Saturday, December 31, 2016

Video Proof that Israel Tortures non-Jewish Children

"Oops. Abe, this one no longer wants to play, ha-ha-ha!"

Only a sick, twisted, psychopath tortures people and the ones that torture kids are the epitome of evil. Where did these unhinged sociopaths come from, since it's obvious they're not human.

Israelis torturing non-Jewish children documentary film full length. Viewer discretion. The still picture shows Palestinian girl Nesreen Hash'hash after being shot in the face by an Israeli soldier.

An observant viewer made this comment: "Fat fuck at 14:45 says he's never broken into apartment in the middle of the night . Then at 17:10 he proceeds to say he's has some memory of "Palestinian children when we burst into houses" What a Shameful liar."

America, how does it feel to give endless amounts of money and weapons to these sadistic assholes? What Israel is doing wouldn't be possible w/o YOUR support.

If Americans Knew

Israelis Khazars always screech that their G-d gave them Palestine. Fine, prove that in a court of law.

"Bibi, any Paleos left to 'play' with ha-ha-ha!"

Thursday, December 29, 2016


The American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, is known around the world for our various achievements, like cornering the 'Golden Triangle' heroin and opium market during the Vietnam War, which made us and our banker buddies billions and billions.

During the 1980's and beyond, we imported tens of thousands of tons of South American cocaine into the USA--and elsewhere--setting off the crack cocaine epidemic. You could ask journalist Gary Webb about that, but he's not too talkative...he-he-he.

And now we're back to our fav drug, heroin, which we have grown in Afghanistan, in fields protected by US Army and Marines. More billions in profits for us and our Wall Street friends, who launder the ill-gotten gains.

Some have even compared us to the Mafia, which is an insult. We make those Mafioso pussies look like a Boy Scout Troop.

But enough about us, we're here to help the easily deluded and the imbecilic get that fire, explosion and bullet proof ID so when you get framed by the West for a terrorist act we, Israel's MOSSAD or Britain's MI6 set off, that you'll get the blame so we can continue on with our illegal drug trade, the profits we use to control governments and live like Kings.

Here's some recent examples of our fire, explosion and bullet proof ID's in action!


Anis Amri, who we framed for the Berlin truck terror attack, left behind one of our ID's, which we had placed in the truck after the bumbling Germans couldn't make the original patsy get suddenly killed. We even had one of our agents drive Anis to Berlin, just to make sure there was a trail of evidence framing Ansi in case our original frame-up failed. The ID the Germans found in the truck nearly 48 hours later was proof that even a catastrophic vehicle accident won't damage our quality ID's!

But our crowning achievement was the 9/11 False Flag, pulled off with help from our good friends in Israel.
Look at that controlled demolition! You might think that when the passenger jets slammed into the Twins, the subsequent exploding fireball and explosion that virtually demolished the WTC Twins, that melted steel and evaporated concrete might make vaporize a paper ID, but not one from the CIA!

Notice how his first name sounds suspiciously like Satan? Clever bastards, we are.

On the same day, when we had to shoot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania because things were getting too slippery for us to handle, we made sure two of our ID's were found with the debris, that also survived an explosion, massive fireball and devastating crash.
Damn, we're good!

That's how well made our ID's are, they are flame, explosion, bomb and bullet proof!

So before you start on your jihad, contact your friendly CIA agent today and we'll set you on the path to glory!

We're even helping the family wrecking trans-gender movement
take over your lives and government!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Harvest of Despair: What The New York Times LIED About Mass Deaths in the Ukraine

“Any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda. There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition.” (as reported by the New York Times correspondent and Pulitzer-prize winner Walter Duranty)

Bet you never heard of this DC Memorial, since the only one allowed to blare constantly is the Holocaust™ noise. Is that because Soviet Jews were behind the Holodomor massacre? The descendants of those twisted Soviet Jews now control Israel, and have put Gazans on a diet, as they call it, but it's actually a form of starvation.

Holodomor Facts and History:

The term Holodomor refers specifically to the brutal artificial famine imposed by Stalin's regime on Soviet Ukraine and primarily ethnically Ukrainian areas in the Northern Caucasus in 1932-33.

In its broadest sense, it is also used to describe the Ukrainian genocide that began in 1929 with the massive waves of deadly deportations of Ukraine's most successful farmers (kurkuls, or kulaks, in Russian) as well as the deportations and executions of Ukraine's religious, intellectual and cultural leaders, culminating in the devastating forced famine that killed millions more innocent individuals. The genocide in fact continued for several more years with the further destruction of Ukraine's political leadership, the resettlement of Ukraine's depopulated areas with other ethnic groups, the prosecution of those who dared to speak of the famine publicly, and the consistent blatant denial of famine by the Soviet regime.

The Soviet government sharply increases Ukraine's production quotas, ensuring that they could not be met. Starvation becomes widespread. In the summer of 1932, a decree is implemented that calls for the arrest or execution of any person – even a child -- found taking as little as a few stalks of wheat or any possible food item from the fields where he worked. By decree, discriminatory voucher systems are implemented, and military blockades are erected around many Ukrainian villages preventing the transport of food into the villages and the hungry from leaving in search of food. Brigades of young activists from other Soviet regions are brought in to sweep through the villages and confiscate hidden grain, and eventually any and all food from the farmers' homes. Stalin states of Ukraine that "the national question is in essence a rural question" and he and his commanders determine to "teach a lesson through famine" and ultimately, to deal a "crushing blow" to the backbone of Ukraine, its rural population. [Executing people for trying to feed the starving? What Israel does when intercepting aid convoys in international waters, and beating, torturing and killing some of the peaceful aid workers trying to feed starving Gazans.]

By June, at the height of the famine, people in Ukraine are dying at the rate of 30,000 a day, nearly a third of them are children under 10. Between 1932-34, approximately 4 million deaths are attributed to starvation within the borders of Soviet Ukraine. This does not include deportations, executions, or deaths from ordinary causes. Stalin denies to the world that there is any famine in Ukraine, and continues to export millions of tons of grain, more than enough to have saved every starving man, woman and child.
USSR Bolshevik Jews were behind this savagery,trying to birth into existence their 'New World Order,' which is about letting Israel be the world's ruler, regardless of the misery that would cause. The end game has always been to ‘Shock and Awe’ Iran into a busted up state of anarchy, which is what Israel wants, and what Israel wants, our corrupt government gladly provides it, regardless of the amount of blood or treasure it costs Americans.

Eyewitness accounts:

"Please return the grain that you have confiscated from me. If you don’t return it I’ll die. I’m 78 years old and I’m incapable of searching for food by myself."

(From a petition to the authorities by I.A. Rylov)

"I saw the ravages of the famine of 1932-1933 in the Ukraine: hordes of families in rags begging at the railway stations, the women lifting up to the compartment window their starving brats, which, with drumstick limbs, big cadaverous heads and puffed bellies, looked like embryos out of alcohol bottles ..."

(as remembered by Arthur Kaestler, a famous British novelist, journalist, and critic. Koestler spent about three months in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv during the Famine. He wrote about his experiences in "The God That Failed", a 1949 book which collects together six essays with the testimonies of a number of famous ex-Communists, who were writers and journalists.)

"What I saw that morning ... was inexpressibly horrible. On a battlefield men die quickly, they fight back ... Here I saw people dying in solitude by slow degrees, dying hideously, without the excuse of sacrifice for a cause. They had been trapped and left to starve, each in his own home, by a political decision made in a far-off capital around conference and banquet tables. There was not even the consolation of inevitability to relieve the horror."

(as remembered by Victor Kravchenko, a Soviet defector who wrote up his experiences of life in the Soviet Union and as a Soviet official, especially in his 1946 book "I Chose Freedom". "I Chose Freedom" containing extensive revelations on collectivization, Soviet prison camps and the use of slave labor came at a time of growing tension between the Warsaw Pact nations and the West. His death from bullet wounds in his apartment remains unclarified, though it was officially ruled a suicide. His son Andrew continues to believe he was the victim of a KGB execution.)

"From 1931 to 1934 we had great harvests. The weather conditions were great. However, all the grain was taken from us. People searched the fields for mice burrows hoping to find measly amounts of grain stored by mice..."

(as remembered by Mykola Karlosh)

"I still get nauseous when I remember the burial hole that all the dead livestock was thrown into. I still remember people screaming by that hole. Driven to madness by hunger people were ripping the meat of the dead animals. The stronger ones were getting bigger pieces. People ate dogs, cats, just about anything to survive."

(as remembered by Vasil Boroznyak)

"People were dying all over our village. The dogs ate the ones that were not buried. If people could catch the dogs they were eaten. In the neighboring village people ate bodies that they dug up."

(as remembered by Motrya Mostova)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Exposing Israel's Ultra-Nationalist Settler Movement AKA "Obey US or Get Exterminated"

A nation that would mastermind the horrific 9/11 False Flag would do anything to maintain its status quo.

“it doesn’t matter what the Goyim say, the only thing that matters is what Jews do.”

Former terrorist and future Israeli PM Ben-Gurion

Settlers on the March: Since Israel's election handed more power to the country's ultra-Orthodox Jewish Home, the voice of religious, nationalist settlers has grown.

Who else had this kind of supremacist ideology?

And we know how that wound up, but that was before nuclear weapons were in at least nine nations, including bat-shit crazy Israel.
"Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people."

Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997
To see how far the Zionists and their Jew Overlords are willing to go to keep what they stole from Palestine, check out Israel's SAMSON option:
Publisher Random House says, on the inside folds of the cover, that The Samson Option "reveals many startling events," among them:

How Israel stole United States satellite reconnaissance intelligence and used it to target the Soviet Union.
How Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir directed that some of the intelligence stolen by American Jonathan Pollard, who spied for Israel, be turned over to the Soviet Union.
How Israel created a false control room at the Dimona nuclear facility to hide from American nuclear inspectors its use in creating nuclear weapons.
How President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration tried and failed to force Israel to acknowledge its nuclear ambitions.
How Israel threatened to use nuclear weapons on the third day of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, blackmailing U.S. President Richard Nixon into airlifting military supplies.
How Israel used a top London newspaper editor to capture Mordechai Vanunu.
How a top American Democratic Party fund-raiser influenced the White House while raising money for the Israeli bomb.
How American intelligence finally learned the truth about Dimona.

The American Library Association book review lists additional "significant revelations" in the book:

Fuller details about the Israeli bombing of the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981.
That Israel collaborated with South Africa on a nuclear test over the Indian Ocean in 1979. (Now disputed. See nuclear.)
That during the 1991 Gulf War Israel pointed nuclear armed mobile missiles at Iraq.
That Israel holds a few neutron bombs in addition to several hundred other nuclear weapons.
That U.S. policy towards Israel’s nuclear program "was not just one of benign neglect: it was a conscious policy of ignoring reality."

The New Scientist book review lists specific examples of U.S. official’s suppression of information:

CIA analysts kept quiet about what they found in Lockheed U-2 spy plane photographs of Dimona during the 1950s.
Lewis Strauss, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission during the 1950s, probably knew about and supported the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

The review also notes the revelation that U.S. President John F. Kennedy attempted to persuade Israel to abandon its nuclear program, and angry notes were exchanged between Kennedy and Israeli Premier David Ben-Gurion in 1963.
[That exchange took place in the Summer of 1963 and enraged Ben Gurion that JFK would dare speak back to him. Israel took care of the uppity GOY JFK in November 1963.]
Mossad And The JFK Assassination

Israel's much touted Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who ruled that country from its inception in 1948 until he resigned on June 16, 1963, was so enraged at John F. Kennedy for not allowing Israel to become a nuclear power that, Collins asserts, in his final days in office he commanded the Mossad to become involved in a plot to kill America's president.

Israel has ICBM's capable of hitting ALL European capitals in case the Jew psychos go full mental and decide to destroy the word, to teach us GOYIM a lesson, like the one Israeli PM Nuttyahoo wants to teach his American cattle that it's not a good idea to ask Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land.

Israel has at least six subs that have on-board American made, nuclear tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles that can hit every US East and West coast city.

Need a laugh?

While researching this on "Good Gopher" search engine, found this. Notice the redlining?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

What Happens When You Ask a Lying, Thieving, Treacherous Homicidal Maniac--Israel--to Stop Lying, Thieving and Murdering?

They get bent out of shape, becoming PO and indignant that someone would actually ask them to stop their lying, thieving, treacherous, homicidal ways. The UN asks Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land and obey international law and some treaties, and Israel and its loyal GOY lapdogs start screeching like a banshee. "How dare those GOYIM ask us to obey some stupid law about land and borders, we are G-d's chosen and do as we please, laws mean nothing to us, unless they benefit our parasitic state of hate."

Us GOY should be always singing the praises of Israel, sure there are some and always worshiping at the Holocaust™ altar, even though that is the BIGGEST con of the 20th Century.

Israel's shock troops swung into action, to let the world know how they feel about uppity GOYIM daring to question Israel's land thefts and the murder of the native Palestinians, some drew cartoons, using NAZI imagery:

Others accused Obama of bestiality and his wife to apes:
Carl Paladino, Trump Ally, Wishes Obama Dead of Mad Cow Disease in ’17

Carl Paladino, a western New York builder, one-time Republican candidate for governor of New York and political ally of President-elect Donald J. Trump, came under fire on Friday for racially offensive comments about President Obama and the first lady, who Mr. Paladino said should be “let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe.”

Mr. Paladino’s comments were published in Artvoice, a weekly Buffalo newspaper. They came in response to an open-ended feature in which local figures were asked about their hopes for 2017. “Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford,” said Mr. Paladino, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2010, making an apparent reference to the Hereford cattle breed. He said he hoped the disease killed the president.

Asked what he most wanted to see “go away” in the new year, Mr. Paladino — who has a reputation in New York political and business circles for speaking in an unfiltered manner reminiscent of Mr. Trump’s — answered, “Michelle Obama.”

“I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla,” he said.
Just for asking Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land? The ones who will pay the most will be the Palestinians, who will be subject to increased attacks from mad-dog settlers, what they call a 'price-tag' attacks. Maybe Malaysia will lose some more jetliners?

Israel is making numerous threats against those nations that finally did the right thing and asked Israel to stop stealing, and Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo has vowed retribution. Like another Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag?

If you raise a spoiled child, always giving into it's temper tantrums, and feeding it ice cream and cookies all day long, and looking the other way when it tears up the house, don't be surprised when it commits further mayhem.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

"Twas the night before Christmas"... in Occupied Palestine

12.25_Santa_JDF photo sdf_zpsbktusdsn.jpg

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Palestine
IOF creatures were stirring, setting land mines.
No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Palestinian kids knew death was in the air.

The children were hiding under their beds,
While IOF storm troopers were about, spraying lead.
And mamma in her hijab, and I in my cap,
Were praying to Allah that the IOF would not snap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
IOF machine guns were making bodies splatter.
A window broke with the sound of a crash
As an IOF grenade, turned my brothers into mash.

The blood on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of death to objects below.
When, what to my frightened eyes should appear,
But an Israeli tank, and eight more IOF troopers and gear.

The IOF tank driver, so little and quick,
I knew in a moment, compensating for his small dick.
More rapid than eagles his shells they came,
And he laughed and shouted, and called my family names.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard the roof cave in
And the IOF troopers, shouting with a grin.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney came a IOF mortar round.

It crashed to our floor, with a terrible noise
Killing my father with typical Jewish joy.
An IOF trooper, with bombs in his backpack.
Kicked open our door and started to attack.

His eyes-how they gleamed! My, how scary
His cheeks were like tombs, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn with a sneer.
The bulge in his pants, told me he was queer.

The stump of a pipe bomb he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a ghostly face and a little round belly,
That shook when he shot his machine gun, like on the Telly.

He was severe and plump, a bastard with a leer
And I cried when I saw him, filled with fear.
The gleam in his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had much to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Spraying bullets around, like a callous jerk.
And laying his knife aside of my throat
He slit it open, like one would a goat.

He sprang to his tank, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Death to all Palestinians and to all, a gory night!"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Video Proof That the LYING MSM Loves Their Lies

If you want to see how twisted, corrupt and phony the lying MSM is, this video of then President GW Bush joking about ‘finding’ Saddam’s WMD’s at the 2004 White House Correspondents Dinner says it all. I don’t see why they’re laughing over a LIE that destroyed Iraq, killed over a million, maimed millions more and made many Iraqis homeless, but I’m not a homicidal maniac or a corrupt DC whore begging for shekels. The ones laughing and chortling over Bush's antics are the MSM vultures that sold the WMD lie. Search for 'Saddam had no WMD's' and you'll get numerous hits, like this one.

Who else thinks wars for Wall Street and Israel are funny?

From an April 2003 Haaretz "White Man's Burden" article:
The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
All one has to do is to change Iraq with Libya, then Syria and this news story stays current. What Tom Friedman finds funny about that war--Iraq--that makes him laugh is beyond me.
Maybe if Mr. Friedman were to experience first-hand the sheer terror of fleeing from artillery shells falling down around him or smart bombs raining down from the sky, with no safe place left to run, and roving, armed psychopathic gangs, who shoot anything that moves, maybe if Tommie were to 'enjoy' that not as a well-paid spectator but as an unwilling participant, maybe then he wouldn't think it so funny?

When you hear all those LIES about 'fake' news, understand that it's coming from the same homicidal maniacs that helped launch the illegal and immoral war against Iraq, Libya and Syria. Doing so for their buds on Wall Street--for the money--and Israel--so they can steal more land and finish off the genocide campaign against the Palestinians w/o being bothered by sane questions.

Where Are The Media's Iraq War Boosters 10 Years Later?

 photo GeneralZinni_zps6342b29d.jpg

NONE of this brutal insanity of endless wars fought for Wall Street and Israel would not have been possible w/o the Mother of all False Flags, the Israeli masterminded 9/11 FALSE FLAG against America.

 photo AmIS_zpsvvsaobwp.jpg

Have a Merry al Qaeda Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Why Do Jews Desecrate Christian Churches in Israel?"

Why? Because they're major league assholes who think everyone else is inferior and that Das Juden should rule over us GOYIM. And because no matter how many Christian churches they befoul or how many Palestinians they murder or how many False Flags they set off, they've got the Holocaust™ Brigade ready to swing into action, to destroy anyone who dare question the 'Tribe.'
That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful. That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348
Talmud quotes--in Red--from this article and this. The Talmud is the Jews most holy book, filled with hate for all non-Jews, but especially Christians.
Thank you God for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave. Shabbath 86a-86b.
Christians Discriminated Against by Israel

Desecration of Christian property and churches—arson, window breaking, burning of the New Testament—had long marred relations between the two communities. A small but fanatical group of Jews wanted no Christians, whom they considered fallen Jews, in Israel. This virulent strain of prejudice had been present since before the Jewish state was founded.

For instance, after the capture by Jewish forces of Jaffa on May 13, 1948, two days before Israel’s birth, there was desecration of Christian churches. Father Deleque, a Catholic priest, reported: “Jewish soldiers broke down the doors of my church and robbed many precious and sacred objects. Then they threw the statues of Christ down into a nearby garden.” He added that Jewish leaders had reassured that religious buildings would be respected, “but their deeds do not correspond to their words.”
Shabbath 116a (p. 569). Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament
On May 31, 1948, a group of Christian leaders comprising the Christian Union of Palestine publicly complained that Jewish forces had used 10 Christian churches and humanitarian institutions in Jerusalem as military bases and otherwise desecrated them. They added that a total of 14 churches had suffered shell damage, which killed three priests and made casualties of more than 100 women and children.

The group’s statement said Arab forces had abided by their promise to respect Christian institutions, but that the Jews had forcefully occupied Christian structures and been indiscriminate in shelling churches. It said, among other charges, that “many children were killed or wounded” by Jewish shells on the Convent of Orthodox Copts on May 19, 23 and 24; that eight refugees were killed and about 120 wounded at the Orthodox Armenian Convent at some unstated date; and that Father Pierre Somi, secretary to the Bishop, had been killed and two wounded at the Orthodox Syrian Church of St. Mark on May 16.
We beg Thee, O Lord, indict Thy wrath on the nations not believing in Thee, and not calling on Thy name. Let down Thy wrath on them and inflict them with Thy wrath. Drive them away in Thy wrath and crush them into pieces. Take away, O Lord, all bone from them. In a moment indict all disbelievers. Destroy in a moment all foes of Thy nation. Draw out with the root, disperse and ruin unworthy nations. Destroy them! Destroy them immediately, in this very moment!

Prayer said on the eve of Passover (Pranajtis: Christianus in Talmudae Judeorum, quotations from: Synagoga Judaica)

Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b
Churches were again desecrated during the 1967 war when Israel captured East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, completing the occupation of all of Palestine. On July 21, 1967, the Reverend James L. Kelso, a former moderator of the United Presbyterian Church and long-time resident in Palestine, complained of extensive damage to churches adding: “So significant was this third Jewish war against the Arabs that one of the finest missionaries of the Near East called it ‘perhaps the most serious setback that Christendom has had since the fall of Constantinople in 1453.’”

Kelso continued: “How did Israel respect church property in the fighting...? They shot up the Episcopal Cathedral [in Jerusalem], just as they had done in 1948. They smashed down the Episcopal school for boys...The Israelis wrecked and looted the YMCA...They wrecked the big Lutheran hospital...The Lutheran center for cripples also suffered...”
A passage from Sanhedrin 106 gloats over the early age at which Jesus died: "Hast thou heard how old Balaam (Jesus) was?--He replied: It is not actually stated but since it is written, Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days it follows that he was thirty-three or thirty-four years old."
Nancy Nolan, wife of a physician at the American University Hospital in Beirut, who was in Jerusalem during and after the fighting, charged that “while the Israeli authorities proclaim to the world that all religions will be respected and protected, and post notices identifying the Holy Places, Israeli soldiers and youths are throwing stink bombs in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

“The Church of St. Anne, who crypt marks the birthplace of the Virgin Mary, has been severely damaged and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem also was damaged. The wanton killing of the Warden of the Garden Tomb followed by the shooting into the tomb itself, in an attempt to kill the warden’s wife, was another instance that we knew first-hand which illustrated the utter disregard shown by the occupation forces toward the Holy Places and the religious sensibilities of the people in Jordan and in the rest of the world.”
When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156
“The desecration of churches...includes smoking in the churches, littering the churches, taking dogs inside and entering in inappropriate manner of dress. Behavior such as this cannot be construed other than as a direct insult to the whole Christian world.”

Desecration has occurred not only in times of war. As recently as 1995, an Israeli soldier, Daniel Koren, 22, entered St. Anthony Catholic Church in Jaffa and went on a shooting rampage, firing more than 100 bullets in the altar and the cross above it but causing no injuries. Koren said his Judaic convictions forced him to destroy all physical images of God, and admitted that he had staged a prior attack in Jerusalem’s Gethsemane Church.

Perhaps the worst outbreak of organized desecration of Christian institutions came on Sept. 10, 1963, when hundreds of ultra-orthodox Jews simultaneously attacked Christian missions in Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem. (One has to say “perhaps because reporting on this sensitive subject in the U.S. media has been so poor over the decades.) At any rate, the attacks were a concerted effort to intimidate Christians in Israel by a religious vigilante group called Hever Peelei Hamahane Hatorati, the Society of Activists of the Torah Camp. In an attack on the Church of Scotland school in Jaffa, Christian children were beaten and considerable damage was caused to the school by at least 200 rampaging Jews.
That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348
Other attacks occurred at two nearby church schools, the Greek Catholic missionary school of St. Joseph and a Christian Brothers school. In Jerusalem, attacks occurred at the St. Joseph convent and the Finnish Lutheran mission school. In Haifa, the American-European Beth El Messianic Mission Children’s Hostel and School was attacked. No serious damage occurred in any of the attacks except at the Scotland school. More than 100 Jews were convicted in the attacks, none of them receiving more than small fines and suspended sentences.

The first half of the 1980s, with Likud governments in control, was a particularly active period for Jewish bigots. On Oct. 8, 1982, the Baptist Church in Jerusalem was burned down. Kerosene had been sprinkled on the church’s wooden chapel, constructed in 1933. Although no one was ever charged in the arson, the Baptist Center’s bookstore had been vandalized a dozen times in previous years, and Jews were suspected. When the Baptists sought to rebuild the church, Jews demonstrated against the project and the Jewish district planning commission refused to grant a building permit. In 1985, the Israeli Supreme Court advised the Baptists to leave the all-Jewish area.
Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men
On Christmas Day in 1983, a hotel in Tiberias where Christians held meetings was set afire, the latest in a series of attacks on a small group of about 50 Christians. Two Jews were arrested in the arson incident. Other attacks included stones thrown through windows at the hotel while the group was meeting and break-ins at the homes of members of the group. The anti-missionary group Yad Le’Achim complained that Christian missionaries were offering money, clothes, jewelry and tennis shoes to listen to Christian lectures.

Just over a fortnight later, on Jan. 11, 1984, suspected Jewish extremists stacked hymnals on a piano in a Christian prayer room in Jerusalem and set them afire. Also in the same week angry Jews protesting Christian proselytizing caused Beth Shalom, a Christian evangelical group, to withdraw its plans to build a multimillion-dollar hotel in Jerusalem. Beth Shalom took its action after about 150 Jews showed up at a city council meeting with placards reading “You can’t buy me” and “I didn’t immigrate to live next door to missionaries.” A leader of the protest, Rabbi Moshe Berlinger, compared Christian missionaries to Trojan horses.
Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.

Zohar, Shemoth
Jewish infringements on Christian rights became so bad by 1990 that on Dec. 20 the leaders of Christian churches in Jerusalem took the extraordinary decision to restrict Christmas celebrations to protest “the continuing sad state of affairs in our land,” including encroachment by Israel on traditional Christian institutions. Among concerns expressed by the patriarchs and heads of churches were attempts by Jewish settlers to move into the Old City and an “erosion of the traditional rights and centuries-old privileges of the churches,” including imposition by Israel of municipal and state taxes on the churches.

Shabbath 116a (p. 569). Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament. See footnote #6. Israel Shahak reports that the Zionists burned hundreds of New Testament books in Occupied Palestine on March 23, 1980 (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Next 'Pearl Harbor' Will be a Cyber One

"But, but, Israel is our friend and 'special ally,' aren't they?"

2016: Descent into Chaos

The latest harbinger of utter bedlam has arrived in the form of a new organization put together by Lawrence Lessig. He’s the Harvard professor / failed 2016 Democratic presidential contender who revealed in 2008 that there is an “i-Patriot Act” sitting on the shelf waiting for a cyber 9/11 to justify its passage through congress. This time around Larry is leading an anti-Trump group called “Electors Trust” that has been offering free legal counsel to Republican presidential electors in the electoral college who are thinking about casting their votes for Hillary instead.
Lawrence Lessig claims that the US government has prepared a type of Patriot Act that is in place should a major security event occur, a 9-11 type event. And just like the Patriot Act contains all sorts of new restrictions there is the fear that this I-Patriot Act will have many restrictions and laws that will limit the way the Internet is used.

Who is Lawrence Lessig? A law professor at the University of Israel, Harvard campus. Lessing ran for POTUS in 2016, but had no comments about Israel and Palestine nor any comments about ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Lessig is a Jewish surname. Which comes in handy if you want to be a Harvard professor, a school that seems very fond of hiring only Jewish professors.

Welcome to Gaza, Kansas!

All that's needed now is a cyber 'Pearl Harbor' that will give the goons the excuse to shut down the Internet, for our security, only long enough to install blocking software that will nullify blogs that attempt to get the truth out, but you'll still be able to read CIA rags like the NYT and WaPo and keep blogs about Kim K or your favorite sports hero and for sure, those cute kitty videos, you know, the important stuff.

Project for a New American Century predicted in 2000, that a "new Pearl Harbor" was needed to let the USA wage endless wars for the benefit of Israel and those 'Too Big to Jail' Wall Street casinos that are now in worse shape than they were in 2007. The new Pearl Harbor happened on 9/11, an Israeli masterminded False Flag, aided by American traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA.

Here's what the Israelis gave their generous benefactors on 9/11

Now some of the same Israel-Firsters and Jews that helped with disseminating the original lies about 9/11 are now blabbing about Iran getting ready to detonate an EMP device 30 km over Kansas, which would throw most Americans back into the Stone Age, since electrical circuits would be fried out, putting out of service the motors needed to move drinking water and the trucks needed to deliver food to the stores.

That's what Nina ROSENWALD wants you to believe, even though Iran doesn't have a ballistic missile capable of such a feat. But Israel does. So if an EMP does detonate over Kansas, it will have a Star of David emblem on the delivery vehicle.

Nina is in charge of the "Gatestone Institute," a pro-Israel, pro-war against the Muslim world think tank staffed by many of the same SOB's who helped bring about the 'new Pearl Harbor,' The PNAC gang. Nina's gang is also virulently opposed to a Palestinian state and blame all the problems in that area on Palestinians, instead of her Israeli buddies. They also claim that BDS is a tactic used first by the Nazis, and will lead to another Holocaust™. Since the original Holocaust™ never happened, how can there be a second?

Anyone up for another Zionist False Flag?
The threat posed by US terrorism to the security of nations and individuals was outlined in prophetic detail in a document written more than two years ago and disclosed only recently. What was needed for America to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources, it said, was “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”. The attacks of 11 September 2001 provided the “new Pearl Harbor”, described as “the opportunity of ages”.
Who are the principal signatories to the PNAC doc? Names like Wolfowitz, Abramowitz, Abrams, Bernstein, Blumthenal, Boshwitz, Cohen, Decter, Dobriansky. Ginsberg, Glucksman, Krauthammer, Kristol, Pipes, Podhoretz, Zakheim...getting the picture? Along with their 'useful idiots,' like Cheney and McCain... Now these same bunch of unhinged loonies want to set off a cyber 9/11 to regain the narrative lost by telling so many LIES.

So another Pearl Harbor, this time a cyber one, would be an excellent way to get rid of that toxic slop those Wall Street banks have on their books, and blame it on Russia and Putin, the newest addition to the Hitler files.
'Cyber 9/11' may be on horizon, Homeland Security chief warns

Sen. Joseph Lieberman spent years fighting unsuccessfully for a so-called Internet kill switch that would grant the president vast power over private networks during a "national cyberemergency." Currently, he is working to get Senate to pass a more modest version of his proposal. By the same token, President Obama also signed an executive order last July that could give the government control over the Internet in an emergency.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has also strongly advocated for increased governmental cybersecurity. During his first major policy speech on cybersecurity last October, he echoed previous statements that the United States is facing the possibility of a "cyber-Pearl Harbor" perpetrated by foreign hackers.

"A cyber attack perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11," he said during a speech. "Such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could paralyze the nation."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

9/11: What Does an Exploding Volcano Have in Common With the WTC Demolition?

One of these clouds is from a volcano, one from the WTC.

Both the exploding volcano and the exploding 'Twins' released a hot cloud of gases and debris, that travels fast and far. In a volcano, that cloud is called 'pyroclastic.'

What is a 'Pyroclastic Flow?'
They are fast-moving fluidized bodies of hot gas, ash and rock (collectively known as tephra) which can travel away from the vent at up to 150 km/h.

The gas is usually at a temperature of 100-800 degrees Celsius.

The flows normally hug the ground and travel downhill under gravity, their speed depending upon the gradient of the slope and the size of the flow.

Most flows are around one to ten cubic kilometres and travel for several kilometres.
Here's the 9/11 pyroclastic cloud, rumbling down NY streets...

Here's a pic of a volcano pyroclastic cloud, rumbling thru Nature,w/o being impaired by NYC skyscrapers. Not much difference, is there?

What's all this mean? 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded FALSE FLAG, aided by American traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA. With all the meddling and lying the CIA has been doing about the US election, it should be obvious who is really running the USA, and it's not that Hawaiian goof ball nor is it 'We the People.'

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Axis of Evil, USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia Special Forces Caught in Aleppo

Here's who they've been helping in Syria

They're calling themselves part of a NATO team, but last time I checked, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Morocco were NOT part of NATO. Israel has some kind of 'observer' status, to make sure the NATO thugs do the Zionist entity's bidding.

No, they're special forces from several nations, forming a coven of death with the moderate head-choppers to destroy Syria and kill as many Muslims as possible, to make their Yid Overlords happy.

No wonder Samantha Powers has been going ballistic at the UN, they were worried that what happened might happen, that the USA/Israel/SA would be exposed as sadistic, mass-murdering SOB's who kill for fun.

"Liver for supper anyone?"

21st Century Wire: SPECIAL REPORT

DAMASCUS – According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”

Fares Shehabi MP, a prominent Syrian Parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the Coalition officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):

Mutaz Kano─člu – Turkey
David Scott Winer – USA
David Shlomo Aram – Israel
Muhamad Tamimi – Qatar
Muhamad Ahmad Assabian – Saudi
Abd-el-Menham Fahd al Harij – Saudi
Islam Salam Ezzahran Al Hajlan – Saudi
Ahmed Ben Naoufel Al Darij – Saudi
Muhamad Hassan Al Sabihi – Saudi
Hamad Fahad Al Dousri – Saudi
Amjad Qassem Al Tiraoui – Jordan
Qassem Saad Al Shamry – Saudi
Ayman Qassem Al Thahalbi – Saudi
Mohamed Ech-Chafihi El Idrissi – Moroccan

In addition to, the other original report was provided by Damascus-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, captured “NATO” officers were from a number of member states including the US, France, Germany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from French):

“Thanks to information received, Syrian authorities discovered the headquarters of high ranking western/NATO officers in the basement of an area in East Aleppo and have captured them alive. Some names have already been given to Syrian journalists, myself included. The nationalities are US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc. In light of their nationalities and their rank, I assure you that the Syrian government have a very important catch, which should enable them to direct negotiations with the countries that have tried to destroy them.”
Tried to find something about the American listed, David Scott Winer, but that's either a made-up name or he's a ghost online.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Senator McCain Rushed to Hospital

Organized Crime John McCain, traitor, his ties to Rothschild

Washington--Arizona Senator John McCain was rushed last night to George Washington University Hospital, in critical condition in what an aide said appeared to be an attack of 'bagelitis,' a condition brought on when the infected person comes into contact with a banker's nether regions with his lips. The ER physician also gave the Senator a shot of an anti-viral med, just in case Senator McCain got too excited during contact and let his tongue lick the banker's anus.

Dr. Shlomo, chief of staff at GWU said that they had managed to stabilize Senator McCain, but could not give a prognosis as to whether or not the Senator would recover, since McCain has had recurring bouts of bagelitis for decades, with each one getting worse.

Dr. Shlomo added, "Since the Senator is in the hospital, we're also going to try and remove his cranium from his rectum and hope it doesn't pop back in."

Reporting from DC, this is Seymour Butts for AZHO.

Sen. McCain: US Will Not Recognize a Palestinian State

From One Hawk to Another: McCain Defends Netanyahu’s Racist Rant

McCain warns against haste in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Yes, let's keep talking, that amounts to nothing for the native Palestinians, but which gives the Israelis Land Thieves more time to steal Palestinian land and kill off the occupants, at the same time, setting off False Flags in the USA and Europe, which are them blamed on some phantom Islamic terrorist group, so the West has the excuse to keep killing Muslims for Israel.

Speaking of terrorists!

John McCain: Founding Father of the Terrorist Emirate of Benghazi

Benghazi declares autonomy, raises Al-Qaeda flag. McCain seeks to spread terrorist empire to Syria.

March 7, 2012 - "I have met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. We should help them do it." - Senator John McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011.
McCain helping the bankers that want to loot Ukraine

Thursday, December 15, 2016

One Pic Says it ALL About America's Foreign Policy

From the White House web site "Foreign Policy."  Notice any war criminals or pedophiles?

And one more State Department pic from "Fig Trees and Vineyards"

Any Questions?

Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian - Researcher - Scholar. From "Common Sense", p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

"Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon."

"This 'big lie' technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was "King of the Jews", in the sense that so-called 'Jews' today call themselves 'Jews'. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews high-jacked the word 'Jew' in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called 'Jews' of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable."

"American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called "Jews" of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called "Jews" throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

"The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called "Jews", their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called "Jews" by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called "Jews", of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the "facts of life" concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called "Jews" who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

"In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York's Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world's greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject."

Jesus was a 'Judean', not a Jew.

During His lifetime, no persons were described as "Jews" anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the "homeland" of the ancestors of those who today style themselves "Jews". Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their "homeland", and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a "Jew". The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term "Texan" signifies a person living in Texas.

In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called "Jews", they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as "Jew". The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled "Jews" today refer to as "Jews", were known as "Pharisees". "Judaism" today and "Pharisaism" in the time of Jesus are the same.

Jesus abhorred and denounced "Pharisaism"; hence the words, "Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers"

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Kind of Experience Does a US Secretary of State Need?

Let's look at some past SOS who had tremendous Madeleine Albright (nee Korbel), SOS for the president directly responsible for causing the 2008 Crash and for keeping an economic quarantine and No Fly zone on Iraq in the 1990's...

Guess you don't get the nickname of 'Bloody Maddy' for nothing. So an 'experienced' SOS has to be a blood-thirsty mass murderer of children...Check!

Now let's look at another SOS who had experience, Hillary Clinton who was there for Mr. Nobel Peace Prize!

So a SOS also has to go orgasmic at the thought of a brutal murder of a nation's leader that was NO threat to the USA, but which the banksters and Israel wanted destroyed. In addition to being a blood-thirsty, mass murderer of children, the SOS also has to be unhinged, since only a lunatic would laugh about someone getting sodomized to death. Check!

One more look at Hillary, since she likes the spotlight so much!

So, according to these experienced SOS people, the next SOS should be a blood-thirsty, mass murderer of children, also has to be unhinged, since only a lunatic would laugh about someone getting sodomized to death. And the SOS has to find funny the thought of invading and possibly destroying another Muslim nation for Israel, killing millions more. Check and Double Check!!!

Guess Trump's pick will be a failure, judging by past SOS thugs.
"Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card. It would be called conspiracy theory!"
Worth clicking on the link to see (((who))) is really PO about Hillary not stealing the WH.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Jews Who Started the Iraq War

What a nice bunch of homicidal maniacs, not caring how many people get killed, nor how much they destroy, nor how much it costs America and the West to wage wars for Israel's expansion, after all, we're only GOYIM, which is Yid for cattle. We're of no consequence, only the Chosen Ones count.

Articles mentioned in the video:

“White Man’s Burden,” by Ari Shavit, Ha’aretz, April 3, 2003:

“Perles of Wisdom for the Feithful,” by Akiva Eldar, Ha’aretz, October 1, 2002:

“The Bush Neocons and Israel,” by Kathleen and Bill Christison, Counterpunch, December 2002:

“Neo-Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration,” by Stephen Green, Counterpunch, February 2004:

Books mentioned in the video:

“The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel” by Dr. Stephen J Sniegoski:

“The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War” by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad:

“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt:

Some additional books with information on this topic:

“Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market” by Janine R. Wedel:

“Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton” by Diane Johnstone:

Wedell discusses the “massive and concerted ‘information’ effort conducted by the Neocon core and their associates, with crucial participation from certain columnists and reporters, that was essential in taking the United States to war in Iraq.”

“….beginning in the mid-1970s, they employed methods ranging from the creation of alternative intelligence; to might-be-authorized, might-not-be authorized diplomacy; to setting up pressure groups; to suspending standard government process, always contesting government information, assessments, and expertise. These methods—perfected over the years—would be deployed in full force in the Neocon core’s effort to take the United States to war in 2003.”

Johnstone states: “…the neocons gained notoriety as architects of the disastrous invasion of Iraq. The main thinker behind this war was Bush’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz…”

“…two veterans of the defunct PNAC, William Kristol and Robert Kagan, returned in 2009 to found the Foreign Policy Institute (FPI). Robert Kagan is the current leading neocon theorist and the husband of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, instigator of the Ukrainian coup in early 2014.”

For information on the early roots of the Israel lobby, please see Alison Weir’s book, “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel”:

More information at…
From a 2003 Haaretz article:

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

This is a war of an elite.  [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
All one has to do is to change Iraq with Libya, then Syria and this news story stays current.  Don't you agree with the psycho Freidman that war is soooooo funny!
To those that say this blog is anti-Semitic, I protest. I love the real Semites, like the under-siege Palestinians and the Bedouins, which Israel is always terrorizing by knocking down their homes and beating them up. Also love the native Semites living in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan.
But the blood-sucking eastern Europe and Russian land stealing psychos that have been bedeviling the ME and America since at least 1947, I have no feelings for, besides, they're not Semitic.

What kick-started all this madness? The Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Israel defends fake Lebanon military buildup map as Hezbollah’s ‘war crime illustration’

A “declassified” map of an alleged Hezbollah military buildup in southern Lebanon shared by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been exposed by Twitter users as a fake, forcing the IDF to admit the picture was just a “visual illustration” of the militant group’s “war crimes.”

The map titled “Declassified map of Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in Lebanon” was posted on the official IDF Twitter account on Tuesday, highlighting 85 towns and villages in the southern part of the country.

Spots, showing civilian settlements were surrounded by numerous multicolored dots, labeled with names such as “weapon warehouse” or “rocket launcher” and other military facilities.

The tagline of the image said “Hezbollah’s hiding behind Lebanon’s civilians,” while the tweet’s caption was the simple and rather dramatic statement, “this is a war crime.”

Such a level of detail and awareness of alleged Hezbollah activities would be truly impressive, if the map had not turned out to be a fake. Some Twitter users pointed out that it was unlikely the image was a “declassified map,” since its history showed that it had been created using Google Maps via an IDF spokesperson account. The dots, marking the alleged “military buildup,” even featured a repetitive pattern.

IDF later said the map had been an “illustration,” and users simply misinterpreted it as a piece of declassified intelligence. The map’s title, tagline and caption were presumably “illustrative” too.
The racist, back-stabbing, thieving, lying, murderous, unhinged, blood-sucking Israeli psychos are needing another fix of Muslim blood to satiate their blood-libel thirst, so now they'll re-invade Lebanon again, to make up for all the Syrians they weren't able to get their Zionist lackey's to slaughter in Syria. When the Zionist jets start bombing Lebanese civilians, the BSm and DC will start squawking, "Israel has the right to defend itself" repeatedly, as if saying it enough will make a wish come true.

Remember this phony map the lying Jew MSM distributed to get our blood boiling and demanding revenge on someone, anyone, as long as they were Muslim?

Tora Bora was variously described by the western media to be an "impregnable cave fortress" housing 2,000 men complete with a hospital, a hydroelectric power plant, offices, a hotel, arms and ammunition stores, roads large enough to drive a tank into, and sophisticated tunnel, and ventilation systems.

Both the British and American press published detailed plans of the base. When shown a plan during an NBC interview, Donald Rumsfeld of the United States Secretary of Defense said "This is serious business, there's not one of those, there are many of those".

An elaborate military operation was planned which included deployment of the CIA-US Special Operations Forces team with laser markers to guide non-stop heavy air strikes during 72 hours. When Tora Bora was eventually captured by the U.S. and Afghan troops, no traces of the supposed "fortress" were found despite painstaking searches in the surrounding areas. Tora Bora turned out to be a system of small natural caves housing at most, 200 fighters. While arms and ammunition stores were found, there were no traces of the advanced facilities claimed to exist.
15 years later, the Pentagon still has troops in Afghanistan, to protect those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street casinos drug-laundering heroin profits and to protect that 'SLC,' Israel.

The real reason why the U.S. continues its presence in Afghanistan is Iran the country which is an annoyance for Israel, said Karen Kwiatkowski, a writer and former U.S. Air Force officer.




Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pictures of America the Indispensable!

Wonder how these Americans interred in Arlington National Cemetery feel about being 'indispensable?'

'America the Indispensable,' based on the good will and respect we have generated in so many nations since 1898:

Where did we have that "good will and respect?" Back in 1898, when we lied to the Filipinos and Cubans about giving them their freedom if they'd help us kick out the Spanish overlord?

Maybe Central America in the early 1900's, where we helped the big plantations and the New York banks do business by sending in the US Marines and killing people, being gangsters for Wall Street, like General Smedley Butler said?

Dropping those two nukes on Japan, even as they were trying to surrender, really improved our image! Those GI POWs that got incinerated, and Truman knew it, were probably singing the national anthem when they heard the Big One drop.

Perhaps it was gained during the illegal and immoral Vietnam War, where we murdered at least 3 million Vietnamese, and a million or more Laotians and Cambodians, along with laying waste to Vietnam's environment thru the use of toxic chemicals like Agent Orange and napalm residue, which is still poisoning the Vietnamese and causing birth defects?

Or maybe during all the death and destruction we visited on Central America--again--and S. America in the 1970's and 1980's? Just had to install or prop up US stooges to make the Fortune 500 crowd happy.

Or blindly supporting the Apartheid nightmare Israel, which returns our largess by spying on us, stealing from us and setting off False Flags to keep us PO at Muslims. Damn near everyone knows ME peace starts in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but not here in 'Murica, and by God, we'll fight over that!!

I could go on about 'America the Indispensable,' but I'll stop here. The only 'good' relations the US Imperial War Machine has had is in Hollywood movies, where the tired, bedraggled looking GI, worn out fighting for some country's freedom Wall Street, gives his last candy bar to some kid.

The USA has been invading, imperialistic brutal SOB for over a century and our propaganda is so good, we have most people getting teary-eyed when they think the past they remember is for real and not manufactured.

What we have lost is that at one time, most of the world blamed our government for being such nasty SOB's but now they're even blaming Americans, for letting this military madness go on and on and on..

Notice all the Arlington cemetery graves with the 'Star of David' icon on them? What's that, you say there are none? That can't be, after all, we're fighting and dying so Israel can steal more land and be the only economic power in the ME, so there must be many dead Juden in that vet cemetery!

Gotta be some Jewish-Americans in Section 60 of Arlington, maybe? Section 60 is the one where American vets killed fighting and dying for Imperial Israel are interred.

Here's the assholes our kids are fighting and dying for, a vile, disgusting group of vicious, self-absorbed pigs who only want one thing; MORE of our money and cannon fodder.
WAR is a racket. It always has been. by General Smedley Butler

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

But the soldier pays the biggest part of the bill.

How To Smash This Racket!

WELL, it's a racket, all right.

A few profit -- and the many pay. But there is a way to stop it. You can't end it by disarmament conferences. You can't eliminate it by peace parleys at Geneva. Well-meaning but impractical groups can't wipe it out by resolutions. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war.

The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted. One month before the Government can conscript the young men of the nation -- it must conscript capital and industry and labor. Let the officers and the directors and the high-powered executives of our armament factories and our munitions makers and our shipbuilders and our airplane builders and the manufacturers of all the other things that provide profit in war time as well as the bankers and the speculators, be conscripted -- to get $30 a month, the same wage as the lads in the trenches get.

Let the workers in these plants get the same wages -- all the workers, all presidents, all executives, all directors, all managers, all bankers -- yes, and all generals and all admirals and all officers and all politicians and all government office holders -- everyone in the nation be restricted to a total monthly income not to exceed that paid to the soldier in the trenches!

Let all these kings and tycoons and masters of business and all those workers in industry and all our senators and governors and majors pay half of their monthly $30 wage to their families and pay war risk insurance and buy Liberty Bonds.

Why shouldn't they?
But there are Muslim Americans in Arlington, killed in the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

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