Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Psychotic Jew Serial Killer Threatens to Kill Again

Or maybe this nut case is a mass-murderer, look at his face, contorted with hate and ask yourself if you think this whack-job has murdered before..the answer will be yes. But in reality he's both a serial killer and mass murderer, since he targets a specific group, international activists in Israel trying to shine a light on the Jew thefts and predatory activities against the indigenous Palestinians.

Almost forgot to add this asshole is also a welfare queen/king, since he lives on all that free money that our corrupted government sends to that nation of lunatics while Americans back home live in cardboard boxes.

And the term the Jew MSM gives these land thieves and murderers, 'settlers,' designed to conjure up in the easily deluded American mind memories of Grandpa telling you stories about their grandparents, fighting the elements, beating off the Indians with one hand and skinning a Grizzly bear with the other while they built their mini-empire.

While the actual truth is that these Jew psychos are thieves, murderers and certified insane, but we don't want to hear that, it interferes with our Bible Thumping stories about Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea.


  1. I can't wait for the script to flip. These kikes are going to pay in spades.

  2. Hannibal settlers, all of them. When it's time, I would like to join the Palestinians as they chase these diseased rats into the sea.

  3. The sheer arrogance of these interlopers is breath-taking. They steal, kill, rape and terrorize and expect the victim to thank the attacker.


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