Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Jew Family That Has Helped to Kill and/or Addict Millions of Americans

Meet the Sacklers of Stamform, Conn, owners of Purdue Pharma who have gotten fabulously wealthy by supplying heroin in the form of Oxycontin legally to Americans. That they stretched the truth about Oxycontin's addictive power doesn't matter when you're living in a nation like the USA that is occupied by a foreign power.

The number of GOY being killed by this lethal drug is on the rise each year, along with the miseries associated with addiction.

But they're not entirely heartless, they donate vast sums of money to their fav project, Israel.
At a ceremony held at the United Nations Security Council chamber, the Honorable Ron Prosor, Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, recognized Dr. Raymond Sackler for his exceptional support of Tel Aviv University and the State of Israel. On behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ambassador Prosor presented Dr. Sackler with a certificate commending his "unwavering commitment to higher education, research and the advancement of medicine, science and the arts in Israel."

At an intimate luncheon in the UN complex following the ceremony, TAU President Joseph Klafter celebrated the dedication of Dr. Sackler, his wife, Beverly, and the Sackler family to the ideals of higher education. “Sackler is nothing short of a brand name at Tel Aviv University,” Prof. Klafter said. “Practically every step you take on campus will lead you to a Sackler-supported unit, from the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, which Raymond and his brothers dedicated back in 1976, to the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, the Sackler Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center, and the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute of Biophysics – to name just a few out of over thirty.”
Held at the UN Security Council Chamber? Guess nothing is out of reach for Israel. And like any well-connected gangster outfit, they escape any oversight or prosecution for their drug dealings.


  1. Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds

    I began following your links, despite the fact I should be out accomplishing errands before the heat builds up, and also found out about Vioxx. My, these folks have been busy little parasitic assassins, haven't they?

    And all I had wanted was to find you a quote about addiction and ... the agenda from the Protocols.

    Notice also that none of this Sackler's charities include goyim PROBLEMS. Instead he funds a place in Israhell funded by the deaths of Americans and others caught in that vile web.

    (Last year when I had my bike accident someone gave me a few oxy's to deal with the pain. Oh. My. Gosh. Yes, highly addictive. Take it from an addictive personality type who has avoided the evils.)

    So it is more American blood shed for that vile sandpit in the Middle East known as Israhell. Warfare on so many levels all for Israhell.

    But the complicity of the ZMSM (zionist main stream media) is equally reprehensible. Someone is threatened or bought off because, otherwise, this story would be HYUUUUGE.

  2. In my youth, I was hooked on heroin for awhile. A few years ago, got on Oxycontin for an injury and that stuff, IMO, is a helluva lot more addictive than heroin. It's not actually heroin, but a synthetic opioid derivative called thebaine.

    It's almost as if someone designed the drug that way. Guess they figure that more money could be made off a live addict than a dead junkie.

  3. The town is Stamford. It's my hometown.

    Eli Lilly made a fortune in methadone helping to establish clinics for junkies to get their daily dose of synthetic heroin. They knew they had a captive audience of end users of their stuff.

    My mom fought against that, as my older by 20 years sibling was a heroin addict at the time.


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