Monday, June 13, 2016

WITNESS Says at LEAST TWO GUNMAN were Shooting at the PULSE club

Oops, there goes the pre-planned narrative. But they scrambled nicely, getting the video filmed by Anthony Torres wiped off Youtube.

Maten_pulsse photo twogunman_Pulse_zps9ijeunxq.png

"Gunshots rang out at an Orlando, Fla., gay club, striking at least 20 people early Sunday, according to multiple local reports. A witness saw at least two assailants open fire with what sounded like a semi-automatic firearm inside the nightclub and outside the south Orlando venue from a vehicle. “We were just leaving the club and we started hearing the shots,” clubber Anthony Torres told the Daily News. “Everyone was running and screaming.” Torres came back to the club and saw medics putting mul.. - See more at:
So, according to my math, that's THREE shooters.
But if you go to the link, the original story about there being three gunmen has been scrubbed, as of June 13, 201 at 1252 hours.
Mateen, of Fort Pierce, Fla., called 911 about 20 minutes into the shooting, which started just after 2 a.m., according to CNN. In the phone call, he pledged allegiance to ISIS and referenced the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the deadly 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon.
Called the 9/11 Emergency dispatch center AFTER he had entered and started blasting away? How many arms does this guy have? Because it takes two to drop the empty AR-15 magazine and reload anther, so which arm did he use to call 911? And don't forget, he's using one arm and hand to hold the GLOCK pistol to protect himself when he's changing mags.

Also ask this question: Where's the interior cell phone video of this massacre and the security camera videos of Mateen spending countless hours at some shooting range, firing off hundreds and hundreds of rounds to get the feel of the AR-15 and Glock pistol?

Does this look like some nutcase who would shoot up a place?

Maten_PUL photo mateen_zpsvys9tfkk.jpg

Or this one?
Maten_Puls photo orl_stter_zpslmdfsvgd.png

FBI agent says only 20 people dead at PULSE. And he wasn't sure if they had been shot by some bad guys or some cops.

A Few Last Thoughts

I imagine this will be--or already has--spun as some cop outside the club doing the shooting.

Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Why Is There a Whole Parade of Victims Walking Back Toward Shooting Scene?

The psyops is being sculptured around 'Muslims hate gays' narrative. But, as we've been told, they also hate Israel and Jews.

So when is one of these 'aL CIA Duh' or DAESH or ISIS or ISIL or al Nusra types going to shoot up a synagogue?

Or attack Israel?

Israeli PM visiting wounded ISIS thugs in an Israeli field hospital set up in the Golan HeightsNutty_ISIS photo IS_Netty_11.15_zpsyf7fgoyb.png


  1. What's in Florida's water, Greg? Mohammed atta lived in FL, 15 years later, we have this new clown . Both of 'em were "Allah freaks". One left a Quran at a strip club and one went to the gay bar, without latest fashionable man purse. They must be hi-fiving each other right now in hell!

    BTW, this new clown had Afghan heritage. Afghanistan is the gayest place on earth, notorious for man-boy relationships for centuries. Probably the tradition initiated by the Alexander's army, as some of 'em settled in Afghanistan. Makes me wonder if our troops doing the same thing, on top of guarding precious poppies! Don't see any effort to withdraw troops anytime.

  2. Audio recording of witness backs up claim of two shooters. Audio was played on last night on JMSM. Will it ever be played again?

  3. RickB, do you have a link or something? Tried finding that audio of three shooters, but no luck. Or maybe its already been wiped off the 'Net?

  4. the same truth hating Terrorists that print the currency three days ago
    still print the currency

    the same terrorists that own the media three days ago still own the media

    the same terrorists that have a {{{JEWISH}}} state three days ago still
    have a terrorist {{{{JEWISH}}}} state today...

    same same...

    just like sandy hook....let's see some selfie photo's from inside the
    sodomite nightclub

  5. Sorry Greg, I heard it on a JMSM TV channel last night. The audio definitely confirms more than one semi-auto gun going off at once.

  6. Thanks for the tip anyway. Someone, somewhere will find it and publish the TRUTH about this latest attack on the USA by Wall Street gangsters and their owners.

  7. Greg, I found two things:

    1) Audio of witness outside the club of the shooting:

    2) Audio of police entering the club:

    What I heard on TV was the second. Perhaps I was mistaken on it being reported as the shooting in the club. Just want to be correct on my end.

    Check out Namaste's [What They Don't Tell You] posting on the crisis actors here:

    Amazing BS that is being shoved down our throats.

  8. The meme is always the same and terribly done, even worse acting. Worse than a C movie, it's comical.

  9. 5 dancing shlomosJune 14, 2016 at 1:11 AM

    this claims 3 shooters

    unable to hear sound on this computer

  10. Either there had to be at least three shooters or the ones behind this set off some knockout gas to disable the club attendees.

    There's no way in Hell one guy is going to hold off three hundred clubbers, do the killing, and control ALL the exits, including windows by himself... Oh and also talk to 911 dispatch.

  11. Honestly, this whole thing is so absurd. How can anyone with IQ above room temperature believe any of it?

    It's not only the actors walking *toward* the club carrying vicsims, and in one case, even stopping and putting him down then laughing about it, its that the club's maximum capacity due to fire laws is 30 people. Yes, 30, not 320. The parking lot holds a maximum of 12 vehicles.

    The gay, dual citizen of Israel, owner of the club also heads up Orlando's theater company, according to his linked-in page. How convenient.

    The so-called shooter was not only a regular at the club, but his name is not even real. It is a made up name, not a real name. Names of the vicsims, when researched are found in convicted sex offender databases, or are fictional. The next day, only a few vicsims were identified, when in reality anyone going into a nightclub has to have an ID.

    Not one ambulance at the scene at any time at all. Period. That alone says it's fake.

    The patsy worked for G4S, the Israeli owned Mossad front "security company" which is affiliated with another Jew,Inc. operation--the largest crisis actor firm in the world.

    When are people going to wake up about Israeli "security companies"?

    G4S also is under fire from the BDS movement (BDS now illegal in NY state)for years of torturing Palestinian prisoners, even children. They also run most of the prisons in the US, the prison capital of the world (greater actual numbers of people in prison than even China).

    How about those Craig's List ads in the Orlando area that called for "75 security personnel" and a separate ad for crisis actors, that appeared about a week before the "event"? How about the known actors involved, like the doorman, who was totally wrong about the time of the attack by hours, in his interview.

    Why are people talking about "witnesses" of how many shooters, when there are at least two instances of people who are being interviewed about it who are clearly reading from a script, so obviously that dark glasses can't hide it? How can anyone believe this crap? It's a distraction.

    The Jew program for forcing the LGBTPQ agenda, for instilling hatred of Muslims (for their WWIII scenario), and for taking away guns, have all coalesced in a cluster#%&* in Orlando, in the state of the "hanging chad" and the Venice flying circus.

    This way, any discussion of the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by Israel, or the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, or the ongoing horror in the ME is replaced with foolish drivel about "how many shooters".


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