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A Jew Exposes the Holocaust™

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The biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century, the Holocaust™ led to this, the complete and utter domination of the USA by the Jew, enabling Israel to use our kids as cannon fodder, fighting, getting wounded and dying for Israel while their control of the MSM, the FED and our Treasury Department lets them loot this country blind, while the Jew media keeps us distracted, filled with fear with tall tales about Muslim boogiemen, hiding in our neighborhood, ready to jump out and slit our throats while screaming 'Allahu Akbar.'

Stop believing their lies and take our nation back from these psychotic rag peddlers.
The 'Shoa' sherlockholmised

By R. Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce (A Jew who strongly takes issue with the totalitarian judeopathy)

1. Do we know, in the course of History, of an ethnic group which would not rejoice when learning that, in a war ended fifty years before, it had suffered many less losses than it thought? Would the discoverer of such good piece of news, not be rewarded, celebrated? Would he be overwhelmed with heavy fines, would he escape attempted murder, as such was the case with Professor Faurisson? Do such reactions not belong to a heavy case of psychopathy?

2. Have the live skeletons which can be seen in such films as “ Night and Fog” (by Alain Resnais), have anything to do with gassing? Are they not the result of famine in the camps because of the systematic bombing of German towns containing more than 100,000 people, “holocausting” hundreds of thousands of women and children who are never mentioned?

3. Where would have been the 4 million Jews ( if we consider that 2 millions were killed in battlefields), when it is well known that one camp could not contain more than 60,000 thousand people, and that except in Auschwitz, there was no zyclon B gas-chambers? ( there never was any proof of mass gasing with any other gas).

4. Are the witnesses worth anything, when you know that torture was the way to squeeze out evidence. Such was the case of Commandant Hoess whose ludicrous declaration has become a legend . What about the 100 witnesses of gassing in Dachau, when it is official that there was no gas chamber in that camp?

5. 130 kilos of coal are necessary for the cremation of one dead body. We are told that the Germans cremated 1300 corpses a day. U.S.A aircraft took hundreds of pictures of Auschwitz, during the supposed period of the holocaust. ( 1943-44). Why is there not a single gigantic heap of the necessary coal? Why not a single black coil of smoke?

6. Why do radio, films, press, T.V., continue daily to inflict upon us the myth of the six-million-gas-chambers, in a never ending whining and moaning? Why is the Jewish lobby chasing, 50 years after the end of the war, nonagenarians who attempted to rescue Germany from the iniquity of the Versailles treaty, from the rot of the Weimar Republic, from the collapse of German youth, from the unemployment of 6 million people, who, back to work could give bread to the 21,500,000 persons who were dependent on them?

7. Why does the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK, issue 43, page 666, inform us that in 1941, there were 3.300.000 Jews in occupied Europe?

8. How is it possible that the gas chambers could be just near the crematoria, when any chemist will tell you that zyclon B is hyperflammable?

9. Why are revisionist historians persecuted when they demonstrate the hoax of the Shoa? A scientific dialogue, a court-ordered appraisal have been demanded since 1980 about a problem specifically arithmetic and technical. It would seal truth for ever. It would definitively shut the mouths. Such was the case for Katyn, thanks to the revisionist Gorbatchev.

10. How could zyclon B gas 1000 people at one time, when it is well known that the USA gas chamber for one ( maximum 2) persons sentenced to death, are of an unheard of complexity and cost? Why, at the trial of the Degesh, which fabricated the cyclon B, was it declared in 1949, that gassing in such conditions is impossible and unthinkable?

11. Why did Leuchter, who was in charge of the maintenance of the USA gas chambers, give the firm evidence that there was no gassing in Auschwitz? Why have Austrian and Polish reports confirmed the Leuchter report? Why is the Rudolf report, which analyses all results, forbidden? Why are those who divulge the Rudolf report, heavily sentenced by the law. And yet the slightest care of the quality and accuracy of the report is not taken…

12. Why was, for the first time in History, the doctor’s degree of Mr Roques, on the “ Gerstein report” cancelled? And still, this report was not accepted at the Nuremberg trial! Besides, the well known historian, a socialist minister, Alain Decaux, mentioned in the press that “ nobody could have access to the Gerstein report, without passing first through the excellent thesis of Mr Roques”…Alain Decaux said: “I admired the skill and perfection of a “chartist”[1] performed by M.Roques in his doctor’s degree on the Gerstein report”. ( in his book: “La guerre absolue” 1998)

13. Why did Raymond Aron and François Furet at a Sorbonne seminar, ( to which no revisionist was invited), state that there was not the slightest trace of a written or oral order for the extermination of the Jews?

14. Why is it never spoken of the planning of the extermination of the Germans by sterilisation of German men, as expressed in a book written by the Jew Kaufmann (“Germany must perish”), It is undoubtedly a small detail…

15. Why could cyclon B, used by the Germans for hygiene since 1920, be used in the concentration camps for other purposes than delousing and protection against typhus? Why could large quantities of zyclon B be found in camps where it is official that there never was any gassing ???

16. Why do they harp on the “six-million-gas-chamber” and never on the 80 million Goyim exterminated in the USSR, by an entirely jewish political regime, the executioners of which bore the names of Kaganovitch, Yagoda, Frenkel, Firine, Jejoff, Ourenski, Rappaport, and fifty other Jews…?

17. Why, during the Zundel trial in Canada, did the famous exterminationist Jews disgrace themselves by talking of “ poetic licence” in their holocaust assertions, and never came back when summoned by the judges?

18. Why the Fabius-Gayssot law ? ( the man of the contaminated blood and the Communist dragging along 200,000,000 corpses).

19. Is it not the supreme proof of the fake? Is it not casting out the nines? There is no need of stalino-Orwellian law « to be put in prison because of one’s beliefs » ( thought crime of « 1984 ») as stated M. Toubon, before he became a minister of Justice in France, to set up truth. This law is anticonstitutional, antidemocratic, against the rights of men. Any facts, proofs, pros and cons, are what we need. Professor Faurisson besought for the granting of a forum with an unlimited number of contradictors: he never obtained it. L’abbé Pierre did ask for it : they pretended to grant it but refused it almost immediately. The forum did take place on a T.V channel at Lugano. It was a complete success for the Revisionists and was broadcast twice. Nobody knows it as the media at the beck and call of the Jewish lobby, move their little finger only when authorised.

20. Why is it that, when a professor declares that the holocaust is an arithmetic and technical ineptitude, he is forthwith dismissed! This, for the first time in History, sets up the insane concept of religious historical dogma, which in case of non perennial worship, is doomed to be struck by the lightning of the inquisition of a secular state.

21. Why did the EXPRESS, a famous French newspaper, in January 1995, assert that the gas-chamber shown for decades in Auschwitz I, was reconstructed after the war, and that all that concerns it, is false?

22. By the way, a corpse soaked in cyanide acid, with lungs full of this gas, does it not explode in a crematorium???!!!

23. Why did the historian, Jacques Baynac (an antirevisionist) assert that there was no possibility whatsoever to prove the existence of gas-chambers? ( in articles of the “Nouveau quotidien de Lausanne” dated 3 and 4 September 1996).

24. Who is a negationist: he who refuses to examine facts, evidence, experts reports, or the one who takes all relevant facts in consideration? A NON-revisionist historian is anything you want except a historian! A historian is by definition “revisionist”.

25. How is it that M.Roubeix, a chief executive for 20 years of the factory in Saint Avold, producing cyanid acid ( zyclon B) asserted categorically that all that was said about the german gas chambers was pure humbug?

There was actually a holocaust of 60 million people in a war declared in 1933 by the Jews against Hitler. Hitler had given bread to 6 million unemployed, he had rejected the dictatorship of the dollar and the Jewish totalitarianism which pollute man and the planet and which is called “democracy” by semantic mystification. Only two parties are left: the totalitarian judeopathy, exterminating man and the planet, and Nationalism for the Goyim not yet cankered by capitalisto-marxist Jewish influence.

How could it be possible that hundreds of civilian workers might have come in and out Auschwitz every day and never seen the gas chambers or heard about them?
Let's look at #22 closer, "By the way, a corpse soaked in cyanide acid, with lungs full of this gas, does it not explode in a crematorium???!!!"

Zyklon B is basically cyanide gas, which has a flash point of ZERO degrees. The flash point of a volatile material is the lowest temperature at which vapors of a fluid will ignite.

So why weren't those alleged crematoria blowing up when the nasty Nazis tried to incinerate a corpse filled with cyanide gas? For comparison, let's look at jet fuel, which we've been told--in another Jew Inc LIE--was the reason the WTC Twins blew up so spectacularly, because the jet fuel ignited.
Jet Fuel has a flash point of 100 degrees F, which means that it is about 100 times more difficult to ignite than cyanide gas, temperature wise, that is.

So again, "By the way, a corpse soaked in cyanide acid, with lungs full of this gas, does it not explode in a crematorium???!!!"

Yes, Das Juden, please answer that one!

For a video collection of Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce , click here.

For the letter he sent to that master propagandist, Steven Spielberg, click here:

The Non-Destruction of the European Jews...
excellent link with many, many true stories about the biggest fraud of the 20th Century, the Holocaust™

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Don't Laugh, TV Can Be Educational

From 1977 until 1981, [Steve] Allen hosted the show Meeting of Minds, which aired on the Public Broadcasting Service. In the show, actors "portrayed historic individuals engaging in spirited, at times heated, debates, over issues such as racism, women's rights, crime and punishment, and religious toleration." Allen first had the concept for the show in 1959, but took almost twenty years to make it happen.
Meeting of Minds: Season 3, Episode 1:
Guests: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Jayne Meadows Allen); Aristotle (Bernard "Bunny" Behrens); Niccolo Machiavelli (Alfred Ryder) and Sun Yat-sen (Keye Luke

Back in the late 1970's this was 'Must See TV!' An excellent show, both entertaining and educational, making one think instead of sitting in front of a big screen HDTV, with drool running out of the side of your mouth while stuffing the other side with toxic fast food chemicals while you wait for another CGI exploding body, nudity or sex scenes, with a variety of participants and combinations.

All courtesy of the fuckers that own Hollywood, Jew Inc. They love having our brains turn to mush so they can keep control of our government, sending our kids off to fight and die for Israel while their Yid snakes in the Treasury, Wall Street and the FED loot this nation down to its last farthing.

"I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore!"

A clip from the excellent 1976 movie, "Network." How prescient that movie was, showing how American TV, AKA the Boob Tube,' would degenerate into a mind-warping cesspool.

Americans have been so dumbed down by noxious TV programming that Hollywood could have a show that featured the KarTRASHian sex zombies burping and farting, with rude comments after each fart and the show would be a hit.

When something worth watching does appear, like "The Occupation Of the American Mind" a doc narrated by Roger Waters that was on JEWtube, it has a short life span, as it has now been removed by those seeking to completely corrupt the American mind, our Yid Overlords.
The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the United States

Over the past few years, Israel's ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territory and repeated invasions of the Gaza strip have triggered a fierce backlash against Israeli policies virtually everywhere in the world -- except the United States. The Occupation of the American Mind takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the U.S.

Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. media culture, the film explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel's favor. From the U.S.-based public relations campaigns that emerged in the 1980s to today, the film provides a sweeping analysis of Israel's decades-long battle for the hearts, minds, and tax dollars of the American people in the face of widening international condemnation of its increasingly right-wing policies.
Finally found a copy, hope it works!

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Sands of Sorrow (1950) Palestinian Arab Refugee Camps Video

Sands of Sorrow (1950); On the plight of Arab refugees from the Arab-Israeli war. Dorothy Thompson speaks on the refugee problem. Refugees live in tents in the Gaza Strip, are given blankets and food by Egyptian soldiers, and receive flour from UNICEF. A Lebanese priest conducts services. Refugees work as plumbers, carpenters, tailors, and shoemakers in the city of Jerusalem. Doctors vaccinate refugees against disease. Shows the squalid living conditions in refugee camps, starving children, and emphasizes the hopeless condition of the refugees.

A video doc made in 1950 talks about the 'months' of waiting for relief from the Jew invasion of their native homeland. Now we can change that to decades of waiting to get relief from the Jew parasite.

Here's a comment left that hits the bulls-eye:
Korivassilyou Xena

Dorothy Thompson was severely punished for daring to speak of "the former citizens of Palestine" who were exiled from their ancestral home. Whilst documentaries of holocaust suffering are held in sacrosanct reverence, anything referring to the horrors of the Palestinian exile is strictly forbidden. Such is the power of those who control the media.
If something like this appeared today, it would be shot down as being anti-Semitic, or being produced by Jew haters and the dreaded Holocaust denier.

To the Palestinian refugees being forced out of their ancestors home in Palestine, you can add the millions of Syria, Iraqi and Libyan refugees fleeing the western made Hell in their countries, courtesy of the GOY lackey nations, like England, the USA, France, Germany and NATO.
Refugees being forced out of their homes--those that weren't killed outright--to clear it for the Jew parasite to infect.

 photo Palest_thenand now_zpswpthqogc.gif
Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History

It has, for many years, been a tactic of those who seek to silence open debate and discussion of US Middle East policy to accuse critics of Israel of "anti-Semitism."

In a widely discussed article entitled "J'Accuse" (Commentary, September 1983), Norman Podhoretz charged America's leading journalists, newspapers and television networks with "anti-Semitism" because of their reporting of the war in Lebanon and their criticism of Israel's conduct. Among those so accused were Anthony Lewis of The New York Times, Nicholas von Hoffman, Joseph Harsch of The Christian Science Monitor, Rowland Evans, Robert Novak, Mary McGrory, Richard Cohen and Alfred Friendly of The Washington Post, and a host of others. These individuals and their news organizations were not criticized for bad reporting or poor journalistic standards; instead, they were the subject of the charge of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism has been redefined to mean anything that opposes the policies and interests of Israel. The beginning of this redefinition may be said to date, in part, from the 1974 publication of the book The New Anti-Semitism by Arnold Forster and Benjamin R. Epstein, leaders of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The nature of the "new" anti-Semitism, according to Forster and Epstein, is not necessarily hostility toward Jews as Jews, or toward Judaism, but, instead a critical attitude toward Israel and its policies.
Can't find a 'Wikipedia' link for Dorothy. That says a lot about the sterling quality of her work.

Jew Butchers Ready for Another Gaza Slaughter
Israel ready for another war with Hamas: defense minister

JERUSALEM, Feb. 22 (Xinhua-Israel's defense minister said on Monday that Israel is preparing for the possibility of another round of fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
The Butchers are sharpening their American supplied knives. Keeping true to form, they'll murder more this time than last, meaning they'll slaughter over 2,000 defenseless Gazans, while the USA and now Europe to scream, "Israel has the right to defend itself," thanks to the Israeli and Zionist sponsored European rape gangs doing Nuttyahoo's dirty work on European minds.
You can almost hear the bastards licking their lips over the upcoming blood libel sacrifice of Gazans.

The Jew parasite will invade Gaza after the USA POTUS farce in November, just like they did in 2008, with "Operation Cast Lead."

Monday, February 22, 2016

Syria Doesn't Have the Right to Defend Itself? That's Only for Israeli and Jew Land Thieves, Murderers and Saboteurs

Such beautiful children, smiling thru the horrors of war, which is the only kind of life they've known in their time here on Earth.

US State Department: "Moderate rebels" have right to defend themselves, Syrian government doesn't!

U.S. planes bombed Syria's Aleppo hospitals and thеn accused Russia for doing it

Journalist Eva Bartlett: "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!"

The world has gone completely mad, with the rule of law being treated like toilet paper. And us Americans are the worst of the lot, knowing everything about sports heroes or Hollywood celebrities or reality TV weirdoes and nothing about what is going on in DC or even in our state legislature.

American Tax Dollars at Work
Israeli forces demolish sole school in Bedouin community

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Sunday demolished a Bedouin school for children in the Abu al-Nuwaar community near the town of al-Eizariya in the occupied West Bank, a spokesperson for the al-Jahalin Bedouin community said.

Atallah al-Jahalin told Ma'an that Israeli forces, accompanied by 30 vehicles and a delegation from Israeli's Civil Administration, raided the area and destroyed the sole school in the community.

Residents said Israeli forces told them the school was demolished because concrete structures were forbidden in the area.

Israeli forces also reportedly seized the contents of the school.

Al-Jahalin added that Israeli forces briefly detained two youths who were protesting the demolition, both of whom were released after the demolition.

After the demolition, primary students held a "sit-in" where the school once stood while wearing their uniforms and holding school books in protest.

On Wednesday, the Coordinator for Humanitarian and UN Development Activities for the occupied Palestinian territory Robert Piper said the number of Palestinians displaced so far in 2016 is already equivalent to over half of the total number displaced in all of 2015.

The UN documented 283 homes and other structures destroyed, dismantled, or confiscated between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15.




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My Blog Post on Pentagon Burn Pits from Nearly SEVEN Years Ago

Since this has been getting a lot press lately, at least in the alternative press, thought I'd re-post my blog on the Pentagon burn pits from November 2007.
Figuring out unique ways to kill and disable American troops... courtesy of the Pentagon

It's not enough that close to 100,000 American troops have been killed and wounded in combat fighting these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' our own government heaps on the insults by exposing them to toxic burn pits.

Our government kills and maims our own troops and for what? To catch a dead man, Bin Laden? Or to keep that drug money from Afghan poppy fields flowing into Wall Street banks and to position American bases around the Caspian Basin so we can steal their oil and natural gas and to surround Israel's 'existential' enemy, Iran with American forces.

That's the real reasons we're stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Want to actually show some respect for the vets on Veterans Day?


Or maybe the Congress and WH can lead by example by immediately sending ALL of their kids of fighting age into the Army Airborne or Marine Recon Forces, NOW.

And that draft-dodging war pig, GW Bush, can personally enlist and then insist his two daughters get sent to a 'hot' combat zone.

X-File’ Vet May Be Link to Burn-Pit Truth by Kelley B. Vlahos
Yesterday, Edward Adams was an X-File, but tomorrow he might be the critical link between the toxic plumes rising recklessly from U.S. Army installations in the war zone and the growing number of veterans crippled by unexplained nerve, heart, and respiratory damage back home.

That’s because unlike any other known case, according to advocates, Adams was recently told by a board of military doctors at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii that his health anomalies – including the appearance of countless holes or "cysts" riddling the tissue around his lungs and an aorta that has shrunk to half its normal size in three months – "probably is related to the exposure to burn pits in Iraq."

This is coming at a time when the Pentagon has so far maintained there are "no significant short or long-term health risks" from the massive burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan, which incinerate, in open air, everything from medical waste to plastics, dining hall trash, rubber, lithium batteries, petroleum products, and hardware, causing a noxious, jet-black plume and huge clouds over the area.
Maybe they'll get some relief from the courts, but don't hold your breath.... if you can still breathe.

The US companies being sued are KBR and Halliburton, who have a VERY cozy relationship with the Pentagon, Congress and the WH, so don't look for much, if anything, to come out of this lawsuit.

Military contractors sued over Iraq 'burn pits'

Link to Burn Pits Action Center, with first hand accounts of soldiers being exposed to poisons deliberately by our government.

First we send them into combat and then, toss them in prison for using exotic substances to 'self-medicate' and escape the horrors of war.

Thanks to "" for keeping these stories online.

More 'collateral damage' in the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Congress can't seem to find the money for these wounded troops, but never misses a chance to give Israel money and weapons, like the recent announcement that Americans were going to get tagged over 100 million to help the Yid land thieves detect tunnels in Occupied Palestine.

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"How much of that sh*tty deal did you sell to your clients?" They Asked of G-d's Right-Hand, Goldman Sachs.

Don't recall this being on ZNN or FOX N***, but maybe it was. I'm sure the NYT financial pages went after this shitty deal, exposing it for the world to see that Goldman Sachs, like the rest of Wall Street, is one big incestuous pit of vipers sucking the life out of America and the world.

Don't get all paranoid and think that just because this hearing was chaired by a die-hard Israeli fan that it was a dog and pony show.

When HRM Hillary and her the vicious mobsters that are helping her steal the WH gets to be POTUS, who do you think she'll be taking care of, We the People or a bunch of psychotic, thieving, back-stabbing butchers?

2.18.16 photo HCww_zpsilltnzwj.jpg
Hillary Clinton’s Lucrative Goldman Sachs Speaking Gigs by Alec Torres October 30, 2013

Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29. As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days.

Clinton’s office did not respond to a request for comment.
"Sooeee, soeee pig, soeee, Look at Her run to the Slop!"
Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Problem

A longtime Hillary Clinton adviser said, "She's not giving any more speeches to Goldman Sachs." ...from a June 2014 MJ article.
When the Yid thieves get done ransacking the Teamsters pension funds, they'll come after the rest. Those TBTF Wall Street banks must be kept alive, regardless of who suffers.

And guess who's 'helping' the Teamsters manage their pension funds?
The Clintons' Goldman Sachs Gold Mine July 2014

The never-ending Clinton money grab is more than $150 million deep. One of their most lucrative benefactors is Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs.

Four out of the top five businesses
donating to HRM Hillary's campaign are all Wall Street banks, with GS #2 on the list. The other one, DLA Piper, is world-wide law firm that sounds like that one run by Al Pacino in the "Devil's Advocate."
Hillary Clinton gave 'glowing' speeches to Goldman Sachs employees, saying more parties were to blame for financial crisis than the big banks

“It was pretty glowing about us,” one person in attendance for the speech told Politico. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”
Former Goldman Sachs’ Guy Is Channeling Bernie Sanders

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"All Aboard the Chicken Little Scalia Express!"

Chicken Little, AKA Henny Penny, according to the fable, was a hen who became neurotic and started screaming "The sky is falling" when an acorn fell on her head. She goes to tell the King about this impending disaster--according to her--and along the way, gathers all sorts of companions who are also deluded.
But she and her fellow nuts never made it to the King as along the way, a fox invited them into his den to hear the story and the fox gobbled them all up.

And that's what I see happening with the SCOTUS Justice Scalia death, all sorts of people clattering that they just know this is another heinous plot, hatched by some sinister black op group to take over the world and enslave us all.

The fact that Scalia, according to this personal physician, had a host of medical problems; was grossly overweight and had skin pallor like a vampire, meaning he didn't get outside much and get some of that nice sunshine that radiates Vitamin D, a vitamin essential for heart health.

So you have a grossly overweight 79 yo dude whose job is to set on his ass all day long, listening to people argue back and forth, that dies after hiking over the rugged West Texas hill country and we can't take that at face value?

No, it has to be the Jesuits or the globalists or the Masons or the corporatist's or the Illuminati or maybe a black, Hindu abortion doctor who has a homosexual lover and worships Satan. Yeah, that's who dun it!

The part of this psyops that had Scalia being embalmed overnight seems to have dropped from the narrative, guess the facts got in the way.

The point I'm trying to make is that every time an acorn falls on your head doesn't mean the sky is falling or the FBI is going to round us up and stick us in FEMA camps. For what you're doing is sticking a knife in the 9/11 Truth Movement and that's one thing we can't afford to do.
If the Flat Earth society wants to go on and on about the Earth being flat, they just know it is, let them but real 9/1 Truthers should stay away from branding everything a conspiracy. That is gutting the 9/11 Truth Movement instead of bringing to light what really happened.

For when you scream, "The sky is falling," you're letting the real SOBs behind 9/11 escape punishment.

So if you want your kids to look like this 14 yo Palestinian girl, who got shot for being Palestinian, then keep nodding your hear anytime someone shouts the sky is falling.

The Putrefaction of American Democracy.... our democratic republic is the one really dead, but not many notice, since their too busy watching steroid freaks mangle a leather ball or some skimpily dressed babe shake her booty on a stage or can't wait to watch the next episode of the KarTRASHians so they can keep up with water cooler talk.

What Are We Smelling?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Some of the Jews Looting, Then Wrecking American Businesses, Part III

This series would not be complete without mentioning one of the biggest enablers of this misery, Kenneth FEINBERG, hired gun for numerous dodgy deals that wind up fucking over the American worker. While the FED, with the approval of their GOY bitches in the WH hand out multibillion/trillion dollar bailouts to the same Jew run Wall Street bank officials guilty of looting the economy to the point of expiration, the American worker gets the shaft and sees their savings stolen and pension plan gutted, with many seeing a 50-80% cut in benefits.
Asked by the World Socialist Web Site whether he would use a similar approach with regard to workers’ pensions, Feinberg declared that he never approved multi-million-dollar bonuses to Wall Street executives.

But a 2012 report by Neil Barofsky, the inspector general for the TARP bank bailout, exposes Feinberg’s statement as a lie. Barofsky found that Feinberg “approved total compensation packages in the millions” and did not “effectively rein in excessive compensation.”

Barofsky’s report added, “In 2009, OSM [Office of the Special Master, i.e., Feinberg] approved total compensation of cash and stock of more than $1 million each for five AIG employees including a $10.5 million pay package for AIG’s new CEO that included a $3 million cash salary.” Barofsky added that Feinberg “approved compensation ranging from $4.3 million to $7.1 million each for four AIG employees who that year were also scheduled to receive cash retention awards of up to $2.4 million.”

But far from being an independent arbiter, Feinberg is a bag-man for Wall Street and its representatives in the Obama administration. His role is not to arbitrate an equitable solution to the chronic de-funding of employee pensions in the United States, but rather to facilitate the outcome most favorable to the banks and major corporations.

Protecting Israel From Exposure, Hellerstein the Kosher Mob Boss
2.12.16_hellerstei photo heller_zpsgdf4ksig.jpg

From helping with the 9/11 False Flag coverup, to helping BP slide out of the Gulf disaster, avoiding paying the true cost of their mess, Feinberg is the 'fixer' to help Jew Inc and their mobs escape justice for their crimes.

Feinberg was responsible for handing out the cash to the 9/11 victims families, on the stipulation that they could not sue the government and ask pesky questions about who really did 9/11. Feinberg and the trial judge in this dog and pony show, Alvin Hellerstein knew they couldn't take a chance on letting those who refused the cash to go to trial, possibly exposing the Israeli mastermind behind the False Flag, so the SOB's stalled, delayed and dallied for nearly three years until they crammed his final decision down the remaining victims throats, made them take the cash and refused to let any trial or investigation go forward.

Two Zionist Jew judges, Hellerstein and Feinberg tag-teaming the 9/11 victims families. What a coincidence that both of these judges are Zionist Jews!

All 9/1 Roads Lead to Israel
9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS

"This bastard judicial system is so corrupt." – 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani

Alvin K. Hellerstein is the judge who handles all 9-11 litigation. His son is an Israeli lawyer who emigrated to Israel in 2001 and whose law firm works for and with the Rothschild-funded Mossad company responsible for the 9-11 terror attacks. This presents a clear case of criminal conflict of interest and explains why Hellerstein has protected the Israeli culprits of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 by preventing a trial and blocking any legal discovery of what really happened.

He has completely obstructed justice for the 9-11 relatives – for eight years – by blocking any discovery and preventing the families from getting the one thing they all wanted: an open trial to find the truth of who was responsible for the terror attacks that caused the loss of their loved ones. Hellerstein has played a key role in the 9-11 cover-up by blocking legal discovery and preventing a trial from occurring.
Hellerstein then imposed a 'gag' order on the plaintiffs. Hell, just reading about this slimy POS makes me want to gag.

Judge 'Shlomo' even went so far as to tell the interested parties in 9/11 lawsuits they CAN'T question the FBI.

How does this tie-in to the blog title? The 9/11 False Flag was used as a distraction to let the Jew Gangsters go on an unprecedented looting spree, stealing trillions from Americans because the JEW MSM kept them too scared with endless tale of non-existent Muslim boogiemen to ask any questions about why their pension was looted or what happened to the money we invested in the stock market?

Oh, BTW, Hellerstein also refused to sanction the CIA for destroying those Abu Ghraib and Gitmo torture tapes. Man, does he stay busy or what? Didn't realize their was a shortage of Federal judges!

The Same Mob That Pulled This off Also Did the Same to Our Economy. Rather apt symbolism, eh?
03.19.14 photo wTc_zps0613fa6e.jpg

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Some of the Jews Looting, Then Wrecking American Businesses, Part II

"How Sweet it Is!"

This is how the Jew gangsters operate, in full view, since the DOJ has said it won't prosecute 'white collar crime.' They borrow money at nearly zero percent interest from their Kosher buds at the Jew owned and run Federal Reserve, then use that cash to buy out American companies ripe for picking, loot the company and then walk away with billions while the company expires. Millions have lost their jobs this way.

Adding insult to this financial rape is that many of the companies destroyed are then bought for pennies on the dollar by other Jew financial sharpies, who borrow money for virtually nothing from their FED buddies.

While many Americans look for a job or a place to live for their family, the gangsters that caused this misery are living like the kings of old.

The Jew gangsters were also behind the 2008 market crash, brought about by their 'dodgy' Mortgage Backed Securities fraud, which caused millions to lose their home, while gaining trillions for the gangsters.

Additionally, the Jew gangsters at the FED crash the stock market, which wrecks the economy, putting many a business at risk, since the economy is failing. That's when these vultures swoop in and feast on the carcass.

Such is life living under the brutal occupation of the Jew gangsters, like another Kosher Nostra gang that is getting rich off American's misery.

Jew bankers controlled the major USA banks back at the beginning of the 20th Century, setting off several financial recessions, which led up to the really big crash of 1929.

Now, we're seeing history repeat itself with another financial depression heading our way and there's not much we can do, except the government can do at this point, except to keep people distracted with lies about Muslim boogiemen and by waging war against nations, like Syria, that don't want to be part of the Jew banking schemes.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some of the Jews Looting American Businesses and Destroying the Economy, Part I

One bunch of greedy pigs is at "Apollo Global Management." It's roster reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list and they love ransacking American companies. They purchase the company, then grab any cash the company might use for operations, sell off assets, pay themselves 'special dividends,' borrow money against the company, buy back stock shares, which make their shares more valuable, then sell off their stock and walk away while the company self-destructs, throwing hundreds or even thousands out of work.
Apollo Global Management, LLC is an American private equity firm, founded in 1990 by former Drexel Burnham Lambert banker Leon Black. The firm specializes in leveraged buyout transactions and purchases of distressed securities involving corporate restructuring, special situations, and industry consolidations. Apollo is headquartered in New York City, and also has offices in Purchase, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mumbai.
ALL the key people are Khazars, this one even had a father who jumped out of window, rather than face jail time for getting too chummy with Honduras on behalf of United Fruit.

Leon also has a taste for expensive art work. Why not, the money is free!
On December 22, 2015 it was reported that Leon Black purchased at auction a complete set of the Daniel Bomberg Babylonian Talmud for $9.3 million. According to a press release from the Sotheby's auction house, the sale is “a new world auction record for any piece of Judaica.”
This one likes to support Jew causes, like brainwashing the GOYIM to support Israel.

This one likes to use his loot to buy sports teams, very useful instruments used to brainwash Americans or Brits.

And this little piggie likes to finance plays depicting anti-Semitism. Gosh, now why would he be worried about being exposed as a grifter and a plunderer?

These assholes got their brigand training at Drexel Burnham Lambert, which they used to front so many cons, the fucking company self-destructed, but they walked away with a nice chunk of money. Drexel was under 'investigation' by the SEC for over 20 years before the company finally imploded. Maybe if the SEC had a few more decades, they could've figured out the Talmudists were actually thieves?

One company that they started looted a few years back is Noranda Aluminum, that is now going into bankruptcy, and with it, 850 jobs, good-paying jobs are being lost. Most likely for good.

Buy the company, sell off the assets. Grab any loose cash and saddle the company with debts and loans, all the while the wrecking crew pays itself obscene dividends, then walk away and let the company implode from all the debt.
Which is what they did to Noranda, a company around for over 90 years, now slowly falling apart, heading for oblivion.

But the fucking Jew carnivores can use the billions they stole to buy another 140 million dollar painting or a Bugatti Veyron. Or maybe buy a new 150' custom yacht, no expense spared. Why worry about the cost, there's still more companies to rape.

And the sad part is that many Americans have no fucking idea their being slowly bled to death by the gang of criminals they think are our bestest buddies, Jews. They'll go on contentedly chewing their cud until that Kosher knife finally slits their throat.

How many other companies have these vultures sank their fangs into? Many, with many headed for the same demise as Noranda.

One might think that this kind of looting would make for a good story. But if some media outlet did investigate the 'Kosher Nostra' killing off American companies so Das Juden could get filthy rich, cries of anti-Semitism and Jew-hater and Holocaust Denier would be heard near and far.
The media outlet's owner would get phone calls threatening them with a significant loss of ad revenue, unless the story was killed and 'appropriate' action take against the reporter doing the investigation, meaning the reporter would be fired, to never again work in the profession he or she loves.

This is how gangsters operate in the 21st Century, not by tossing dynamite into the business, but using the stacked financial system to cause just as much destruction.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hitler Should Be Celebrated for Saving Six Million Jews

 photo HH_Jwwa_WWII_zpsoyh62vyk.png

Jew inc has demonized Hitler, to further their goal of first, establishing Israel, then soaking European nations and the USA for hundreds and hundreds of billions in cash and hundreds of billions in weapons for their State of Hate. They also use Adolph as a cover for the real Holocaust, the ongoing genocide of the native Palestinians, which they also use to silence anyone who point out the many crimes against humanity and war crimes the Israeli parasite inflicts upon their neighbors.

Jew Inc should be lauding Hitler for saving six million Yids from the horrors of WWII. Hitler helped his Jew buds leave Germany and go to other nations, most of whom wanted nothing to do with these deceptive money changers, knowing that to let large numbers of Khazars into their nation would doom their country to endless misery, thefts, lies, traitorous activities and corruption.
The Jews that left the Continent realized their generations old schemes of defrauding the GOY sheep and robbing them of their wealth was soon to be up, so time to flee to another plump host across the Atlantic.

Some of the Jews who didn't have the financial assets to leave Germany and Europe were herded into Palestine, where they started a reign of bloody terror against the indigenous Palestinians and Lebanese that is still ongoing.

What the Jews Don't Want You to See. Dresden victims piled up by the thousands after the February 1945 firebombing. You should only focus on the phony Holocaust™ and demand that more Palestinians be butchered for the glory of Israel
dresden photo dresden3_zps9yxzukxb.jpg

The rest were secluded into German and Polish forced labor camps where they sat out WWII and avoided the most horrible tragedies the West inflicted upon Germany, like the horrendous firebombing of Dresden and the carpet and fire bombings of German cities like Darmstadt and Hamburg.
The Brits first bombed Hamburg's waterworks, making any kind of firefighting impossible while the hellish fires raged for days, killing tens of thousands German civilians.

As Hamburg burned the winds feeding the three mile high flames reached twice hurricane speed to exceed 150 miles per hour. Trees three feet in diameter on the outskirts of the city, were sucked from the ground by the supernatural forces of these winds and hurled miles into the city-inferno, as were vehicles, men, women… and children.

The destruction of Dresden, a non-military target, was so complete, the cleanup was still going on nearly 10 years later. Jew Inc lies about the Dresden death toll, putting it at less than 25,000. But the dead, many burned alive, was over 300,000, with some claiming it was around 500,000 murdered, since their were so many refugees fleeing the Bolshevik Jews in the East and the Rothschilds Armies in the West.

"Thank YWHW Our Friend Hitler Let Us Stay Here!"
Air Raid on Dresden Killed More Than 300,000 by Dan Regan, Stars and Stripes Staff Writer

With the 1st Army, May 3-- The Allied air raid on Dresden on Feb. 13-14 killed 300,000 persons, according to a report by Dresden police to a group of 600 -- British and French -- prisoners who were given passes by the Germans to enter the American lines.

Nine British PWs were working in Dresden during the raid and said the horror and devastation caused by the Anglo-American 14-hour raid was beyond human comprehension unless one could see for himself.

One British sergeant said,

"Reports from Dresden police that 300,000 died as a result of the bombing didn't include deaths among 1,000,000 evacuees from the Breslau area trying to escape from the Russians. There were no records on them.
"After seeing the results of the bombing, I believe these figures are correct."

"They had to pitchfork shriveled bodies onto trucks and wagons and cart them to shallow graves on the outskirts of the city. But after two weeks if work the job became too much to cope with and they found other means to gather up the dead."

"They burned bodies in a great heap in the center of the city, but the most effective way, for sanitary reasons, was to take flamethrowers and burn the dead as they lay in the ruins. They would just turn the flamethrowers into the houses, burn the dead and then close off the entire area. The whole city is flattened. They were unable to clean up the dead lying beside roads for several weeks," the sergeant added.
More horrific pics of the Dresden massacre, not for the weak of stomach, but you can see where Jew Inc got some of the ideas they used to embellish the Holocaust™ LIES.

"Enjoy Your New Home While Germany is Being Destroyed"

While Germans and European refugees, many fleeing the psychotic Bolshevik Jew butchers of the Red Army approaching Germany were dying a horrible death by fire in Dresden, Jews were comfortably hiding in forced labor camps, setting out WWII while their GOY slaves fought each other to death.

Allied fighters even machine-gunned German children in city parks, while Jews were enjoying such amenities as orchestras, plays, brothels, swimming pools, a soccer pitch and on-site hospitals to treat sick Jews.
“By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises hissed from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet. Their shoes caught fire and then their feet. The lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joans of Arcs…. thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening that night.
Martin Caidin, "The Night Hamburg Died"

Hitler was repaying the kindness of the Jew bankers who helped him to power by saving European and German Jews from the massive Allied bombing campaigns.

According to Theodore J. O'Keefe, the controversial Harvard-educated historian, German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning wrote:

"From October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Hitler was backed by Jewish bankers, the Bush family and many other top families in Europe and America.

If you want to see more truth videos about the sweet con Jews have with the man that saved them, Hitler, click here.

Dresden, after the February 1945 Allied firebombing
Dresd_2 photo dresd_zpsbvqykncd.jpg

Syria, after another 'Allied' destruction of a people Jew Inc hates and wants destroyed
 photo Syria_homs_zpszkxgsgkr.jpg

If you see parallels between what the Rothschild Armies did to Germany and what Israel's lackeys are doing to Syria, congratulations for still being able to think.

Monday, February 8, 2016

What and Who ISIS/ISIL/DAESH Won't Attack

1. Any of those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Banks.

Those banks are very handy in helping with the sale of those stolen Iraqi and Syrian antiquities that are flooding New York and London. Almost the idea crime. You loot some ancient Iraqi or Syrian historical site, then make sure that your buddies at ZNN or FOX N*** get video footage of the place being destroyed. A new twist to the old 'Jewish Lightning' insurance scam.

2. Western politicians who are pro-Israel.

A good analogy would be to compare these back-stabbers to termites, since their traitorous activities on behalf of Jew Inc destroys a nation's foundation.

3. Synagogues.

But they might visit, to pay their respects and get further commands from the likes of Eliot Abrams and Richard Perle during these endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

4. Bar or Bat Mitzvahs.

It's considered bad form to attack the bosses families and best friends.

5. Saudi Arabia.

Besides, most of the Saudi royals spend most of their time in either London or Paris, so what would be the point? And no one attacks the paymaster at work, no matter how pissed off they are. It's not like the Saud family needs pointers on how to chop off heads.

6. Israel.

Why attack the one who is providing medical care, NSA intelligence, money, weapons and all that nasty good PR that keeps Americans scared shitless of 'al CIA Duh' Inc.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hacking Democracy: Clearing the Path for HRM Hillary and her Brood

With the Iowa fake caucuses now being virtually confirmed to be dirty and slanted for HRM Hillary, we now embark to New Hampshire, which is even less transparent than Iowa. Even Iowa's biggest paper, the 'Des Moines Register' is now saying the caucuses don't smell right.
With partisans on the Right and Left now charging, appropriately or not, that the caucuses were "stolen", and both the Register and Sanders' camp calling for state Democrats to release raw vote totals, Harris notes: "Really, the bottom line is, if they won't disclose stuff, then it smells. If they disclose it, everybody can see for themselves." "People say, well, there are problems in every election," she continues. "My mantra is: That may be true, but let's see the problems. All I'm saying is let us see them, and let us address them. Most people I talk to — even if they're very partisan — they say, 'If I can see it and we lost fair and square, I will accept that.' It really ticks people off when you say, 'we won, and we aren't going to show you how.'"
Even though Bernie is leading that bitch by double digits in New Hampshire, the results, or rather the cooked results will show a virtual tie, which the Jew MSM will then give to their witch, Clinton.

There's an excellent doc from 2006 called "Hacking Democracy" that shows how easy it is to hack votes on Diebold's scan system, which has been 'rebranded' as Premier Election Solutions.

The actual full length has been banned on JEWtube in the USA, blamed on copyright grounds, but they've banned it in the one nation it applies to, so go figure.

The ways to hack and change the vote were easy, as shown here, and that's why the video is banned from being shown on JEWtube.

This piece of the video shows how easy it is to hack the vote at the four minute mark, which that war witch Clinton needs done.

The USA portrayed in our schools, on TV and in the movies is a mirage of what might of been. There is no democracy in the USA, we are a nation occupied by bankers and Jews, used like whores to fulfill their ultimate fantasy, of an Eretz Israel, as shown below.

GI_7.16.14 photo Greater_israel_zpsd3f218fb.jpg

The bankers and Israel have decided that Hillary is their man to get the job done of finishing the destruction of Syria, then moving onto Iran, and We the People be damned.

When Hillary steals the WH, the cabinet she appoints will look like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Writing a Letter to the Editor or contacting your Senator or Congress person will do nothing except waste your time. There's only one way left to take back this nation from the parasites and traitors that are enslaving us and that involves blood, lots and lots of blood.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

9/11: Skyscrapers That DID NOT COLLAPSE After 14 or 17 or 18+ Hours of Fire

None of these buildings collapsed into their own footprint at near-freefall acceleration, so why did the World Trade Center buildings?

Now, let's have a look at the Deutsche Bank building that was a victim of the 9/11 False Flag. Notice the huge ragged indentation in the building? That was caused by a 20+ ton piece of steel from WTC South Tower being ejected laterally over 300 feet into the building and damaging it.

DBS_91 photo DeutschBank91_zps88w9lemd.png

In 2005, while doing an inspection of the DBS building, human remains were round on the roof. Human bones that had been smashed and broken into sizes less then 1/16th inch in length. Between expelling a 20+ ton steel beam over 300 feet and blasting human bones down to a miniscule size, does that sound like a fire and collapse, or a controlled demolition?
WTC Bone Fragments Still Surface a Decade After 9/11

Approximately 6,000 pieces recovered were small enough to fit into a test tube.

In one case, more than 300 pieces found were from one single victim.

Fewer than 300 victims were found intact.

No remains have been found for more than 1,000 WTC victims.

These horrible facts do not support the official theory that the Twin Towers suffered a “gravitational” collapse. One would expect in such a theoretical collapse scenario to find most of the bodies trapped, and certainly “mangled”, between 110 floors. Instead, both the floors and the bodies were pulverized and violently ejected hundreds of feet in all directions.
More 'Magic' on 9/11
Missing Bodies: More Than 1000 Bodies Are Unaccounted for

The number of people believed to have been killed in the World Trade Center attack hovers around 2,780, three years after the attack. No trace has been identified for about half the victims, despite the use of advanced DNA techniques to identify individuals. Six weeks after the attack only 425 people had been identified. A year after the attack, only half of the victims had been identified. 19,906 remains were recovered from Ground Zero, 4,735 of which were identified. Up to 200 remains were linked to a single person.
Over 19,000 body 'parts?' Simple collapse or a violent explosion?

Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11

1. An outline of what was to become the 9/11 Commission Report was produced before the investigation began. The outline was kept secret from the Commission’s staff and appears to have determined the outcome of the investigation.

2. The 9/11 Commission claimed sixty-three (63) times in its Report that it could find “no evidence” related to important aspects of the crimes.

3. One person, Shayna Steiger, issued 12 visas to the alleged hijackers in Saudi Arabia. Steiger issued some of the visas without interviewing the applicants and fought with another employee at the embassy who tried to prevent her lax approach.

4. Before 9/11, the nation’s leading counter-terrorism expert repeatedly notified his friends in the United Arab Emirates of top-secret U.S. plans to capture Osama bin Laden. These treasonous leaks prevented Bin Laden’s capture on at least two separate occasions.

5. Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was caught stealing documents from the National Archives that had been requested by the 9/11 Commission. The Commission had previously been denied access to the documents but the White House reluctantly agreed to turn them over just as Berger was trying to steal them.

6. The official story of the failed air defenses on 9/11 was changed several times and, in the end, paradoxically exonerated the military by saying that the military had lied many times about its response. The man who was behind several of the changing accounts was a specialist in political warfare (i.e. propaganda).

7. Military exercises being conducted on the day of 9/11 mimicked the attacks as they were occurring and obstructed the response to the attacks. NORAD commander Ralph Eberhart sponsored those exercises, failed to do his job that day, and later lied to Congress about it (if the 9/11 Commission account is true).

8. A third skyscraper collapsed late in the afternoon on 9/11. This was WTC 7, a 47-story building that the government’s final report says fell into its own footprint due to office fires. The building’s tenants included U.S. intelligence agencies and a company led in part by Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Meetings were scheduled there to discuss terrorism and explosives on the morning of 9/11.

9. News agencies, including BBC and CNN, announced the destruction of WTC 7 long before it happened. One BBC reporter announced the collapse while viewers could see the still-standing building right behind her in the video. Years later, after claiming that it had lost the tapes and then found them again, BBC’s answer to this astonishing report was that everything was just “confusing and chaotic” that day. Of course, one problem with this is that the news agencies predicted the exact building, of the many damaged in the area, that would collapse. Another big problem is that no one could have possibly predicted the collapse of WTC 7 given the unprecedented and unbelievable official account for how that happened.

10. Construction of the new, 52-story WTC 7 was completed two years before the government knew what happened to the first WTC 7. In fact, when the new building was completed in 2006, the spokesman for the government investigation said, “We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7.” The construction of the new building, without regard for how the first one was destroyed, indicates that building construction professionals in New York City did not believe it could ever happen again.

11. Ultimately, building construction codes were not changed as a result of the root causes cited by the National Institute for Standards and Technology for destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings. This fact shows that the international building construction community does not believe that the WTC buildings were destroyed as stated in the official account.

12. AMEC, the company that just finished rebuilding the exact spot where Flight 77 was said to hit, was put in charge of cleanup at the WTC and the Pentagon. The man who ran the company, Peter Janson, was a long-time business associate of Donald Rumsfeld.

13. The response of the U.S. Secret Service to the 9/11 attacks suggests foreknowledge of the events in that the agency failed to protect the president from the obvious danger posed by terrorists.

14. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission notified the FBI of suspected 9/11 insider trading transactions. That evidence was ignored and the suspects were not even questioned by the FBI or the 9/11 Commission.

(That evidence of insider trading on stocks bound to be affected by the 9/11 attacks, was destroyed by the SEC and FBI. Boy oh boy, does that Bin Laden have some friends in high places or what?)

There are, of course, many more incredible facts about 9/11 that continue to be ignored by authorities and much of the media. Let’s hope that the next major terrorist attack results in legitimate reporting and unified calls for truth before fourteen years have passed.
Destroying evidence of insider trading on stocks bound to fall as a result of 9/11 just like the FBI destroyed the evidence on the anthrax attacks when the investigation started leading back to the government.

What is known now is that 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG, masterminded by Israel, who was aided by traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the FBI, CIA and NSA.

OBOMBER's bud, Cass Sunstein, lover boy of the incompetent (US ambassador to the UN) Samantha Powers, told his rent boy "...that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine" those groups.

Yep, that's right, if you ask questions about 9/11, you and your bright friends are going to be investigated by the feds because you don't click your boot heels and shout, MEIN FUHRER when someone wants to discuss what really happened on that day.

Sounds like that other con, the Holocaust™ which has turned into a quasi-religion, so much so that in nearly 20 nations, it is forbidden upon pain of imprisonment to even discuss your theories of the BIGGEST FRAUD of the 20th Century.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Jew Inc Funding European Nationalists to Spread Islamphobia And Ignore the Banking System

Now why would Ziocons want their hired thugs to not talk about the banking system?  Hmm, give me some time to figure this one out.

British brains being infested with Zionism
1.31.16 photo Eng_Is_zpsw7ckih4p.png

Israel needs the gullible to get behind their blood-soaked hands and support that nation of psychos, murderers and land thieves so Jew Inc can keep doing what they've been doing w/o fear of some kind of sanctions.

Specific directions given to ignore the worthless paper money Jew Inc has used to destroy various nations economies several times in the last 100 years and they're working on the really BIG one this time, but don't talk about Jews being in control of the US Federal Reserve or the US Treasury Dept or the the media.

Zionist Neocons offered BNP bribe *IN 2007*, to ignore Jew paper money and attack Islam

Jew Inc wants to keep pitting Christians against Muslims in never-ending wars that will exhaust both sides, with Israel growing stronger by the day, due to extorting vast sums of wealth from 'holocausted' nations. Also being given the latest modern weapons Israel will use to destroy Palestine, Lebanon and what's left of the Christian and Islamic world after we've exhausted ourselves on the fields of battle.

"Get the banks off the backs of their countries so they can live in peace!"

Text of Griffin from above video: "When the godfather of the European Union, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, published the plan for a united Europe and the ethnocide of the peoples of Europe, the encouragement of mass non-white immigration was central to the plot. Since then, an unholy alliance of leftists, capitalists and Zionist supremacists has schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation with the deliberate aim of breeding us out of existence in our homelands.

As indigenous resistance to this human genetic-modification industry grows, the criminal elite seeks new ways to camouflage their project. First, their immigrant pawns were temporary guest workers; then it was a multiracial experiment; then they were refugees, and then the answer to a shrinking population. Different excuses, different lies -- and asylum is just another one. But the real aim stays the same: the biggest genocide in human history, the final solution to the Christian European problem. This crime demands a new set of Nuremberg trials, and you people will be in the dock."

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe: The plan to destroy Europe and the UK

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution].
Kalergi had funding from Max Warburg.

Maxie was a busy little SOB. Helped Hitler rise to power and influenced his brother Felix to start the US Federal Reserve. Maxie also served on the board of the German firm I.G. Farben, the same that made the pesticide Zyklon B, which has been erroneously blamed for six million LIES.

The Warburgs
--appropriate name---took extra special care of their most prized client, Israeli banks. Probably helped them hide loot stolen from nations around the globe and spirited to 'Stolenland.'

Jewish Banking Houses in America

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