Monday, January 9, 2017

Video of STAGED Israel Truck Attack

Why do I say STAGED?

Several reasons. One, why is a nondescript street, with normal looking soldiers being filmed? It's like someone knew something was going to happen and wanted to document the action for social media. Even though nothing was going on, the person keeps recording, waiting, waiting, waiting for that moment when a truck in the background hits something, yet when it does, there's no cries of alarm over the incident. This staged incident also gives Israel and her toxic sayanim backers the excuse to say 'Now they're attacking us poor Jews, just like our Mossad ops attacked you in Berlin and Nice.' And why is the video so grainy and slightly blurred? Magicians use a similar trick, get you focused and distracted so they can create the illusion. Israel likes to brag about being a leader in technology, yet the one doing the filming uses a camera from the 1990's?

This is a copy of the original stunt, not the sanitized versions later appearing on Yid MSM outlets. Why is this film edited at the 44 second mark?

Lucky for Israel, which seems to have a a corner on good luck, this incident blasted the real story about an Israeli intelligence services operative being filmed by a reporter, bragging about how he was 'going to take out' some uppity Brit politicians who have spoken up against the Zionist massacres and land thefts against the native Palestinians out of sight.

Yet on the same day, when the winner of the Nobel prize for sociopaths Obama, murdered dozens in Iraq, that story got no traction, Jew Inc wants to keep the world's pity being shed for the Apartheid nightmare that is Israel.

Something did happen, but the alleged soldiers next to the incident run like scared bunnies when it happens, instead of blasting away. Guess all those decades of being butch and shooting pregnant Palestinian women in their stomach or their kids in the head has so wussified the IDF Storm Troopers, they're scared of their own shadow.

IDF goons will shoot and kill Palestinians on a whim, yet we're supposed to believe that these killers stood by and did nothing while the truck approached them, ran over someone/something, even giving the truck a chance to back up and do more damage before shooting it up?

Reminds me of 2014 when the IDF shelled a Palestinian beach where four kids were playing, blowing them to smithereens. But what mattered that time is that a nearby hotel was filled with foreign journalists who were aghast at what they saw and started reporting the travesty. The story started getting legs when lo and behold, three Israeli teenagers were allegedly captured by the Palestinians, and killed, which kicked the real story off the air.

Man oh man, does Israel get lucky or what?

Since PM Nutty claims it was an IS sympathizer, maybe he should find out if he was treated in one of those Golan Heights IDF field hospitals that were set up to treat wounded ISIS thugs attacking Syrian civilians?

Look for more of this Zionist propaganda leading up to the Paris peace talks January 15, which Israel is bitching about, since the LAST thing they want is some sanity over the ME peace process. Endless wars and false flags will allow the Jew Inc vampires to keep stealing Palestine until there's is no Palestine.


  1. Guess what! Now Israel is working towards making their soldiers innocent no matter the crime.
    License To Kill Without Prosecution… Ever: Israel Mulls Legal Immunity For IDF ~

    Israel is considering new “balanced” legislation which just about presents Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) with a license to kill without fear of being prosecuted. “The new law sends a clear message to our soldiers: When you protect us, we protect you,” the Deputy Defence Minister said.

  2. Reminds me of the 911 Israelis, they knew it was coming.


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