Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pics of 'The Mad Bomber' Obama's 8 Year Reign of Terror

Now that Barry is about to slither off and crawl back under that Hope and Change rock he lives under, he wants to enshrine his legacy. Well asshole, your blood-soaked reign of mayhem, death, destruction, treason and looting is fully intact.

BTW, for all you stupid bastards that squawk that Obama is the first Muslim president, explain these pics of destruction of ONLY Muslim countries.

Like the help you gave Syria, dropping thousands of tons of aid munitions on the peaceful Syrian people:

And all that love you dropped on Benghazi, Libya:

Let's not forget the ongoing crisis in Mosul, Iraq, you sadistic asshole:

And helping your head-chopping buddies destroy Yemen:

Plus, standing by, in your typical pose, meaning with your head stuck up your perfumed ass when your Khazar bedfellows destroyed Gaza:

Then there's your drone wars against Pakistan

And against the people of Afghanistan

Let's not forget your wars against Somalia; both Sudan's; Mali; the Philippines, and whatever other nations you've sent in those amoral murderers and rapists, who call themselves 'Special Forces.'

So rest assured, Mr Noble Peace Laureate, your blood-soaked legacy of murder, lies, treason; thefts and mayhem is safe. You noxious, self-serving, sadistic, arrogant sonofabitch.


  1. Very nice. Thank you. I couldn't have said it half as well.

  2. Not to mention this:

    Such a legacy.

  3. I knew he was a Muslim when the Zionist regime attacked Gaza upon his entrance to office. And after.


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