Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Why Are Highway Drivers So Mad at Me?"

I can't understand why so many people that pass me on highways are so mad at me, a complete stranger to them? I never drive above the speed limit, never drive in the passing land and don't use my cell phone or text while driving, so I'm not weaving, so why are people so PO at me?

Some will come up behind me, tailgate me for a bit, then pass, honking their horn, while shaking their fist and mouthing obscenities or flipping me the bird. Complete strangers acting that way seems odd, so what makes them so mad?

Does anyone have an idea of why complete strangers get so pissed at me?


  1. hmmmmmm, scratching head......
    having those stickers makes you're a muzzielover. Not the best groovy train to ride along these days. :)

    Instead, start supporting BLM (black lives matter), tranny causes, super bitchy LGBT causes, free amnesty/citizenship 4 the illegals, return to jews to israhell project (or whatever it is called), i guarantee'll be the most popular driver on the road in no time!

  2. M, that's always been my problem, never being part of the cool, hip crowd, always got shunted off to the 'deplorables!'

  3. Hey Greg...

    Super words on the back of a white FORD's all good that's why! They may hate you but you are still there and that's the secret.

  4. Greg .. add an Israel did 9-11 sticker to that mix and watch the reaction then...

  5. There is a sticker asking about what happened to WTC 7, but it was out of frame.

  6. You must live near a Jewish tribe?
    I think the sleepless sheeple would not even know what that means.
    All those sports fanatics saying,who the uck is Palestineesa???
    Never heard of that team.
    Or maybe your wrong?
    Maybe the sheeple are awake and they honk in agreement?
    If not,your in Jewish territory.
    Northern always has cold issues,always his yearly sickness while preaching to get the flue shot.
    Maybe he should get the flu shot or his Jewish neighbors were giving him a message.
    I hear the tribe injects viruses into the enemy.
    I am sorry,i digress

    I saw his comment
    I never get flu shot,i never get sick
    Even when weather turns severe,no shock to my body.
    I think the Jews have poisoned him somehow,he better move to New England,then he can see the failing economy.
    The owner of the Patriots is a great jew.
    Bob Kraft,his Jewish wife died a few years ago or last year.
    The fans are well trained.

    Thank you

  7. Back in 1991, on the day G. Bush Sr. invaded Iraq, I put up a sign on the back of my vehicle and got similar treatment. The sign said "No war for oil." It probably should have said, "No war for Israel," but at that time I hadn't figured out things that far. It didn't matter. People were still driving by giving me the finger, trying to run me off the road, etc. And this was on the west coast of California, no less. I think what it comes down to is brainwashed people are just more volatile and unstable than others.

  8. LOL. My husband has never let me put stickers, not even one on my car. So I have a Palestinian scarf where it can be seen and beads hanging on the mirror. When we camped in Yosemite last summer I had the scarf hanging from the tree in our camp spot. My Palestinian relatives laugh and say I am more Palestinian than any of them. For me it's not an identity statement, far from it... its a political one.

  9. If I saw that, I'd wave, give a thumbs up, and yell, "Let's go to the nearest bar cause I'm buying".


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