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The Real FINAL SOLUTION: Jews Assassinating Christian Leaders of Gentile Nations

This blog could be about the American presidents murdered by Jew Inc, like JFK, who was dead-set against Israel getting the 'bomb.' After November 22, 1963, he was just plain dead. Or how President Andy Jackson stood up to the Rothschild central bank, shut down the blood-sucking outfit and was rewarded with an assassination attempt. Or how President Lincoln refused to pay the exorbitant interest rates NYC Rothschild banks demanded to finance the Civil War by issuing 'greenbacks' that were debt-free and was subsequently murdered. Or how President McKinley, who was against establishing another privately controlled national bank, was murdered by anarchist Leon Czolgosz, supported by New York Jews.

But I'm going to focus on another Christian nation, Russia in the time of the Czars.

We'll start with Czar Paul I. Paul tried to deal with what was called the 'Jewish Problem/Question.' There were several factors contributing to the problem. Russian Jews were notorious draft-dodgers, which didn't set well with native Russians. They also refused to pay taxes to the state, to the point the amount became so great, there was no way it could be repaid, so they would be forgiven their back taxes if they agreed to pay future taxes, which they never did and the cycle started over again.

They also had the usurious lending market cornered and when the occasional crop failure blunted the Russian peasant ability to repay their loans, the local Jew loan shark would send out thugs to extract a 'pound of flesh,' by various means. Jews also had the tavern trade and the distilling of alcohol cornered, and as we all know, booze causes its own problems.

Paul and his commission came up with the idea of putting the Jews into some kind of 'fruitful endeavor, like farming, since Russia had such vast expanses of tillable land.

But Paul I directed "that the Jews should have no occasion for any kind of irritation, to send them into flight or even to murmur quietly." Why yes, why not give these tax and draft dodgers rewards for sabotaging the state?

To make the conversion to a worthy trade, Paul mandated that "Along with synagogues are to be constructed Jewish hospitals, poor houses, and orphanages." Sounds like a pretty good deal.

The Russian in charge of investigating how to turn Russian Jews into productive subjects was one Derzhavin. When the Russian Jews got wind of this, they resorted to lies to fight against the possibility of doing physical labor:

"This opposition expressed itself, according to Derzhavin, by means of a complaint filed by a Jewess from Liosno to the Czar, in which she alleged that, in a liquor distillery, Derzhavin “horrifically beat her with a club, until she, being pregnant, gave birth to a dead infant.” The Senate launched an investigation."

Derzhavin was eventually acquitted of any crime, but by then Paul I had been assassinated, putting the 'Jewish Problem' on hold.

Along the way, no matter what Czar tried to deal with the Jewish Problem, the Jews always tried the same tricks; bribery, or having their European cousins scream 'anti-Semitism' or lie about some Russian official committing some horrible crime against Jewry, which always proved to be false. None of these stratagems worked.

Next up was Alexander I, who also tried to solve the Jewish Problem, keeping the now cleared Derzhavin on as commissioner. When Derzhavin reported a large Jew bribe to Alexander, he was sacked from the commission investigating the 'Jewish Problem.'

Alexander I also tried tackling the Jewish Problem but the Napoleonic Wars diverted his attention and he died at the relatively young age of 47, supposedly from Typhus. There was some progress made on getting some of the Russian Jews involved in farming, but the bigger problem was that many of the Jews who accepted the government money to farm spent it on setting up taverns or they sold the grain and livestock given them and went back to money-lending.

Russian Jews who made feeble attempts at farming bitched that the land wasn't fertile, but that was a lie:

"However, says Nikitin, in the same wilderness, in the same years, the same virgin soil, and under the same locusts, German colonists and Mennonites and Bulgarians prospered, at least by comparison to the Jews. They suffered the same lean years, the same disease, but they always had bread and cattle, lived in clean and attractive houses with many outbuildings, ample gardens and greenhouses. (The difference was so striking that individual German colonists were invited to live in the Jewish colonies that they might pass on the experience and set an example.)"

The next Czar to deal with the Jewish Problem was Nicholas I, who thought he could cure Russian Jews of draft-dodging, make them pay taxes, get them to read something other than the Talmud and wrest control of the Russian liquor trade away from the Jews.

In 1855, Nicholas I died from being poisoned.

Next up was Alexander II, who also thought he could tackle the Jewish Problem of dodging taxes and the draft, and engaging in parasitic money-lending. Alexander II also freed the serfs, a move which dented the Jews pocketbook.

"For under serfdom an extraordinary development of mediation took place; the lazy landowner could not take a step without the Jewish trader or agent, and the browbeaten peasant also could not manage without him; he could only sell the harvest through him, and borrowed from him also. Before, the Jewish business class derived enormous benefit from the helplessness, wastefulness, and impracticality of landowners, but now the landowner had to do everything himself."

Russia finally realized that trying to turn the Jews into productive farmers was useless and gave up, opening up opportunities for Jews in the mercantile lumber and grain exporting businesses, which brought a tremendous amount of wealth to Russian Jewry. Access to the Russian civil service was open to the Jews, which would eventually cause problems for Nicholas II.

Despite Russian Jews making great financial and liberty gains under Alexander II, a collection of 'intelligentsia' Jews backed by Baron Ginsburg managed to murder Alexander in 1881.

By now, the Russian people were catching on to all these 'mysterious' deaths of their Czar and figured out who was behind the murders. That's when they launched a series of pogroms against Russian Jews.

"Let us not leave out still another witness, known for his impartiality and thoughtfulness, whom no one has accused of being reactionary or of anti-Semitism –Gleb Uspenskiy. At the beginning of the 1980s, he wrote: “The Jews were up, namely because they amassed a fortune on other people’s needs, other people’s work, and did not make bread with their own hands. Under canes and lashes, you see, the people endured the rule of the Tatar and the German, but when the Yid began to harass the people for a ruble –they did not take it!”

It would be pretty easy to amass that 'fortune' if you didn't pay taxes and their were no state repercussions for your tax-dodging.

The next Czar, Alexander III, also tried to integrate Russian Jews, but by now, they were so wealth and powerful from their century's of sucking the life out of Russians, they were a force beyond control. Alexander III died at the young age of 44, again due to some 'mysterious' illness.

The next and last Czar, Nicholas II, was up against WW I, brought about by the Rothschild banks, which made them huge fortunes and enabled European Jews to sabotage Germany, ensuring her defeat and the beginning of the Jew theft of Palestine. Nicholas II also had to deal with subversion from within from Jews who saw on opening and thought they could pull off a revolution, thereby gaining Mother Russia as their new 'Israel.'

Their plans and treason worked, the Czar abdicated and he and his family were taken hostage by Bolshevik Jews and all were murdered in 1918. As for the Russian Crown wealth, of the diamonds, gold, art, silver and precious jewels, it's unknown where the large majority of it wound up, maybe it got laundered to Palestine to help the early Jew invaders?
Or maybe to Hollywood, to help the Jew movie makers become a lethal force?

So were the Russian Jews responsible for the murders and early deaths of the Czars? History, especially when viewed thru the mind-numbing propaganda of 'Wikipedia' can be fuzzy, but it's damn peculiar that the Czars that tried to get Russian Jews to pay their taxes, reign in the draft dodgers, end their parasitic money-lending and get them away from their stranglehold on alcohol wound up dead.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” George Orwell

Sourced from "200 Years Together, A History of the Russians and the Jews" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  1. I think it's very important to attempt a repeal of HW Bush's successful adoption of Noahide Law as the 'accepted basis of US moral principles', rather than the Ten Commandments. Congress approved Bush's perjury in 1991. Torah definition of Noahide Law isn't a problem, but 90% of Jews are Babylonian Talmud anti-Torah Jews, and the Babylonian Talmud calls for the beheading of non-Jews. Discussion of the adoption of Sharia law in the US is a diversion relative to this. Particularly in light of Dr. Leonard Horowitz's 2009 lawsuit against Jewish Mafia members engaged in vaccine-related genocide, it's inconceivable that Bush's intent was anything other than the legalization of genocide against all US citizens other than Khazarian anti-Torah Jews. I live in CA, in a county controlled by the Illuminati Khazarian Mafia. I don't know which members of Congress to approach to sponsor a bill. Trump's(as well as Clinton's) connections to Chabad Mafia, and Chabad's support for Noahide Law (rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh)make this an imperative.

    Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Trump

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Thursday, 12 May 2016


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