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Was Argentinian Prosecutor Investigating the Jew Bombing Getting Paid Off by Israel?

Something's up, even though the prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, was found dead in his home back in January, from either suicide or murder. Nisman had formally accused the government of Iran of directing the AMIA bombing, and the Hezbollah militia of carrying it out, which sounds like it was right out of the Israeli False Flag 101 playbook.

The $670,000 that was detected in a New York bank account in Nisman's name is highly suspicious, and has Israeli or American Jew fingerprints all over the bribe. But there are always other rats around besides the Jews.
Santiago O'Donnell, a journalist and writer who published the books Argenleaks and Politileaks, both of which analyse the Wikileaks cable leak concerning Argentina's foreign and domestic policies, stated that during his investigation, he found clear and strong ties and "friendship" between Nisman, the CIA and the Embassy of Argentina in Washington, D.C.
Nisman had pushed hard to get Iran indicted in this case, and 670,000 dollars is a lot of pushing.

Did he actually kill himself or was he killed by the Mossad of CIA for his failure to blame an innocent Iran for this bombing?
Money laundering probe in case of Argentine prosecutor

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina— An Argentine judge on Friday authorized a money laundering probe involving the prosecutor who died mysteriously while investigating the bombing of a Jewish center.

Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral approved a prosecution request to question relatives and associates of the late Alberto Nisman, including his mother, his sister and a man who had worked with Nisman.

Prosecutor Juan Pedro Zoni says investigators detected nearly $670,000 in suspicious movements though a New York account that Nisman opened in 2002. And he said Nisman appeared to be living above his means as a public employee.

Canicoba Corral ordered four people to testify, barred them from leaving Argentina and embargoed some of their assets. After questioning, the judge will determine if charges should be brought against Nisman's mother Sara Garfunkel, sister Sandra Nisman, informatics adviser Diego Lagomarsino and businessman Claudio Picon

Friday, August 28, 2015

The REAL Holocaust; Permanent traumatic stress disorder in Gaza

8.28.15 photo KingB_zpsgmsppjfb.jpg

Forget the Jew lies about the holoHOAX being transmitted to a person's genes, which would forever set in stone the phony holocaust reparations money racket to go on for infinity.

The real damage that has been done and is still being done is to those living in the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza. Especially the children, many of whom, over the last six years, have seen members of their family blown to bits, their house or hovel destroyed several times, and their schools attacked by the vicious Judaic lunatics that infest Palestine.

How would you like your kids to live here?
7.31.14 photo G1_zps6e82d5f0.jpg

After seeing their brothers and sisters turned into blobs of flesh by the Zio-Nazis of Israel...
8.14 photo Israel_killing_children31_zpscbaa2ab3.jpg
In a July Haaretz article commemorating the first anniversary of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which killed more than 2,250 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in 51 days, journalist Khaled Diab quotes Palestinian psychologist Hasan Zeyada of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme: “Gaza has endured multiple losses – what we call multi-traumatic losses. People in other places usually endure a single loss: the loss of a home, or a family member, or a job. Many Gazans have lost them all.”

And while Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often the focus of discussions of the psychological repercussions of conflict, Diab summarises the observation by various experts that “talk of post- or pre-trauma is futile, since trauma is constant and ongoing”.

In addition to attending professionally to the victims of this Israeli-induced brand of eternal trauma, Dr. Zeyada is personally well acquainted with the phenomenon. Last August, the New York Times reported on his “challenging new patient: himself”. Six of the psychologist’s close family members, including his mother, had just been wiped out by an Israeli airstrike.

Operation Protective Edge came to an end on 26 August 2014. But the diagnosis of collective psychological suffering in the Palestinian coastal enclave is open-ended, and serves to compound the more tangible suffering that attends the regular Israeli release of large quantities of ordnance in the direction of human bodies.

Meanwhile, the concentrated mental and physical battering inflicted upon the population of the Gaza Strip can in itself be seen as a form of psychological warfare, designed to forcibly erode the Palestinian identity and the will of the Palestinians to exist as such.

Israel and its international fan club like to jabber on about ostensible Israeli efforts to avoid civilian casualties during military assaults, with much ado made about phone calls placed to Palestinian phones and leaflets dropped warning residents to flee targeted areas. But the problems with this line of defence are many.

For one thing, such warnings are often not forthcoming, as in the case of Dr. Zeyada’s own family. For another, Israel has never demonstrated much reluctance to fatally bomb civilians - including children - whom Israel itself has instructed to evacuate their homes.

Other issues include the fact that it’s simply not clear where people are supposed to go in such a diminutive and densely populated territory, most of whose residents aren’t allowed out in any direction. The Israeli tradition of bombing schools and hospitals helps ensure that no safe space remains in Gaza - a reality that lends itself to neither physical nor mental stability.

Indeed, Israel’s targeting of the very foundations of Palestinian society is fundamentally at odds with the stated aim of avoiding civilian casualties. And those civilians who manage to avoid physical annihilation find it even harder to avoid the psychological casualty list.

A 15 February UNICEF dispatch, titled “Six months after ceasefire, children of Gaza are trapped in trauma,” recounts the story of two young Palestinian girls whose father was killed when an Israeli artillery shell hit the United Nations-run school where the family had sought refuge. The girls were wounded by shrapnel, and their house was destroyed.

After Protective Edge had run its course, one of the girls refused for months to return to class. Her mother explains: “My children were injured in a school. They saw people injured with missing hands or legs, with wounded faces and eyes. They saw [their] father killed. They no longer see school as a safe place.”

The UNICEF article notes that a good many children in Gaza “need both psychosocial and educational support to resume their lives” but that at least 281 schools were damaged in last year’s operation. “Adding to the difficulty of the situation,” the article says, “teachers themselves suffer from distress.”

Forget the old question of who will guard the guards. Who will care for the caregivers of Gaza, like Dr. Zeyada, or the educators and other folks who might under radically different circumstances be seen as curators of healthy societies? In the end, no one in the territory is immune from Israel’s debilitating predations.

According to the New York Times piece on Dr. Zeyada’s conversion from trauma counsellor to trauma victim, he had confessed that “sometimes… he was troubled by the ethics of treating people who were likely to be traumatised again”. Regarding this troubling position, the psychologist is quoted as follows: “You are like a prison doctor treating a victim of torture, making the prisoner healthy to be interrogated and tortured again.”

It’s not merely because the Gaza Strip has been categorised as “the world’s largest open-air prison” that Dr. Zeyada’s metaphor hits home. It’s also because being Palestinian in Gaza - existing, more or less, in a permanent state of traumatic stress - often amounts to psychological torture.
While your kid is over in Libya or Iraq or Yemen or Syria, getting shot at fighting wars for Israel, Israeli kids are back home, enjoying the good life at college, which your taxes pay for.
In Israel, which receives at least $3.8 billion in aid from the U.S. annually, and this total is ever-increasing, the average cost of tuition to earn a bachelor’s degree is $2,537.00 in U.S. dollars. In the U.S., the average tuition for a bachelor’s degree is $29,408.00. So the 3.8 billion, U.S.- taxpayer dollars that go to Israel every year could provide free tuition for millions of U.S. citizens.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Israel Threatening the World with Nuclear Weapons

In some ways, Israel is like a spoiled rotten 6 yo brat, who makes a loud and violent display of pettiness anytime the brat doesn't get his way. Except in the case of Israel, this brat has several hundred nuclear weapons and has shown time and again in Gaza that it has no problem with killing children, babies and pregnant women.

This is the kind of pic that sexually arouses most Israelis
Gaza_2014_Operation_PE photo Gaza_2014_1_zps9aecac29.png

Israelis have shown themselves to be devoid of empathy, compassion and all vestiges of humanity, especially when they make psychotic statements like this:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

Quote from Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, yet the MSM never speaks of Israeli threats to nuke the planet if Israel is having a hissy fit.

8.26.15 photo denir_zpsxtvvai1k.png

Now Israel is engaging in another tantrum, having a fit over the Iranian nuclear agreement, even making not so discreet threats against the West:
Jewish leader warns west will ‘pay heavy price for appeasing Iran’

A Jewish community leader in the UK has warned that western governments will ‘pay a heavy price for appeasing Iran’ a month after six world powers signed a historic nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Jonathan Arkush also urged the UK government to “keep up the pressure on Iran” over its support for terrorist groups and human rights abuses following the re-opening of the British Embassy in Tehran on Sunday.

His comments were echoed by former secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles, who warned that Iran must stop threatening Israel.
This comment left at the story says it all:

Dearest Israel, as far as "utterly cruel" regimes go, I do not see Iran bombing babies.

Who will take on this 'mad dog' and do what us usually done to rabid dogs before Israel attacks another US city, like they did on 9/11:

Israel letting Americans know whose in charge
 photo 4bac99c3.jpg

AIPAC And The Treaty; An Illustration Of The Demise of Democracy

As Gaza Lies in Ruins, The NY Times Blames the Victims

Taxpayer dollars in the United States and Israel are subsidizing Jewish terrorism against Arabs

"The Holocaust Hoax Exposed" by Victor Thorn

Will the Virginia shootings turn out to be another Zionist False Flag to keep Americans seething with hatred for all things Muslim? FOX N*** has already got the psyops going with hints of the shooter being 'bearded.'
The shooter or shooters have escaped, so they could designate any number of 'coke-snorting, alcohol imbibing, strip bar attending' devout Muslims to take the fall.

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Happy Jew Year!"

'Happy JEW Year,' if you're a Tribe member, the new year for that bunch of ethnic gangsters starts September 15.

Which is also the time for a 'Shemitah,' another Jew invention that happens every seven years and is supposed to involve a debt 'Jubilee,' meaning all debts are forgiven, but that hasn't happened in ages, not since the Jew was the one holding the debt and not owing.

This seven year cycle also ties in nicely with stock market crashes, and the upcoming 'Shemitah' is a 'Super' one:

The last Shemitah years were 2008, when the FED engineered the last economic crisis that looted tens of trillions of dollars of wealth from Americans and 2001, when Israel masterminded the 9/11 False Flag attack against the USA and was able to place gets ahead of time, shorting the market to make money off GOY misery.

September is also the anniversary of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 attack against the USA, which is destroying the USA by waging endless wars for the Jew, so they can have this fantasy, an Eretz Israel, come true.

7.18.13 photo eretzisraelmaplg_zpsaa9c20c7.jpg

The Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag
has so far cost--in USD--Americans around FIVE TRILLION, with more to come and that doesn't begin to measure the cost of the dead and dying--and destroyed cities and infrastructure--in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza and Libya, all wars for the Jew and Wall Street, the only two entities that benefit from this slaughter.

But wait, there's more!

That fulfilling that wet dream for Jews will destroy the USA and many Muslim nations matters not to the Jew, we don't count, we're only GOYIM, which is Yiddish for 'chattel,' or a type of livestock.

September is also when another Jew holiday Yom Kippur is celebrated. The Jew usually celebrates their 'holy' days by bombing the hell out of some nation or setting off a false flag or getting one of their lackey nations, like the USA or England, to invade some Muslim country, so that's something else to look forward to!
Or maybe Betty Nuttyahoo and his cabal of psychos will take out their sexual frustrations on Gaza, since no once will raise a hand against the butchery or stop the slaughter.

September is also when the military drill, Jade Helm 15 is supposed to wind up, but many think its just an excuse to have martial law units in place when the stock market implodes from more Jew treachery. By the end of the week, we should know whether or not the stock market collapse will be so complete, that our economy completely tanks, leading to anarchy and martial law.

"So Happy Jew Year, and never forget who brought us this misery."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Exposing the Greatest Hoax of the 20th Century, the HoloHOAX

The HoloHOAX would still be the greatest con job ever pulled on humanity, except the 9/11 False Flag superseded the HoloHOAX, and both were pulled off by a certain group of ethnic gangsters that is bent on world domination.

From Chapter 2: The Camps, page 66-67 of "The Greatest Hoax of the Twentieth Century"

"I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a US War Department Attorney, and can state there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber, was a crematory. Nor was there a gas chamber in any of the other concentration camps in Germany. We were told that there was a gas chamber at Auschwitz, but since that was in the Russian zone of occupation, we were not permitted to investigate, since the Russians would not permit it.

[...] uses the old propaganda myth that millions of Jews were killed by the national socialists. From what I was able to determine during the six postwar years in Germany and Austria, there were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. I interviewed thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider myself as well qualified as any man on this subject."

Comment by Stephen S. Pinter who had served as an Attorney for the U.S. War Department within the U.S. War Crimes Program in Germany right after WWII.

From the excellent book, "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century," by Arthur Butz. Available from Amazon and well worth the money spent, since you will not find it copied and pasted online.

And more truth that will make certain curly-haired heads explode, since they abhor the truth and smash it or the person speaking the truth at every chance. They don't want the world to finally realize they've been lied to and conned all these decades about what happened in Germany during WWII, since that would make Israel illegitimate and those cushy holocaust reparation payments would cease.
"The Auschwitz Lie", by Thies Christopherson

He never saw a prisoner die at Auschwitz-Birkenau, nor did he believe the Jews were treated any differently from the rest of the prisoners.......Christophersen attended concerts in Auschwitz on Sundays where there was a weekly concert held under the camp gate by internees who were professional musicians. Anyone could listen to the concert who was walking around. (20-4960) ....Christophersen was never under any prohibition not to discuss things at Birkenau with anyone in civilian life. (20-4965) Although he lived 500 metres from the railroad to Auschwitz- Birkenau, he never noticed anything with regard to the transports which struck him. (20-4964) His wife visited him frequently in Auschwitz and that his mother also came. (20-4941)

....Christophersen knew Birkenau had crematories and had seen them from the outside. (20- 4947) But he never saw smoke or flames shooting out of the chimneys nor did he ever smell the alleged stench of human bodies. (20-4948) He did not know the number of crematories. (21-5005) He only heard about the gas chamber allegation after the war. (20-4949) [Thies Christophersen] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988.
But the holohoaxers still lie about Dachau and other sites, hoping that their dumbing down of the American sheeple has infected enough minds to pull off this con job and make it work forever,
"Our writings may be banned. We may be thrown into prison. Our mail may be inspected. We may be attacked with fire and bombs. Our homes may be searched. We may be kept from obtaining employment or fired from our jobs. We may be slandered, ridiculed and persecuted like the early Christians. But we will suffer and endure it all, and our enemies will thus achieve precisely the opposite of what they intend. Their actions make others interested in what we do. I believe in truth and justice, and I know that one day they will prevail."
Thies Christopherson was a German army officer in the Auschwitz camp complex. For speaking the truth, he was hounded till his death by Jews and his own nation, Germany, finally seeking refuge in other European nations so he would not get sent to prison in Germany for 'insulting the State.'

You Might Be A Stupid American Sheeple If…

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jew Owned Ashley Madison Dating Site Discriminates Against Gays, Where's the Lawsuit?

Ashley Madison(AM), which puts together married, lusty people for carnal assignations, as long as they're not gays. Married or not, AM doesn't care about morals, all they want is the money to be made.

AM is part of Avid Life Media, whose CEO is Noel Biderman, also the designer of the site and a Jew.

AM discriminates against gays, as it doesn't allow that segment of the population to interact, so shouldn't AM be getting sued for not doing business with gays, like those Christian bakery owners that got tagged with a 135K lawsuit for refusing to bake a cake for the gay couple?

If someone did sue for discrimination, they'd run up against AM's chief litigator, Avi Weisman.

But that won't happen, as there is a set of laws for us GOYIM and one for the Jew.

Adultery must be BIG business, as AM had planned on letting out a stock IPO, but that got derailed by the hacker leak.

Infidelity is booming, as Avid Life values itself at $1 billion and reported revenue of $115 million in 2014, up 45 percent from the preceding year.

Another booming web dating place is 'Match.Com,' which is also owned by Jews.

And this popular web dating site, also owned by a 'Chosenite.'

When our economy has to rely on the likes of 'Facebook' and adultery to keep the stock market humming, we must be heading straight toward a fiscal cliff.

Lot of horny married people in Canada? Ottawa has the most AM members in the world!

What US politicians will be uh, exposed from the AM hack? I can already hear a couple of US presidential campaigns grinding to a halt. Those Bible Thumping, 'family values' creeps seem to be the horniest for perversions.

Like this
well-known Bible Thumping child molester, who enjoyed AM's services.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Palestine...Then and Now, Courtesy of the HoloHOAX Fraud

 photo Palest_thenand now_zpswpthqogc.gif

Brought to you courtesy of the biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century, the Holocaust, promoted by carny barkers like Elie Weisel...
If not for the holoHOAX, there would be no Israel and the ME would not be getting destroyed by the USA, so Israel can enlarge its non-marked borders.
Elie Wiesel adds a new twist to his Buchenwald liberation tale On May 6, he gave a major speech (for big bucks) at Xavier University in Cincinnati, brought there by the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education. A reporter who covered the speech wrote that Wiesel said this: Wiesel recounted his rescue from the concentration camp by the U.S. Army and said he remains grateful. “We cried,” he recalled. “We discovered for the first time that we could cry.” But in an interview that was published on the following day, May 7, on NBC New York, Wiesel said the opposite to reporter Gabe Pressman: He told me about the day the American army came to liberate the prisoners, How the prisoners “wanted to cry but they didn’t know how to cry… if you cry, you will never stop so they didn’t even do that.”

Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG)

We call on Elie Wiesel to withdraw and apologize for his statement that “All Jews should set apart in themselves a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the Germans.

We call on all Jews to demand that the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945 be open to discussion in the same way as any other events in history

In this connection we call on all Governments to repeal, with immediate effect, all Holocaust denial laws and immediately publicly apologize to and compensate all who have suffered under those laws.

In the interests of reconciliation we call on the German Federal Government to cease, with immediate effect, all reparation payments to Israel and all compensation payments to Jewish survivors of the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945....
Except for those Deutschmarks, which the Jew can never get enough of!

If the Nazis were truly running 'extermination camps,' why bother to send the inmates to a hospital for treatment of wounds, injuries or diseases?
8.19.15 photo helieweasel_zpsjtj5bzyo.jpg

Let the holohoaxers answer a few simple questions about their claims, like the ones below, except they won't, instead of refuting these truths, they resort to name-calling and threats.

The one that had Jew ashes used to make soap? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had Jew skin used to make lampshades? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had giant electrical mats used to electrocute Jews? Turned out to be a lie. The one that said Bergen-Belsen had homicidal gas chambers? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had the shrunken Jew heads? Turned out to be a lie. The one that said steam chambers were used to kill Jews? Turned out to be lie. The one that said electrified water vats were used at Belzec? Another lie. The one that said 4,000,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Turned out to be a lie, since that number dropped to a little over one million, and that included non-Jews. Now, thanks to DNA testing, we find the large majority of 'Jews' that stole into Palestine actually have European blood, not Semitic.

Which Holocaust™ are they talking about? P.S. If anyone can refute these facts, please do so, but leave the ramblings of your Uncle Morry or Aunt Nana out of the discussion, give me FACTS.

The Real Holocaust Victims Were the Victims of British Firebombing in World War II

Let us not forget the biggest--so far--fraud of the 21st Century, the 9/11 False Flag, masterminded by our 'friend and ally,' Israel.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Outing the Fifth Columnist Jew War Mongers

Fifth Column-a group of people who act traitorously and subversively out of a secret sympathy with an enemy of their country.

Make no mistake, the USA is and has been under attack for decades by a malignant, parasitic organism that is bent on ME, then eventually, world domination. They have been brainwashing Americans with lies about 9/11, which was actually masterminded by Israel with the end goal of complete subjugation of the Middle East, and damn the cost to the country the parasite has attached itself to, the USA.

The Fifth Columnists in this nation have craftily steered the USA into one war after the other in the ME, at the same time the only nation they are loyal to, Israel, continues uninterrupted in their genocide cleansing of Palestine.

If we don't wake up soon, their will be nothing left of this nation except a burned-out corpse, that has been thoroughly picked over by the Zionist JEW buzzards.

Who’s To Blame For The Iraq War? By Maidhc Ó Cathail, presents a detailed 19 question quiz with answers. This quiz clarifies many points about the Iraq War.

The following questions are intended to clarify who’s to blame for the Iraq war.

1. Ahmed Chalabi, the source of much of the false "intelligence" about Iraqi WMD, was introduced to his biggest boosters Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz by their mentor, a University of Chicago professor who had known the Iraqi con man since the 1960s. Who was this influential Cold War hawk who has an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) conference centre named in his honour?

A. Zionist JEW Albert Wohlstetter

2. In 1982, "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s" appeared in Kivunim, a journal published by the World Zionist Organization, which stated: "Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel." Who wrote this seminal article?

A. Zionist JEW Oded Yinon

3. "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," a report prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996, recommended "removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq—an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right." Which then member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board was the study group leader?

A. Zionist JEW Richard Perle

4. A November 1997 Weekly Standard editorial titled "Saddam Must Go" stated: "We know it seems unthinkable to propose another ground attack to take Baghdad. But it’s time to start thinking the unthinkable." The following year, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), an influential neoconservative think tank, published a letter to President Clinton urging war against Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein because he is a "hazard" to "a significant portion of the world’s supply of oil." The co-founders of PNAC were also the authors of the "Saddam Must Go" editorial. Who are they?

A. Zionist JEWS William Kristol and Robert Kagan

5. In Tyranny’s Ally: America’s Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein, published by AEI Press in 1999, he argued that Clinton policies in Iraq were failing to contain the country and proposed that the US use its military to redraw the map of the Middle East. Who was this Mideast adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney from 2003 to mid-2007?

A. Zionist JEW David Wurmser

6. On September 15, 2001 at Camp David, the Deputy Defense Secretary attempted to justify a US attack on Iraq rather than Afghanistan because it was "doable."
In the lead-up to the war, he said that it was "wildly off the mark" to think hundreds of thousands of troops would be needed to pacify a postwar Iraq; that the Iraqis "are going to welcome us as liberators"; and that "it is just wrong" to assume that the United States would have to fund the Iraq war. Who is this chief architect of the Iraq war?

A. Zionist JEW Paul Wolfowitz

7. On September 23, 2001, which US senator, who had pushed for the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, told NBC’s "Meet the Press" that there was evidence that "suggests Saddam Hussein may have had contact with bin Laden and the al-Qaeda network, perhaps [was] even involved in the September 11 attack"?

A. Zionist JEW Joseph Lieberman

8. A November 12, 2001 New York Times editorial called an alleged meeting between Mohammed Atta and an Iraqi agent in Prague an "undisputed fact"? Who was the columnist, celebrated for his linguistic prowess, who was sloppy in his use of language here?

A. Zionist JEW William Safire

9. A November 20, 2001 Wall Street Journal op-ed argued that the US should continue to target regimes that sponsor terrorism, claiming, "Iraq is the obvious candidate, having not only helped al Qaeda, but attacked Americans directly (including an assassination attempt against the first President Bush) and developed weapons of mass destruction." Who is the professor of strategic studies at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University who made these spurious claims?

A. Zionist JEW Eliot Cohen

10. George W. Bush’s January 2002 State of the Union address described Iraq as part of an "axis of evil." Who was Bush’s Canadian-born speechwriter who coined the provocative phrase?

A. Zionist JEW David Frum

11. "Yet whether or not Iraq becomes the second front in the war against terrorism, one thing is certain: there can be no victory in this war if it ends with Saddam Hussein still in power"? Who is the longtime editor of Commentary magazine who made this assertion in a February 2002 article titled "How to win World War IV"?

A. Zionist JEW Norman Podhoretz

12. Which Pentagon Defense Policy Board member and PNAC signatory wrote in the Washington Post on February 13, 2002, "I believe that demolishing Hussein’s military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk"?

A. Zionist JEW Kenneth Adelman

13. "If we win the war, we are in control of Iraq, it is the single largest source of oil in the world…. We will have a bonanza, a financial one, at the other end, if the war is successful." Who is the psychiatrist-turned- Washington Post columnist who tempted Americans with this illusory carrot on August 3, 2002?

A. Zionist JEW Charles Krauthammer

14. In a September 20, 2002 Wall Street Journal op-ed titled "The Case of Toppling Saddam," which current national leader claimed that Saddam Hussein could be hiding nuclear material "in centrifuges the size of washing machines" throughout the country?

A. Zionist JEW Benjamin Netanyahu

15. "Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990—it’s the threat against Israel." Despite this candid admission to a foreign policy conference at the University of Virginia on September 10, 2002, he authored the National Security Strategy of September 2002, which provided the justification for a preemptive war against Iraq. Who was this member of President Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board?

A. Zionist JEW Philip Zelikow

16. According to a December 7, 2002 New York Times article, during Secretary of State Powell’s efforts to negotiate a resolution on Iraq at the United Nations, this Iran-Contra conspirator’s role was "to make sure that Secretary Powell did not make too many concessions to the Europeans on the resolution’s wording, pressing a hard-line view." Who was this senior director of Near East and North African affairs at the National Security Council during the George W. Bush administration?

A. Zionist JEW Elliott Abrams

17. Who was Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, until he was indicted for lying to federal investigators in the Valerie Plame case, who drafted Colin Powell’s fraudulent February 5, 2003 UN speech?

A. Zionist JEW Lewis "Scooter" Libby

18. According to Julian Borger’s July 17, 2003 Guardian article titled "The spies who pushed for war," the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans (OSP) "forged close ties to a parallel, ad hoc intelligence operation inside Ariel Sharon’s office in Israel" to provide the Bush administration with alarmist reports on Saddam’s Iraq. Who was the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy who headed the OSP?

A. Zionist JEW Douglas Feith

19. Which British-born professor emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, whose 1990 essay "The Roots of Muslim Rage" introduced the dubious concept of a "Clash of Civilizations," has been called "perhaps the most significant intellectual influence behind the invasion of Iraq"?

A. Zionist JEW Bernard Lewis
This is info you won't see on 'ZNN' or FOX N***, which captivates its morning audience with hot-looking babes wearing short skirts. So short at times, you can see the color of their panties.

Yes, that is mighty fine journalism, if you like to get your news from the local strip club.
White Man's Burden by another Zionist JEW, Tom Friedman, who thinks its hilarious that American kids got sent to die fighting for Israel.

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
'Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel,' Says Senator Hollings

When a prominent American political figure speaks boldly about Jewish-Zionist power, that's news. So the remarks by South Carolina's senior Senator in May 2004 that Iraq was invaded "to secure Israel," and that "everybody" in Washington knows it, are indeed remarkable.

Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, a Democrat who has represented his state in the US Senate since 1966, is now serving his final term in Washington. That fact may also help explain why he's now willing to defy the pro-Israel lobby and speak candidly about its power.

It began with an essay, headlined "Bush's Failed Mideast Policy is Creating More Terrorism," which appeared in the Charleston daily Post and Courier, May 6, 2004. "With Iraq no threat, why invade a sovereign country?," he wrote. "The answer: President Bush's policy to secure Israel. Led by [Paul] Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer, for years there had been a domino school of thought that the way to guarantee Israel's security is to spread democracy in the area."

Several Zionist organizations, as well as some prominent Jewish political figures, quickly chastised Hollings, and his remarks were denounced as anti-Semitic. But he didn't back down. Instead, he rose in the Senate on May 20 to defend and explain his essay. "I don't apologize for this column," he said. "I want them to apologize to me for talking about anti-Semitism." President Bush went to war in Iraq "to secure our friend, Israel" and "everybody knows it," Hollings declared.
Next up for these unrepentant Jew war mongers is the invasion and destruction of Iran.
Judaism Is Pushing Us Towards a War With Iran

The Jewish state of Israel is not happy about the nuclear agreement between six major world powers and Iran. Just as Israel, the Israel lobby and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament based neocon movement pushed the US into a war against Iraq for Israel’s benefit by using unsubstantiated claims and outright lies about Iraq having nuclear weapons, they are now doing the exact same thing regarding Iran.
If that war happens, when the caskets containing our dead children are lowered into the ground at a Vet's cemetery, the flag over the coffin won't be the 'Star of David,' it will be 'Old Glory,' at the same time our decimated economy, looted by Wall Street Jews, will implode.

What the Jew war mongers can't get thru corruption of the political process and control of the MSM, so they can brainwash Americans into thinking Israel is our friend, they'll resort to violence to shut down debate about Iran.

War Mongering Jews Tell Americans to 'Trust Them Again' About the Need to Attack Iran

Sunday, August 16, 2015

MOSSAD Asset and Jew War Monger Rita Katz Brings Back Bin Laden!

Actually, the son of BL, which must mean her psyops campaign is running on fumes to dredge up this turd.

A snapshot of Rita Katz's boyfriends!

 photo SITE_zpsn5ub17iv.png
Bin Laden 2.0: ‘Crown prince of terror’ stakes claim to Osama’s legacy

World terror networks may be in for a shakeup as the son of Osama Bin Laden has made a menacing statement, calling for jihad against the US and its allies, and advocating lone attacks in such world capitals as London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Washington.

Hamza bin Laden, who is now reportedly 23 or 24 years old, has given voice as a public figure for the first time ever. An audio recording believed to belong to Osama Bin Laden’s youngest son has been posted on Twitter.

The message is believed to have been recorded this spring, before the Muslim celebration of Ramadan in June, but has been released only now. This is the first time that Hamza Bin Laden is presented as an official member of Al Qaeda militant group.

According to Rita Katz, director of SITE Intelligence Group, who narrated Hamza’s message in a tweet, “Hamza Bin Laden calls to move the war from Kabul, Gaza & Baghdad, to Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv,” urging Al Qaeda’s adherents that doing so is their “duty.”

When Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Navy SEAL Team Six in his compound in Pakistan’s Abbottabad in 2011, Hamza was believed to be eliminated along with his father, with the White House officials even announcing Hamza’s death.
Rita Katz Admits She Releases Videos Before ISIS Even Knows They Exist

Rita Katz has been shown time and again to be a Jew agent working with MOSSAD to fan the flames of these never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

This blog here outs the bitch as a foreign agent working in the USA to keep our troops bogged down in the ME, fighting and dying for the Apartheid Nightmare, Israel.

Hamza bin Laden even has his own 'Twitter' account that reads like something made up to make him look like a fool.

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. to release yet ANOTHER "aL-Qaeda" tape
"Who is Rita Katz...?"

It's imperative that we look at the background of this Baghdadi woman Rita Katz who has been leading the U.S. intelligence and news establishment around by the nose in a perpetual Purim spiel with strategically timed releases of strategically produced terror videos, the most recent videos alleged to depict the work of an ISIS led by an al Baghdadi. Rita Gubbay Katz and her SITE organization releases ISIS terror videos "before ISIS is able to."

Saturday, August 15, 2015

#Black Lives Matter Didn't Care About This Black Life

The gentleman that 'Black Lives Matter' tossed overboard is Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer accused of espionage for exposing the idiocy to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of giving flawed nuclear weapon plans to Iran.

Sterling also fought back against blatant discrimination in the CIA and for this was hounded by the agency, finally landing in jail.

Where are all those indignant black women which pop up at political rallies, demanding the mic and showing all that it's about them, and not justice?

Mr. Sterling received a 42 month prison term and you can damn well bet it won't be at some 'Club Fed,' which are reserved for our Jew criminals like Bernie Madoff and 'Mikey' Milken.
An open letter to civil rights groups in the U.S.

Dear NAACP, National Action Network, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Congressional Black Caucus and others:

Where were you?

Where were you when I was faced with blatant discrimination at my job, when my employer told me I was “too big and too black” to do the job?

Where were you when I, one of the first black officers to do so, filed a discrimination suit against the Central Intelligence Agency?

Where were you when the justice system of the United States dismissed my discrimination suit because the U.S. government maintained that trying my suit would endanger national security?

Where were you during the many years I reached out to you, begging, pleading for help from you while the United States government pursued and tormented me for years, bent on retaliation and persecution?

Where were you when I begged for help from Congressman Lacy Clay’s office and they told me to run away, to leave the country? I was there ... and I didn’t run.

Where were you when the United States government arrested me, put me in jail and branded me with espionage?

Where were you when the United States put me — the only person and only black face investigated over a 10-year period of time — on trial in federal court on Espionage Act charges, claiming that I am a traitor to national security? When the prosecution used against me the same issues from my discrimination case that I had not been allowed to pursue in civil court? When a jury without a single black member found me guilty, even when the FBI itself said there was no evidence?

Where were you when a white official, Gen. David Petraeus — accused of far more violations than I — was given a slap on the wrist?

Where were you when Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke up for me?

Where were you when the judge sentenced me to prison for 42 months?

I have seen you around.

I saw you when Michael Brown lay dead in the street only a few miles from my home.

I saw you when other black faces were either killed or mistreated. I was out there, too.

I felt the joy and promise of the Million Man March. I felt the joy and the promise when the first black president was elected. I was there with you then.

Though I am invisible to you, others, many others, see me and see the injustice that I have endured for a very long time. Have you not read the editorials, articles and commentaries?

I am now in prison for a crime I did not commit.

The many others I speak of do not claim to be mighty advocates for civil rights on the same level as you, but they are there and have been with me, and will be with me as I appeal. And, they will be with me when I am free.

Where are you?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Was a Nuke or a MOAB Used in Chinese Port City Explosion?

'MOAB' is the "Mother of all Bombs," and is devasting.

Something big and bad hit Tianjin, China and not sure it was merely an explosion of onsite material.

Take a look at this picture showing damage to the local Tianjin port area:

 photo TianjinCh_zpszx1wzamx.jpg

Now look at this pic at the WTC, the result of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 attack on the USA:

WTC_8.14.15 photo carswtc_zpsc21vzkiz.jpg

China is sending in a team of chemical and NUCLEAR experts to the scene.

The explosions were so large, they were seen by satellites in space.

artificial non-nuclear explosions in past history

This blog says it has something to do with that witch, HRM Hillary.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"If The Government is Truly Serious About Helping Vets..."

Then it needs to show it by doing something tangible and beneficial, instead of tugging at American's heart strings by showing some little 5 yo girl at a baseball or football game that gets surprised by her Daddy coming home early from one of the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'
Something more than having deluded Americans mumble, robot-like "Thank you for your service" anytime they might run into a vet.

Something like the following:

1. Get seriously involved in lowering the veterans suicide rate, which is at least 22 suicides a day. How many other attempt is basically unknown, but it has to be many more. Most of these are youngsters brainwashed by the Jew MSM into fighting for freedom and democracy, which is the Big Lie, since we send troops overseas to fight endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'
There's a lot more of those types involved than the Insane McCain types who get sexually aroused when bombing civilian targets or strafing women and children.

Funding would be easy, just cut some of the free money we lavish each year on the parasitical nation of Israel and use it to reform and beef-up the Veterans Administration so that it actually works and isn't a backwater where bureaucratic types go to spend a few years to increase their pension payout.

2. One day a month, say the first would be a day veterans could go shopping without paying any sales or excise taxes. This would mean more than robotically repeating some Madison Avenue line of BS. It would be easy to do, if they keep it simple.
Vets who wanted to participate would show their DD 214--Vets know what that is--to their local motor vehicle license office and they would update the license to include a 'VET' emblem.
At the store checkout lines, the vet would pay the taxes, but then show the receipt at the customer service desk to get a cash refund of the taxes paid.

3. Let vets hunt and fish in national and state properties without buying a tag. Simple, yet very beneficial for many vets who subsist on what they harvest in the woods or waters.

Of course, the best thing to do is to bring them home and stop fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' but that's a pipe-dream since the Jews have taken over the US government and run it to their benefit.

These wars are illegal and immoral, especially since they are based on another Big Lie, that Muslims did 9/11, when 9/11 was a False Flag, masterminded by Israel with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The JEW Spins the HoloHOAX Wheel of Fortune...AGAIN


Now the stories are getting out that the JEW is wanting to siphon more $$$ out of gullible GOYIM pockets, with the grandchildren, yes, the grandchildren of Holocaust™ 'survivors' are now bleating like sheep, demanding their cut of the loot, wanting to get their pockets filled with money while the getting is good!

Did a blog on this latest con job back in November 2014, and since then, the cry to get some 'relief' to the grandchildren of Holocaust™ con artists are now demanding their share of the easy money,

This con is called 'inherited trauma,' and of course, it's a call to help pay extortion money to Scottish grandchildren of holohoax survivors, who can't seem to live life because of all those horrible holocaust stories yarns spin by their elders.

What will start out as merely paying Jew psychiatrists money to help these poor dears will evolve into some kind of money being skimmed out of the nations that have paid enormous sums of money to holohoax fraudsters. The grandchildren will get some loot to help process those horrible feelings of being a grandkid of 'survivors.'

Will this con never stop?

Even some honest Jews have debunked the Holocaust™ but that doesn't stop the biggest fraud of the 20th Century to keep on giving mountains of money to the Jew, even to their offspring and now their grandkids.

Another honest Jew who says he is a 'Holocaust denier.'

But the beauty of extortion is that it keeps on giving, forever to the thugs doing the demanding, until and unless the victim develops a pair and says, "Never Again. Never Again Will You Extort Money From Me, Never Again!"

Going back as far as 1945, there was evidence that the Holocaust™ was FAKE:
On December 1, 1945, Professor René Fabre, dean of the pharmacy faculty in Paris, having led an investigation, closed his toxicological research with a doubly negative finding: there was no trace of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) either in the alleged gas chamber or in the bodies of the allegedly gassed Jews (partly preserved at the Hôpital civil of Strasbourg). Remarkably, his forensic report would, at an indeterminate date, disappear from the archives of the gendarmerie and the military courts (at Le Blanc in the Indre département) but, fortunately, in 1982, I personally discovered a report signed by the medical experts Simonin, Fourcade and Piedelièvre attesting to Professor Fabre’s doubly negative conclusion.
Those Nasty Nazis even had large, sealed tunnels for delousing entire trains, but were never used to holocaust the Jew, why is that? A damn near perfect way to kill large numbers of people, yet it was never used to holocaust the Jew?

The Holocaust™ fraud of the 20th Century led to another fraud in the 21st Century, the Israeli masterminded False Flag, 9/11. Both frauds were perpetuated by the Jew for their own nefarious ends.
But the new reality in the US is that the crooks and their greedy followers are also enormously dominant politically--and one of the keys to their power is holocaust propaganda. Why should Jews suffer any pain at all, even if only financial pain? Who would dare begrudge the little darlings whatever they can steal after all they supposedly endured during that other holocaust under Hitler and national socialism? Bernie Madoff got sent to jail because he stole from Jews--shame on him--but the others are not even facing any kind of prosection as Lanny Breuer (Jew and Federal prosecutor) explained so nicely on Front Line.

What an ironic twist of fate that America is being destroyed today by the same people who destroyed Nazi Germany. The lies and liars that destroyed Nazi Germany are finally destroying America as well!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Jew Gift to Humanity, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and 9/11

Jews and the Atom Bomb

Hiroshima on August 6, 1945
Hiroshima photo Hiroshima_zps2qruowuj.png
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed about 250.000 people and became the most dreadful slaughter of civilians in modern history. However, for many years there was a curious gap in the photographic records. Although the names of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incised into our memories, there were few pictures to accompany them. Even today, the image in our minds is a mixture of devastated landscapes and shattered buildings. Shocking images of the ruins, but where were the victims?

The American occupation forces imposed strict censorship on Japan, prohibiting anything "that might, directly or by inference, disturb public tranquility" and used it to prohibit all pictures of the bombed cities. The pictures remained classified 'top secret' for many years.

On August 6, 1945, 8.15 am, the uranium atom bomb exploded 580 metres above the city of Hiroshima with a blinding flash, creating a giant fireball and sending surface temperatures to 4,000C. Fierce heat rays and radiation burst out in every direction, unleashing a high pressure shockwave, vaporising tens of thousands of people and animals, melting buildings and streetcars, reducing a 400-year-old city to dust.

Beneath the center of the explosion, temperatures were hot enough to melt concrete and steel. Within seconds, 75,000 people had been killed or fatally injured with 65% of the casualties nine years of age and younger.

Many of these Jews
working on the US atomic bomb were closet Communists, who gave or sold their technical info gathered at US sites to their USSR comrades, setting up the decades long Cold War.

Another Jew gift, 56 years after the first atomic explosions in Japan. This one also melted steel and concrete and set in motion the 'War of Terrorism' against the Muslim world.

 photo 4bac99c3.jpg

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Psychotic Jew Serial Killer Threatens to Kill Again

Or maybe this nut case is a mass-murderer, look at his face, contorted with hate and ask yourself if you think this whack-job has murdered before..the answer will be yes. But in reality he's both a serial killer and mass murderer, since he targets a specific group, international activists in Israel trying to shine a light on the Jew thefts and predatory activities against the indigenous Palestinians.

Almost forgot to add this asshole is also a welfare queen/king, since he lives on all that free money that our corrupted government sends to that nation of lunatics while Americans back home live in cardboard boxes.

And the term the Jew MSM gives these land thieves and murderers, 'settlers,' designed to conjure up in the easily deluded American mind memories of Grandpa telling you stories about their grandparents, fighting the elements, beating off the Indians with one hand and skinning a Grizzly bear with the other while they built their mini-empire.

While the actual truth is that these Jew psychos are thieves, murderers and certified insane, but we don't want to hear that, it interferes with our Bible Thumping stories about Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea.

Monday, August 3, 2015

More Jew Butchery, From 66 C.E. to the Present, Butchering Countries With a Central Bank

"And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World...
As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come."

In 1936, two Catholic newspapers published accounts of speeches given at a recent B'nai Brith conclave in Paris. It spells out the Illuminati Jewish program of world domination as well as the Protocols of Zion. Paranoia or a dire warning ignored? You decide.
Where in the Hell did these psychotic blood-suckers and death dealers come from? They surely aren't humans.

According to Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg, author of "The Devil and the Jews," the 'Chosen' are from Satan. BTW, don't try to look up the Rabbi or his book in Wikipedia, he doesn't exist in that universe.

In a seminal column that we mentioned in our previous post, outspoken former Jewish Jewish-state critic & commentator Gilad Atzmon asks:
"instead of whining about the “rise of anti-Semitism”, Jews better, once and for all, learn to ask why? Why the Jews again? Why are they hated? What is it in Jewish politics that evokes so much resentment? Why does it happen time after time?"
"Instead of [Jews] constantly blaming the Goyim for inflicting pain on Jews, it is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews and their culture that evokes so much fury.
The list of Jew massacres, thefts, deviancy, and corruptions never stops.
The Kitos War(115–117) occurred during the period of the Jewish–Roman wars, 66-135.

While the majority of the Roman armies were fighting Trajan's Parthian War on the eastern border of the Roman Empire, major uprisings by ethnic Judeans in Cyrene, Libya, Cyprus and Egypt spiraled out of control, resulting in a widespread slaughter of left behind Roman garrisons and Roman citizens by Jewish rebels.

In Cyrenaica,[the eastern coastal region of Libya] the rebels were led by one Lukuas or Andreas, who called himself "king" (according to Eusebius of Caesarea). His group destroyed many temples, including those to Hecate, Jupiter, Apollo, Artemis, and Isis, as well as the civil structures that were symbols of Rome, including the Caesareum, the basilica, and the public baths.

The 4th century Christian historian Paulus Orosius records that the violence so depopulated the province of Cyrenaica that new colonies had to be established by Hadrian:

"The Jews ... waged war on the inhabitants throughout Libya in the most savage fashion, and to such an extent was the country wasted that, its cultivators having been slain, its land would have remained utterly depopulated, had not the Emperor Hadrian gathered settlers from other places and sent them thither, for the inhabitants had been wiped out."

Dio Cassius states of Jewish insurrectionaries:

"'Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan."


Then Lukuas, leader of rebel Jews, moved towards Alexandria, entered the city, which had been abandoned by the Roman troops in Egypt under the leadership of governor Marcus Rutilius Lupus, and set fire to the city. The Egyptian temples and the tomb of Pompey were destroyed. Trajan sent new troops under the praefectus praetorio Quintus Marcius Turbo, but Egypt and Cyrenaica were pacified only in autumn 117.


In Cyprus a Jewish band under a leader named Artemion took control of the island, killing thousands of civilians. The Cypriot Jews participated in the great uprising against the Romans under Trajan (117), and are reported to have massacred 240,000 Greeks. A small Roman army was dispatched to the island, soon reconquering the capital. After the revolt had been fully defeated, laws were created forbidding any Jews to live on the island.
These days, Muslim nations get the Jew butchery treatment courtesy of that 'exceptional' nation, the USA, thru the Jew's private mercenary army, the Pentagon. Muslim nations are being slaughtered, millions have been killed, millions more will be killed and their nation's treasury will be stolen, with the monetary assets and gold spirited off to Tel Aviv or London or NYC.

Western nations that are predominately Christian get the 'kinder and gentler' approach, with Jew bankers and their minions swooping in to set a nation up to fall thru slick Goldman Sachs con games,(Like Ukraine and Greece) then watch as their economy is gutted, their borders being invaded by an army of financial sharpies and tons of odious debt piled on that can only be satisfied by the county in the bulls-eye, like Greece, forced to sell-off their national assets to greedy SOB's who need another private jet and more mansions to live in.

What makes this financial terrorism? The backing of the world's most powerful military, the USA's armies of Armageddon.
US military hijacked by Israel since 9/11

It was all part of Benyamin Netanyahu’s 1996 “Clean Break” plan which was drafted by American neo-cons to use the US military to eradicate the Zionist regime’s enemies in the region, he explained. The plan was put into action on 9/11 to remove governments in seven countries- Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran – over five years, Dr. Barrett said, citing retired Army General Wesley Clark.
In Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, American Christian author Elizabeth Dilling Stokes (d. 1966) explains how the Organized Jewry (AJC, ADL, B’nai B’rith) have infiltrated all sensitive sectors of American society to subvert Christianity and national interests.

The Jew has many weapons on hand to take care of us 'GOYIM.'

Like bombing electricity generating plants in the ME to let the unrelenting heat do the job of butchering Muslims.
Iraq's scorching heat kills 52 children in refugee camps

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The recent wave of stifling heat and a lack of electricity has led to the deaths of at least 52 children in refugee camps in less than a week, a Baghdad official said on Friday.

“After the deaths of these children due to high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, the government is trying to provide 24-hours electricity and coolers for refugees to save them from heat waves of summer,” said Raad al-Dahlaki, head of the Iraqi parliament's Committee on Immigration and Displacement.

Dahlaki said at least three million refugees who escaped the ongoing war against the Islamic State, or ISIS, are now living in tents and other makeshift shelters in camps across the country.
The refugees from Syria, from Palestine and from within Iraq now get attacked again, to satisfy the greedy Jew, who gets orgasmic when hearing of these tortures against the Muslim world.

Time to go out, raise 'Old Glory' and sing, 'God Bless America,' and if you don't, you're some kind of Muslim Commie.

And anti-Semitic!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Is Mikey Rivero of 'What Really Happened' Succumbing to His Hate Gene?

8.1.15 photo AIP_zpsainefoft.jpg

That appears to be the case, as he has taken to posting stories and links to one of the web's most hate filled sites, 'BareNakedIslam(BNI)' I won't link to BNI, you'll have to find them yourself, or just get the link from Mikey at WRH.

The 'BNI' links posted aren't from some cash-paying customer, they're from WRH. Don't read many of the 'paid free speech' links, but the ones I did on WRH at least had the decency not to post anything from the BNI hate mongers.

Mikey seems to be succumbing to his Sephardic Jew DNA and is joining the other foaming at the mouth madmen and woman who constantly agitate for endless war against Islam. And if they can't have war, well then threats of violence and name-calling while hiding behind one's keyboard will substitute.
Here's more on "BareNakedIslam"

Bare Naked Islam is known to post up stories and news without verification, making it a unreliable source of information. An example we recorded was when the site reported that “Muslims danced in the streets” after the Boston marathon attack (click here for our article). We found it to be untrue.

We exposed this site for sharing fake news in 2012 as well, when it claimed a horse was raped by a “Muslim”. Upon investigation, we found that no incident happened and Bare Naked Islam even went to the lengths in sharing a dead horse picture that was 5 years older than the story (click
here for our article).

Bare Naked Islam also regurgitates and shares stories with other hate blogs, such as IslamVersusEurope and Vivienco, who have been criticised for sharing unreliable stories too.

Bare Naked Islam urges people to not even hire Muslims.

Countless supporters of the site have posted comments advocating violence. Many can still be found today.

Well-known far-right Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs (both co-founders of American hate groups) have defended Bare Naked Islam in the past.

The admin of the group posted a comment saying Norwegian bomber Anders Breivik
“killed the wrong people”, which sounds like the admin perhaps, preferred others to be killed instead.

Bare Naked Islam is clearly a dangerous hate site. With its consistent violent anti-Muslim rhetoric and open sympathy for hate and violence upon the innocent, it surely is one of the lowest of the low.

The fact it also has to make up false news to “mock and malign” others is another example of the bias bigotry that exists in the Islamophobia network.
Not good company to keep, Mikey, but maybe that Sephardic Jew DNA is just too much to overcome?

By getting in bed with BNI, you're supporting the worst of the worst hate and fear mongers, telling whoppers like the one about Palestinians were the ones who inspected Hitler's concentration camps during WWII.

Leaving out the fact that the Holocaust™ is the biggest con of the 20the Century and has been used to shield Israel from numerous crimes and thefts, do you really want to be kissing up to the likes of Pam Gellar, a big fan of BNI?

1.19.15 photo holo_zpscbad6c0c.png

Or maybe Mikey's obsession with Hillary Clinton has blinded him to the hate he's espousing by endorsing BNI?

BNI was filled with so much hate, fear and threats to Muslims, that 'Word Press' finally kicked these crazy bastards off their blog hosting site.

BNI found another host, which sounds like some 15th Century vampire finding another host. At least Dracula gave you something in return, immortality, if you avoided wooden stakes and guys named Van Helsing!

If you want to read more about these easily deluded fools, who gleefully lust for endless wars against the Muslim world, wars that only benefit defense contractors, those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos who make money financing both sides and the real beneficiary, Israel, click here.

Or maybe Mikey's just hot for Pam Gellar's 60+ yo body? You can find pics of 'Pammie' wearing a bikini, but out of consideration for my stomach, won't be posting that nausea inducing photo here.

Don't give in to the 'dark side,' Mikey, you can overcome that Jew DNA by focusing on good and seeking truth on this plane of existence and not selling your soul to live the good life in Paradise.

More 'food' for thought from BNI. You definitely got some strange bedfellows, Mikey:
“What’s all this pussy-footing??? Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down — even with ass-lifters in them, especially with ass-lifters in them.” Sarastro

“Will they ever get the message that they are not welcome in western countries at all. Bugger off you evil parasites.” Veronique

“If we are going to fight, don’t threaten, don’t push and shove like school children, simply attack full force. If we are not yet ready to fight than focus calmly on training for future battle. Use emotional intelligence be the eye of calm in combat training, be prepared for the day of reckoning. Finally when the day of battle comes encourage Muslims to attack first, then right is on our side, we fight in self-defence. On the day of battle in self-defence give no quarter and expect none. When that day comes in the years ahead and it will come- then destroy every mosque, and eliminate every street prayer session.” Alan P. Ivarsson

“There is a BIG difference between Hitler killing off people of a faith who were just living their lives, and someone having the courage to wage real war against people of a faith who are dedicated to the conversion, murder or enslavement of all others. One is an act of brutality. The other is self defense. I have no right to harm my good neighbor with whom i disagree about how to pray. I have an obligation to forcibly remove the rabid wolf in my neighborhood BEFORE it kills or injures my good neighbors, my family or myself.” Rabbi D.R. Jerkins

“Muslims have an all-or-nothing, openly declaring they’ll destroy us if we don’t destroy them. That’s why, if you see a Muslim licking an ice cream cone in the park and you blow his head off you are technically committing an act of self defense. It would be like shooting a Nazi off a half track while he’s playing a harmonica for his comrades. Doesn’t matter if they’ve taken a pause to refresh their hateful bodies and minds. You know what they’ll do inevitably if allowed to continue in your midst. Muslims must learn they they are not safe anywhere outside a Muslim country. It’s because we are not safe when even one of them is among us. They have a wold-among sheep mentality. And like wolves among sheep, they can’t be reasoned with. Nor does it matter if their is a whole burgeoning sheepfold and only a few wolves. ... Burn every mosque to the ground in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and kill every Muslim twice" Keith Mahone aka Charles Martel
These were only a few of the many hateful comments left at a BNI article.

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