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What the Bolsheviks Jews Thought of Christianity & What the New Bolsheviks are Doing

From the excellent "200 Years Together" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsy, A history of Russia and the Jews. A book that should be required reading in US schools instead of all the mind-numbing Holocaust™ slop.

Prior to this, the Bolshevik Jews had been castigated by Russians for destroying Christian churches while leaving synagogues alone:
Chapter XV: The Bolsheviks

Jewish Bolshevik activists poured a persistent rage into the persecution of Orthodoxy (in comparison with other religions) in a most unreasonable way—in the pursuit of priests, in printed mockery of Christ. On August 9, 1920 Patriarch Tikhon wrote to the chairman of the CPC Ulyanov-Lenin (with a copy to the chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Kalinin), demanding the removal of the People’s Commissariat investigator of Spitsbergen, a former divorce lawyer, who was now entrusted by the People’s Commissariat with revision of the power of the Russian Orthodox Church, and who was desecrating crypts and tombs containing the remains of the saints recognized by the Church. Referring to the Constitution of the RSFSR, the Patriarch insisted on challenging the proceedings on grounds that the investigator Svalbard was conducting investigations and interrogations “with prejudice which clearly appears from the previous church processes, and finally as a man publicly insulting religious beliefs and openly sneering at religion in print, in the preface to the book Religious Plague (1919) in which he called Jesus Christ terrible names.” ...

Bulgakov followed the fate of Orthodoxy under the Bolsheviks especially closely. He wrote in 1941 that the Soviet persecution of Christianity, “surpassed in ferocity and size of all the previous ones that history has ever known. Of course, it can not be entirely attributed to Jews, but its impact cannot be denied or and belittled The most apparent strength of Bolshevism is the volition and energy of the Jews. The Jewish stake in Russian Bolshevism alas is prohibitively large and disproportionate. And it is, above all, a sin against the Holy One of Israel whom the Jews claim to revere. Not the Holy One of Israel but strong Jewish will manifests itself as power, Bolshevism, strangling the Russian people. The persecution of Christianity stems from the ideological and practical program of Bolshevism in general, without distinction of nationality, but it has been exercised to the greatest extent by Jewish commissars in the name of atheism, as spearheaded by the Gubelmanom-Yaroslavl Union of Militant Atheists, in the face of the entire Russian Orthodox people as an act of religious insolence.”
That was back in 1917. So how do the 'new Bolsheviks' the USA-Israel-Saudi Arabia backed 'al CIA Duh,' ISIS-DAESH-Al Sham treat Christian churches in Iraq and Syria?

Use your search engine and you'll come up with many stories, about Christian churches being destroyed in the ME.
Church Bombings in Iraq Since 2004

June 10 to July 29, 2014: 45 churches destroyed

Since taking over Mosul on June 10, ISIS has destroyed, occupied, converted to mosques, converted to ISIS headquarters or shuttered all 45 Christian institutions in Mosul.

Syriac Catholic Church:

Syrian Catholic Diocese - Maidan Neighborhood, Mosul
The Old Church of the Immaculate - Maidan Neighborhood, Mosul (The church goes back to the eighth century AD)
The New Church of the Immaculate - Maidan Neighborhood
Church of Mar (Saint) Toma - Khazraj Neighborhood
Museum of Mar (Saint) Toma - Khazraj Neighborhood
Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation - Muhandiseen Neighborhood
Church of the Virgin of Fatima - Faisaliah Neighborhood
Our Lady of Deliverance Chapel - Shifaa Neighborhood
The House of the Young Sisters of Jesus - Ras Al-Kour Neighborhood
Archbishop's Palace Chapel - Dawasa Neighborhood

Syriac Orthodox Church:

Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese - Shurta Neighborhood
The Antiquarian Church of Saint Ahodeeni - Bab AlJadeed Neighborhood
Mar (Saint) Toma Church and cemetery, (the old Bishopric) - Khazraj Neighborhood
Church of The Immaculate (Castle) - Maidan Neighborhood
Church of The Immaculate - Shifaa Neighborhood
Mar (Saint) Aprim Church - Shurta Neighborhood
St. Joseph Church - The New Mosul Neighborhood

Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East:

Diocese of the Assyrian Church of the East - Noor Neighborhood
Assyrian Church of the East, Dawasa Neighborhood
Church of the Virgin Mary (old rite) - Wihda Neighborhood

Chaldean Church of Babylon:

Chaldean Diocese - Shurta Neighborhood
Miskinta Church - Mayassa Neighborhood
The Antiquarian Church of Shimon alSafa - Mayassa Neighborhood
Church of Mar (Saint) Buthyoon - Shahar AlSouq Neighborhood
Church of St. Ephrem, Wady AlAin Neighborhood
Church of St. Paul - Majmooaa AlThaqafiya District
The Old Church of the Immaculate (with the bombed archdiocese)- Shifaa Neighborhood
Church of the Holy Spirit - Bakir Neighborhood
Church of the Virgin Mary - Drakziliya Neighborhood
Ancient Church of Saint Isaiah and Cemetery - Ras AlKour Neighborhood
Mother of Aid Church - Dawasa Neighborhood
The Antiquarian Church of St. George- Khazraj Neighborhood
St. George Monastery with Cemetery - Arab Neighborhood
Monastery of AlNasir (Victory) - Arab Neighborhood
Convent of the Chaldean Nuns - Mayassa Neighborhood
Monastery of St. Michael - Hawi Church Neighborhood
The Antiquarian Monastery of St. Elijah - Ghazlany Neighborhood
The above is a PARTIAL listing.

The share of the Jews in immorality from "Germany and the Jewish Question" By Dr. Friederich Karl Wiehe


  1. Greg,

    The whole 'myth' of Rasputin was constructed and used against Orthodox Christianity by the slime bolsheviks
    My hate for them knows no bounds. I ran into this from a Russian website. It is a translation of memoirs of the Russian Court .

    She speaks of Rasputin and just who and what he truly was. Not jew + (((hollywood))) fantasies
    I've only read a small portion so far, but hope to find time to read more soon.

    I got 16 pages of this read last night. Providing further insight into early tribe homeland operation
    Arnold Leese Devilry in the Holy Land

    I hope you can at least find time to read the information on the Wealth of the Dead Sea.. it's astronomical and gives / gave them unbelievable Financial control over such things as Potash.. I had seen reference b4, but not in depth like he gives.

  2. I've seen and read about the Dead Sea mineral wealth, taken over by Israel, while running out the original Arab businesses.

  3. Hi Greg--thank you again for another great article.

    I had written a comment with links, when my computer suddenly malfunctioned in a way it has not done before.

    Here is a truncated version:
    An Orthodox clergyman who recently spoke in Massachusetts said that over 45 churches in Syria have been destroyed in addition to shrines, such the pillar of St. Simeon the Stylite. The 5th century monastery and miraculous icon of the Shahoura in Saidnaya is still intact, though missiles were launched against it--they did not explode and in one case were mysteriously turned back causing "ISIS" to flee.

    Most Americans have no idea that the Jews crucified Orthodox Christian priests on the doors of their churches in the early years of the Bolsheviki.

    They also do not know the true story of Rasputin, particularly that he suffered torture leading to murder with a gun used exclusively by British intelligence services, then as now, controlled by Jews. Prince Felix Youssoupov (a homosexual transvestite) wove a fantasy of poising etc., but there was no poison in Rasputin's system on autopsy. The historical archives and non Jewish contemporaries paint a vastly different picture of the man, who neither a monk, nor mad.

    On the verge of WWIII, after the US murder of Syrians and Russians over the weekend, and the Russians saying that ISIS must now be considered a branch of the US military, we have to wake as many as possible before it's too late, as in 1917.


  4. (((Someone))) is trying to send the Syrian War into high gear and get as many Syrians murdered and as much land stolen for Eretz Israel as possible before the November elections.

    They shouldn't be worried about that witch stealing the WH, after all, she has the important DIEBOLD/ESS voting bloc locked up.


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