Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CNN and Mossad Asset Rita Katz Both LUV Video Game "Fallout!" MOSSAD Stamp of Approval!

"Their [Jews'] only purpose here in the U.S. is to purchase as many politicians as possible and to warp the way the American Christians feel and think not just about the Christian religion but mainly about the Palestinian people and to rob as much money as possible from American taxpayers for the illegitimate excuse of protecting and preserving the chosen people of God."
They both used video footage from the game, Katz from "Fallout 3" to show us GOY that 'al CIA Duh' was going to nuke DC and the huckster Don Lemon--apt name--of CNN using "Fallout 4" footage to show that their LIE about alleged Rooskie hacking of the US election was true, at least in their warped, deluded minds:

First, the back story on Rita Katz using Fallout 3 back in 2008:

Be afraid Goyim, be very afraid!
The fallout from Fallout 3

Tell me, Rita, how does a Jewess manage to get access to aL Qaida password protected sites? And then use those sites repeatedly to obtain what you claim is cutting edge spy stuff? Is aL Qaida that stupid or do you think Americans are so stupid as to believe your agitprop?

Those aL Qaida types are so ingenious to get JEWISH Media Groups to release their latest batch of "Death to America" tapes.

Tell me, Ms. KATZ, who pays better? The Pentagon or MOSSAD? And can you give us a "sneak" preview of your next al Qaida tape or do we have to wait for the nationwide release?
More, as shown in this article:
Fallout 3 Image Spooks Terror Experts

Turns out terrorist are familiar with both kinds of RPGs. by Ryan Geddes

May 30, 2008 - A computer-generated image of a post-nuclear Washington D.C., crafted by the Fallout 3 artists at Bethesda Softworks, has apparently popped up on terrorism-related Internet forums, and the image is now at the center of an online brouhaha.

According to the Entertainment Consumers Association's GamePolitics blog, U.S. defense contractor and intelligence analyst group SITE found the image while perusing message boards commonly used by Islamic terror groups, who were apparently discussing the possibility of nuclear attacks on Western nations.

As GamePolitics points out, videogame images have crept into terrorism discussions before. In 2006, Battlefield 2 footage was presented to the House Select Committee on Intelligence as al Qaeda propaganda.
The "House Select Committee on Intelligence?" I'll abstain from the obvious joke....

Who is creating and pushing these absurd stories that are nothing more than LIES to keep us GOY bogged down in the ME for the next 30 years, fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

Now ZNN is using the same worn-out LIE, pushing images from "Fallout 4" to poison American minds?

In its recent coverage of President Obama’s proposed sanctions on Russia for allegedly hacking the 2016 U.S. election, CNN used footage from the popular video game Fallout 4, a post-apocalyptic video game series, BGR reports.

According to the report, Reddit user Poofylicious first spotted the footage, posting screenshots of CNN’s report and the corresponding footage from the video game. CNN used the footage of a hacking terminal in the Fallout 4 video game in its segment about alleged Russian hacking of the election.

One Reddit user responded to the original thread about CNN’s footage, writing, “If you want to talk about hacking on a major news network, your choices are either that or a scene from The Matrix.”

They’re not wrong. Kotaku reports that various broadcast news networks have used video game footage in the past, including the BBC, which used footage from Halo and Russia Today’s coverage of child soldiers used footage of child soldiers from the game Metal Gear.
“By Way of Deception, We Shall do War”

Who's really behind this incessant war-mongering? My guess is that SLC on the eastern shores of the Med, the one that is really PO that us GOY had the nerve to ask Israel to start acting like they were human, but that's a bit too much for the Khazar interlopers, who won't be satisfied until they 'wipe Palestine off the map.'

CIA & Mossad Banking and International Organized Crime

Payoneer, based in New York with R&D offices and a majority of its employees in Tel-Aviv, is funded by Israeli intelligence venture capital companies that operate out of Herzliya, Israel, headquarters for Israeli Mossad intelligence operations. This can be substantiated by following the money. Interpol, the FBI and Dubai police have gone silent with regard to the credit card transactions and financial details of the suspects and the financial institutions that enabled the suspects.
Very simply, Payoneer is funded and held by three venture capital firms: Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital. Greylock has offices in the US and Herzliya, Israel, with the office in Herzliya run by Moshe Mor, a former military intelligence captain in the Israeli army. Greylock has been investing in US government ventures for over 4 decades and has very close ties with the CIA, Mossad and Department of Defense.
America, never ask who was really behind the 9/11 False Flag, just keep sending your sons and daughters off to fight and die for the glory of Eretz Isarel and your money to the Israeli land thieves.

Jewish Media Group, SITE, is the first to release another Islamic threat video

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  1. While in Florida I was stuck watching commercial TV for my news and whatever. The commercials alone clued me in to the intense brainwashing... the the military video games particularly stood out.
    I will NEVER understand how anyone can watch TV with all those crazy commercials. And I could not find RT News, not on their channels anyway. I tried watching CNN...not only was it stupid but boring and repetitive. Russia Russia Russia. The Russians hacked our election what to do about it. Putin is trying to upstage Obama. Blah blah blah. Glad to be online again!


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