Sunday, August 7, 2016

Does it Really Matter Who Did 9/11?

Jew professor and author Noam Chomsky has stated that it doesn't really matter who did 9/11, so does it?

Tell that to the several hundred thousand murdered Afghans who died as a result of 9/11 lies, pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM.

Tell that to the over one million murdered Iraqis, who died as a result of 9/11 lies pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM.

Tell that to the 100,00 and counting, murdered Libyans, who died as a result of 9/11 lies pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM.

Tell that to the 300,00 and counting murdered Syrians, who died as a result of 9/11 lies pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM.

And the tens of thousands of Palestinians, murdered by Israel, who used the 9/11 lies pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM to hide their genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

Plus, let's not forget the millions wounded, millions more displaced and at least four mostly Muslim nations, now lying in ruins, thanks to the 9/11 lies pushed by the Zionist run, Jew owned MSM.

Does it really matter who did 9/11?

Yes, and when the truth finally comes out, there's one more ME nation that will be getting 'Shocked and Awed.'


  1. Excellent article my friend.

    Ken o'Keefe is a great writer and talker.
    My only beef with him is his continuing association with that disgusting Glenn and the other trolls at The Ugly Troll website.

  2. Haven't been around in a while, used to visit Jenny's. Why is ugly truth shunned? I used to love Dankofs analysis. Glad to see goin squad still up and running.


  3. Hmm, Jews lose in all their debates, they are seen as ridiculous by all and are running out of time. Major players are distancing themselves so not to be associated with losers HA HA HA
    Doesn't mean the end of anything I suppose, just that Israel is being recognized for what it is. I like that!

  4. And yeah, what is wrong with the Ugly Truth? I never read there or from any of them anymore, Just wondering.I'll have to check it out just out of curiosity.

  5. TUT has become an unabashed supporter or Trump, disregarding the many Jews and Zionists that Trump has hired for his staff, saying all along it's a feint by Trump to dispel doubt about his real goals.

  6. Greg, so true about TUT. Same thing happened way before at What really happened. Rivero became Trump's bitch boy, way before anyone. No wonder they call him judas goat for nothing! Glenn will get the same treatment.

  7. mark glenn jew shill.....joogle search....144,000 hits? Really?....144k? in Rapture bs 144k....Heney Youngman lives OY VEY!!

  8. Great work by O'Keefe but the tattoos... and the association with dopey Glenn discredit him. Loose them both.

    What possible advice could dopey Glenn have lent to the work, except something like 'don't bother with it because Sandy Hookers have discredited all truthers.'

  9. That is... lose the tattoos... and lose the association with Glenn, or lose all credibility and sing in the dark.

    I believe that Trump genuinely wants to help the American middle class. But to assert, as dopey Glenn does, that he doesn't mean what he says about Israel... and to assert further that the Trump campaign is a clever behind-the-scenes military operation designed to provide America “a soft landing” for its fall from grace is... LUDRICOUS. If IT were some military operation, which it isn't, it wouldn't be designed merely to provide “a soft landing” for America's fall.

    But in TUT-landia, as everyone knows by now, everything the dope says is gold. And everyone in TUT-landia is just a cheer leader for their wonderful leader.


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