Sunday, October 2, 2016

Before and After Pics of Syria AKA the REAL Axis of Evil, USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia Invasion

Before and After pic taken in Aleppo, Syria before the 'Axis of Evil,' the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia sent in tens of thousands of heavily armed thugs and terrorists to destroy that once peaceful and prosperous ME nation.

One more Before and After, so Americans can see what their tax dollars are doing to a nation that is/was NO THREAT to the USA, but which Israel wanted destroyed so they could eliminate any possible economic competitors and make it easier to steal more Syria land.

And one more, in case you're not yet nauseous:

For more of these heart-breaking pics, click here:

I know what you're thinking! You're thinking that these Syrian pics of devastation looks a lot like the homicidal Israeli bombing of Gaza and you'd be right, since the same malignant, evil, insane, blood-thirsty Judaic ghouls are involved in both places.

Most of my fellow Americans have been so dumbed down by relentless Jew propaganda, a busted educational system, their addiction to sports and their worship of Hollywood celebrities that they have no idea of what is taking place in Syria or how we are inching close to WW III with Russia.

When those nukes start popping off on the horizon, they’ll be taking a ‘selfie’ with the mushroom cloud in the background.

American have also been taught to worship the military. One local store offers a 5% discount to current/former US military members, so I went there once to get my share. When the clerk started clucking like a parrot, “Thank you for your service,” I tried to explain to her how I was a trained killer, used to go overseas and bust up nations for the benefit of Wall Street and the MIC, but she got a confused look on her face and I shut up.

I no longer go there on those days, I don’t need the cash back that bad.


  1. Our Government USA, Spends over half of our income taxes on what they call defence. How did Viet nam or Iraq work out? I'm voting Jill Stein she will cut military spending in half and use the money for things that actually help America, stuff like health care, education and green energy.

  2. I can't imagine anyone voting for the puppets put before us by the evil ones. Talk about stupid Americans!

  3. why do you believe the destruction of Syria is tied to pipeline, war on Iran etc. the simple reason it is necessary for the fake Khazarars Jews to destroy real christian, Assyrian, Islamic history and replace with theirs the center piece being the holocaust. If they were so confident why not open their artifacts of "Israel" settlements, the exodus from Egypt for world scrutiny. daily artifacts from Mesopotamia, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Sinai etc are being looted and stored in that parasite state.

  4. 'Papa' they can't open their alleged 'artifacts' from the Exodus because it never happened.

    The phony Israeli Antiquities Authority has been caught several times creating 'antiquities' that get outed by archaeological experts.

  5. @Greg, exactly what i am saying, their allies the Kurds and their Dönmeh cousins Al Saud also are destroying real history and ethnic cleansing.


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