question? Ask a Jew on "Face the Nation"

The complete subjugation of the USA by the Jews is again evident this Sunday morning on the Zionist propaganda outlet, "Face the Nation."

Out of 10 guests, SEVEN are Jews, one is a 'Maranno' Jew and I'm not completely sure one of the remaining two isn't a 'Tribe' member. One though, is a pseudo-Jew, Israeli PM 'Bibi the Butcher.' He's a Khazar descendant masquerading as a Jew, who stole into Palestine with the other European and Russian Khazar parasites.

I won't bother to subject my tender ears to a Zionist and Jew onslaught of lies, distortions and half-baked claims about Muslims, since they'll be babbling about 'Jihadist' attacks and Iran's non-existent nukes, conveniently forgetting to say anything about the most recent massacre in California, in which three kids and two adults were butchered by someone, with the main suspect, someone named Martinez, still on the loose and armed, which means he only has hours to live before he dies of 'CPS' ....Chronic Patsy Syndrome.

I briefly watched 'FOX N*** and ZNN for any reports on this tragedy, but they were too busy pushing the crazy Muslims who must be dealt with garbage to stray to another slaughter.

The lying lineup on "Face the Nation" today:

Israeli PM Nuttyahoo; Senator Feinstein; Propagandist Jefferey Goldberg, who so loves Apartheid Israel, he left college to go to Israel and guard one of the concentration camps for Palestinians; Secretary of State John Kerry, whose real last name is Kohn, but who claims he didn't know about his ice-cold blood until of late.
WaPo's David Ignatius,
whose mother's maiden name is Weiser and who appears to be married to a Jewess, since that usually happens when articles don't give out the wife's maiden name, they want to keep it secret from the rubes, meaning me and you. Even if he isn't a true Jew, Davie can be counted on to sabotage any situation when his Yid masters need his particular back-stabbing skills.

Zionist mouthpiece Ruth Marcus is Jew, thru and thru, coming from a Jewish family and is married to a Jew with a face like the back-side of an ox.. Whew, guess love does conquer all, eh?

An our Israel's American Vice-Secretary for America, John Kerry's real name is KOHN, yes, another Jew.

Boy, for only being 2% of the population, they sure get around, don't they?

Why not make it official and take down the 'Stars and Stripes' and replace it with the 'Star of David,' at least we'd be honest about our colonial status.


  1. Well you just reported the local news for me. I'm bad, I never watch local news, I depend on my husband to inform me any relevant events, he watches local news and listens to KGO radio. I pay attention to foreign affairs. Ironic or what? Lol

  2. How interesting that David Ignatius is apparently named after Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Loyola sprang from a "noble" Basque family and was a knight. He was also jewish.

    Many in the Basque population have that magic khazar gene, Y-DNA, haplogroup E1B1B. They are to this day trying to separate from Spain also. They just cannot live with the goyim.

    Goyim pride world wide!

  3. Off topic...
    I'm one of those cordcutters or no cable services since last year! You can watch ZNN, ZZC, Al Ziozeera & many others through Roku for free these days. There are some local channels as well but you have to search for it. BTW, thanks Greg, for making this station call letters with "Z" thingie so infectious, AS I went overboard adding 'em. I can't stop and I won't stop ...the inner Miley Cyrus had to belt out! :)

  4. Goyim pride world wide!

    AMEN brother!

  5. Make it a thing. I will sign on and be the first/second/third if necessary.

    After all, who are the goyim? Everyone else but the 'jew?' But please don't get carried away with the Hitler/nazi/white/jew supremacist bullshit either. The goyim are everyman...

    ...the 99%, if you will.


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